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Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary Commemorations.

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Na Fianna Éireann was founded on August 16th 1909 at 34 Lower Camden Street.

Republican organisation to be commemorated at events in Dublin and Limerick.
Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary , Sunday 16th August 2009.
Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary , Sunday 16th August 2009.

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The founding of the Na Fianna Éireann organisation will be marked by two public events on Sunday August 16th 2009 , one of which will be held in Dublin and the other in Limerick.

Those taking part in the Dublin Na Fianna Éireann anniversary commemoration will assemble at the corner of Leeson Street / St Stephen's Green and , at 2pm , will march to Camden Street (more information at 087-9374277) .

The Limerick event will be held in Athea at 2.30pm ; more information at the 'Related Link' below.

Related Link:

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