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ARAN Members Gather at Duffy’s Circus to Educate Circus Goers in Cork

category cork | animal rights | news report author Monday September 08, 2008 20:12author by ARAN - Animal Rights Action Networkauthor email arancampaigns at eircom dot net

Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland

Animal Rights Action Network took our nationwide campaign ‘Stop Circus Suffering in Ireland’ to Cork city to expose circus goers to animal suffering in travelling Irish circuses. Our stop today was outside Duffy’s circus in Glanmire where our supporters staged a peaceful protest whilst distributing educational leaflets to passing members of the public and people going to see the circus.
Action Speaks Louder That Words
Action Speaks Louder That Words

Circuses by their very nature pull up on any available land and these animals are shifted from one area to the next and constantly kept in transporters. Tigers are caged up all day long and only get reprieve when they are training, elephants can often be chained-up for painfully long periods also - again these magnificent creatures are forced to endure the Irish hard soil, wet climate, something that is completely unnatural to them. These animals regardless of them been captive bred or taken from the wild are not volunteers, they have been deprived of their precious freedom for a lifetime of cheap tricks.

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author by Animal magicpublication date Tue Sep 09, 2008 16:18author address author phone

Well done again to the folks at ARAN for exposing the ongoing tardy record of Ireland when it comes to tackling primitive activities that inflict so much suffering both physical and mental on these magnificient creatures

author by ARLurkerpublication date Tue Sep 09, 2008 17:49author address author phone

still in pre-launch
Have you seen the new AR forum at ?
It´s still in pre-launch but it looks promising. Mostly because it will be open to all and not just pro AR activists...
A new place where all involved with animals (those who protect them and those who use them) can come together and talk to each other.

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author by I am not a blueshirtpublication date Tue Sep 09, 2008 18:01author address author phone

The celebration of the dissemination of educational information to the unaware ,is of great benefit to the future of this Nation and the next generation and is a duty and right guaranteed in our Constitution.
Rock on.

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