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New Resource Centre for Tara Campaign

category national | history and heritage | press release author Saturday October 07, 2006 11:34author by Geraldine Moorkens Byrne - TuathaDeDannanauthor email tuathade at tuathadedannan dot org

can you help?

new site has been set up as a
nuetral resource centre to provide a space for groups to exchange
information, news, ask for volunteers or help and publicise events,
and for individuals looking for ways to get involved.

We have started a resource web site to be used in the Save Tara
campaign to get the M3 moved from its current route so near to the
Hill of Tara.

We are former co-ordinating members of the Tarawatch site but we
felt that there were many groups all with the same aim but different
methods and ideas of how to go about it.
We felt that all opinions were valid but that a lot of energy was
going into what people felt should be done rather than getting
things done.

From this we came up with the idea of what we personally could do,
which is a communal site where people do not become members of any
organisation but where people can get together advertise their sites
and their protests. And where ordinary people could get together to
see what is going on and what they would like to participate in.

We will also do posters for people who want to run their own event.
We are not a money making site so we any money raised at events is
the repsonsibilty of both the person who runs the event and the
people who attend to ensure any money collected goes to where they
think it does.

The main projects we've started on are
1. Fly the TARA Banner high... asking people to show the Save Tara
or any Save Tara banner
in the most unusual place or to as many people as possible...
We'll supply a banner but people can make their own.

2. TARA 5000 Years, 1 Vote.
Focused on letting the politicians know how seriously people take
the threat to Tara.

3. Tuatha De Dannan - A resource for Parents and Educators.

We have a forum where people can come up with ideas and if we have
time space and energy we'll implement them.

We have a calendar where the public and groups can put in events. We
will moderate them so we don't have any silly bugger stuff initially
but groups can have their own login.

We also want to have input from other groups on the forum to allow
people to get re-directed from our site to a group which they think
will suit them.

We are not affiliated to any group, just wish to provide a space where all the various events can be cross-publicised etc.

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