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Stop Repression In The Basque Country

category antrim | rights, freedoms and repression | event notice author Wednesday November 25, 2009 11:17author by Irish Basque Solidarity Committeesauthor email belfastbsc at gmail dot com


The Irish Basque Solidarity Committees has called for the immediate release of 34 youths arrested in the Basque Country today.

Speaking today a spokesperson for the campaign stated:

“The arrest of thirty four young people in Basque County last night is wholly unacceptable and part of the ongoing campaign against members of the Basque pro-Independence Left.

They are accused of being the national and county level leadership of Segi, the pro-Independence Left youth organisation that was banned in 2002. They have done nothing but public and peaceful political work to promote the Basque youth and national rights. They fully endorse the conflict resolution proposals presented by the pro-Independence Left just two weeks ago. These proposals show the Basque pro-independence movement's commitment to a peaceful and democratic process. These arrests and those of spokesperson Arnaldo Otegi and others on October 13 are attempts by the Spanish government to prevent any political solution to the conflict.

“Indeed we only have to look at the ongoing extradition attempts of two members of the Basque community living in Belfast to see how far the Spanish authorities will go.

“The Spanish authorities need to realise that such actions are counterproductive when there they are set in the context of a wide range of groups outlining a scenario to re-establish a peace process in the Basque County ove the past few weeks.

“This initiative needs to be explored by the Spanish Government who can, if the political will exists, end negative actions such as these latest arrests and engage in dialogue to reach a solution the Basque conflict.”

The Irish Basque Solidarity Committees are calling Irish society and especially those in government to support the conflict resolution initiatives in the Basque Country and take part in solidarity picket lines organised this Saturday 28th in Belfast (outside Cultúrlann, Falls Road 2.30pm) and Dublin (outside GPO 12 noon)."

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