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Spirit of Contradiction

offsite link The Party and the Ballot Box Sun Jul 14, 2019 22:24 | Gavin Mendel-Gleason

offsite link On The Decline and Fall of The American Empire and Socialism Sat Jan 26, 2019 01:52 | S. Duncan

offsite link What is Dogmatism and Why Does It Matter? Wed Mar 21, 2018 08:10 | Sylvia Smith

offsite link The Case of Comrade Dallas Mon Mar 19, 2018 19:44 | Sylvia Smith

offsite link Review: Do Religions Evolve? Mon Aug 14, 2017 19:54 | Dara McHugh

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

offsite link Elaine Byrne: Lacking moral courage to name names

offsite link Real democracies and referendums Anthony

offsite link Public Services Card: Some still forced to comply Anthony

offsite link Catholic Church: Dark influence still active Anthony

offsite link Tom Parlon launches new career in comedy Anthony

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

offsite link The Afghanistan ?peace deal? riddle Wed Feb 26, 2020 19:04 | amarynth
Pepe Escobar for the Saker Blog : Posted with permission  As far as realpolitik Afghanistan is concerned, with or without a deal, the US military want to stay in what

offsite link Highlights from the Assange Trial Thus Far Wed Feb 26, 2020 18:56 | amarynth
Eric Zuesse for The Saker Blog Here are the most informative excerpts that I have noted from the best news-reporting from journalists who have been attending at the trial: CRAIG

offsite link Moveable Feast Cafe 2020/02/24 ? Open Thread Mon Feb 24, 2020 09:00 | Herb Swanson
2020/02/24 09:00:01Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of

offsite link No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China Sat Feb 22, 2020 18:38 | amarynth
Pepe Escobar : Posted with permission and x-posted with Strategic Culture Foundation The New Silk Roads ? or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) ? were launched by President Xi Jinping

offsite link 20 Questions with Vladimir Putin : Episode 2. Putin on Ukraine Fri Feb 21, 2020 17:06 | amarynth
From TASS Has Vladimir Putin seen the Servant of the People TV series? Is dialogue with Zelensky possible? How to view Ukrainians? national identity? Are Russians and Ukrainians one people?

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dublin / anti-capitalism Wednesday November 21, 2007 16:50 by G.McKnight
featured image
Are Developers To Drop A Dundrum On The Market's Head?

Dublin's much loved Moore St. market, one of the most organically diverse, culturally & historically layered streets remaining in Dublin city centre is under serious threat of extinction from a €500 million multi-story commercial development. Plans are soon due to be fully unveiled to the public.

Take a walk along Moore Street and one will notice the disappearance of the many ethnic businesses which have enlivened the street over the past several years having recently been served eviction notices. The beginning of a process which may eradicate and at best sterilise the Moore Street market.

The developer behind the Dundrum shopping centre has in the past few years bought most of the property in an area encompassing Henry Street to Parnell Street in the north/south direction and O'Connell Street to Moore Street in the east/west direction. Most of the buildings are to be demolished to make way for a glorified shopping centre to include two canopied multi-storey shopping streets.

Related Links: Public Meeting - Save Moore St | Save 16 Moore St | Victory for 16 Moore St. Campaign | Alive Alive O- moore street screening | James Connolly's Grandson In Fresh Call To Save 16 Moore Street| Through streets broad & narrow: crying five for 50, and ten for a pound. The end of Moore Street?

national / anti-capitalism Thursday November 08, 2007 00:36 by Grassroots Dissent
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Catch the Train!

The World Bank will visit Malahide, Co. Dublin on the 12th and 13th of November. The talks taking place in Malahide will not be attended by elected 'representatives'. The group meeting there is the financial arm of the World Bank - The International Development Agency (IDA). The people talking and making decisions that will affect the lives of millions will be unelected senior civil servants.

We in Grassroots Dissent agreed that the strength of counter-summit protests is located in the potential for outreach we decided to hold an info tour (details below) on the model of development enforced by the World Bank and the Bretton Woods institutes. We also agreed that a common enemy fosters alliances and we have been working with NGO groups; Debt and Development coalition; Comhlamh; The Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC) and Trocaire. These groups will hold a Photo Stunt on Sunday November 11th, 11.30am, Dáil Eireann, Kildare Street, Dublin 1. With the support of these NGO’s we have decided to do what we do best...
national / anti-capitalism Tuesday October 30, 2007 20:44 by Sean Mallory (wsm pers cap) & Soundmigration (wsm pers cap)
national / anti-capitalism Sunday July 08, 2007 18:22 by w.
featured image

In his address to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions conference the Taoiseach asked why people who are fed up with the current economic climate don’t just hang themselves. Maybe he hasn’t checked the statistics recently but it would seem like they are.

Suicide is the primary cause of death for males between the ages of 18 – 34 in Ireland. We also have the 5th highest suicide rate in Europe. There are a myriad of reasons why people kill themselves and I won’t assume to speak on behalf of anyone but Bertie’s comments not only showed his contempt for Irish people but also go part of the way to explaining the problem with the current Irish society.

international / anti-capitalism Sunday June 17, 2007 18:52 by Starstuck
featured image

A member of the WSM travelled to last week's protests against the G8 in Heilegendamm, Germany. He reports on the actions that were taken and then on his arrest and mistreatment.

The Build-Up - 2nd June 2007

We travelled to Rostock on one of the 30 buses going from Hamburg. When we arrived the city was awash with people and also a gargantuan police presence. We made our way to the starting point of the rally in which the anarchist block was due to march, the second rally being composed more so of NGOs and political parties. After an hour or so of boring speeches and the monotone gloom of David Rovics, the march set off.

A pretty impressive black bloc had formed at the rear-centre composed of AntiFa, anarchist groups and of course the Autonomous movement people. Black clad protesters are a much more eclectic bunch politically, this is worth remembering.

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