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Mcquaid, Mother And Child Scheme, Catholic Church, Child Abuse Epidemic.

category international | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Saturday December 10, 2011 16:40author by john throne - Facts For Working peopleauthor email loughfinn at aol dot com Report this post to the editors

McQuaid an abuser also.

Is is justifiable to be a member of the catholic church with its history of child abuse cover up, anti women ideology, pro capitalist policies? All those who supported McQuaid and opposed the mother and child scheme have to condemned. They slunk away before the catholic church with their tails between their legs. They "proved" that Paisley and his ilk were correct that the South was a catholic state. they have blood on their hands.

McQuaid, Catholic Church, Penn State. Child rape an epidemic. For those of us who grew up in holy catholic Ireland we are all familiar with the name McQuaid. He was the dominant leader of the catholic church until he retired in 1972 and died a year later. His male dominated anti women dictatorial organization gave him the title archbishop so he could better dominate the masses. Nothing like an important sounding title and a strange uniform to keep the "flock" the sheep, as the church sees its members in their place.

Mcquaid led the campaign against the proposed mother and child scheme put forward by Dr Noel Browne in the 1940's and 1950's. Browne was a socialist who found himself minister for health in a coalition government when he put forward this scheme. At the time the health service in Ireland to the extent there was one was controlled by the catholic church. Browne set about to improve and reform the system. Nothing "radical", not to introduce contraception or abortion, just improve the health care system. McQuaid and his organization launched their attack and brought down the government and ended the proposed mother and child scheme. Tens and tens of thousands of Irish mothers were the victims.

The politicians of the left and right parties with the honorable exception of Browne bent the knee, kissed the bishops ring and slunk away, making a "pilgrimage" to Rome on the way. Now it is all coming out. Not only has child abuse and the covering up of child abuse been of epidemic proportions in the catholic church in Ireland for decades but now it has come out in the Irish Times that this creature McQuaid himself was a serial child abuser.

On this blog we have always asserted that capitalism as a system is much worse than even we its most strong opponents sometimes imagine. Well we can also say that the corrupt male dominated anti women capitalist catholic church is much worse than can be imagined. This raises a question for me and hopefully for all people who consider themselves progressive never mind socialist. Is it justifiable for them to be members of an organization such as the catholic church?

When my mother died I insisted that I speak at her funeral and explain her life as I saw it. I would not let the preacher speak for me. My siblings had their preacher speak for them. I spoke of her life and read some poems from Joyce.

But to return to the question. Is it justifiable for a progressive person never mind a socialist to belong to the catholic church, to give money to the catholic church, to support the catholic church with their presence at its functions and activities, to use terms such as father and bishop and holy father etc, which gives authority to this organization, which helps spread the propaganda of this organization?

I remember refusing to call a full time worker for the catholic church in Ireland "father" and being shunned for it. I believe it is not justifiable to belong to the catholic church. To belong to this organization is to belong to an organization that stands against women, that is an abusive organization, that has and does use all its resources to prop up capitalism. It is in my opinion a matter of conscience, a matter of principle not to belong to such an organization. As progressive people, as socialists and revolutionaries we have to take a stand.

With this news now coming out about McQuaid we should pose the question back in Ireland. Where were the different organizations political and otherwise when McQuaid was bullying the government into dropping the mother and child scheme. These people and organizations, all the main political organizations and non political organizations went along and kissed this man's hand. Meanwhile it now turns out he was abusing young boys. Those people and organizations who went along with this have to be condemned in the strongest way. And those people who belong to such organizations have to consider their membership in such organizations and in my opinion come out openly and disassociate themselves from such organizations. There has to be accountability.

All the churches in Ireland played a role in helping the divide and rule strategy of British imperialism in that country. This was the base on which the war of the past decades was fought and the slaughter and oppression of previous centuries. All of them have blood on their hands. Now we find that it was not just politically that the religious organizations were corrupt and degenerate but also in the area of sexual relations and at the highest levels.

I can hear people say yes but there are many good people in the churches. I agree. But what role do they play by being in these churches. Most of the churches consciously prop up the capitalist system which keeps the majority of the world in starvation and the rest in a state of mental and psychological crisis. Anybody who cannot for whatever reason drag themselves away from the churches have at the very least the responsibility to organize in these anti capitalist, anti male domination oppositions.

The liberation theology was one such organization in the catholic church in the past but it was ruthlessly smashed by the catholic church leadership in alliance with US imperialism.

On a final note. One thing that brings people to churches is the drama. The music, the works of art, the gatherings where people can meet and be social. We on the left should organize such gatherings where we can sing our songs and look at our history and develop the socialist and progressive agenda. The socialist Sunday schools and gatherings, not the capitalist Sunday schools and gatherings. Humans are social beings and we need to meet and socialize and interact and we need to do so not only at the political level but also at the cultural level.

By the way, I do not have time or space to deal with this now but the male dominated organizations of US sport are presently being exposed in this area also. Penn state!!!

author by artpublication date Sun Dec 11, 2011 18:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I agree with all this but how does one do something about it.

author by artpublication date Tue Dec 13, 2011 00:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

 What is appalling is that the Church has gotten away with the debauchery heaped on its victims. They must never again be in a position to inflict such damage on a society, especially the children who fell into their clutches.

What is needed is responsible parents’, asking themselves serious questions, about whether they want the clerics of the Church, building a nest for themselves, and a spurious ideology, in another generation of developing young minds. Currently there is little choice in our brainwashed society. One parent interviewed on TV, specifically asked for his child not to be taught any religion in school, but the child was just left at rear of the class, whereby he would still be subtly influenced by what was going on.

There is a great deal more now known about lots of different sciences and subjects in our modern era, including the history humankind and the Church that should encourage some reflection by free thinking people. Assuming people have average intelligence they should ask themselves why they continue to believe in religious institutions.

Do intelligent people really believe God is a man with a beard, who sent his only son across the universe, to planet Earth, also known as planet of the Apes, for the Apes to kill him, in order to save the Apes? Then there is original sin whereby Eve was tempted by a snake that spoke to her. Snakes don’t speak as far as I know.

It is quite easy to understand how all this is propagated. When a child is born and learning from its development environment, it is known in psychology that if the child does not learn a language, the developing brain undergoes a biological change that is not reversible and the child will never be able to mentally develop and be like a feral child. However If a religion etc is introduced during the normal developing period, it takes on a life of its own and is difficult to dislodge even when contra doubts emerge with new information, a sort of “access denied” situation. The Jesuit Priest said “give me the boy and I give you the man”.

People in our society are not really free, and never will be when they abdicate their responsibilities to give their children the best chance in life. Children should be taught the subjects and skills as early as possible that will enable them to best survive on this planet and let the afterlife take care of itself. If the clerics are not removed from our institutions after all that has been exposed we will just have and deserve more of the same.

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