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Racist BNP leader invited to Trinity

category dublin | racism & migration related issues | press release author Friday September 23, 2011 11:28author by Ernest Everhard - Socialist Party

Campaign to be launched

Trinity's Philosophical Society has invited the leader of the racist British National Party, Nick Griffin, the speak in a debate entitled, "This House Believes that Immigration has gone too far."

Concerned students and organisations are organising to oppose the BNP leader.

Griffin has been a life-long racist campaigner, both in the National Front and in the BNP. This is the organisation which hung up signs in London in the nineties after a spate of racist murders of black youths, saying "BNP-3, Blacks-0". But we don't have to go back that far to find cruel and racist statements and policies being put forward by the BNP.

For the Phil, this is just sensationalism, headline-grabbing.

For Irish racists, fascists and nuts, it's an opportunity to organize. Should it go ahead after Griffin was chased out of so many universities in the UK in recent years, it would be a huge symbolic victory for the far right and the BNP- a breakthrough, in fact.

Trinity's Socialist Party Society is holding a discussion forum, Tuesday September 27th, Room 3051 in the Arts Block in Trinity at 4pm. From this we hope to build a campaign of opposition that will show these racists what we think of them in no uncertain terms.

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