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The Flu Vaccine campaign this year. Have you taken it?

category national | health / disability issues | feature author Saturday December 12, 2020 23:57author by TReport this post to the editors

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Back in September the government announced they were planning to vaccinate up to 750,000 people, mostly children with a new nasal vaccine spray. I suppose a spray seems less dangerous and frightening than a needle. There was a major push this year by the pharmaceutical companies through their lackeys in the government and press to urge people to take it and on back of the constant fear campaign since last March, it seems to have been highly effective. We are supposed to believe that this is all for the benefit of us all and the fact that anyone is making money out of it is just an outrageous thing to suggest. Nor should it be mentioned in polite company that the pharmaceutical companies are NOT liable for any vaccine injuries and you have to take any case you have, against the government. This nice little arrangement has been in place for years and is the envy of all manufacturers of all and anything.

We are often told the vaccine is not only safe but effective. But what does this really mean as they are always qualified statements when you go to the trouble of investigating even though if you should ask questions then you are vilified and labelled an "anti-vaxxer" for doing so. This term basically means you are incredibly evil and selfish and should be locked away for life. Oddly, it can also cause you to be labelled right-wing as well. Another message put out this Autumn was that by getting the Flu vaccine this year you will help with the Covid war by freeing up beds that might be taken up by flu patients and many have worried about getting flu and Covid together. This is part of the do your citizens duty narrative. Wear the green jersey and all of that.

As always the mainstream media rarely gives you any decent context to what they are saying and government officials portray themselves as saintly figures who are simply serving the people and constantly attentive to their needs. While corruption, greed, lying and scandals used to be the norm; not any more. Ever since the official arrival of Covid back in March -even though it is now agreed it was present months earlier, everyone has dropped their guard and hangs on every word of government officials and obediently follows their dictates even to the point of destroying their own livelihoods and giving up their freedoms. Still though, they are only just protecting us. And there is no government opposition either. It has vanished, only competitor parties urging even more restrictive and longer lockdowns and other measures.

This year has been the first year in Ireland that such a massive number of children have taken the flu vaccine. The first question is how many children die of flu every year and the answer as always depends who and how you are countering. If you go to Irish Government Central Statistics Office death figures and drill down you will find a few deaths per year for people under 25 under the classification of flu and pneumonia but the fact is that anyone dying of anything at that sort of young age nearly always has an underlying condition. So those types of deaths are the exception not the rule. We can take it that practically no child dies of flu because if they did, they would be screaming about it at the top of their voice. Funny enough in it’s day, TB killed many a young person. Now that was a real tragedy.

Here is a basic fact which makes sense really. Very old people tend to have declining immune systems that do not work as well they did and those systems often over react often in terms of inflammatory response. Very sick people with underlying conditions also tend to have weakened immune systems. Both of these groups of people have a much higher chance of dying of any disease they might get. Vaccinating these people is often ineffective and even dangerous because a) any immunity they might get is not very effective and b) they can react very badly to any "challenge" -i.e. vaccine to their body and set off serious inflammatory response resulting in all sorts of unnecessary complications and stress.

We come back around though, to the question, why the urgency to flu vaccinate all the children if they are not dying from flu? Apparently it is to protect their granny. Ii is well know that on sinking ships, you put woman and children in the lifeboats first which is another way of saying, we never sacrifice the young for the old. Yet here we are vaccinating the young in a giant experiment for the old and gagging them with masks in school for Covid too. It is as plain as day they will want to continue these mass flu shots next year and that's before we even start with Covid vaccines. If you scale this up to the whole of Europe, we are talking about billions of euro annually.

So it appears the safest people to vaccinate are the healthy ones, but now we must be absolutely sure that the damage we are preventing is not less than the damage we might create via injurious side effects. The vaccine companies say they are safe because they are "tested" to be safe. First off the testing is usually done by the maker. There is zero independent testing and they don't encourage it either. Second you would imagine when they say it is “tested” that they test vaccinated and unvacinated groups and then track them for a few years across a broad range of health factors to see how they got on. Well this does not happen at the level you would expect. There have been almost no trials of this type. In many of the tests, patients are at most only monitored for a few weeks to months. Never longer than 3 months. There have been numerous cases where the "additive" called the adjuvant, is given to the control group while the vaccinated ones get the adjuvant + the attenuated virus. The trouble is many of the problems have come from the adjuvant. The purpose of the adjuvant is to give your immune system the kick to make it react to the attenuated virus and to do that it is frequently something that irritates your immune system. The list of substances and chemicals that act as adjuvants could fill a whole book and it is suffice to say that pharmaceuticals have often been shy and investigators shocked at what has been found at times. In the good old days, they even added an organic compound containing mercury called thimerosal as a preservative. So part of the pharmas testing scam would be to say the vaccinated group had no more side effects than the control group. But the control group is not a real control group if it contains the adjuvant. In the data sheet for the flu vaccine one of the control groups got another vaccine for Hep B. Not exactly a control group is it? There was a case years ago when several kids died in the control which were getting the adjuvants and vaccinated group but since there were no extra ones, they deemed it safe. This is only to illustrate the types of things they get up to and to get you to think about the sort of questions you need to ask about any of their trials.

It comes down to this. You cannot trust anything they say. You have to query every single statement they make and dig into the background and tease out exactly how they came up with the figures. And the more people decide to do that, their reaction will be to be more deceptive. The good news is that since nobody is asking questions it is quite easy to find holes in all their material but it is being removed fast now because as a result of Covid, people are beginning to ask questions and the answers aren't pretty or re-assuring. And forget about searching anything with Google. For starters use something like search engine instead. Wikipedia has also been totally hijacked. You have to be focused and determined. All the official health sites like most official institutes have been cleansed of anything that says other than vaccines are safe. If you are in any position of influence, it is a career ending move to do otherwise. That's why officialdom in all forms uniformly carries the same message. And medical science is dominated by the influence of big pharma since they make sure to hand out research money widely. People tend to look around to what others say and go with the crowd. This works when the crowd is independent not when they are mostly bought off or comprised in some way. And really the only thing that matters is whether the science backs it up. Have they done it properly or was the scope of the investigation too narrow? Big pharma know they don't have the actual science to back up their claims thats why they hand out so much money to researchers, to buy them off and be in a position to block scientific publications that expose them and their crimes.

The Vaccine train has got so powerful now that Britain's ministry of defence had a press release recently to announce they were going to shutdown and remove material (using their Cyber defence capabilities) that criticize vaccines and question the narrative. Facebook, Google and Youtube announced they would remove all material critical of vaccines. So much for freedom of speech then. What other product does anyone sell that requires such powerful backing, along with financial incentives for doctors. And why such backing? Why are they so afraid of questions? If they really are safe then be scientific and open about it. When I say scientific, I don't mean paying off some professor to intone on us “to just take the vaccine”, I mean the presentation of long term peer reviewed studies by independent researchers and institutes that don't rely on their research funding from pharmaceutical companies. The only trouble is they are far and few at this stage.

We are told the flu vaccine is effective. Is it really? What does that mean? In many instances effectiveness of a vaccine is determined by whether it produces an antigen response to the injected or inhaled virus particle or fragment. It does not follow automatically that you are immune to it, yet that is what one would automatically assumes it means. They do at least acknowledge that their vaccines only work against certain strains of flu which they try to predict for each year. You would expect in countries where flu vaccination is widespread there are less flu death and hospitalizations. This is not the case. Sure they will say otherwise, but over the longterm there are not the reductions they claim. On the contrary there is evidence to suggest that repeated flu vaccinations result in you having a more severe reaction to the flu when we get a bad flu year. See Box 1.

Box 1:


The Flu Shot: Never Supported by Science

In 1972, Dr. John Anthony Morris reported his research findings on the influenza vaccine to his superiors at the FDA. A distinguished doctor and government researcher, Dr. Morris had been commissioned 13 years earlier to scientifically justify the FDA's plans to widely expand the flu vaccination program. To his expectant audience, however, his results were thoroughly disappointing. Dr. Morris reported that the flu shot provided no measurable net benefit, in part because the injected product failed to stimulate antibody production in the lungs, thus allowing for viral replication in this sensitive area. It was later realized that the lack of benefit also derives from the flu shot's ability to increase vulnerability to viruses not covered in the shot, including unmatched strains of flu and different respiratory viruses dangerous in their own right. Dr. Morris' finding of no net benefit of the influenza vaccine has been repeatedly verified with contemporary data, including a study by iSimonsen et al. (2005) that found that the large increase in flu vaccination of the elderly between 1980 and 2001 failed to decrease flu season mortality, and a study in Britain which found that the vast increase in flu shot uptake by those who had just turned 65 (vs. those who were just a bit younger) provided no decline in hospitalizations or deaths.

Corruption, Not Public Health

Given the powerful results of Dr. Morris' research, the flu vaccine's only perk could be to line the pockets of Big Pharma, and should have been regulated out of existence. Unfortunately, the cozy relationship between the FDA, CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry, well documented today, is not a new phenomena. Instead of reconsidering the vaccination program Dr. Morris' supervisors swiftly closed his laboratory and blocked publication of his results. Breathing a sigh of relief that good science would not be placed in the way of good profits, Big Pharma continued pushing for expansion of the flu shot market. Even if there wasn't a huge benefit in ordinary years, they argued, it was important to have manufacturing in place in order to churn out large quantities of vaccine quickly to save the world during the next serious pandemic (History of Vaccines, by Arthur Allen).

The Flu Shot Makes A Flu Pandemic - Worse?

Enter 2009, the first major flu pandemic to occur after mass influenza vaccination had become a reality. Big pharma did indeed heroically turn out millions of doses of pandemic influenza vaccine. Unfortunately, most of the doses did not become available to the general public until after the pandemic was nearly over. In addition there was the inconvenient finding that individuals who had obediently taken the seasonal flu vaccine the year before were more likely to develop pandemic influenza illness that was medically attended. Public health experts were shocked by these findings but kept their lips sealed as Big Pharma and their sponsored government agencies used the public spotlight on the flu in 2009 as a springboard to push for an even larger flu vaccination program. For the first time the flu vaccine was recommended for every American citizen, especially children, who by 2020 were the largest consumers of the shot despite lack of evidence of benefit and the mercury that was allowed to remain in the vaccine.

The Flu Shot Promotes Other Viruses

As alluded to above, 2009 was not an anomaly; the flu shot routinely increases the rate of infection with other pathogens, negating any benefits of the shot. While many of the studies of this phenomena worked with patients who had freely chosen whether or not to take the flu shot, (Dierig et al., 2014), one study met the gold standard of a blinded, randomized, placebo controlled trial (Cowling et al., 2012). While it has been generally hypothesized that the mechanism of the increase in non-flu illnesses is viral interference - the observation that illness with one virus may block others - it was found by Riken et al. (2018) that the increase in non-flu infections starts in the first 14 days after receipt of the flu vaccine, before any immunity to the flu has developed. This indicates that like the DTP vaccine and other innactivated pathogen vaccines, the vaccine engenders non-specific immune system changes which increase vulnerability to certain other infections. Most of the studies on the flu vaccine have focused on children, or found statistically significant results only in children, however one study to find an affect in adults found that while the flu shot appeared to offer cross protection against certain pathogens for this population, the vulnerability to several other pathogens, including coronavirus, was specifically increased. This study was with regards to "old" coronaviruses, not COVID-19. The potential of the flu shot to fuel COVID-19, however, was firmly established, and, as we demonstrated above, can now clearly be seen in the COVID data.

Could the flu shot be related to "long COVID"?
Dr. Peter Aaby discusses how vaccines can cause
higher susceptibiliy to non-targeted
illnesses (non-specific effects)
Do vaccines ever save lives ? Learn about
how many vaccines have simply caused
one illness to be replaced by another.

In the case of children, if and when they get their first real flu usually at a relatively young age, it builds their immune system and gives them protection across a range of viruses. Giving the flu vaccine to them can interfere with that processes and lead them to be actually more vulnerable because their immune system has worked itself through the full infection sequence. It's like this. When you are young you need to be constantly stimulated with all sorts of diseases in order for your immune system to grow and mature. Absolutely nobody would suggest you take a new born children and place them in a plastic bubble tent and isolate them from the environment indefinitely. And if you did, the longer they were in it, the greater the risk they would drop dead of the first disease that hit them when they stepped out. Humans are mammals and we all have more or less the same immune system and we have been evolving for 60 to 70 millions, strangely enough without the pharmaceutical companies there to save us. It would be fair to say that mother nature has been doing a brilliant job so far and our own well adapted complex immune systems are up to the task thank you very much. What does matter though is that we have healthy bodies which is a key part of a proper functioning immune system and this is part and parcel of being healthy. This is why things like clean water, decent housing, sewage systems, waste disposal, basic hygiene, good wholesome nutritious food (not junk food) are by far the most important factors contributing to that. In this high tech world where we are told we are on the path of infinite progress and all tech things are cool, we are misled to believe that vaccines are part of that progress narrative and somehow we have not only out-smarted nature but we have gone one better and in effect engineered our immune systems to be even stronger than before. The trouble is much as we want it to be true, it isn't.

Now to some of the more grubby aspects of this vaccine rollout. How many people realize (according to the Irish Medical Organisation, IMO) that for every flu vaccine a GP doctors gives to a child they get €15 and €10 if it is an adult. Not only that, for every 10 children they vaccinate they get a bonus of €150 and a bonus €100 for 10 adults. No wonder GPs are so keen to give the jab. Why you ask should it be higher for children given they are healthier? Is it all about getting creating habits and lifelong customers? And remember if there are any injuries caused by the vaccine, the liability is with the government, NOT the pharmaceutical companies and it is a very difficult processes to get compensation when injuries do occur, although some people manage to get through the process. And even though it might be free to get the nasal flu vaccine in the school yard, the government pays the vaccines companies for every single dose. We have to be reminded yet again, they are not in it for the money, just the virtue or so they would have you believe.

It is time to ponder the ugly side of all this. One can assume that by now most of those who planned on taking the flu vaccine have got it already. If your child has it, you have to ask yourself were you bamboozled by the media, peer pressure and fear and did you just accept everything at face value? What if this has side effects that will take months or years to unfold. How do you know they haven't sterilized your child? You don't. Bill Gates says the world population needs to fall to about 1 billion and many other reach and powerful people are saying the same. Do you know thousands of Kenyan teenage girls were sterilized during a Tetanus vaccine trial. How does that happen? This was no accident and was probably a covert trial run for something bigger. How do you know your child is not going to end up chronically sick? Did you know that in the US, the out of the total amount of money paid out for vaccine injuries, most goes to flu vaccine cases? Ask yourself the question, did you go along with taking the flu vaccine because everyone else did and you didn't want to ask questions or seem awkward or outside the group? Were you made to feel guilty to even think those thoughts? Humans have an incredibly strong innate tendency to co-operate with the group. It is part of our evolution and in general we punish harshly non co-operators. Has it occurred to you that many large international corporations worth hundreds of billions with deep connections to media conglomerates and who shape and control public opinion (social media?) and essentially control governments through public opinion and back-handers, might have co-opted that innate behaviour and trust for their own benefit. Ridiculous you might say.

The reason they are using kids to promote the wider notion and acceptance of vaccines, particurlary with the Covid ones lined is an effort to by pass logical reasoning and pull at emotional strings which work much better and are far more easily manipulated. A good example recently was on RTE's (Ireland's national TV broadcaster) Late Late Toy Show watched by an estimated 1.9 million and which featured sketches where children were exploited to promote the Pfizier Covid vaccine. It was perhaps one of the lowest points ever reached in crass commercialism by RTE. Perhaps there have been others.

Caption: Dr Thomas Cowan, MD: Normal Immune Function & Vaccination Interference

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