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Offaly - Event Notice
Wednesday September 26 2007

Say No to GM crops at National Ploughing Championships

category offaly | environment | event notice author Saturday September 22, 2007 19:22author by June Kelly - Westmeath Environmental Groupauthor email weg1 at eircom dot netauthor phone 0861963134 Report this post to the editors

Westmeath Environmentalists Reach Out To Farmers at the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore on 26th Septmeber 2007

Westmeath Enviros Reach Out to Farmers
at Ploughing Championships in Tullamore on Wed, 26th September 2007

Members of the Westmeath Environmental Group will be at the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore to highlight the dangers of genetically modified crops on Wednesday, 26th September 2007.

GM crops are those that have genetic material from something else ?another plant or even an animal ?inserted into their structure.

The long-term effects of GM crops are unpredictable,?explained Richard Murphy of Westmeath Environmental Group. If miniature life-forms such as insects or worms are affected, the consequences for all animal and bird life don't bear thinking about.?

Earlier this year, some strains of GM maize that had been approved by the European Food Safety Authority in 2005 were found to be toxic. GM crops threaten traditional farming methods by making farmers reliant on a few suppliers for seeds, as GM crops do not produce seeds as natural crops do. Farmers, organic and traditional, have no way to protect their crops from wind-borne contamination from nearby GM crops meaning that only one GM field can cause mutations to crops throughout an area.

Watch for Westmeath Environmental Group members around the Ploughing Championships sporting colourful T-shirts and distributing literature to spread the word about the dangers posed by GM crops.

If you wish to assist WEG members in distribution of literature at the National Ploughing Championships on 26th Septembers, please phone/text June Kelly on 0861963134 or
Angelika Brady on 087-251-7291. All welcome.

For more detail on the dangers of GM crops including recent studies, please see:




Following is a copy of the leaflet WEG will be distributing on 26th September:

G. M. O. F R E E - I R E L A N D

Our Food Our Farms


What are G.M. Crops?
Crops which have D.N.A. from viruses, bacteria, plants or animals inserted into their
Make-up. Already we have had tomatoes with fish genes, potatoes with spider genes,
pigs with human genes.

Why Should We Avoid Them?
Such crops could be genetically unstable. G.M. crops will invariably contaminate (by wind-blown pollen, seeds) traditional crops. E.U. and Irish law gives no protection to Irish farmers contaminated and then facing patent infrigement lawsuits.

Could There be Side-effects?
The long-term impacts of G.M. crops are unpredictable. The effects on bio-diversity are potentially devastating. If miniature life-forms (insects, worms etc) are affected the consequences for all animal and bird life do not bear thinking about.

Could G.M. Companies Control Our Food?
Companies such as Monsanto, BASF, and Syngenta modify and patent G.M. seeds and crops as part of their strategy to control the world抯 seed supply. Whoever controls the seed controls the food supply.

Why Worry Now?
The worlds largest G.M. producing countries, (U.S.A., Canada, Argentina) are pushing the World Trade Organisation to force the E.U. to accept G.M. crops.
The U.S.A. is also putting financial pressure on the new E.U. countries in Eastern Europe to this end.

Surely We Have The Right To Say No?
The make-up of the E.U. could allow the crucial decision to be made by officials in Committee, ignoring democratic voices and wishes. We must resist this.

What Can I Do?
. Inform yourself and your family and friends.
. (Visit www.gmfreeireland.org. Watch D.V.D. The Future of Food?
. Ask specifically for G.M. free food everywhere.
. Support farmers who resist G.M. animal feeds.
. Declare your land a G.M. free zone.
. Ask your County Council to do the same.
. Lobby T.D.s and M.E.P.s on this topic.

For Irish food, farming, and the future. Issued by Westmeath Environmental Group
Email: weg1@eircom.net Tel/Fax: 044 9374798 www.weg.ie


Let's keep our SEEDS
our FOOD

Free From


Keep Ireland


For more information contact:
Michael O'Callaghan
Tel: 0404 43885
Fax: 0404 43887
Mobile: 087 7994761
Email: mail@gmfreeireland.org
Web : www.gmfreeireland.org


Westmeath Environmental Group
Address : Hightown, Coralstown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
Tel: 044 9374798
Fax: 044 9374798
Email: weg1@eircom.net
Web: www.weg.ie

For Irish Food, Farming and the Future
Westmeath Environmental Group
September 2007

Related Link: http://www.weg.ie
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