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Comhlámh Global Trade Justice Course

category dublin | miscellaneous | event notice author Tuesday July 02, 2013 14:37author by Susan Collins - Comhlámh

This six evening course on 6 consecutive Tuesdays will introduce you to, and demystify the world of global trade. It will aim to get you up to speed on some of the key issues, perspectives and debates around trade and the developing world, and reassure you that you don’t need a degree in economics to have an opinion on these issues!

What it will involve
International trade rules have a huge impact on people in the Global South. A fair trading system could lift millions of people out of poverty, and reduce many countries’ dependence on aid. Yet trade justice activists believe in many cases the rules of the global economy have been set up to serve the interests of big business, not people. Attendees will hear speakers on and get to debate issues such as:

How does global trade work?
What role do Ireland, the EU, and the WTO play?
What impacts are they having?
What is the difference between Free Trade and Fair Trade?
What alternatives can we propose?
How can we work towards global trade justice?

How much will it cost?
€65 non-members, €45 Comhlámh member, €25 unemployed/student, €2 Asylum Seekers
(Fairtrade tea, coffee & biscuits included)

When and Where?
The Irish Aid Centre, Upper O'Connell St, Dublin 1 for 6 consecutive weeks starting on the 22nd Oct 2013 at 6.00pm

How to Book?
Please fill out an online booking form \t or for more information please call Susan on 01 478 3490 or email

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