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British pro-Nazi party calls for Islamophobic election campaign

category international | elections / politics | other press author Thursday April 10, 2008 12:25author by tomeileauthor email tomeile at hotmail dot co dot uk Report this post to the editors

The British National Party is urging its members to drop anti-semitism in favour of Islamophobia in order to win votes ahead of May’s assembly elections in London . Its leader ,Nick Griffin ,has written in favour of “adopting an 'Islamophobic' position that appeals to large numbers of ordinary people”. Targeting Zionist voters and former supporters of the ,now largely defunct , UK Independence Party , the BNP expects to pick up the necessary votes to win at least one seat in the election . One of its councillor , Pat Richardson , is quoted in today’s Guardian saying :
"I'm in the BNP because no one else speaks out against the Islamification of our country."

Despite having roots in openly pro-Nazi groups , the BNP’s is now ardently pro- Zionist and regularly demonises Islam and the Muslim world on its website . After the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons provocation, the party republished one of the cartoons on a leaflet, accompanied by a photo of Muslim demonstrators holding placards bearing murderous anti British slogans .

author by British and Proud - Anybody but the BNPpublication date Thu Apr 10, 2008 17:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It is a fact that a significant minority of British Muslim refuse to assimilate into British society and despise post-religious British society.
They not only want to retain their traditional dress and customs of arranged marriage, honor, the veil, the burka and their strict practice of Islam they are quite vocal about having Sharia law recognised side by side with British Common Law. This minority are not jihadists, they are simply ordinary people from places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia or elsewhere who want to live as is their right in a less unstable freer democratic society typical of their home countries.
The people do not have a voice because many of the first generation and even of later generations do not use English as their first language and do not vote for non-Muslim indigenous white British politicians.
A very vocal minority of the alienated Muslim population are recieving disproportionate attention in the media giving the impression that a violent overthrow of British secular rule is on the cards.
This violent minority within the Muslim community do indeed want a Taliban government in Britain and they want the broader Muslim community radicalised by creating the perception among the larger white British population that they are a threat to their way of life.
That way Muslims who otherise would not support violence but identify themselves as Muslims rather than Britons will be sympathetic when their alienation with British society is reinforced by a backlash against Muslims suspected of terrorism.
Liberal and conservative mainstream parties have totally ignored the atmosphere of alienation among British Muslims who do want to integrated but who fell British society does not allow them because of the deep gulf in cultural and religious differences.
About the only thing that the most traditional Muslims probably have in common with whites Britons is a love of football. There is some hope there!
However it is naive to ignore that obvious differences between Muslim and British culture.
A devout Muslim girl who wears the veil or the burka, who does not eat meat from pigs or drinks alcohol or behaves immodestly is unlikely to mix with a young white British girl who wears a belly top and a thong with tight jeans, likes her quarter pounder with bacon, Barcadi and like no strings sex on a Saturday night.
This problem has always existed and there have been ugly incidents such as riots and racially motivated murders down the years.
But since 9/11 and particularly the 7/7 attacks white British people are fearful of Muslims.
Since the begining of Second Palestinian Intifada, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, an increasing number of young Asian Britons who had assimilated i.e. drank alcohol, had casual sex, went to clubs etc. have adopted the traditional Muslim lifestyle - wearing beards, dishdash, cleanliving and pious religious attendance at the Mosque.
During the 30 years of the Troubles the Irish were a target for discrimination - but white Irish people do not stand out on a British street the same way as an Asian Muslim. Irish people drink alcohol, eat the same types of food, have the same morals and love the same sports. Irish personalities are represented in British politics and culture.
This is simply not true for Muslims.
Liberals and Conservatives have tried to ignore this problem and a PC media has swept it under the carpet.
The BNP and the extreme Muslims have the same objectives - to create fear and suspicions across the cultural and religious divide and to suppress rational argument.
The reaction to the politically inasute comments of the mild mannered Archbishop Williams by some white British racists who threatened him with violence and extremist Muslim who gloated that the kaffirs were soon going to submit to Islam demonstrate my point.
Unless responsible public figures on the left and the right come together and attempt to create a dialogue over racial, religious and cultural differences then this problem is going to fester and could explode into communal violence and civil war.
This problem is manifesting itself in other European countries too.
Someone somewhere needs to step up to the plate and get things moving.

author by fed uppublication date Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Look at the recent riots in bangladesh by "ordinary muslims" when the government tried to bestow normal equal rights of property inheritance to women. Immediately they resort to violence. Seen on the recent al jazeera footage (which BTW is a muslim friendly channel) they are shouting and lobbing rocks at police (injuring some) outside their mosques. They were claiming equality for women is "against the koran" (watch the footage for yourself!!)

Such a peaceful tolerant religion. These were not radical Islamists. Just a bunch of ordinary muslims.
Islam is a backward religion whose devotees are prone to hissy fits and violence at the drop of a hat when anything deviates from their precious medievil holy book.

Islam itself is the problem. In fact all religions are the problem. None of them seem to like women much do they? And they all get up to the same tricks at some point in their memetic evolution from toxic to mildly tolerant. Islam just happens to be in its toxic phase. I'm sure it'll be more tolerant in a few hundred years but personally I don't feel we should pander to its frequent bad behaviour until then.

Have some courage people and, whilst fully respecting other races and their basic human rights, please stop sucking up to the religion of Islam. It's a load of brutal medievil crap that wants us back in the dark ages.

author by leo bloomerspublication date Tue May 13, 2008 21:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It was years ago a British National Party supporter told me that they weren't 'against the Jews'. I was cynical, since many 'Jews' are invisible in Britain without their skull-caps anyway, but it seems many of them regard Jewish people as assimilated and pro-British.
Whatever you think of immigrants into Britain, it's mainly working-class districts which have to house and school the incomers, and the Governments' desertion or destruction of social housing has exacerbated national/faith/racial resentment. In my lifetime (50 years), 'working-class' people seem to have become less educated and more television-programmed, and the BNP obviously has greater appeal to the hard of thinking. It serves no purpose to perceive them as pure evil; we need to understand the issues affecting their supporters before we can begin to argue with them.

author by tomeilepublication date Wed May 14, 2008 13:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A recent study by the Democratic Audit, Human Rights Centre at theUniversity of Essex suggested that support for the BNP tends to come from members of the lower-middle class - the group which is most likely to be affected by social change .The survey indicates that the BNP doesn't attract its support from the poorest sections of the population .In line with that, BNP leader Nick Griffin has repeatedly urged his party to drop the bootboy image so as to appeal to middle class voters . He has also told members to avoid using racist language in discussing their policies .Nobody wants to sound like Alf Garnett anymore - not in public anyway. So the BNP uses Islamophobia now instead ,dressed up as defending British democratic traditions from alien freedom-hating mullahs .

The strongest anti-BNP sentiment is found in working class areas where immigrants tend to live and interact with the so-called indigenous population. That's where you get the biggest support for the Labour Party in British elections . When the Blairites adapted Thatcherite policies on social housing ,hospitals transport etc , and emphaised individual over social responsiblity , it was no wonder that some people started identifying with race and religion and the things that seperate rather than unite people .

It would be interesting to see figures for Ireland , but I suspect you'd find things were similar here . The cruellest ,but also the most insidious Islamophobia and mullah- bashing in Ireland often comes from lumpen middle-class types who feel their niches and 'life-styles' threatened by newcomers . Immigrants usually live and work in the poorer areas , that gives people at least the chance of getting along well together . But you don't get such a mix in middle-class areas , middle-class schools or in managerial jobs etc.

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