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Thursday February 18 2010
07:30 PM

Lebanese Socialist Speaks on Crisis in Middle East!

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Lebanese Socialist Speaks on Crisis in Middle East!
A Skype conference with a Lebanese socialist is to take place at 7.30pm Thurs 18 February in Room 206 in the Peter Froggatt Centre.

The Middle East today is in flames thanks to the disastrous policies of imperialism and in particular the role of the US. The quagmire in which Bush and now Obama are entangled in Afghanistan will have a devastating impact across the Middle East. The occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan rather than weaken the forces of Islamic fundamentalism have in fact strengthened them.

The system of capitalism, whether is it through a US or an Islamic form, offers no solutions to the problems in the Middle East. Corrupt dictatorships present throughout the region are feeling the pressure of the economic crisis.

Youth unemployment is between 30-60%, coupled with rising fuel and food costs the region is liable to explode. We have already seen huge movements of workers and young people from the ongoing demonstrations in Iran to the massive general strike in Egypt in August 2008.

Come along to hear a Lebanese socialist speak!
The Socialist Society at QUB have organised a Skype meeting with a socialist from the Committee for a Workers’ International – Lebanon ( This is an excellent opportunity to hear first hand the struggles that are taking place in the Middle East and hear a socialist alternative to the disaster the capitalism has created.

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