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When Murder Becomes The Norm, Psychopaths Thrive

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Monday September 06, 2021 13:21author by Gary Jordan - NAauthor email thecovid19illusion at protonmail dot com Report this post to the editors

Modern Day Mengelists In A COVID World

As the establishment wages a chemical war on the world's population, we must recognize who their foot soldiers are.

In 2009, in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine, British epidemiologist and member of the Cochrane Collaboration, Tom Jefferson, made the following statement in regards to the needless mass hysteria that emanated from Big Pharma as a result of the 2009 fake Swine Flu pandemic:

“Sometimes you get the feeling that there is a whole industry almost waiting for a pandemic to occur…..The WHO and public health officials, virologists and the pharmaceutical companies. They've built this machine around the impending pandemic. And there's a lot of money involved, and influence, and careers, and entire institutions! And all it took was one of these influenza viruses to mutate to start the machine grinding.”

Something that Jefferson could also have added; besides the group of parasitic executives of the pharmaceutical companies, there was another group waiting in the shadows for their moment to shine. Today, as lawlessness and corruption reign supreme in our New Abnormal, that group is in its element. Those within it are salivating - wasting no time in carrying out their deepest desires. They are thrilled to be finally given a chance to fulfill their most coveted fantasies. They have used the past 18 months to their advantage and are doing what they once thought they would never in their lifetime have the opportunity to do. Living in a world where murder is not only welcome, but expected, they are on cloud nine.

That group is comprised of murderous psychopaths.

They wear white coats.

‘The whole industry almost waiting for a pandemic to occur’ is joined by a whole army of ruthless crackpots who have been waiting for law and order to break down and for murder to become a part of everyday life. Like components of a sleeper cell, they have suffered the agonizing wait and now they want action. They have awoken and are, unfortunately, in every town and city across the world - maiming, killing, destroying lives. Their hidden cravings are being satisfied. Now they are addicted.

No longer must they pretend to live by the oaths they swore to abide by. No longer do they have to feign empathy or concern. No longer do they have to hide the ecstatic feeling of power that runs through them as they stand like Lord Almighty Himself, presiding over life and death.

When the window was slid open and the rulebook tossed out, a door was simultaneously left ajar for a legion of obsessed maniacs and homicidal fanatics.

They stormed right in.

According to Psychology Today, 1% of the population are psychopaths. 5% to 15% are borderline psychopathic. I would argue that in the medical field those percentages are much higher. Since the beginning of the hallucinatory COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed mass murder on an unimaginable scale. As much as we point the finger to the demons of the ruling class who mastermind this campaign of death, we should remain mindful of the troops on the ground who wilfully carry out the atrocities and those who turn a blind eye to the slaughter.

It is generally believed that there are seven main characteristics of a psychopath. Each one of these characteristics is highly noticeable among a large segment of the medical industry today.

We can start with Pathological Lying and Manipulation. Never in the history of our nations have deception and dishonesty been so ubiquitous. It is exhausting and relentless. The entire COVID-19 pandemic hoax and the subsequent lockdowns and economic destruction could never have happened without the lies and manipulation of psychopaths. No doubt the fraudulent and discredited corporate media has been front and centre of this deceit for the past 18 months. But not too far behind are the doctors and nurses of the institutions we once trusted - literally with our lives. Take for example the recent story of Welsh schoolgirl, Maisy Evans who was hospitalized only weeks after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when a blood clot was discovered in one of her lungs. The link between clots and the COVID jab has been well documented over the past year, even by the mainstream media. Suffering from great pain, exhaustion, vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure, Maisy had clearly fallen victim to this all-too-familiar adverse reaction. She was placed on antibiotics, steroids, morphine and blood thinners and was told she had a long way to go before full recovery. Anyone who has been studying the vaccine effects over the past year can recognise that Maisy was indeed yet another casualty of the poisonous, mRNA-laden junk that had been injected into her system. But what about the doctors who were tasked with caring for her throughout the illness? They diagnosed her with COVID-19. Rather than risk tarnishing their Big Pharma partners’ reputations and reluctant to negatively affect their sales, these manipulative liars used a PCR test on Maisy - one which, as acknowledged even by the CDC and the WHO, cannot and should not be used to diagnose COVID-19 - to shift attention away from what was very evidently a severe illness caused by the jab. This is happening in huge numbers today. All over the world, people are being sickened and killed by COVID-19 vaccines. Instead of acknowledging the injuries, medical professionals are covering them up and diagnosing their patients with COVID-19. The empathy-deleted reprobates then use this to their advantage, enriching themselves further as they foster the COVID-19 agenda for the benefit of the elitist criminal cabal that they serve.

Lack of Morality and Rule Breaking can be identified in the actions of psychopaths. Every action that is being committed in the name of the Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in medical history and betrays every protocol. For example, never before have healthy people had to suffer the humiliation of quarantine. Never before has an entire society been forced into lockdown. Never before have fathers been banned from maternity wards and denied the right to be with their wives and newborn children. Never before have sick patients been moved out of hospitals (where they were placed to begin with because they needed medical assistance) and transferred into nursing homes - left to die a cruel, lonely death. Never before has a nation dumped its pre-prepared pandemic response program, as the UK did in 2020, only for it to be replaced with a pseudoscientific, rights-eroding mass incarceration of the population. Never before have places of worship been shuttered and the practice of religion been outlawed in the interests of public health. Never before have so many been coerced, bribed and shamed into taking part in a medical experiment. Never before have the principles of the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Helsinki been so callously trampled on. Never before have doctors and nurses, in such great numbers, been aware of data that shows deaths and disability arising due to a pharmaceutical product, only for them to continue administering it into the bodies of patients in their care. Never before has the medical industry collectively throughout the world carried out so many acts of immorality and violated so many of its oaths and duties. Never before has an entire field of influential professionals stooped to such moral depravity and dishonour. Never before have so many rules been broken. Never before have so many ethics been abandoned to such an extent. Never before have the psychopathic tendencies of doctors and nurses surfaced so prominently for so many to see.

Psychopaths show a Lack of Empathy and Cold-Heartedness. What could be more cold-hearted than knowingly crippling and killing young teenagers and children with toxic poison? How deficient in empathy would you have to be to remain silent as the youth of our nations - with their whole lives still in front of them - are permanently damaged and disabled? How cruel would you have to be to remain part of a system that does this type of thing? Yet it is happening in great numbers all over the world. The vast majority of medical professionals excuse themselves from such horrors with a combination of legal immunity and plausible deniability. Others watch it all unfold in front of them on a daily basis and refuse to speak out, enabling and facilitating the chemical violence. Others, such as the medical staff at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee lie to themselves and the public. It was here that 16-year-old, Azorean Tatum passed away only a few days after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. The young man was led to his death by the pressures of a sick, vaccine-obsessed society that will resort to shaming and ridiculing a teenager should he even consider committing the crime of attending high school without first succumbing to Big Pharma’s concoctions. On August 9th, his legs went out from under him during his school day and he began to suffer shortness of breath. He was rushed immediately to Baptist Children’s Hospital, where doctors totally ignored the evidence that he was vaccine injured and instead performed a PCR test on him. Sure enough, he was diagnosed with COVID-19. No other tests were carried out, as is expected in a medical system that now ignores all illnesses in favour of the money-maker that is COVID-19. The 16-year-old was sent home - another number on the COVID-19 case report that can later be used to banish us all to the isolation of our homes at the demands of tyrants. While at home, Azorean Tatum grew sicker and he was once again rushed to hospital - this time to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, where he passed away on August 21st. The medical professionals and the media have since ignored all the signs that point to Azorean’s death been caused by the Pfizer vaccine. This is similar to how they responded to the vaccine death of an 18-year-old girl in Portugal by the name of Ines Rafael Mendes. Ines died from cardiac arrest on August 7th while on a camping trip, only 5 days after receiving the jab. Medical authorities, completely uninterested in getting to the truth of the death of this previously healthy classical dancer, are now blaming her passing on excessive alcohol intake and advise that they cannot determine if the vaccine was responsible in any way. Murdering bright, young, talented men and women is not enough for these psychopaths. They have to mock and ridicule their memories with lies and deception afterwards as well.

Azorean Tatum
The Narcissism and False Superiority Complexes of the medical mafia members who roam hospital wards indicate severe psychopathy. In their warped minds, they are better than we are and therefore treat us with contempt. Their existentialism is conspicuous, particularly when we consider the mass murder of the elderly that has been perpetrated in nations all across the world. Removing sick patients from hospitals and placing them in facilities with little or no access to crucial medical treatment, medical professionals in huge numbers simultaneously sentenced their patients to death. The modern-day eugenics system was designed to cull. If we know that, the doctors who transferred them out of hospitals at the command of their superiors did too. For the most part, they did not object. Like the soldiers of the Nazi regime, they wilfully carried out their orders with the utmost obedience and, with that, ended the lives of many. Clearing out precious beds that could make them thousands of dollars in their new-found remunerative COVID-19 enterprise, they looked down their noses at their inferiors and denied them life-saving treatment. Then in their arrogance, they danced on Tik Tok and expected us to take time out of our day to applaud them. In his excellent article on Canada’s COVID-19 policy decisions, Julius Ruechel points out that;

“Spending time in a hospital or long-term care facility is dangerous……a full 97% of (COVID-19) outbreak-related deaths are in long term care & hospitals/healthcare. Add prison populations and that number rises to a full 98.6%!….The people in these three unique settings are essentially captive populations that are permanently segregated from the rest of society inside government-owned or government-regulated institutions.”

To slaughter great swathes of costly citizens who are imprisoned behind institutional walls, all that's needed is a battalion of narcissistic, psychopathic medical assassins working within the confines. That is what the establishment wanted, and is exactly what the white-coat-wearing men and women of our health care departments gave them.

Psychopaths love to Gaslight and Psychologically Bully their victims. They have gaslit the public so effectively most people fail to realize the crimes they have committed and instead people bend the knee to them. So convinced are the vast majority of the population that these maniacs have only the best interests of the people at heart, millions stand outside their homes clapping and lighting candles in their honour. A true psychopath will make you question your own reality and force you to re-examine your criticism of them. They can convince you to challenge your own opinions and judgments and somehow they will find a way to invert the truth so that you feel ashamed for having ever doubted them. We should not be surprised then when we hear about British woman, Louise Harrison, who became paralyzed and suffered chest pains and convulsions after receiving her second Astra Zeneca vaccine, only to be told by her doctors that what she was experiencing was not jab-related, but instead a result of a hormone imbalance. Neither should we be surprised when we hear about 22-year-old, Maxime Beltra, whose death was put down to a food allergy, after he collapsed only nine hours after receiving a Pfizer mRNA injection. And we should not be surprised when we hear about veteran actress, Sally Kirkland, who immediately felt extreme pain in her head, joints and chest after she had the Moderna vaccine five months ago. She continues to suffer from these symptoms but has been told by several doctors that they are entirely unrelated to the jab. This is what the psychopaths of our health care industry are doing today. They are gaslighting their patients and psychologically manipulated them so that the fellow murderers and disablers within their ranks cannot be held accountable for their torturous, debilitating, life-ending medical practices. These aspiring despots convince the most gullible in our society that everything they are doing is for their good. When a baby is snatched and separated from a mother immediately after birth we are told it is for the good of the baby’s health. When a cancer-stricken patient is left to die alone, deprived of the touch of their loved ones as they take their last breath, we are told it is for the good of all involved. When an elderly patient with deteriorating cognitive ability in a care home is suddenly denied visits from family members, we are told it is in the best interests of their well-being. When Do Not Resuscitate orders are issued and lethal doses of benzodiazepine are prescribed, it is explained off as a good death. Most tragically, it is all believed by the masses. The gaslighting and the psychological warfare proceed daily. So too does the suffering.

Sally Kirkland
And while it does, there is Lack of Contrition and Self-Serving Victimhood among our practitioners. In the mind of a psychopath, the misery that is inflicted on a fellow human being can never be blamed on them. For they are the eternal victims. They cannot be expected to repent for what they don’t see themselves being responsible for. They double down on their sins, increase their hostilities and blame everyone else. But most of all, they deny their misconduct. We see this today, as in the aforementioned cases of doctors who outright refute any accusations, even amongst hard evidence, that products which they injected into the bodies of others could in any way be the cause of illness or death. They reject any suggestion that they are villains and instead blame something else. Anything - seafood, hormones, old age, asthma, prior illness. Take your pick. They are never to blame. Instead, they view themselves as martyrs - underpaid, overworked, unappreciated. We, the people, should be clapping harder and more frequently for them. We should be writing to our political representatives and demanding that they be paid more money. We should remember the sacrifices that they make and never ever question anything they tell us. One of their most well-known representatives once reminded us that an attack on them is an attack on science. We should never attack them. They are making huge sacrifices and can do no wrong. They can never be questioned by ignorant laymen like us. Instead of pointing the finger at these saintly beings, we should be blaming others for the horrors that we witness. This, for example, is what Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky does. Rather than calling for an independent investigation into the tens of thousands of deaths that have occurred as a result of COVID-19 vaccines or requesting that an inquiry be carried out in an effort to figure out why over 98% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada occurred in government-run buildings, Dr. Karkowsky uses her time to pen articles for The Atlantic outlining why unvaccinated people should not be given any sympathy when they fall sick. They are to blame, it would seem. Not the doctors whose patients have been dropping dead due to medical procedures that they purposefully carry out. No. It is those who refuse to have those deadly products administered to them who are to blame. In one of her articles, she reminds us that if it wasn’t for her, the earth may stop spinning on its axis and she comes to work each and every day because of her love of humanity. She states:

“A lot of us went to work every day because the world needs to keep turning, and in that time, we were the ones turning it. Many others left medicine. One reason I didn’t was that humans needed help and I could provide it.”

Yes. In fact, her undying servitude to the human species makes her a messiah of sorts. Even in her victimhood, she remains committed to the cause. However, it stops short of the unvaccinated. This woman who puts herself across as an angel bestowed to us by the Good Lord in Heaven, and one who was willing to sacrifice it all because ‘humans needed help’, has decided that it is only the humans willing to bow down at the altar of Pfizer of Moderna who deserve her full attention. She writes:

“After the horrors that health-care workers have endured during the pandemic, many (of us) are struggling to sympathize with people who won’t protect themselves.

This is a fact that many of us in health care—all exhausted, all having given too much already—are having a hard time ignoring as we head into a new wave of COVID-19 patients……

“What makes me the maddest,” one of my doctor friends told me, “is that these people will reject science right until the second they need everything I have to keep them alive, and then they feel that they can come to our door and be entitled to that help and that hard work.”

Unlike during the pre-vaccine phase of the pandemic, the current upsurge of suffering isn’t one that humanity has to go through. People are choosing it.

We are holding up our end of a bargain with society. But is society fulfilling its end?”

Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky
Ever the victim, the deaths she witnesses at her hospital are the fault of those who do not obey the diktats of Big Pharma. Never does it occur to her that it may indeed be the allopathic system she serves that is to blame for the wave of iatrogenic illnesses and medical malfeasance that we find ourselves plagued by.

This leads us to the most dangerous of psychopathic traits.

Situational Sociopathy can be observed in psychopaths when they show respect and regard towards one group, putting themselves across as honourable, decent people, while dehumanizing and targeting another. Think of the Ku Klux Klan, who showed affection and love towards their fellow white man as they abused, assaulted, tormented and killed black people. Today, the vast majority of doctors across the world are Situational Sociopaths as they engage in what we can refer to as vaccine apartheid. There have been many notable examples of this in recent times. Dr. Jason Valentine from Mobile, Alabama is one such psychopath. Recently he appeared on a social media photograph standing next to a sign which read;

Effective Oct. 1, 2021

Dr. Valentine will no longer see patients that are not vaccinated against COVID-19

Dr. Jason Valentine
When this notice was observed by journalists they called his office. Dr. Valentine, bearing all the traits of a sociopathic bully, cowardly had his staff hang up on them and subsequently removed the Facebook post. Similar cowardly behaviour could be observed in Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland recently as Situational Sociopath, Dr. Colm Magee signed a letter that denied unvaccinated people the right to receive donated organs. The letter had been leaked to the public via Barrister, Tracey O’Mahoney and resulted in a reversal when the decision was met with fierce backlash by the public. Spineless Magee was very happy to discriminate against the unvaccinated in Ireland, even if it meant they would suffer a painful, needless death. But as is typical of the bullies at Beaumont Hospital, he wet himself when faced with outrage and changed course. Psychopaths, like vermin, infest the offices of this Dublin-based hospital. Management there have become well-known for the pressure and coercion of vaccine-hesitant staff in recent months. Situational Sociopath and Director of Nursing, Marie Murray was recently heard in an audio recording that went viral across Ireland (since deleted from the Web, due to a High Court injunction). In it she tormented a female member of staff who has a history of suffering from allergic reactions when vaccinated. Unconcerned about the welfare of the girl and hell-bent on having toxic junk injected into her veins, this psychopath did not give a damn whether the staff member died of anaphylactic shock or not, as long as she obeyed the nutcase-in-command. This is the level of derangement we are dealing with. They have turned their attention to the unvaccinated of society and view us as ‘others.’ Mentally diseased, severely sick in the head, these lunatics have no issue breaching the Hippocratic Oath. Dr. Linda Marraccini, a doctor based in Florida, refuses to treat unvaccinated people. She claims;

“It's not fair for people who are unvaccinated to harm other people. The Hippocratic Oath is very science-based. I am following the science. I'm applying this to the benefit of the sick.”

Her very own words, implying that unvaccinated individuals ‘harm other people’, emphasize that she views the unjabbed as less human. She sees them as the enemy. Her words are excuses. She has a need, as a Situational Sociopath, to deny people life-saving treatment. She knows, as we all do, that the official narrative coming from organizations like the WHO and the CDC, is that vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike are capable of spreading COVID-19. Therefore, there is no logic in her statement when she says that she is following the ‘science’. If she truly is doing so, she will be aware that the ‘science’ says that vaccinated, as well as unvaccinated people, can transmit COVID-19 to her patients. Therefore, she is not implementing this policy to protect her patients. She is implementing this policy because she is a deeply disturbed psychopath.

Dr. Linda Marraccini
In the book, When Medicine Went Mad: Bioethics and the Holocaust, a survivor of Josef Mengele’s Auschwitz experiments by the name of Eva Mozes Kor, suggested three rules that she believed should be followed by all medical professionals and scientists across the world. They were;

Take a moral commitment never to violate anyone’s human rights and human dignity.

Promote a universal idea that says; ‘Treat the subjects of your experiments in the manner that you would want to be treated if you were in their place.”

Do your scientific work, but please, never stop being a human being. The moment you do, you are becoming a scientist for the sake of science alone, and you are becoming the Mengele of today.

We can safely say that, presently, there is a whole host of the Nazi doctor’s like-minded psychopaths competing to become ‘the Mengele of today.’

Gary Jordan
The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies

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