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Still think it is not a Police State: Aussie minister refuses to rule out electronic ankle bracelets to enforce home quarantine

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One feature of the Covid Scamdemic is that the maddest and most repressive measures are the ones that get implemented in the end. Just as you thought it couldn't get worse we have this report carried by which appears to be the only news outlet left that does not parrot government propaganda, lies and fear. Many of course but they are sheep, probably think this is a great idea. BTW, this is exactly what the so called conspiracy theorists were predicting from the get-go.

A senior Australian government minister did not rule out Australian citizens being forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets to ensure they adhere to home quarantine – even if they are fully vaccinated.

The report says:

The suggestion was initially made by journalist David Speers of ABC TV during an interview with Aussie Employment Minister Stuart Robert.

“I guess one of the concerns about home quarantine is how do you ensure that people stay at home, don’t have visitors at home,” said Speers.

“You can do that at a hotel, but how do you do that with home quarantine?”

“These are the challenges with home quarantine,” replied Robert.

“We saw that in the early days of the Victorian lockdown, and all of that will need to be worked through, David, before a policy prescription goes live.”

“So what sort of ideas would there be for this?”, asked Speers.

“Regular visits, inspections to make sure they’re home, ankle bracelets, some sort of monitoring. How do you do it?”

While Robert did not confirm the use of ankle bracelets, he also did not shoot down the idea.

“Well if you think about it I spent 3 or 4 months in home quarantine as I travelled as a cabinet minister during the pandemic last year…as did a number of my other cabinet colleagues. The police would turn up at random times to our house, they would call or the Department of Health of respective jurisdictions would call – they were some of the measures that were put in place to deal with that exact issue.”

This is not the first time electronic ankle bracelets were proposed for enforcing home quarantine in Australia – the suggestion was first made last October, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison was attempting to figure out how to bring home around 30,000 Australian citizens stranded abroad due to the country’s strict border control measures.

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