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Thursday January 01 1970

Na Fianna …ireann 100th Anniversary Commemorations.

category national | history and heritage | event notice author Friday August 14, 2009 20:42author by Sharon. - Individual.

Na Fianna …ireann was founded on August 16th 1909 at 34 Lower Camden Street.

Republican organisation to be commemorated at events in Dublin and Limerick.
Na Fianna …ireann 100th Anniversary , Sunday 16th August 2009.
Na Fianna …ireann 100th Anniversary , Sunday 16th August 2009.

Hi !

The founding of the Na Fianna …ireann organisation will be marked by two public events on Sunday August 16th 2009 , one of which will be held in Dublin and the other in Limerick.

Those taking part in the Dublin Na Fianna …ireann anniversary commemoration will assemble at the corner of Leeson Street / St Stephen's Green and , at 2pm , will march to Camden Street (more information at 087-9374277) .

The Limerick event will be held in Athea at 2.30pm ; more information at the 'Related Link' below.

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author by splutter cough!?publication date Sat Aug 15, 2009 02:56author address author phone

Without suggesting it was one of the young buck front bench members and policy makers of RSF, I just sort of feel like I have to question not only the historical validity of the centenary thing of the Fianna Eireann but also pass comment on the ethics of child soldiers.

& just to make 'em feel good I'd love to know when girlies in sunglasses got to wear the green tangtops and march as equals with their boyo peers without anyone sneering that they could be of the radical sapphic variety and better off with the sisters of the Holy Faith.

(no slight meant to either Fianna Eirinn or the sisters of the Holy Faith).

Bulmer Hobson is believed to have started the youth group to which anyone proclaiming membership today would be admitting party to a terrorist organisation according to Eire, UK, EU and US law in 1903.

It's 2009.

the year of our Lord 2009
subtracted thereof 1903
is 106 years ago.

The first FE song, & a catchy little ditty it was, came out in 1910. = 99 years ago.

The first editions of the FE handbook, & jam-packed with moral fibre as it was, if not a bit short on practical instruction for guerilla warfare, procurement of false ID's, improvisation of explosives, locating of safe-houses or how to speak posh and elude all suspicions - did not appear till 1914

95 years ago.

In case you don't know the rest or don't really care for centenaries - there's a YOUTUBE VID!!! to explain it all to you.

Thus may you realise how instead of joining either the RC "Irish boy scouts" or "Irish guides" and lining up behind the Holy Sacrament on its romp round your village every August or (dare we say it) enlisting in the the suspiciously protestant non-denominational "Boy scouts / Girl guides of Ireland" earning badges by tying knots worthy of a Japanese Shibari bondage expert in between helping old women across the road, you could have done your bit for Ireland by running semtex into Fermanagh and smuggling transistor radios into Long Kesh up your bum for the lads!

Many noble men and women dedicated to the cause of Irish freedom and excellence amongst the nations passed through the paramilitary ranks of the Irish republican movement's youth group.

As such it is fitting to mark the traditions to which they themselves gave credit.

Nonetheless it must not pass without comment that the recruitment of and involvement of children and minors in warfare or armed struggle of any kind is a reprehensible wrong of such gravity that it is specifically identified as one iniquity from which we ought be free in the universal declaration of human rights.

May the future generations of Irish ensure that the world is free of child soldiers!

sure Jayzhus I wish I couldn't tie the knots - & given half the chance tell people I wouldn't be able to do that if my childhood hadn't been subject to such perverse exploitation by adults.

100 years on the Irish have no need to recruit child soldiers
100 years on the Irish have no need to recruit child soldiers

Caption: they had much better songs than "dib dib dib" or "kumbya".

author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Sat Aug 15, 2009 09:19author address author phone

Hi splutter cough!
My , but that is a bad dose you have there - it has brought tears to my eyes , too , on seeing its written manifestation !
"...girlies in tangtops.....march as equals with their boyo peers without anyone sneering.....sisters of the Holy Faith....Fianna Eirinn.... sisters of the Holy Faith....the year of our Lord 2009.....the first FE song, & a catchy little ditty it was, came out in 1910.....jam-packed with moral fibre...lining up behind the Holy Sacrament.....protestant non-denominational "Boy scouts / Girl guides of Ireland"......etc "
TAMIFLU side effects, perhaps ?
Incidentally , on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1902 Bulmer Hobson organised a Fianna …ireann Junior Hurling League , through which he intended to promote a link between sport and the Irish language - in 1909 , that group was re-organised into the Na Fianna …ireann we know today.
May your God , and the Sisters of the Holy Faith , see you through your present (?) troubles , 'Splutter Cough' : I fear you are beyond the reach of mere medicine ;-) !

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author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Sun Aug 16, 2009 22:39author address author phone

Hi !
A brief report and a few photographs of the Na Fianna …ireann Anniversary Commemoration held in Dublin today (Sunday 16 August 2009) can be obtained by clicking on the 'Related Link' below.

Na Fianna …ireann , Dublin , Sunday 16 August 2009.
Na Fianna …ireann , Dublin , Sunday 16 August 2009.

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author by larrypublication date Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:30author address author phone

This went without a hitch , apart from the special branch harrasment but that was expected
very impresive display and well received by all the on lookers
great job, well done

author by Sharon. - Individual.publication date Mon Aug 17, 2009 17:39author address author phone

Hi Larry !
It went well - very presentable . And you are right about the "hitch" , as well - as expected , unfortunately , as you said . But it didn't put us off , nor will it.

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