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Amnesty Ireland launches new film in fight against mental health prejudice

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | feature author Sunday January 09, 2011 01:17author by Amnesty1author email info at amnesty dot ie

A job for all of us

Phil is a journalist; Caroline a qualified psychotherapist. Kevin has just graduated with an MA in political theory and for Julie, music is the cornerstone of her life.

They are successful, confident, down to earth people.

But they’ve seen people, even their friends and families, look at them with fear and suspicion because of "those things"; because they had mental health problems.

In this new short film from Amnesty International Phil, Caroline, Kevin and Julie tell their stories because they know that mental health problems can affect anyone, and this means tackling prejudice and discrimination against people with mental health problems is a job for everyone.

They’re sharing their stories to help you understand, so you can make a difference. Share this film with your friends and family and make a New Year's resolution that will help change lives at

And please join us in Dublin’s Button Factory on Saturday 15 January from 1.30pm for First Fortnight 2011, a day long festival combining music, art and discussion to challenge mental health prejudice and discrimination. More details at

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