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Campaign to stop Islamic laws and Islamisaiton of Kurdistan

category international | gender and sexuality | news report author Monday January 22, 2007 10:48author by Houzan Mahmoudauthor email houzan73 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Dear friends

Below you will see the appeal for support letters to our campaign to stop Islamic laws and islamisaiton of Kurdistan in the new proposed constitution for Kurdistan/Iraq.

Please send your support letters to us, so we can hand them at the end of our campaign to the Kurdish parliament and
constitution committee..

We also ask you to circulate and publisize our campaign and appeal as wide as you can.

Thank you so much for your support to our cause.

Best Wishes

Houzan Mahmoud
campaign coordinator

If you are interested in getting involved in the campaign or wish to receive further information then please contact Houzan at:

Please send letters to support our campaign to remove Article No 7 from the proposed constitution for Kurdistan

To all women's group, secularist organisations, trade unions and political activists, we need your help to prevent Islamic Sharia law being implemented in Kurdistan.

In December, we declared a campaign to repeal Article 7 from the proposed constitution of Kurdistan. In our view, Article 7 clearly states that Islam is the main official religion, and that laws should be based on it.

As we said then, this will only lead to the violation of the most fundamental and basic liberties of the people of Kurdistan, and most of all undermine the rights and freedoms of women. We thank all of you who have already signed our petition: you have been a great support for our campaign. Here is the link to our petition again: please forward it to all your lists if you can.

Now we are asking organisations and activists to write letters in support of our campaign to repeal Article 7 and in favour of the separation of religion from the state and education, as well as equality and freedom for women.

Please send your letters of support to one of the following email addresses:

The initiators of this campaign:

- Houzan Mahmoud: representative abroad of Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (and campaign coordinator):

- Marywan Halabjaee: Writer and researcher:

- Sozan Shahab: Member of Kurdistan Parliament:

- Nadir Abdul Hameed: political activist living in Denmark:

- Goran Abdulla: coordinator of website:

- Sakar Ahmad: activist and writer of a book titled "Victims of Honour Crimes":

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