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Irish Couple Leave Red Cow Inn Quarantine Hotel

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Hotel Staff or Garda cannot force you to stay in these prison like conditions

A video made by an Irish couple who were returning home from abroad and were forced to book and pay upfront for one of the prison like quarantine hotels has gone viral outside of the mainstream news.

They were told when they were trying to get back to Ireland they would not be allowed board the flight unless they had booked into one of the quarantine hotels. In this instance it was the Red Cow Inn, just off the Naas Road near the M50 Red Cow Inn interchange.

The conditions are appalling and and many people are suicidal in them and they are a major untold scandal. It turns out that they discovered that neither the hotel staff nor the government had the authority to keep them there even though most people forced to stay in them are NOT made aware of this fact.

They therefore decided to leave and filmed the ordeal. They were clearly badly shaken by the whole episode

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In the video it is quite clear that the hotel staff or is it security try to make feeble attempts to block them but the man now that he knows his rights is able exert them.

During the course of the video we discover there are many others there and many are under severe mental strain. They are not allowed leave their rooms except for about 10 minutes each day.

What they don't realize is that "Chains are in our Minds" and because they don't know their rights and that these are not laws but just regulations they remain imprisoned. In the video the guy who seems to have advised the couple of their rights indicates there have been suicides because of these draconian measures and conditions. It would be reasonable to say that government officials who have brought in these bogus Covid regulations based on highly manipulated figures and statistics and knowingly running the PCR test at a high number of cycles that is known to cause massive false positives and thereby build the false belief that Covid is far more serious than it really is. These people should be held accountable and charged for the indirect manslaughter of these people and many others who have committed suicide.

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