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Thursday January 01 1970

Cinema Night – Jana Sanskriti and D.I.Y. Or Die, Thursday 17th May @solidaritybooks

category cork | arts and media | event notice author Tuesday May 15, 2012 13:15author by Ericauthor email solidaritybooks at gmail dot comauthor address Solidarity Books, 43 Douglas Street, Opposite Fionn Barras, Cork City

As part of the city wide DIY Festival we are showing a double bill Jana Sanskriti (peoples culture ) tells the story of the largest and longest lasting Forum Theatre centre 'Jana Sanskriti' in West Bengal India which provides inspiration and facility for Forum Theatre to be practiced.  Instigated by Agusto Boal who pioneered  'Theatre of the Oppressed'  as a dynamic tool for personal liberation and political change.


D.I.Y or Die - How to Survive as an Independent Artist 2002 director Michael W.Dean

This documentary celebrates artists who define the DIY ethos. Thursday 24th May The Green Wave director Ali Samadi 2010 The Green Wave is a touching documentary which shows the dramatic events of the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009. The film uses a collage of footage taken from mobile phones and cameras carried by people involved in the street protests along with face book and Twitter entries, You tube clips, blog material and animation and is a memorial to all those who died during the extreme suppression carried
out by government militias.

Start time is 8pm.

All welcome, entry is Free and donations are appreciated.

Thursday 31st May To be announced !

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