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Why Bono and HIV/AIDS Inc will be stopped

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{[ED NOTE: April the 23rd 2005 is/was the first 'Aids Critics Day' } Overview of HIV/AIDS science problems, other causes and solutions.
Comments on HIV/AIDS fashion activism.

“A great advertisement for American Technology would be your great anti-retroviral drugs. We will not only transform lives and communities of the people who get these drugs, we will transform the way these people see us.“
And when meeting Bush…
Bono called the global AIDS epidemic “the defining crisis of our age”, and said President Bush branded it “genocide”. It was not clear who President Bush believed was perpetrating the genocide.
White House spokesman Mr Scott McClellan said the president “was using it figuratively as a way to describe an immense tragedy”. Bono said he interpreted Bush’s word to mean that “through our inaction, we are complicit”.
The rock star, in a little shot at President Bush, said Aids was “a bigger threat than rogue states. It’s a bigger threat than Saddam Hussein”.
“Through our inaction, we are complicit” perhaps that was why I was called a nazi recently for raising the issue of the ‘Orphans on Trial’ in New York orphanages. So much for the ‘great anti-retroviral drugs.’ What a terrible con.
Liam Scheff did the Orphans on Trial story back in July 2004.
Glaxo have Black and Hispanic kids removed from their mothers to Catholic orphanages as part of their drug experimentation. Since the kids refuse to eat the drugs they insert tubes into their stomachs to do the job.
I am a very disappointed U2 fan, not because the new album seems dull, ‘Perfect Drug’ bring me a bucket and ‘Vertigo’ Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but with the AIDS issue Bono has allowed himself to become a marketing tool of cut throat drug companies. He is helping their sales of toxic and expensive drugs that only have a very short efficacy time as they shut down all growth and DNA processes in the body before poisoning the victim’s organs and cells.
To throw these drugs at malnourished people in the third world who haven’t got the nutrients to deal with the toxicity is a form of colonial do-gooder genocide. Dropping the debt and providing food is great.
White man’s voodoo ‘You have AIDS’ with the mantra ‘We are the only ones with the cure’ is patronizing fascism.
I am not into an AIDS conspiracy, this is just a giant cock-up of incompetence, with misdiagnosis and mistreatment.
The only conspiracy is they can’t lose face, royalties or their jobs now and with the Human Genome Project raising massive holes in the HIV theory it is only a matter of time before it falls over in a heap of pooh.
Certainly check here if you want conspiracy, Mycopasma Incognitus or Mycoplasma Visna could be an issue?
Dr Horowitz

When the Epidemic Intelligence Service rounded up gays with pneumonia to call it GRIDS and then Haitians with
Tuberculosis to call it AIDS I’m sure they believed they found an epidemic because they are trained to be paranoid
about viruses and bacteria. The gays were most likely to have been partying on a bit too much Coke and Amyl
followed by Cortisone use to prevent inflammation.
I interviewed Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati a toxicologist from and he found AIDS
symptoms without HIV in an aviation worker exposed to the usual culprits Xylene, Toluene and Benzene but also
found the Cortisone administered to the man was shutting down his immune system.
The symptoms went away on removal of Cortisone. Cortisone came into regular use in the late ‘70’s.
I believe him because I’ve used skin Cortisone for 3 years and the blood flow stops to areas it gets put on, it is great
for switching off an over reactive immune system but I would very scared to take it in a pill form yet it is commonly
used on Arthritis patients.
I’m sure Robert Gallo believed he had found the cause of AIDS when he put the French gays blood through the
centrifuge and using 2 plus 2 logic believed anti-retrovirals were the cure, but really what a mess.
That is why I say HIV/AIDS Inc. will be stopped because the survivors of the drugs are already angry and looking for lawyers to get justice. Not all the kids in the New York orphanages will die and like Holocaust survivors some will get out as adults and live to tell their tales. A revolution is rolling over HIV/AIDS inc.
I find it horrifying to see people like The Corrs lend their faces to an issue they don’t understand simply because it is fashionable to do so. We have the surreal spectacle of Queen reforming for a South African AIDS benefit that really is nothing more than a glorified ad for already discredited AIDS drugs.
Check John Lauritsen’s AIDS War from 1994, a book I picked up at university that screams for the drug victims.
Freddie Mercury took AZT and died, so did Rudolph Nureyev. They used Rock Hudson as a poster boy for AIDS but he died from inoperable liver cancer because he was a heavy drinker and smoker and was almost 60.
They used Nkosi Johnson in 2001 to pressure President Mbeki to buy AIDS drugs but the poor kid was on anti-retrovirals for a year and when he lapsed into a coma at 6 months they kept pumping him full of drugs.
This to me looks like hysterical dogma gone wrong and Bono is helping some big companies cash in.
Bush’s multi-billion dollar AIDS donation is a junket that will go straight to the drug companies, they will give hefty amounts back to the Republican and Democrat campaign funds, Clinton is doing his bit too.
Meanwhile TB kills 90% of ‘HIV/AIDS’ patients because of malnutrition, pollution, lack of sewage and basic medical facilities.
I’m from Australia and I’m writing this because I can walk away from it, there is nothing to gain, no friends or praise only abuse, no money to get as I’m not in the medical profession. But being a layperson means I can’t lose my job over it or cop peer pressure like some poor frustrated doctors do out there.
I simply can’t stand such rubbish spouted as news each day.
This is my music that I give away free because the music industry is a grovel fest. Letting you know who I am.
Alien Virus
Escape from Toytown
I did go to primary school in Derry in 72 and 74, a little Aussie kid a bit bewildered by the troubles living near the Bogside. I had family up in the Creggan who had TB and oblivious to the danger of TB I’d visit them to read their collection of Commando comics. Their house was mouldy and smoky and they were pale and gaunt.
People seem to forget how serious TB was before better housing and it has become worse with drug resistance in the Third World and Globalization measures reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, thanks IMF.
Pollution gets forgotten by HIV pushers but 3 years ago from chronic Phenol and Benzene exposure I ended up with rapid weight loss, insomnia of 2 to 3 hours sleep and full body pustular psoriasis.
I’ve got a heap to say about Benzene especially in Africa so keep reading.

I’m in contact with 3 HIV positives who have been tagged for over a decade and tried the AIDS drugs but now live healthy lives without them. Recently an email friend told me that he had met a HIV positive in Sydney who has been diagnosed for 20 years without symptoms and no medication.
These people are not obeying the HIV/AIDS formula and the HIV theorists are bone pointing at them and wishing these people dead. There are thousands of people like them staying alive and well.
Of course some people with HIV are sick but because the HIV antibody test cross reacts with HERV-K endogenous retroviruses which occurs in Cancer, all Auto-Immune disease, Chronic Fatigue and Gulf War Syndrome we are still at square one with HIV theory causing AIDS.
Here are the negatives of HIV/AIDS theology.
This tells the story of AZT the AIDS industry wants secret.
The AZT Label 21stJan.2005

The latest suspicion in an African news release.
Is the African AIDS pandemic a bluff?
One of Australia’s greatest secrets is The Perth Group a bunch of doctors who originated from the Emergency Department at The Royal Perth Hospital, they got skeptical of the whole HIV woffle in the late ‘80’s when they were told to get extra cautious and since then they have literally torn HIV/AIDS to pieces very methodically.
Their most alarming finding was the cross reaction of HERV antibodies with the HIV test.
The HIV rate in South African prisons is around 2% while the maternity centres are giving rates up to 65%.
The HIV test makers warn not to use the test in pregnancy because endogenous retroviruses or HERV’S in the placenta will cross react with the HIV antibody test. This letter is from the British Medical Journal.
President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS

Here are other AIDS researchers talking about HIV and HERV’s.
“Standard tests are unable to differentiate between HERV-like antibodies and HIVantibodies.”
Urnovitz has noticed that people with chronic diseases, in particular the Gulf war syndrome, often had false positive HIV tests due to antibodies that reacted with human endogenous retroviruses, normally inactive sequences residing in the human genome. About 1% of human gene sequences are derived from these retroviruses.
Human Genome Bears a Virus Related to HIV-1
Most people don’t know that HERV’s are active in pregnancy. AIDS drugs are mutagenic because they stop RNA and DNA synthesis, with a test that tags pregnant women followed by anti-retrovirals things can only get worse.
On the HERV-W retrovirus and pregnancy.

On what happens to mothers with HIV, this is real horror and why I persist.
and to all who are being recommended to test for HIV
AIDS: ‘No Gold Standard’ For HIV Testing
Exclusive: The Truth about Nevirapine
Stepping over bodies on the way to market by Liam Scheff.

Mail to New York Press about orphans on Trial

What killed Mandela’s son? He was on anti-retrovirals for a year and died from gall-bladder complications.
Officials warned of concerns about AIDS drug 13 Dec.2004
Warnings about sudden death and liver failure from Nevirapine were suppressed by the FDA in 2002 and Bush went ahead and donated 15 billion dollars to ship Nevirapine into Africa.
AIDS Orphans story on BBC
AIDS Orphans story on Fox,2933,140829,00.html
South Africans rap U.S. health officials for actions on drug
An Eyewitness Account of Gross Irregularities and Medical Incompetence in the Early Clinical Trials of AZT
Damage to newborns from AZT+Nevirapine
Neville Hodgkinson article on AIDS tests in Business Magazine. Neville is a mainstream journalist who has written about this for more than a decade. He wrote a book called ‘The Virus that Never Was’.
Kim Marie Bannon lawsuit against HIV test. Kim is going ahead with a lot of support.
Interview with AZT inventor by Anthony Brink. The AZT inventor wants to disown his drug.
My interview with Anthony Brink who took Glaxo to court in 2001.
Interview with Anthony Brink Sept 2004 mp3 sound
Dissident List
This is a list of almost 1100 people who have questioned some or all
of the connection between HIV and AIDS, including a large number of doctors and scientists. For each person their credentials are listed.
BMJ online debate.

““A 59-year-old nurse... sustained a needle-stick injury.... A potent PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis] regimen comprising ZDV[AZT]/3TC (Combivir) 300/150 mg twice a day (bid) and LPV/r (Kaletra [Lopinavir]) 400/100 mg bid was instituted 2 h after exposure. The following day, she experienced weakness and nausea, followed by acute deterioration.... On admission, the patient was somnolent but rousable.... she developed acute renal [kidney] failure with anuria and hypoxaemic respiratory failure several hours after admission… The patient experienced a delayed recovery.... Renal function also recovered.... After 6 weeks of hospitalization, and a further 5 weeks in a neurological rehabilitation centre, she was finally discharged.... Six months after the incident, she was still unable to resume her work. …Although the exact cause and mechanism of this incident remain unclear, the timely coincidence with PEP initiation suggests a primarily drug-induced cardiovascular failure leading to severe hypotension, shock and subsequent effects on pulmonary, renal and neurological function.”—Feldt T et al. Haemodynamic crisis and reversible multiorgan failure caused by HIV post-exposure prophylaxis after needle-stick injury in a health care worker. HIV Med. 2004 Mar;5(2):125-7.”
AIDS Apologists will claim this sort of incident is an ‘Allergic reaction’.
Warnings about Nevirapine.


Benzene is a known carcinogen and is also known to cause leukaemia. The childhood leukaemia rates in south Durban are 24 times higher then the South African average. Why ignore these serious problems?
Cars in Africa also don’t fit catalytic converters making the Benzene exposure higher.
The AIDS/TB epidemic in Africa wasn’t helped with Lead being replaced with high levels of Benzene in the petrol.
Benzene not only kills T-cells faster than the theoretical HI Virus but will help TB get a hold by dissolving the lung lining. Benzene messes with the endocrine system to cause wasting and damage to adrenals, thyroid and thymus.
It over stimulates T-cells so you more or less burn out. The liver and blood get poisoned causing all sorts of symptoms, I know because it happened to me very slowly until my immune system freaked out.
Benzene, lubricants and AIDS
Erin Brockovich filed an environmental claim against Beverly Hills High School
Dr David Warren is an Australian aviations fuel expert and Black Box Recorder inventor, now retired.
Look at what he had to say about the introduction of Benzene to replace Lead in the ‘80’s. Crikey.
Lies of Unleaded Petrol Part 1

AIDS drugs are not the only solution and I have others that don’t get a mention here.
This study from New Scientist shows great promise against TB and could be part of the health planning for AIDS+TB clinics in Africa to prevent transmission.
Chizevsky a Russian scientist from the 1930’s and 40’s used ionisers to cure TB.
Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections
TB treatment should have Lemons for vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil for Vitamin A to boost immunity.

HD Foster is already trying Selenium on AIDS patients with apparent success. Selenium can be obtained from foods as simple as Brazil Nuts, Garlic and Broccoli. He theorizes that HIV and other viruses take vital selenium from the body denying the cells of vital nutrients to stay alive. Africa has low Selenium levels in the soil and low protein diets will create this problem. Cancer rates are higher in areas with low Selenium.

Mention should be made of Lysine, doctors don’t talk about it yet it works on many of the classic AIDS diseases that actually make AIDS patients sick. Mung Beans are the highest source and anyone can grow them. Cooking destroys Lysine so there is an epidemic of Collagen deficiency out there.
Lysine works on the Pox diseases and that includes Chickenpox, Epstein Barr or Glandular Fever, Cytomegalovirus,
HHV6(search The Virus Within’ by Nicholas Regush) and HHV8 which is found with Kaposi’s Sarcoma.
Kaposi’s Sarcoma in HIV-Positive Men Caused By Recently Identified Herpes Virus
Herpes alone can damage your nervous system if your Lysine\Arginine ratio gets out of wack.
Africans often have a diet high in Maize and Corn, these foods have high levels of Arginine and feed the viruses.
Beer is one of the worst triggers being high in Arginine.
The amino acid lysine often controls herpes. Supplementation with free-form lysine has shown to be beneficial in controlling herpes along with a diet high in lysine and low in arginine. It has been found that foods high in I-Arginine may cause herpes outbreaks. Increased levels of lysine over arginine suppress viral replication and inhibit cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus. L-Lysine appears to be an effective agent for reduction of the occurrence, severity and healing time for recurrent HSV infection. Several doctors have reported that if lysine use reduces herpes outbreaks, an immunological imbalance is present. Treatments aimed at immune system improvement have been effective in eliminating or reducing recurrence.

Foods high in lysine and low in arginine include most fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewer’s yeast and mung bean sprouts. Gelatin, chocolate, carob, coconut, oats, whole-wheat and white flour, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat germ have more arginine than lysine and should thus be avoided. To quote one study, “The amount of lysine required to control herpes varied from case to case but a typical dose to maintain remission was 500mg daily and active herpes required 1 to 6gm between meals to induce healing.”

Drs. Kagan, Griffith and Norins at the UCLA School of Medicine found of 45 patients receiving L-Lysine for herpes, only two failed to respond (a 96% success rate). The patients were receiving about 1500mg L-Lysine daily
TB also creates levels 3 times higher of Metalloproteinase enzymes that dissolve Collagen.
Lysine is the building block of Collagen and could help stop the spread if given to TB patients.
This is only a small sample of solutions to curing AIDS diseases.

I do hope someone somewhere whispers in Bono’s ear?
HIV=AIDS and anti-retrovirals are the cure all is so simplistic, it is a much bigger mess than that.

Other sites.
The Traditional Healer’s Organization in South Africa marched on the Treatment Action Campaign offices last year because this so called activist group is really a giant multi-million dollar advertisement for the pharmaceuticide companies and their AIDS drugs.

Last word to the HIV pushers.

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