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Dublin Opinion
Life should be full of strangeness, like a rich painting

offsite link Some Thoughts on the Brexit Joint Report 11:50 Sat Dec 09, 2017


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offsite link The Financial Crisis:What Have We Learnt? 19:58 Sat Aug 29, 2015

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NAMA Wine Lake

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What's the story with Irish neutrality? [EXPLAINER]

international / history and heritage / opinion/analysis Tuesday December 17, 2013 23:41 by Marvel Mischief   text 1 comment (last - wednesday december 18, 2013 07:52)
As with many cosmogonies Thor: The Dark World depicts not only the origin of its world but also within the context of perceptions and judgments of good and evil (or good guys against the bad guys). Within this good and evil paradigm of comic book drama we also find our “human” reality of the reality of war, such as various cultures attacking and killing each other from different worlds. Herein the Frost Giants of Jotunheim are attacking Deities of Asgard. Whereas in the Judeo-Christian Bible you could find Archangels creating a civil war, The Battle of Heaven, in which some angels, supposedly created by God, became turncoats against the almighty one. The important point for us to recognize is that even within so-called Realms-of-the-Divine, according the Judeo-Christian narrative and Norse mythology, there is again the common theme of “human” capacity for rebellion, civil disobedience and civil disturbance.
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national / history and heritage / opinion/analysis Thursday December 05, 2013 15:33 by Raibeart O'Longain   text 1 comment (last - thursday december 05, 2013 20:55)   video 1 video file
Glaring hypocrisy in the light the Smithwick tribunal. read full story / add a comment
cork / history and heritage / event notice Sunday December 01, 2013 19:45 by Eric   image 2 images
Solidarity Books Book Launch: "Sins of the Father" 2nd Ed. by Dr Conor McCabe – on Thursday 5th December 7:30pm

Solidarity Books will be proud to host the Cork launch of the 2nd Edition of "Sins of the Father: The decisions that shaped the Irish economy" – on Thursday 5th December 7:30pm

The event will include a talk from Dr. Conor McCabe, the author of 'Sins of the Father: The decisions that shaped the Irish economy ', which analyses the development of the Irish economy throughout the 20th Century right up to the current crisis, without resorting to just pointing fingers at 'a few morally bankrupt individuals' in an otherwise sound system. read full story / add a comment
Annual Dáithí Ó Conaill Commemoration , Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin , 1-1-14.
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Tuesday November 26, 2013 22:42 by Sharon.   text 2 comments (last - thursday january 02, 2014 23:00)   image 4 images
Assemble at Glasnevin Cemetery gates , Wednesday 1st January 2014 , at 12.45pm. read full story / add a comment
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Thursday November 14, 2013 23:28 by 32CSM
The 32csm North Dublin Cumann will hold a commemoration for Vol. Kevin Barry on Sunday the 17th Nov. at --> 2:00pm in Glasnevin Cemetery. He was sentenced to death for his part in an IRA operation which resulted in the deaths of three British soldiers in 1920. Due to his refusal to inform, Barry became one of the most celebrated Irish republicans.

We welcome all Republicans to attend. read full story / add a comment
galway / history and heritage / event notice Monday November 11, 2013 16:36 by John Cunningham
Irish Centre for the Histories of Labour & Class

Inaugural conference
At James Hardiman library (new extension)
NUI Galway

21-22 November 2013
I'm posting the full programme below. It's rather long, I'm afraid read full story / add a comment
1913: Na Gaeil agus an Stailc Mhór
antrim / history and heritage / event notice Thursday November 07, 2013 19:41 by Ciarán   image 1 image
Dé Sathairn 16ú Samhain, 12.30in
i gCultúrlann McAdam Ó Fiaich
Bóthar na bhFál, Béal Feirste read full story / add a comment
The CABHAIR Swim in December 2010 - s'no joke!
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Monday October 28, 2013 19:25 by Sharon.   text 16 comments (last - sunday january 05, 2014 14:51)   image 16 images
The CABHAIR organisation will , for the 37th consecutive year, hold a sponsored swim in Dublin (Inchicore) on Christmas Day 2013. read full story / add a comment
See Ohanrahan.Org for latest info and updates
wexford / history and heritage / event notice Monday September 30, 2013 23:22 by O.O'C.   image 1 image
One of the organisers of the inaugural Michael O' Hanrahan weekend has said that the event will offer something for every member of the family. Oisin O' Connell said that the weekend will include a memorial lecture which will bring diverse speakers including Professor Anthony Coughlan and writer Geraldine O' Connell Cusack to New Ross. read full story / add a comment
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Friday September 27, 2013 17:24 by IV
Irish Volunteers Wynn’s Hotel Dublin Exhibition and Display September 28,2013
The Irish Volunteers Commemorative Organisation http://irishvolunteers.org/ will be
hosting an exhibition and display commemorating the 100th anniversary of the
foundation of the Irish Volunteers. The Irish Volunteers were instrumental in the
rebellion of 1916 and in the Irish War of Independence 1919-1921. We invite all
people from Ireland and overseas to attend, whether you have a direct connection or
simply have an interest in this pivotal moment in Irish history. read full story / add a comment
international / history and heritage / event notice Thursday September 26, 2013 07:47 by Jack Lane
Teachers Club, Sat 19th Oct at 7:30pm

Despite official enquiries into the Dublin/Monaghan Bombings, no satisfactory answers have ever been found as to who carried them out. Even though these Bombings caused the biggest loss of life of a single operation of the whole Troubles, garda investigations were wound up after three months—with no proper explanation of what had happened; no prosecutions were ever brought. read full story / add a comment
international / history and heritage / event notice Tuesday September 24, 2013 15:03 by Jack Lane
This book is republished to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Canon Sheehan.
Teachers' Club, Parnell Square. read full story / add a comment
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Wednesday August 28, 2013 13:02 by Turing
Do You Want To Be A Docker For A Day? (or a Jacobs worker or the day)


Please come come dressed as
(1) Dockers- time: 11am, Meet at the Custom House. Dark trousers (no runners), colarless shirt and soft cap
(2) Come along dressed as the poor of Dublin- wear old torn or shabby clothes. Meet at: 11am at the Gloucester Diamond on Sean MacDermott Street.
(3) (Women) come dress as the Jacobs Workers please wear a dark ankle dress or skirt-a light colored blouse, dark boots or flat shoes. Meet at the rear of the Central Bank 11 am.
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Annual H-Block Hunger Strike Commemoration , 31st August 2013 , Bundoran , Donegal.
national / history and heritage / event notice Tuesday August 27, 2013 23:12 by Sharon.   image 1 image
East End , Bundoran , Donegal , Saturday 31st August 2013 , 3PM.
32nd Annual Hunger Strike Commemoration , Bundoran , Saturday 31st August 2013. read full story / add a comment
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Thursday August 22, 2013 14:23 by Turing   text 1 comment (last - monday september 02, 2013 16:31)   image 1 image
Seminar on the 1913 Lockout Tuesday 27th August Wynn's Hotel 7 pm

Speakers include

Des Dalton - President - RSF
Rita Fagan - Community Activist
Malachy Steenson - Solicitor

All welcome read full story / add a comment
Annual Eve of All-Ireland Rally , Dublin : 21/9/13 , at 2pm, GPO.
national / history and heritage / event notice Wednesday August 21, 2013 23:25 by Sharon.   text 2 comments (last - sunday september 22, 2013 22:21)   image 4 images
The Annual Eve Of All-Ireland Rally will be held in Dublin on Saturday 21st September 2013 .
Assemble at Garden of Remembrance at 1.45pm for parade to GPO for 2pm. read full story / add a comment
international / history and heritage / news report Saturday August 03, 2013 17:29 by Mattie Lennon
John Cassidy goes global.......... Donegal man John Cassidy is embarking on a unique project.

The following is the story behind it;

In 2011 John found an old famine-pot, broken in pieces, in south Donegal. He had it welded, restored and mounted outside Leghowney Community Hall.

Such was the interest shown by American tourists that he decided to do some research on the whole Famine-pot/Soup–kitchen aspect of the famine and found that because of bigotry, pride, misguided patriotism and inherited false information,this aspect of the potato failure was almost air-brushed from our history. read full story / add a comment
Mauser Model 1891 Rifle from the Asgard
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Saturday July 20, 2013 00:13 by Robert English   image 1 image
Sinn Fein commemorates the 99th anniversary of the yacht Asgard's daring delivery of rifles and ammunition to the Irish Volunteers in 1914, at the Howth Pier Lighthouse.
The commemoration will be held Saturday, July 27th at 2:30pm on the East Pier, Howth, County Dublin. Music, re-enactors, colour party, speakers, raffles, food and drink follow at The Waterside Bar. read full story / add a comment
dublin / history and heritage / event notice Monday May 20, 2013 01:56 by Diarmuid Breatnach   image 3 images
Sunday May 26th Domingo 26 Mayo

The tour will commence at Dublin Castle gate. El tour se inicia a las 14:00 (2pm) en la entrada principal del Castillo de Dublín, Dame Street, BÁC 1.

Price per person/ Entrada €5 (rebaja de 50% en el precio habituál).

The tour will last approximately two hours. El tour durará aproximamente dos horas, después de lo cual podriamos hir a comer al Food Hall y después quizás a tomar una pinta (o igual dos) en algun bar (el Celt?). It is advisable to bring water to drink/ Se conseja llevar agua para beber, y estar preparado con ropa etc. para lluvia, frio y sol (el tiempo es capaz de cambiar bastante durante un día)/ and to bring clothing appropriate to rain, cold and sun. read full story / add a comment
national / history and heritage / event notice Wednesday May 08, 2013 10:22 by JK
2013 James Connolly Commemoration,

Sunday 12th May.

Assemble at Arbour Hill cemetery, Dublin, at 12.30pm.

Followed by James Connolly Commemorative Lecture

3pm, 12th May, The Cobblestone.

Public Lecture on the revolutionary politics of 1913-1916. Speakers to include Aindrias O' Cathasaigh(Historian and author of a number of books including '1916 Seachtar na Casca', 'Daol na Réabhlóide' and 'James Connolly- The Lost Writings') and Dick Carroll (Lifelong socialist republican activist and member of the Independent Worker's Union; grandson of councillor Richard Carroll).

Organised by éirígí.

All Welcome.
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