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Breakfast at City Arts building Saturday July 23 12pm

category dublin | miscellaneous | event notice author Tuesday July 19, 2011 12:32author by Mick - Campaign for the Old Dublin City Arts Buildingauthor email campaigncityarts at gmail dot com

This Saturday (July 23) join us for late breakfast at the Old City Arts Building. We'll have tea and coffee and we're planning to bake some bread/cakes and maybe bbq a few suasages.

The old City Arts building is located at 23-25 Mosse Street, just down past Tara St. dart station,

We'll be chatting to passers-by about NAMA and what they'd like to do with the building.

We'll also be begining our 'Book of Hopes and Grievances' as part of the current spectacle of defiance project, through which communtiy groups are collecting the thoughts and anger of the people in the run up to a big event this December.

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