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Why Having Children Should Be Illegal:

category international | health / disability issues | opinion/analysis author Wednesday October 16, 2013 01:16author by Matt Mitchell Report this post to the editors

Despite all the cultural and religious indoctrination (and presumption) to the contrary, to be born Homo sapiens onto this planet, even in these modern times of materialist comfort, is still far too much a curse. Of course no one will tell you you’ve been condemned to a life of questionable worth and meaning, albeit with plenty need to toil for one’s un-mitigating desires. Rather its expected you’ll inculcate the accepted lies, such as how precious life is, in general, as it is always presumed to be—and never question its ordained status or sacred value. Conditioned are you then to think you “should” be grateful for having been born into this human mess (more properly referred to as the insanity of humanity).

Why Having Children Should Be Illegal:

By Matt Mitchell

Despite all the cultural and religious indoctrination (and presumption) to the contrary, to be born Homo sapiens onto this planet, even in these modern times of materialist comfort, is still far too much a curse.

Of course no one will tell you you’ve been condemned to a life of questionable worth and meaning, albeit with plenty need to toil for one’s un-mitigating desires. Rather its expected you’ll inculcate the accepted lies, such as how precious life is, in general, as it is always presumed to be—and never question its ordained status or sacred value. Conditioned are you then to think you “should” be grateful for having been born into this human mess (more properly referred to as the insanity of humanity).

Why do so many people think giving birth to a newborn child is inevitably a good a positive outcome? A truly aware individual would think twice, no thrice times, to the notion another soul would actually “want” to be born into this nightmare of human confusion and tension. Why, for example, would a baby want to be born into a world of global warming (or even the debate as to it’s reality), or many other serious indications of environmental strife even if global warming turns out to be a hoax, or facts of resource diminishment amongst competing coalitions leading to more wars, covert lies as officiatiated news propaganda (and all the crime stories the mainstream media loves to report and capitalize)?

Even some children are realizing the precarious circumstances to which they are wrought early on in their lives—born into this world of conflict and disaster—scare stories of terrorism, blowback and drone bombings, murder by way of war due to population increases concomitant to eternal advertising campaigns for materialist lifestyles, forms of social degradation as anomie and alienation, insatiable gas-guzzling greed that speeds along highways of the wreckage of reckless driver antics and traffic jams. Why bring children into a world of disregard for real justice, such as once thought constitutionally guaranteed Bill of Rights, plus corruption levels too much hard to believe, not to mention the profiteering merchants of death and their demands for more profits why living peoples are murdered under the rubric of war on terrorism with their insatiable stockpiles of weapons, etc.

To bring a child into this insanity seems a form of child abuse. It should be criminal to care so little about the conditions one chooses to supposedly raise children.

No sane soul, unless he or she is ambitiously foolhardy, would volunteer to be born (had one some magic right to choose life for self) under these circumstances that seem cruel and unusual.


Such a fate is thrust onto the self like shackles for enslavement. And that is exactly what life often is—slavery—because most people have to work for a living—assuming they are lucky enough to find a decent job (which is not guaranteed and often enough even if found is not especially decent—even in this land of presumed milk and honey).

Why then do people so readily accept the notion that life is such a great proposition, as if one should be jumping with joy at the very thought of a child being born? Or is it that only the spoilsport could be so contrary to suggest one mourn at one’s birthday and rejoice at one’s day of death? Where is the tax break for people who choose not to have children and thus do not bring more recourse demand into the world?

And yet despite our naïve acceptance to the value of life at face value we find it exceedingly hard to accept those who question our own presumptions. They, the majority, will say: “You can’t commit suicide because you will make us feel bad…because it’s all about us and our feelings and presumptions”. Who cares how much one actually suffers in terminal illness. Or they will say “…only God can decide matters of birth and death because God ‘owns’ your soul…”; but they won’t say this logic means you are a slave as a form of spiritual chattel—because “they” don’t think very deeply.

Nevertheless, even before those two nuclear bombs went off in Japan, when eighty (80) plus cities were destroyed by “massive” aerial bombing, not to mention everything else considered catastrophic and inhumane about WW1and WW2, it should have been enough to convince any sane person that humanity is not just insane but it is inevitably composed of evil. And after that point in human history the population of our species should have decreased dramatically—had our species any real awareness and thus curtailed child rearing. Whereas to think populations continued to grow after those wars is to contemplate the improbable.

Humans cannot even create Gods and religions that don’t reflect the human capacity for evil and war. (Yes it is humans who create religions and their various deities called Gods.) The very basis of Judeo-Christianity, from Scripture itself of the Old Testament, is but a notion to justify war, occupation, and authoritarian forms of Divine retribution (being some of the first forms of scripted propaganda before states began to separate Church and State). Yet to think how massively the human race has been brainwashed to believe in these terrorist forms of Abrahamic religion, that is that needed to use fear to motivate people into religious conformity is to acknowledge the folly of human nature once again. (See: When God Became the Terrorist: The Authoritarian Personality in the Three Abrahamic Religions by Michael Manchester @ ).

No just God would demand his subjects love and honor him (nor would he need to). No just God would threaten people with a hell of eternal torture. No just God would claim to create all circumstances that affect all persons including their DNA and then take no responsibility for human outcomes.

But the Hebrew religion of Judaism got at least one thing right—an understanding that man is inherently evil—but not necessarily deliberately and cognitively so—rather because human beings are rationalizing creatures that can and will rationalize anything. Still children (and adults too) deserve better than what crazy and lunatic American majorities have defended with their blind appeals to religious belief. Freethinking Americans need to stand up to those extremists who want to shove their religious, rightwing delusions down everyone’s throat.

The God of the Bible was a bully and he doesn’t even deserve the status of a fairy tale. And even if people were naïve enough to believe in Noah’s ark would they find it a heavenly experience to watch other species die in front of their eyes as being threatened by environmental contaminations of one form or another. What child wants to be born to contemplate the plastic patch in the Pacific Ocean or other hydrocarbon realities?

Rather than politicians arguing whether abortion should be legal or not, we as a society, should be arguing whether parenthood should be made illegal; meanwhile suicide should be a human right and be allowed to take place under humane conditions?

The heck with nut jobs like Rick Santorum and his accusation of evil Chinese who only allow families one child. The hell with Michelle Bachman and her we must save Israel first blind faith. Why should people who are brainwashed by religion continue to hold the moral high ground? They don’t deserve it. They are the ones who too often promote evil and mindlessness in their contrivances of hypocrisy.

What child wants to be born on a planet that has thousands of nuclear weapons, hundreds ready to explode in a moments notice, not to mention ungodly amounts of other arsenals of weaponry waiting to kill and main (given the long history of wars that have already ensued in history)? What child wants to be born in a world of much crime (and white collar banksters) and the various prison systems for the poor (now privatized for profit)? Who wants to be born into a world in which you are expected to support yourself but jobs get harder and harder to find?

Is not life a form of hell for anyone who takes it seriously and soberly? Some feminists, in their reverse sexist modes of self-righteousness, have never much realized that societies that encouraged the killing female babies actually did those dead babies a favor—in not having to deal with the curse of life. The dead and unborn never AGAIN suffer the thousand natural (and unnatural) shocks that flesh (or mind and soul) is heir to. Only a delusional society of a post-industrial revolution with economic optimism could possibly think progress and freedom inevitable.

Why are liberals and conservatives alike still stuck on some argument about whether abortion should be legal? Of course it should be. More importantly it should be considered humane. Whereas life can be thought a form of condemnation—being forced to live as a human in a civilized world of human insanity—because even though the human race creates more problems than it solves it still is deluded enough to think any puerile mind should be allowed the procreate as much as it chooses—without considering the larger implications—beyond the fact that birth creates economic demand and one can always be used as war fodder.

Where is there any sanity? No one would ask to be born into a world of suffering, war, corruption, poverty, disease, unemployment, disillusionment, prejudice, deceit, hatred, starvation, water starvation, pollution, government excess of power and potential oppression, spying, prisons, torture, human ignorance, escapist frivolity as distraction to true meaningfulness, etc.

Isn’t the first step to problem solving to identify the very nature of the problem—in this case naïve adults who can’t even think like children? If you really “care” about children and human rights then why would you bring children into this mess in the first place?

LET THE HUMAN RACE GO EXTINCT. The ecological system and planet doesn’t need Homo sapiens, whereas the human race is destroying the entire life supporting system. No God worthy of his salt would even admit to creating the human race—let alone thinking it the only species worthy of immortality.

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