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PROTEST AGAINST Global Controllers. Dublin 7th 8th October.

category dublin | anti-capitalism | news report author Tuesday October 04, 2011 23:48author by Paul O'Sullivan - People Against War Networkauthor email nowar at eircom dot net Report this post to the editors

Former US President Bill Clinton guest speaker at the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle on 7th/8th October along with members of the IMF-EU-ECB ‘Troika’.

The NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 was led by former US President Bill Clinton. Clinton, for a massive fee, is guest speaker at the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle on 7th/8th October 2011. Other criminals in Dublin for this event will be the IMF-EU-ECB ‘Troika’. Here to set the economic rules for the Irish government.

Dublin rolls out the red carpet for international criminals.

People demonstrating in Dublin on 8th October against the arrival in Dublin once again of the IMF-EU-ECB ‘Troika’ please keep in mind that former US President Bill Clinton will be guest speaker (for a massive fee to himself) at the Global Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle on 7th and 8th October.

According to Gavin Daly in the Sunday Business Post 11.9.2011, “former US President Bill Clinton has been confirmed as a speaker at the second Global Irish Economic Forum which will take place in Dublin Castle on 7th and 8th October in a private capacity, and will deliver an address to the 300 attendees from the worlds of politics, business and culture.

While the government was keen to attract Clinton, it is understood that his attendance was brokered by businessman Declan Kelly, who was appointed US economic envoy to the North by Hillary Clinton in 2009. Kelly recently stepped down from the role, and has set up an investment and consulting business, Teneo.

Bill Clinton is chairman of Teneo and one of his former senior advisors, Doug Band, is a co-founder of the company. The advisory board of Teneo also includes the former British prime minister, Tony Blair.

Teneo has offices in London, New York, Toronto, and Washington, and is setting up a base in Dublin. The firm is believed to be informally advising the Irish government on the country’s debt issues, on a pro bono basis.

Kelly, who was an adviser to Hillary Clinton when she ran for the US presidency in 2008, will also attend the Dublin Castle event. A former journalist and co-founder of Gallagher & Kelly Public Relations in Dublin, he led the buy-out of Financial Dynamics in 2003, and sold it 3 years later to FTI Consulting for $340 million”.

People may ask - Who is paying Bill’s massive fee to speak in Ireland – And who will pay the conference expenses – the dinners – the wines - the accommodation ......


(Example: Yugoslavia 1999. The US-controlled NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 led by war criminal, former US President Bill Clinton)

In the first 30 days of attacks on Serbia in 1999, NATO destroyed 25 bridges, 16 major railway stations, 6 major roads, 7 airports, tens of thousands of factories, offices, residential buildings, 55 major industrial complexes, 18 oil refineries and dumps, 5 major agricultural complexes, 300 HA of forests, 21 hospitals, over 200 schools and colleges, 8 power plants, 23 TV and radio transmitters, 18 medieval monasteries .. 2 million people left without heating . 500,000 left jobless and 2 million left without any income. NATO's use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium ammunition has caused ongoing illness and death to the people of Serbia. *

NATO bombs and rockets destroyed 10 private radio and television stations and 50 TV transmitters and relay stations during its 78 days of air raids against the peoples of Serbia/Yugoslavia. It is important to note that during the 1980's and 1990's there were some 23 privately-owned independent television stations and many privately-owned independent radio stations in Serbia. Political opposition parties, opposition newspapers, opposition TV and radio stations were all allowed under the former Socialist Government of Serbia.

* NATO violated its own founding Charter, the Helsinki Final act of the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations in launching its bombardments of Serbia. The sovereignty and territorial integrity guaranteed by the UN Charter was ignored and blatantly bombed one of the UN's founding member states, one of the victorious powers in World War II.

** Two plane loads of Cruise missiles passed through Ireland in June 1999 during the NATO bombing of Serbia. These were the same type of missiles that were used in the attack by NATO in 1999 on the TV station in Belgrade, and on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. ( Dr. Edward Horgan, International Secretary, Irish Peace and Neutrality Alliance).

The war in the Balkans was planned well before the western media began to give its version of events from 1991. For example – ‘The National Security Directive ‘US Policy Towards Yugoslavia’ was issued by the White House Washington DC in 1984. The document outlined a policy to forge a new Balkan order that was based on the market organization of economies and envisaged ‘spheres of influence’ for the major powers. This policy document was issued three years before Slobodan Milosevic came to power and six years before the break-up of Yugoslavia began. To implement this policy the United States of America instigated a decade of sanctions against Yugoslavia, simultaneously creating and supporting an internal opposition with funds and equipment, and launched, in 1999, a 78 day illegal bombing blitz in an attempt to effect ‘regime change’ which would result in a compliant and pro-market government.’’

On the 17th October 2002, the former leadership of Yugoslavia made the following statement: ‘’The war against Yugoslavia was conducted on behalf of the great powers because Yugoslavia stood in the way of their interests. It stood as an obstacle to the goals of the new world oppressors, the new colonialism.” It represented ‘a bad example’ for all those countries and peoples who wished to stay free and independent.’’ Paul O'Sullivan nowar@eircom.net

(Yugoslavia 1999. The NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia was led by former US President Bill Clinton. Clinton, for a massive fee, is guest speaker at the Global Irish Economic Forum in Dublin Castle on 7th/8th October 2011. Other criminals in Dublin for this event will be the IMF-EU-ECB ‘Troika’ gang. Here to set the economic rules for the Irish government. During Clinton’s presidency he ordered the continued genocide against the people of Iraq with further aerial bombing of Iraq and US-led UN sanctions which killed 5,000 Iraqi children under 5 years of age per month between 1991 and 1998. STOP NATO visit -http://rickrozoff.wordpress.com Paul O’Sullivan nowar@eircom.net)

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