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Red Banner issue 48 out now

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Issue 48 of Red Banner is out now, available from bookshops or the address above at €2 / £1.50.

Our friends in the north
In a year of major centenaries, Maeve Connaughton asks how unionism stands, especially in the working class

SOCIALIST CLASSICS Hal Draper, The Two Souls of Socialism
Aindrias Ó Cathasaigh on a work that insists real socialism can only come from below

Solving the Mallin mystery
Noel McDermott reviews a new biography of Citizen Army leader Michael Mallin

Athinsealbhú Uí Chonghaile
Cíorann Pádraig Ó Snodaigh scéal faoi bhratach cheardchumainn i dtuaisceart Shasana agus éadan Shéamais Uí Chonghaile uirthi

New romanticism for old
Joe Conroy takes issue with last issue’s article on the Easter rising

The Hidden Connolly
Articles by James Connolly, unpublished since his execution, on the limits of political freedom, and capitalist internationalism

Lily Murphy comments on the tragic return of mass emigration

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