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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
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Lockdown Skeptics

The Daily Sceptic

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Examining HSE and Govt Central Statistics Office Covid-19 Death Statistics

The government and RTE present the HSE Covid stats is a very biased way. It is a form of lying with statistics. Here on this page we attempt to put the numbers in context and high light things so that you can see if all the fear mongering is really warranted.

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Update: Summary of Covid deaths. for 2020

The government likes to add the Covid deaths from each seasons since we are now in two seasons. For the first season in 2020, the official Covid death count is over 2,000. But the actual death statistics did not support this and suggest the excess deaths is somewhere around 300. Strangely the government has decided to NOT provide any data any more to EuroStat
See Episode 19 of the Healthy Debate from Irish Inquiry that discusses thishttps://www.pscp.tv/TheIrishInquiry/1ypKdgNpQgRxW?t=3m44s

UPDATE: No Statistical Difference in Total Deaths in Ireland in 2020 to previous 5 Years

The yellow bit which is the Covid deaths just shows they have mis-classified about 95% of all Covid deaths since they are people who were already dying of cancer, heart failure and so on. People have been terrorized by the government for the past 12 months when in fact it is no worse than a bad flu year.

See also Covid Stats from CSO Sept 2020 on death rates

HSE Covid-19 Death Related Statistics for Ireland as of 7th Sept 2020

As you can see the average age of death is 82. This is almost identical to the average lifespan (i.e. average age) for people in Ireland.

The constant reporting on number of cases is just fear-mongering. It doesn't matter. We don't publish the number of flu cases every year nor for any other diseases. And in most of the "cases" that they report the people who test positive are just fine. So why the fear? Is it just for political expediency and to scare people into taking a vaccine. Is it because the global financial system is about to be reset ? Who profits? Are you thinking logically since you became fearful. Who gains from fear? It is not you!

For those who died, the vast majority would have had underlying life threatening conditions already and that in particular would have applied to the younger people because generally people who die before the average lifespan age, die because of underlying ill-health.

You need to ask yourself do these figure justify all the fear mongering, creating a mental health crisis amongst the young, forcing children and teenagers to wear masks in school, banning more than 6 people meeting together in their own homes and stopping you from having a pint with your healthy friends.

Here is the same data which shows the average age profile for people who die of all other causes in Ireland and this profile (graph below) has been pretty constant for years.

Here are some other basic stats about death in Ireland. These figures now allow you to put something like "10 people died today" into perspective to any given day because if you do not know on average 85 people die every day, then 10 could sound like a national calmity.

Death statistics for Ireland from ALL causes.
These vary little from year to year. Figures from Central Statistics Office
Average number of deaths per Day 85
Average number of deaths per Month 2,550
Average number of deaths per Year 31,116

Age profile of all deaths in Ireland for males and females. Data from CSO

What you see here in this graph, is that unfortunately some people but not too many, die before the reach the national average lifespan. They die from all sorts of things like cancer, heart attacks, stroke etc. And it so happens every year when the flu season comes around a few people who have not reached old age yet, are unfortunate to succumb to it and die.

It is therefore not surprising that Covid while clearly affecting mostly people over 65 and who already have underlying illness, does in fact kill a small number of people younger than 65. But does it mean all the healthy people should be severely restricted?

This is NOT the Black Death where it is estimated a third of all people died. In fact Covid has not killed any more than a typical flu year and we do not lock them and restrict everybody and every business for that.

Number of Flu Deaths in Ireland
Figures from CSO
Year Influenza Related Deaths
2015 1,199 (Influenza and pneumonia)
2016 1,127 (Influenza and pneumonia)
2017 1,147 (Influenza and pneumonia)

CSO = Central Statistics Office

In the case of flu most of the deaths are categorized as "Influenza Related Deaths" and this is because pneumonia is very often triggered by it and this is why they count it this way.

In the case of Covid-19, not only do the follow this rule too but they have additional very flexible rules like this. If you die of cancer and you test positive for Covid-19 then that counts as a Covid death. Likewise if you are die of heart failure and you test positive for Covid-19, then that counts as a Covid death. The rules for filling out death-certificate were rapidly updated in all countries around the world and in all cases they conditions to mark a death under the covid category was very liberal. Many doctors questioned this approach since it is unusual, unethical and not done before.

As you would expect they are very liberal in how they count covid deaths and this is why so many doctors who have spoken out but have been silenced are saying the number of Covid deaths is exaggerated.

To help resolve this, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) looked at the number of excess deaths in Ireland for so far this year and estimated that there the number of Covid deaths has been over counted by at least 500. This means the number of Covid-19 deaths is NOT 1,700 or so but closer to 1,200. So far the HSE and the government have made no effort to adjust their figures.

The logic is as follows. If you have a new disease and people are dying at a steady rate as per any normal, day, week, month, year, then you expect the new disease to add to the existing deaths. And therefore you should see a rise above the normal average figures. And this is what HIQA did.

Full report here:Covid deaths in Ireland over-estimated. Likely figure lower by 500+

It's Official. The CSO Are Massaging the Covid Death Figures

In a recent press release from the government Central Statistics Office found here here , on the Implications of COVID-19 on the processing of Death Certificates , the CSO outline for all deaths except Covid the rules are:
The Cause of Death is completed by the medical practitioner who attended the deceased and has the following information:
  • Part 1(a): Disease or condition directly leading to death, (this does not mean the mode of dying e.g. heart failure etc., it means the disease that caused death) due to (or as consequence of)
  • Part 1(b): Antecedent Causes (morbid conditions, if any, giving rise to the above cause stating the underlying condition last) due to (or as consequence of)
  • Part 1(c): Further Antecedent Causes
  • Part 2: Other Significant Conditions (contributing to the death but not related to the disease or condition causing it)
This acknowledges that the cause of death can be for a complex set of reasons and underlying conditions.However for COVID deaths the rules are far less flexible and are exclusive to any underlying condition. This is what they say:
Coding of Deaths Resulting from COVID-19

On January 30 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) determined that the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and the WHO has issued emergency codes for the ICD-10 classification to account for these COVID-19 related deaths. The WHO is continuing work on finalising these recommendations and any updates will be adhered to by the CSO. However, a death due to COVID-19 may not be attributed to another disease (e.g. cancer) and should be counted independently of pre-existing conditions that are suspected of triggering a severe case of COVID-19.

The international rules and guidelines for selecting the underlying cause of death for statistical tabulation apply when COVID-19 is reported on a death certificate but, given the intense public health requirements for data, COVID-19 is not considered as due to, or as an obvious consequence of, anything else in analogy to the coding rules applied for influenza.

So there is one rule for all other conditions but when it comes to Covid, whether you are already dying of cancer or heart failure it looks it is counted as Covid. Period. The question arises. How exactly do you determine it is Covid. Is it through a test? What if the patient had Covid but for some reason their bio-chemical makeup meant they dealth with it and produced antibodies, tested positive but meanwhile their heart was still failing or cancer still growing. According to the CSO, it is still a Covid death

Update: rip.ie death figures show real number of Covid deaths 157 approx instead of the 4,670 claimed by NPHET

Remember the way they exaggerate the deaths is by saying people who are dying of other diseases and conditions have died of Covid. This is sometimes help by use of the extremely unreliable and error prone PCR test.
In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueYiYv53Ei8 Ivor Cummins shows using government figures that there was no actual excess deaths in Ireland . Here is a screenshot showing that which tallies with the above figures in the image above.

Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained!

This video is an excellent presentation of statistics and charts of deaths and death rates between many different countries both for Covid-19 and for previous flu seasons and does an excellent job of explaining the double bump often seen in the US figures. It is an excellent scientific analysis and one you will not see on RTE or the mainstream media here in Ireland

If the video should disappear off Youtube you will be able to download it from this link: https://we.tl/t-2HHpYJaz9F - and the author of the video gives you full permission to upload it wherever you want.

Available on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uQVZlkZGp3Qn/
Click on the image to bring up the video player display

The Covid 2nd Wave is Non-Existant. It is a CaseDemic

The current "2nd Covid Wave" is simply a casedemic and not a pandemic because deaths are not rising in a matching fashion. They have only increased slightly inline with any normal natural increase that happens at the start of winter.

The massive roll out of testing where there are now (as of mid Oct 2020) over 10,000 PCR covid tests being carried out each day all the positive results are finding are either false positives or indications of people who have had Covid possibly weeks or months ago. The PCR test will pick up other corona-viruses such as the common-cold and parts of viruses particles, shattered by the bodies immune defenses.

An analysis of the Irish government's Health Preventive Surveillance Centre, HPSC which muddles the data by providing it in the form of cumulative totals since March 2020, shows that the daily death rate and daily ICU admission rate are actually very low.

Read the full analysis here: Making Sense of the Current "2nd Wave" Covid numbers using Gov Stats. No Need to Panic or Lockdown

Figures for Deaths and ICU Admissions from Oct 1st to Oct 23rd using Governments HPSC Figures

The Health Protection Surveillance Center (HPSC) is the government body that is publishing the Covid figures every day. They should possibly be called the Health Propaganda Statistics Center because they go out of their way to make it difficult to derive the daily figures for deaths because they actually published the running total or cumulative since March for deaths and ICU admissions. It means to the uninitiated that the numbers even now in October look higher than they are. It is a way to lie with statistics.

For in their daily report it talks an awful lot about the meaningless cases and various stats around them, over emphazing them. You have to go almost to the bottom of each report to find the death figures. It is a well known fact that most people only ever read the summaries and the death figure there is only a total since March. It is a way of hiding data in plain sight.

Surely the most important statistic is how many are dying?

The two tables below were compiled by entering the figures for all their daily reports in October 2020 up to the 23rd and put into Excel. The first image below shows the cumulative deaths and cumulative ICU admissions each day, and you should be able to then see the columns for calculated deaths each day and ICU admissions each day. The first thing that should strike anyone is that they are only running at 3 to 4 a day. Note at weekends the Monday report includes 3 days figures, so you need to take that into account. It will also be seen ICU admissions are very low.

We are given the impression that we will run out of ICU beds. Yet only 55 ICU admissions due to Covid were made for the whole of October. Most only stay in ICU for about a week or less. This means at any one time the number of Covid ICU beds occupied is quite a bit lower. One would think listening to the news we have no beds. As of Sept there were 280 ICU beds and this is down from 354 in April.

So why are we holding the country to ransom, destroying tens of thousands of businesses, making tends of thousands unemployed, racking up more debt and locking up all the healthy people again because for some reason we can't find a few extra beds. There is no logic to this and certainly no justification for it either. Are we to do this every winter from Oct to April from now? It makes no sense whatsoever.

The second image people is derived from the figures in the first image and is the calculated deaths per day for each of the age brackets indicated. It will be fairly clear that the average age of death is well up in the old age group.

The media lie with statistics because each day they give the total number of meaningless cases, followed by the median age of those cases which is 40 years of age and they follow that up with the number of deaths for the previous day but fail to tell you the median age of death which is 82. By leaving it out in the headlines and summary, most people will automatically and unconsciously assume the average age of death has fallen to 40. And that is exactly their intention. And that is why so many people will go around saying how terrible it is that it is "now affecting younger people". This is a complete fabrication. But they think they heard it on the news, but didn't really. It is very clever manipulation / propaganda.

The problem is that most people hate to think they have been fooled by propaganda as stupid people are only fooled by it and they are too intelligent for that to happen to them. A small number of people are able to admit it to it and the result is usually quite bitter because it is in fact a terrible thing to happen because it means that your trust has been betrayed by devious people pretending to be looking out for you, when in fact it is quite clear you are being cynically being used in a bigger plot to manipulate public opinion and the future of society itself. Devious means will only ever been used for devious ends.

Treatments & Cures

The official narrative is only pushing Vaccines. They do not want you to know there are cheap, safe and effective cures.See: Health Freedom Ireland: Letter to Irish GPs on Hydroxychloroquine
Summary of cures:

Important Update

Ivermectin can be used to treat the toxic effects of the spike protein which the gene therapy vaccine instructs your body to make. Please listen to this scientific and rational discussion about Ivermectin between Bret Weinstein and Dr Pierre Kory
COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinsteinhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bret-weinstein-darkhorse-podcast/id1471581521?i=1000523859023

See related links on Medical Corruption

See the research paper on Epidemic influenza and vitamin D by JJ Cannell et al
And https://vitamindwiki.com/

https://c19ivermectin.com/ -Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies
https://c19study.com/ -Database of all HCQ COVID-19 studies
https://c19vitamind.com/ -Database of all vitamin D COVID-19 studies
https://c19zinc.com/ -Database of all Zinc COVID-19 studies

Statement on Covid by UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser, Chris Whitty on April 30th, 2020

He made this statement during the Gresham College Lecture

“Over the whole of the epidemic, even if we have no vaccine, a high proportion of people will not get this. Of those who do get it, a significant proportion have no symptoms at all. Of those who do get symptoms, the great majority will have moderate or mild disease and they will make a full recovery. Even in the most high risk group, the majority of the people who get this infection do not die.”

Additional Links

Italy Higher Institute of Health: Covid Deaths With No Co-Morbidity Corrected From 132,161 to 3,783
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