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Another ghastly erection foiled in Donegal

category donegal | anti-capitalism | news report author Wednesday August 04, 2004 19:06author by Joe Cassidy - Donegal SOSauthor email muscailt at yahoo dot com

Phone mast saga continues

At 6am on Wednesday the 28th of July a Garda 'Paddy wagon' accompanied a patrol car, 9 jeeps and a 30 foot trailer to the site of a longstanding standoff over the
Tamur mobile phone mast.
and capitalism came falling down...
and capitalism came falling down...

Locals got wind of the sneaky tactics, designed to reinstall an O2 mobile phone mast, and blockaded both entrances to the site in question.

Mobile phone company 02 have twice been refused planning permission for the mast because of local health and environment factors. However, after much campaigning and absolutely no consultation, the mast was erected following approval by An Bord Plenala.

Soon after its erection the mast mysteriously was pulled down soon and this blockade
signals the latest in a controversy where locals refuse to bow to invisible profiteers
and their local helpers.

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author by paul cpublication date Thu Aug 05, 2004 03:42author address author phone

well done whoever did that

i like the site donegal sos whos behind that?

was there ever a reason given why cullen said yes to the mast overturning 2 nos

author by johnny ppublication date Thu Aug 05, 2004 14:19author address author phone

fantastic response to these masts....the more the better...i know many of you like the mobile phone...but the choice is between your mobile phones and the safety a well being of the planet and all who live here....

local politicians (and would be politicians) rying to make capital (literaly) and votes have condemned this....ALL "community leaders" and "peace fanatics" want control and passivity...time for the uncontrollables!

author by Barry Finnegan - personal capacitypublication date Thu Aug 05, 2004 14:32author address author phone

For about five years now the little known Lough-an-Leagh Environmental Group have had a caravan, camp fire and 24 hour, seven days a week presence at the entrance to a Coilte mountain lane leading to the proposed site of a mobile phone mast in east Cavan on the top of one of the most beautiful mountains in the country - Lough An Leagh.

Over the years there have been many confrontations and tense stand offs between locals (who run an excellent rapid-response phone tree) and phone company employees, intimidators and Gardai.

Their website is not really updated but you can be sure they are there on the mountain as you read this.

For those interested in learning more about this successful long-term local grassroots NVDA/Campaign group check out their website (below). The mountain provides a quite spectacular breath-taking 360 degree panorama of miles and miles of countryside. If your visiting, get to Baileborough or Kingscourt and ask for Lough-an-Leagh - also know locally as Muff Mountain. Once your up there you will see signs directing you to the protest site.

"One of the cairns upon Lough-an-Leagh mountain that we are trying to preserve."
"One of the cairns upon Lough-an-Leagh mountain that we are trying to preserve."

"Splendid panoramic view to the west from the Lough-an-Leagh mountain in County Cavan."
"Splendid panoramic view to the west from the Lough-an-Leagh mountain in County Cavan."

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author by bye byepublication date Thu Aug 05, 2004 21:35author address author phone

If the objectors had any principles they would gave gathered up all the mobile phones in the area to leave at the base of the demolished mast.

author by paul cpublication date Thu Aug 05, 2004 21:50author address author phone

including the county councils?

is the alternative to this mast , or jsut poor coverage in that area for o2?

author by snickersnarflepublication date Fri Aug 06, 2004 00:23author address author phone

wot a headline ! expected a jesus posting or sumthin

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