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The Healthy Debate – Episode 29 – Healthcare vs Sickcare & the Misrepresentation of C19 Death Figures

category national | public consultation / irish social forum | opinion/analysis author Monday June 28, 2021 23:24author by Irish Inquiry

On tonight’s episode of #TheHealthyDebate, we’ll be talking about our health-care system and asking whether it’s actually more of a ‘sick-care’ system. We will also be highlighting the misrepresentation of figures for C19 deaths and looking at the role that NPHET has played.

Guests on tonight’s show are Dr. Vincent Carroll and Dr. Billy Ralph.

Dr. Vincent Carrol is a former public health doctor and practising GP. Dr. Billy Ralph is running a busy general practise in rural Ireland.

Unfortunately this episode was taken down from Youtube.

Other sources to find it are:

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