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Joe Higgins Euro Campain in Final Push - Appeal for Help

category dublin | politics / elections | press release author Thursday May 28, 2009 15:55author by Joe - Socialist Partyauthor email info at joehiggins dot eu

Can you leaflet an area near you? Donate 5 or 10 euro? Logon to

The European election campaign is now in it's final push. The main leaflet for Joe Higgins' campaign has been produced, with the hope of getting it into 200,000 homes in the next week. We have produced 2,000 new full colour posters which we need to get up. In order to do that we are launching an appeal for volunteers to help out - take a bundle of leaflets for your estate or one nearby, spare an hour to put up some posters, hand out leaflets with Joe in town or donate towards the cost of the campaign.
Simply log on to the link below to help out.
Help out:
Help out:

Our election campaign relies completely on the support, help and generosity of supporters like you. We donít have the same resources as the establishment parties, and we donít take donations from big business, so we are appealing to people to help out by volunteering, and giving a donation so we can fight an effective campaign .

We need everyone who supports Joeís election campaign to take one step forward and help, in whatever way they can.

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