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Salt in our wounds : The Greatest Insult !

category national | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Monday May 09, 2011 00:44author by Truth seeker Report this post to the editors

Thoughts on the Queens visit.

Salt in our wounds : The Greatest Insult !

We are soon to be blessed with a visit from eLIZARDbeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha so-called "Queen of England".
My first thought about this blatant affront is a simple question. What is Royalty and why does it still exist in this supposed enlightened era ? I have several more. Why at this time have the political classes of this vassal state in their infinite wisdom chosen to invite Regina and her cousin/husband Philip? Perhaps to give her a chance to gloat at her former colony brought to it's knee's once again. With our country on it's knee's once again haemorrhaging it's most important asset, its youth. It is being dictated to by foreign powers this and future generations , if there's to be any, are buried under a mountain of private bankster debt and after suffering it's ultimate and possibly final betrayal at the hand's it's last government and it's carbon copy which has replaced it is this insult meant to test the apathy and stupidity of the Irish people to it's limit ? Is this part of some bizarre ritual of the inbred elite or "royals" seeing as it is one hundred years since her grand-father George V paraded though our street's with trademark decadence and arrogance. There are rumours that the a monarch must set foot on the land at least once every century as a claim of ownership. Then as now only a small minority recognized the disgusting reality we are presented with.

Not only will we be spitting on the graves of millions of Irish men and women and hundreds of millions world wide who died as a result of the lust for wealth and power of this woman's inbred, psychopathic lineage can we afford the security and luxury our gutless, sleeveen politicians would lavish her and her entourage with at our expense of course ? By the way wealth and power are still firmly in the "figure head's" hand's. At any moment she can disolve the parliments of the of the vassle state's such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand in Canada this happrned recetly. Infact Prince Philip was able to have television programmes in Austrailia censored because the exposed and made fun of him for his ties to the Nazi's. Not to mention Philip has been quoted as saying he would like to "return as a virus to eradicate the worlds over population" after death {Inbreeding breed's insanity}. She is the largest land owner in the world owning one sixth of the earth's landmass. On Top of her being the patron of the banksters and the and the personification of the "Crown" which refers to the centre of international banking in the "City of London" she is a major share holder in BP who recently destroyed the Gulf of Mexico and is in the process of covering up their involvement in the injury and death's of possibly millions of people and she also has huge interest's in Uranium which is currently spewing radiation into the atmosphere and contaminating the entire northern hemisphere from the stricken Daiichi Nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan as well as being dropped on the people of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza, at times by Crown forces, bringing death and the most horrific injuries and birth defects imaginable. Her private bank is Coutts & CO is her private bank which hides her truly incomprehensible wealth. The plunder of thousand years. It seems the most detrimental abominations perpetrated again humanity can always find a "royal" sponsor. James Connolly put it best when writing in condemnation of Elizabeth's grandfather George V's trip one hundred years ago when he said "Murder, treachery, adultery, incest, theft, perjury – every crime known to man has been committed by some one or other of the race of monarchs from whom King George is proud to trace his descent. "His blood has crept through scoundrels since the flood"".

We now know that England's monarch will arrive on the 17th of May which will be the 37th anniversary of the mass murder carried out by her majesty's secret service either directly or by proxy via their useful idiots, the loyalist's in which 34 people were butchered by 4 no warning bombing's in Dublin and Monaghan. This was covered up by the authorities and political classes of Ireland and Britain. Irish blood or any "common" blood for that matter seems to be completely worthless to these deeply sick people as history shows. Let us also remember the fact that the Queen awarded the cowardly murderer's who perpetrated the bloody sunday massacre of civil right's protestor's in Derry in 1972. She is apparently also to visit the site of another bloody sunday, Croke Park, where Crown forces also massacred innocent people attending a football match in 1920. Breath takingly shameful is all I can say about the welcoming of the commander of Britain's armed forces to that hallowed ground not to mention our Garden of Remembrance. As James Connolly explained in 1911 we will not hold "royals" accountable for the crimes of their bloodline if the refuse the power and privilege that their bloodline, for some unknowable reason, makes their inheritance. However as long as they claim the ungodly privileges of their lineage by virtue of bloodline they must also inherit the responsibility for the crimes of their lineage. All that are in possession of was acquired through thievery, treachery and genocide. Her forces at still busy at work furthering the agenda of her ilk, the global elite around the world. The Queen is one of the leading members, if the not the leading member, of an inter-breeding group of families that have weaved their sordid way through history leaving a trail of blood that would make the oceans turn red in their wake. Their goal is nothing short of total global tyranny with ultimate power in their filthy hands. One of their main groups dedicated to further this agenda is the Bilderberg Group elites {who were instrumental in forcing the "bailout" on the Irish people} which meet annually of which "Prince" Bernhard of Holland the "Queen's" husband/cousin Philip were founding member of in 1954.

During its visit will Lizzy apologise on behalf of her lineage for the innumerable, unspeakable the crimes against humanity perpetrated in Ireland ? An admittance of wrong doing or guilt ? A mere acknowledgment ? I very much doubt it. I think of the the masses of humanity that starved in this bountiful land of ours and those who fled in their droves on the coffin ships to face yet more hardships while England grew fat and it's Royal family even fatter and wealthier on the proceeds of the theft of Ireland's resources. Ireland never had a famine, we did have a potato blight. The crown forces were daily exporting ship loads of food and other resources to England and elsewhere even at the height of the an Gorta Mór, the great hunger. Those who dared to partake of the Crown's food would find themselves on prison ships destined for a life time of slavery in Australia. Even at the time of the famine the fat famine queen Victoria saw it fit to grace us with a visit, then as now it was paid for out of the pocket of the Irish people. At the time the crown's forces were attempting to starve the Irish people out of existence they were also launching a brutal was against China. This was because they banned the sale of opium to the Chinese people. The Crown then as now being the biggest drug pushing cartel in the world did not take kindly to this. For example Afghanistan supplied 20% of the worlds heroin from it's poppy's before the invasion and occupation. Now it is 95%, this cannot be a mistake. So every year as apart of their sick rituals they encourage the wearing of the poppy to supposedly commemorate those human sacrifices in the wars for profit they and their cabal, then as now, created.

We are now told that our officials are faced with ridiculous and farcical demands from this old woman regarding such trivial things as toilet's at the various venues that must be "fit for a queen". This alone will cost thousands. Things seem to have taken a turn for the surreal in this country. Have we become so detached from our identity and principals, has the memory of our tragic history been so thoroughly revised and glossed over , have we been so medicated into a docile pathetic state of apathy that we cannot recognize this slap in the face for what it is? We are by name at least a Republic, therefore are leaders are supposed to be men or principal's are they not? The answer is painfully obvious. Even the cynical invocation of the ideal's of Republicanism for public image is not even necessary anymore.

There are those who say that this visit was the initiative of Ireland's figure head, President Mary Mcaleese who fancies herself as a sort of queen. Another massive waste of the Irish people's money for and a better paid job than the president of the USA for almost no real work. Four times she has referred legislation to the high court for consideration neither of these were the arrogant and blatantly anti-democratic decision to force us to vote again on Lisbon or the illegal, treasonous acceptance of the "bailout" for the corrupt trillionire bankster's. This brings us to another point some people will say we should cosy up to the symbol of imperialism and unearned privilege for sake of our economy. Firstly this is pathetic but equally as importantly is the fact that the 7 billion euros we will receive from the UK will go to the bank's that are actually run out of the "City of London", ie The Crown because they are part of the inner-alpha group of bank's . A tool of global domination for the "British" "royal" family and the rest of the inbred elite cabal that are responsible for the sorry state we and the rest of the world find ourselves in today. In truth the “queen” and her degenerate ilk still unwaveringly hold the belief of superiority and “divine right to rule”. In her warped mind all Ireland should be and in reality still is a “British” colony. This a supremacist, triumphantalist visit! The British Empire still very much exists in the world of banking and finance and is an integral part of the developing New World Order. In reality however it is easy to point fingers at these deeply evil bloodline's suppressing humanity but as Ghandi said "It would be impossible for 100,000 English men to control three hundred million Indians unless they went along with it". We need remember that we are many they are few. The profound evils of the Roman Church are now slowly coming to light it's time we exposed the "Royals" for the disgusting, inhuman parasites they are. This obscene insult can be seized upon by those in the know "the small minority ready to set bush fires in people's minds" as Thomas Jefferson described them to wake the sleeping masses and break the hypnotic spell of servitude.

In the word's of James Connolly “The great only appear great because we are on our knee's, let us rise!"
Indeed we may not have much time left to do it!

author by Roald Amundsen - The Norway folkpublication date Mon May 09, 2011 02:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The first thing she should be slapped with when she lands here is a big bill for all the Irish oaks they plundered for the building of the royal navy (pirates) No wonder Ireland is one of the least wooded countries in Europe. 98 % of our trees and great forests were cut down and most of these went to feed the British imperialist war machine.

The British aristocracy have always been great at blowing their own trumpet, they have turned disastrous explorations and military defeats into victory with multiple lies and forgery. We all know about British explorer Robert Falcon Scott of the Antarctic, why do we only know his name, he did not reach the pole first, what’s his name got there before him, the other guy. Ask anyone about the first man to reach the South Pole and they will only mention Scott, no one knows the other guy, whats his name from Norway. What about explorer/fraudster Captain Cook who travelled around the globe claiming whole countries and islands as ’British Territory’ That ‘great explorer’ copied maps directly from Polynesian fishermen who had already charted the Pacific ocean centuries before and then had the audacity to start renaming indigenes islands and lands after British monarchs. The British declared on arrival in Australia that the country is ’’Terra Nullius’’ basically saying that no one exsisted, the millions of Aboriginal people did not count. James Connolly was spot on with his analysis of the British aristocracy. When you think of the millions upon millions who were wiped out or erased by that tiny bunch of land grabbing thieves. Its nauseating just thinking about it………………………………

author by Lumberjackpublication date Mon May 09, 2011 15:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Bertie Ahern is well positioned to get his cut as FG hands over the other 2% of our forests through Coillte privatisation. We are a nation of greedy traitors.

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