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Human Rights in Ireland
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Why is the left silent on murder of Libyan Ambassador

category international | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Saturday September 15, 2012 19:37author by Felix Quigley - 4international Report this post to the editors

Main issue is defence of the right to publish

The issue of the anti-Muslim film and the grizzly torture, rape and murder of Ambassador Stevens is all about the right to freedom of speech, freedom to speak about anything, criticise anything.

Will people on the left, who think of themselves as left, such as on Indymedia Ireland and other groups in Ireland, now defend with everything they have got the maker of the film Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?

So many issues have been packed into this anti-Islam film and the murder of Stevens.

The silence of the left. A writer on Indymedia Ireland (a Patc) told me he didn't have time. But nobody there had time. WSWS which calls itself Trotskyist and shows the famous film on the Russian Revolution, an historical film made by Trotskyists, are clearly sympathetic to the Islamist savages. Betrayal of trotsky by the WSWS. So far Matgamma's group Workers Liberty which had supported the murder of Muammar Gadhafi have said nothing. And little wonder! The left is in crisis and this will finish them.

The left cuts its own throat. The issue is about free speech. The Islam world wants to close down free speech because it is opposed to science, history and modernism. It wants to prevent an examination of what Islam has been historically, thus throwing vital light on what it is today.

The English state of Cameron and Hague is in crisis. They put the savages who murdered Stevens into power. The same savages who had murdered Gadhafi and thousands of black African workers.

NATO is in crisis also, as is the Hague kangaroo Court, which led much of this in the trial of Milosevic, and their support for Jihadist savages in Yugoslavia.

Obama is in very big crisis as is Mrs Clinton, as are John McCain and Joseph Lieberman. If Gadhafi had been in power there would have been no murder on Monday of Stevens or any American diplomat. Can the American people see this?

Because the Media in US and the West is also in crisis. The Media led on the murder of Gadhafi and the overthrow of Mubarak. For the Media world wide Obama could do no wrong.

Obama is a pro-Islam Antisemite

Almost all goes back to the election of Obama and how the Media lied about his background. Obama was a Muslim, according to Pipes until he reached the age of 29. That has all been hidden.

Obama has been and is a tool in the Antisemitic Palestinian Narrative, a pack of lies which accuses the Jews of causing the “Palestinian Refugees”. That is a lie because the Jews and Israel; were just defending themselves from genocide in 1948 and in 1967/1973.

The Vatican is in crisis because Islam is aimed against the Christians as well as the Jews, but Christianity prefers to carry on its Antisemitism against the Jews, rather than confront their common enemy, Islam and Dhimmitude.

The Pope is in crisis in his present visit to the Lebanon. The Pope and his Cardinals are intelligent people, some super intelligent. The Pope preaches in Lebanon a sickly “let all live together in peace”, knowing full well that the nature of Islam makes that impossible. In Regensburg (http://religion.wikia.com/wiki/Regensburg_lecture) the Pope spelled this out in a scientific manner, but the hubbub from the Muslims (meaning as always violent threats) was such he retreated from that truth. In Lebanon the Pope on behalf of Christianity acts as a liar of the first order when he suggests all religions are the same.

Finally Romney is in crisis. Romney probably senses by now what he must do to win. He must return to the principles of the (GREAT) American Revolution and lead a crusade against all forms of censorship, so that the great American people can defend uncompromisingly The First Amendment, the sacred values of Free Speech. But he still thinks money and television ads can defeat Obama. But Obama is better at that. Obama is the ultimate deceiver. Only the truth can defeat Obama.

Obama and others are sacrificing The First Amendment. But human civilisation, what we have gained in the past from “Lucy” first stood up, to the present, into the future, indeed if we humans will have a future, depends very much on this struggle in America to defend The First Amendment.

4international is the only true Trotsky movement. We will be in the forefront and we wish to be part of this great movement.

Related Link: http://4international.me/

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