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Ógra Shinn Féin hold emotive tour of Long Kesh

category tyrone | history and heritage | news report author Monday October 02, 2006 23:05author by The Lark - Ógra Shinn Féinauthor email osfnational at yahoo dot ie

West Tyrone Remember the Heroes of Long Kesh

West Tyrone Ógra Shinn Féin organised a tour of Long Kesh Concentration Camp, last Friday 29th September. The tour was very emotive as the delegation visited the hospital wing where 10 Irish Republican Prisoners bravely give their life on Hungerstrike 25 years ago.

The Cages, and H4 were also visited.

All together 16 Young Republican activists attended the tour and witnessed at first hand Long Kesh, the site of so much tragedy and torture, yet also massive resilience and struggle.

We salute the Prisoners, the Blanketmen and the Hungerstrikers!

The Prison Struggle, Blanket, no wash and Hungerstrike were a catalyst in the struggle for Irish Liberation.

Ógra Shinn Féin continue on that struggle with pride!

In memory of the 10!

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author by Yopublication date Mon Oct 02, 2006 23:52author address author phone

So how about those current republican prisoners? Seriously... Stop this embarassing PR campaign and actually do something useful.

author by ÓSF Supporterpublication date Mon Oct 02, 2006 23:59author address author phone

Britain's history in Ireland is one of brutality and inhumanity, often characterised through the abuse of political prisoners.

One would have thought that the British government would have learnt that lesson by now and would know that not only is the maltreatment of prisoners entirely wrong it is also entirely counter-productive.

All prisoners are entitled to humane prison conditions, to proper medical facilities and to be treated with dignity.

For this reason Gerry Adams publicly called recently on the British government to transfer those Irish prisoners seeking repatriation to Ireland and to resolve the dispute in Maghaberry by introducing decent prison conditions.

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author by Philpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 17:00author address author phone

The 10 Hunger Strikers didn't die for decent prison conditions, that's for Ordinary Decent Criminals, they died for Political Status.

These were the type of words used by the likes of the SDLP. Of course Sinn Fein have now taken on the mantle of the SDLP and so use their brand of wording when forced to make statements referring to the present day prisoners. This is so as not to rile the DUP and bring down the wraith of Paisley and Robinson upon their heads. They are as afraid of the DUP as were the SDLP in the past.

Perhaps Ogra should take Adams and McGuinness around the Kesh and ask them "Did the Hunger Strikers really die for a 6 County State with cross border institutions. Bobby's family says they didn't, Bernard Fox, a former Hunger Striker and Oliver Hughes, brother of Frank seem also to agree as they recently resigned from Sinn Fein.

author by Derry Manpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 21:12author address author phone

At a recent meeting called by the residents of the Bogside these thugs who use the initials IRA as a smokescreen for bullying and antisocial behaviour were pointed out and named. Their response was to sit back smirking and cat calling.

The people of the Bogside have endured at the hands of the RUC and British army and they will eventually turn on these scum and drive them out. The sooner the better.

Please don't ask us to support your prisoners while there are those among you who terrorise your own people for kicks.

author by Philpublication date Tue Oct 03, 2006 22:01author address author phone

While I would be supportive of Political Status for those Political prisoners in Maghaberry, I have never supported any of the so called Dissidents mainly because I saw their continuance of the war as open to abuse by those with their own agendas.

Their campaign is as much of a joke as is the present path of Sinn Fein. Neither side is delivering on the sacrifices of the Hunger Strikers and they continue, now motivated purely with self interest.

I accept that there are those in all shades of Republicanism who are truly genuine in their pursuance of a better Ireland for the Irish people, but they remain mostly silent in the background unable for various reasons to air their true opinions.

Too those Republicans I would say, let your voices be heard above the rhetoric and pretentiousness. Those who have died need courageousness and not timid followers.

author by Realistpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 17:51author address author phone

I'm from Derry also, and would just like to inform "Derry man" that this is an intelligent site, and people here can tell the difference between Harp fuelled 15 year olds and IRA Volunteers.
Are you really gonna come on here with your wild accusations every time some young scallywag burns a car or breaks a window, and tell us it's the RIRA. Cop yourself on. Put up the evidence or shut up.
Is the RIRA responsible for every misdemeanor or act of anti-social activity in the Bogside?
It's been going on there for decades. Who was doing it before?
By the way, painting IRA on a wall does not automatically mean you are a member.

author by Derry Manpublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 20:33author address author phone

Sorry but it wasn't a teenager who battered the elderly van driver with a mallet and took his van. The person concerned is known to the people of the Bogside. These young thugs support the RIRA and therefore it is the responsibility of this organisation to control them. As a matter of fact these are the only kind of support that the RIRA has in Derry. Do you mean to tell me that they are capable of constructing the elaborate hoax bombs which are planted outside Pat Ramsey's house. The RIRA are good at hoax bombs.

The people of Derry are intelligent and we know who is behind the burning and carnage in the Bogside, It is an attempt to cover up the fact that there are no real operations being carried out in Derry.

author by martypublication date Wed Oct 04, 2006 21:05author address author phone

the situation in the bog was created by the provo psni...the kids there see that anti social behaviour and skulduggery have lined the pockets of many a provo
the provos also created the tout machine, which their colleagues in the psni have been using to great was the provos who brought the young lads in and rewarded them for telling them who they bought their e's and hash off...our tout good, your tout bad
fact is, the provos created a monster, but they are so keen on administering brit rule, that they can do nothing about it...which, from where im sitting is quite funny
thats what you get when u have the likes of archie fleming policing your area...did u see him in the derry news on monday???...making out hes some sort of freedom fighter but was too ashamed to point out that he shot a dude in front of a bus load of primary school children...pffft...take your oil

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