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Jellyfish Journalism

category international | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Friday January 14, 2022 13:55author by Gary Jordanauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot comauthor address Dublin Report this post to the editors

Investigative Reporting Died With Gary Webb and Bill Cooper

Look at what we are left with!

Do you remember a time when brave journalists would expose injustices and courageously call out tyrants for crimes against humanity? When they would put their careers, their well being, even their very lives on the line to bring truth to the masses? Remember when journalistic work - proper journalistic work - was considered a risky and dangerous vocation that could, and sometimes did, leave a person in an early grave? And when journalists would take on multinational corporations and corrupt lawmakers? When they immersed themselves in the seedy underworld of cartels and gangs, ignoring the very real prospect that at any time of the day or night they could be gunned down for their enquiring minds? Remember when journalism was about bringing to light that which mattered, regardless of whose nose was put out of joint? When it was about so much more than a pay-cheque, signed by some fat cat in a suit?


I struggle to recall those times too. But as hard as it is to believe, and as difficult as it is to remember, many moons ago, there was an era when journalists actually practised journalism.

Take, for example, the case of Dr. Fritz Gerlich, a German who lived in Munich and plied his trade as a highly competent investigative reporter in the 1930s. Working for The Munich Post - a newspaper that was critical of both the rise of Fascism in Germany and Stalinist rule in the Soviet Union - Dr. Gerlich courageously went where no one else would go, questioning the ancestry of Adolf Hitler in an article entitled Does Hitler Have Mongolian Blood? Later on, after Der Fuhrer came into power, Gerlich began investigating the link between the new Chancellor and the death of his niece and teenage lover, Geli Raubal. As was to be expected, Hitlers henchmen in the Gestapo did not appreciate the prying eyes of reporters such as Gerlich. In March 1933, they confiscated the research notes he had collected on Raubal before any of his findings could be published. They then arrested the man and had him incarcerated in Dachau concentration camp, where he was later killed as part of the Night of the Long Knives murder spree.

We can truly consider this mans work authentic investigative journalism, as it is supposed to be; carried out dauntlessly, without any fear of what consequences lay ahead.

In more recent times, American journalist Gary Webb displayed these same admirable journalistic qualities in his tenacious attempts to expose the truth about crooked politics and deceitful political figures. Webbs life was cut short after he successfully disclosed the criminal activities that the CIA was involved in and uncovered the agencys links to the crack cocaine epidemic that swept across the US in the 1980s and 1990s. Refusing to be intimidated, even by some of the worlds most powerful people, Webb pursued his investigations relentlessly and showed anyone who was interested what the true nature of government really was. His world was turned upside down as he was publicly smeared and his personal life was ruined. Eventually, when all of this failed to stop him in his tracks, he was taken out with two bullets to the back of the head. His death was ruled a suicide, without any further investigations been carried out.

Bill Cooper was another man who would bear the brunt of the same murderous establishment villains that Webb was up against. Author of the book, Behold a Pale Horse, Cooper spent his life investigating the criminal cabal that to this day runs the world. Delving into their agendas, he would soon discover that the network was planning a major attack on US soil which would be blamed on Islamic terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden. On June 28th 2001, less than three months before the September 11th attacks in New York City he stated:

Im telling you, be prepared for a major attack! But it wont be Osama bin Laden. It will be those behind the New World Order Whatever is going to happen, that they are going to blame on Osama bin Laden - dont you even believe it!

In November 2001, plainclothes agents of the state pulled up at Coopers home in an unmarked vehicle and a gun battle ensued. Bullets were fired at the man who had correctly predicted the 9/11 false flag attacks and Cooper would soon become another dead journalist who had tiptoed far too close to the truth for comfort. In the end, he was killed for his extensive work by the hired assassins of those he was exposing.

You could add to this list of fearless journalists the names Gill Dando, Veronica Guerin, Fernando Balderas Sanchez, Yolanda Figueroa and Victoria Marinova, among others. Unfortunately, their like is a dying breed.

Today, anybody can be a journalist. Even a jellyfish. There is no backbone required.

Contrast what we read in our news feeds today, brought to us by teleprompter readers and script followers, with the work carried out by some of the aforementioned professionals. There is a world of difference. Instead of challenging Fascism, as Gerlich did in the 1930s, todays journalists not only embrace it - they demand it. Instead of calling out corruption as Marinova did, todays journalists are part of it. The art, once a pivotal component of functioning liberal democracies the world over, has been tainted, spoiled and defaced. What we are left with today is a pit of spineless serpents who make up what we refer to as the media. They are incapable of even tying the shoelaces of people like Gary Webb or Bill Cooper and we are forced to look on in disgust as a once highly respected industry falls deeper into the hands of pampered, private school-educated Mommys Boys and overpaid, wrapped-in-cotton-wool princesses.

A simple look over some of the main news stories of the past week or so is enough to give one an insight into how tarnished investigative journalism has become. We can gain some perspective into how the minds of those who are supposedly bringing us important new stories work by looking at a recent article penned by a German reporter by the name of Daniel Brssler, in which he asks in his headline Wheres the vaccine mandate they promised us? Writing of a recent meeting in which German ministers proposed to adjust some of the COVID-19 restrictions in the nation, he complained that the existing authoritarianism being imposed on the German people was not enough and demanded to know why bodily autonomy was not abandoned in favour of compulsory vaccination. Far from getting under the skin of the Nazi tyrants, like Dr. Gerlich did in the past, this whinging weasel is calling for a Fourth Reich and a return to pre-Nuremberg medical tyranny - all just to keep himself feeling safe, no doubt. Practising backbone-free journalism at its finest, jellyfish Brssler ensures that there is no chance of him ending up in a government detention camp for being a dissenting journalist - or any type of journalist at all, for that matter.

Then theres Australian reporter, Max Stainkamph, who lives in the dystopian nightmare that is Victoria state. Reading his Tweets in regards to the Novak Djokovic affair, you would think that he was commentating on a massacre or some other form of atrocity that was just too horrific for the mind to comprehend. His overreaction to the fact that a healthy adult male was possibly being allowed to enter the country without a vaccination certificate was too much for this little man to endure. We cant imagine this journalist making a career for himself in Mexico City or Bogota, covering the stomach-churning torture and the all-too-frequent, grisly murders carried out by some of the drug cartel members. Judging by his reaction to the prospect of someone catching a flu that has a 99.97% survival rate, we can safely assume that this crybaby would not last half a day in the real world of investigative reporting, where barbarity and cruelty demand intrepid, unafraid men and women who can stare death in the eye without blinking. Quivering with dread, this chickenhearted journalist, crying out from behind the safety of his cellphone, described the entrance of an unvaccinated sports star into Australia:

(this) shit is absolutely fucked.

Responding to the unfolding events as if he had just witnessed the St Valentines Day Massacre, he also called for Australian fans to boo the non-compliant Djokovic between sets. Anyone who passes through a countrys borders without the Big Pharma seal of approval is worthy of such condemnation it would seem. In the eyes of todays journalists, a person standing up to tyranny was to be shamed and jeered relentlessly. The thought of a mild case of the latest Greek alphabet-labelled chest cold being imported into Australia horrified Stainkamph just as much as the idea that someone could deviate from the protocols of the cult he belongs to.

We can safely assume then that there is no chance in hell of this journalist following in the footsteps of a Gary Webb or a Bill Cooper. Whereas those men went out in pursuit of truth, Stainkamh has no understanding of truth whatsoever and instead is, like so many others, living in a state of COVID-induced psychosis. There will be no gun battle with state-funded assassins or dubious suicide for this journalist. Why would the powers-that-be waste a bullet on an unquestioning, unthinking journalist who sells the establishment narrative and pushes the official rhetoric better than they do themselves? Those bullets are reserved for real journalists only.

When we read Stainkamphs attempts at analysis, observing how he is terrified at the mere thought of a person sneezing without warning as they arrive at an airport, we are more inclined to picture someone who wet the bed and slept with the bathroom light on until he reached the age of 23, than we are to envision a defiant, gallant investigative reporter. Entitled, nebbish, faint-hearted and afraid, he is the very embodiment of a journalist in the 2020s. While we desperately long for the emergence of an audacious journalist like Gary Webb or Balderas Sanchez, regretfully, this is all we find.

Take, as another example, the recent journalism practised by one Paul Mason (theres a clue to where his loyalties lie in the surname and it isnt with his readers). Writing for the New European in an August 2021 article entitled Fascism in Europe is on the rise heres how to fight it this renowned establishment arselicker and pseudo-Liberal decries the attempts of a group of concerned adults in Poland to stop the inhumane treatment of orphaned children who were being bullied and pushed, without proper consent, into being inoculated with experimental COVID-19 vaccines. Failing to spot - or pretending not to - the parallels between forced medical procedures in Europe in the 1930 and 1940s under Fascist dictators and todays aggressive chemical assault on children, he inverts the truth (Mason by name, Mason by nature) and accuses those who are attempting to prevent the injection of the orphans with dangerous toxins as being Fascists, instead of those who are carrying out the diabolical, Fascist acts. In further articles, particularly one in the New Statesman entitled Its time to regulate Twitter and other social media platforms as publishers, he calls for the censorship and punishment of those who reject government-approved facts, in favour of their own constructive, well thought out opinions. In later articles, it gets even worse, as he proposes the cancellation of the UK-based Talk Radio channel by YouTube, simply because some of their presenters have, in the past, called for an end to soul-destroying pandemic lockdowns. Ironically, this journalist, who has spent years masquerading as a liberal and accusing everyone else of being a far-right extremist, is not happy unless there is mass censorship and cancellation of media outlets - just what every Fascist regime in history has wished for. He is yet another in a long, long list of jellyfish journalists, a yes-man for the elites and an invertebrate who lacks the ability and the desire to bring truth to the public. Sadly, there are many others out there like him who represent the steady extinction of investigative reporting.

Another is Michael Hiltzik of the Los Angeles Times. He recently suggested in an article that the public should celebrate the death of anyone who opposes the COVID-19 vaccines, by dancing on their graves. Thankfully though, this backbone-devoid excuse for a columnist and, evidently, severely disturbed, degenerate death cult inductee decided to use his real name on this occasion - quite a rarity for him. Hiltzik, in the typical fashion of a spineless mainstream media journalist was suspended from the Los Angeles Times in 2006 for attacking a radio talk show host and an attorney online, hurling derogatory, abusive language at them, while hiding behind an anonymous user account. This is sadly the level of degraded behaviour that these cowards revel in. It is par for the course for their kind. Hiltzik brings the art of writing to new lows. Comparing journalists like him to spineless invertebrates is an insult to spineless invertebrates. He stands among a few others who bring uniqueness to the industry. Their work can only be described as garden pond scum journalism. Along with his colleagues and sponsors, he is successfully converting what was once a creditable craft into a form of artificial content creation that mimics the spewing of excrement. It is unworthy of anyones attention. By celebrating the death of others, dancing on their grave, Hiltzik automatically exposes his reputation, bringing it down to the lowest common denominator imaginable. His attempts at propagating on behalf of pharmaceutical billionaires, while cheering on the deaths of some of his own newspapers readers, merely brings the value of the rag he writes for down to that of toilet paper. For as long as this man works for the Los Angeles Times, its only use is that of a bathroom item that can be quickly fetched in the event of a Vindaloo-induced bout of diarrhoea - the resulting bodily waste symbolic of what this journalist possesses between his ears.

But shit-for-brains journalists are a dime a dozen in this day and age. They are, in fact, ubiquitous. It is frightening to think that whereas at one point in history we had people like Dr. Gerlich thrown into camps for doing their jobs, today we have journalists who suggest that those very same camps be built and used again. The jellyfish at The Daily Record in Scotland, for example, have recently floated the idea of detaining COVID-19 patients in internment camps. As reported by RT.com:

The Daily Record tabloid questioned its Facebook followers about the policy on Tuesday, noting that Australians are being detained in Covid internment camps for 14 days if they test positive or are suspected positive. The outlet then asked: Should we follow their lead?

And then there are the unnamed writers of the Toronto Star who recently put forth the question in an article Is it time for governments to make COVID vaccines the law? Unsurprisingly, no byline was added so no journalist could be identified for writing this utter drivel. Just as well. It can take a long, long time to regain some semblance of a positive reputation after you've been caught penning such garbage. The anonymous authors go on to eject a barrage of lies and deception, when they try to convince us that COVID-19 vaccines are completely safe and effective. Most notably though, they glorify military conscription in this piece of propaganda, comparing being vaccinated with being sent off to war. As little mention is made of the fact that one is sent to fight with and kill people who have done them no harm and who they do not know, all to the financial benefit of weapons dealers and bankers, as is made of the 60,000+ officially recorded deaths that have occurred as a result of the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. What else can we expect from faceless, nameless invertebrates posing as journalists.

Gary Webb. Bill Cooper. Fritz Gerlich.

You must be turning in your graves.

Gary Jordan
The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies


Contributor - The Irish Sentinel

Blog - waketfupweekly.substack.com


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