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Dublin Opinion
Life should be full of strangeness, like a rich painting

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NAMA Wine Lake

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Bye Bye you Ruby Tuesday. (again)

category international | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Tuesday April 27, 2004 12:48author by la hedda irlandesa el ipsiphi - Tuatha De Danaan. Building Sion and Protecting Trinity.author address C/Side - Barcelona Report this post to the editors

being a new weekly update on WW1,WW2,WW3,WW4, & wwV as well as the final outcome of many civil Wars.

It has long been observed that the mass is like connected a lot more than it used to be.

So cross-references for us all to enjoy from the Columbine 3 to the Spies of London to the Judges of mexico to the Labs of Europe to the Milk of China.

You now all know about the freedom of the Three neutral state passport holders who were held in the US sponsered Civil War Drug Production Zone (aka Base 2) in the triangle of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

But you didn't think about it that way.
Which is why you all needed la hedda irlandesa el ipsiphi to like sort out your warped perceptions.

= ¿aren't I a good ELF?

52 senior and retired diplomats of HMG foreign and commonwealth offices, like the spies of Britian:-
(that's one for every playing card except the Joker which I always hold)
have yesterday issued a long and significant letter through various media channels condemning Mr Blair (2) [remember Mr Blair (1) is better known to you as George Orwell]
and more importantly condemning Bush.
Everyone condemns their own, it's part of the Hardehar game, yabooo, sit down you fecking eejit, ya ya ya!!! But now everyone is condemning the Bush Klan. Lovely.

Thank You.

These men and women doth know a lot, about like their "areas" and of course thanks to the alarm bells I did ring, they know lots about me too. Lovely Sweet. ShakeyDATSpeare.
They work and live in a world of shadowy secrets and nod and winks and shady deals, and protection of interests and to the one have signed all the relevant documentation and then when their time is up they go out to grass, or get the house in the West End and someday their name appears in either of the two gong lists and they get according to their rank or special work done a "MBE", a "CBE" or even a "dame" if they're arty.

Now instead, la hedda irlandesa, el ipsiphi shall be sending them all big squeezy huggys the sort you don't shit in, and keep your little grandchildren happy in their nappies perhaps without a nanny this time.
You will each be awarded a "member of the global okupe movement" and as promised in a previous edition of the Sunday Papers, a recycled steel Okupe Lapel Pin.
= Keep up the good work.

A British Army officer has decided to fly the 1969 microplane used by Sean Connery when he played days of the week, seamus is our bondie 007 in You only live twice.
This litle plane which now is a really old box of tricks, since the Ruskies cleverly developed the plastic invisible wing with jet engine which you launch out the back of any aircraft and brings you like oddles of kilometres in RADAR non-detecable completely controllable flight is a cool little plane.
The "have a go" lad, hopes to fly around the world in 100 days, and the craft boasts the sponsership:- "Mc Alpine and Chess".
I'm loving it.

Mr Fox of Mexico, in his "judicial reform" which he is launching under pressure from the Legal Eagle Team of Spain (the ones who spoilt Pinochet's tea party with Thatcher) has now expanded his visionary new "tackle that corruption" plan for Mexico.
[do you get my sarcasm?]
Yes, indeedy, Mexico is now to enshrine into law the dazzlingly modern concept of :-
"Innocent till proven Guilty".
¿Who knows where such Liberalism will lead?

Back to United Kollectives Land for a moment,
now many of us consider Blunkett as "holding the line", we know that he is rather like Ireland's national poet, "dall", and we are happy that Braille is like difficult to warp and infiltrate. However the picture of UK Minister for Immigration Desmond Brown holding his sample "volunteer till 2013 only" ID card which if you look carefully is number "84". Makes one cringe. Come 'on Mr Blunkett issue a "1984". Go on do.
Love to the dog.

Remember the other day I told you that no-one would give the Jordanian Secret Service (the ones who discovered Ossama in 1995) the time of day?
Well yesterday, the Jordanians foiled an attack by Al Qaeda on the HQ of their secret services in Amman, the terrorists har de har were about to use suicide bombers to detonate no less than 20 tonnes of Biological Weapons Material in amman and then for seconds thought to attack the US Embassy and residence of the Prime Minister. But thankfully the spies and candlestickmakers foiled that one. They have through their ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement claiming that 80,000 lives were saved.

and Golly!

Drug News:-

Sanofi, Synthélab and Aventis at the cost 54,500,000,000€ (that's lots) have now become the third largest PharmaCorp in the World. This means Europe holds the Lab on such interesting things now as Vitamin B (intra muscular injectable form) and Hexopal (which is made in both the UK and Ireland Mammy Harney- what do you use it for?) and Perfan which is made in Belgium.

Now I told you a long time ago, that our young people take pills. So do their mammys and daddys. nothing wrong with a bit of Dionysian fun and dancing away and being happy can be sort of therapèutic but some people don't know when to stop the alchopop.

So that's why we need a drug debate.

And also why Bertie, we need free drug testing for those who take these drugs.
Coz Bertie neither you nor your kids nor the Mammy Harney nor even Michael Mc Do Well know what's in them.

I do.
I'm a pirate of the House of the Mountain.
I put the Mac D in the Mc D.

So, two agencies in Europe have excelled themselves in the study of modern youth drug taking and all effects of those drugs on physique, mentality, behaviour, fertility etc.,
They are to be found in the UK and Nederlands courtesy of the I reckon pretty sincere good wishes of two of those Queenies I boast on my chessboard, Mr Bush.

So Bertie / Gardaí
take a piece of advise from a Master / Dr Who?
Let the kids import the tester kits.
And Kids:-
Use Them.

23 of the 40 different types of powder milk being produced and sold to the kids of the Nation have now been analysed. In the very experimental zone of Guandong, only 68% of the milk has been found to be suitable.
In other regions of china, outside the declared experimental open doors to Yankee HyperCapitalist exploitation, poisoned millk has now been found in Bengbu (anhui), Zhenzou (henan) and Tanshan (Hebei).

The Chinese are spitting Fury Mr Bush.
Like they are pissed man.
And gosh golly have they been busy these last weeks eh? isolating SARS, isolating AVP and now checking all the milk. They really deserve their reputation for being thorough, witty, very together and on average more intelligent than your average westerner.

Isn't it a good thing they've never nursed world domination fantasies?

Their space program announced last month to put a Chinese Man and Woman on the Moon by 2013 is going nicely as well. Photos have been leaked through a trusted source of hopefull candidates jumping up and down in a big vat of milky curd (which is the closest the non lactarian Chinese get to blue cheese apart from Smegma Mr President & Bertie) practising for that great day.

Bejing is also looking for a movie director who could help with the memorable images that we know will become the "image of the XXI century and get on the front of all the Chronicles". Perhaps some hopeful acitivists of indymedia May Day could offer their services in the much awaited post War Period?

What else?

Oh yes my publishing career rent and bills:-

Well I haven't paid the rent.
and I haven't paid the Water Bill.
and I haven't paid the Electricity Bill.
and I have published over three million words.
and I'm bored of teaching English as a Foreign Language.
call me 0034 636 105 231.

And I don't want a "mbe/cbe/dame" coz I'm Erse and we very thoughtfully little ogras of Fine Gael made it quite clear that we would never allow a honours system in our Republic. It was explained to me as kid, in these terms:- "We have an honours system and all the mediocre oiks and ochlocs and puppets we rain money on and put in front of the cameras and give good whiskey too will be just too fucking un bearable"
got that Bertie / Mc Do Well?
No Honours.

What else?

Strange things that happened to me on the way to work, I found a 50$ Mexico coin from 1993, so I gave it to the Assembly for MayDay pass the hat.
I also found a pretty rare 1964 "Liberty Half US Silver Dollar" with the Head of JFK.
It's even rarer because some-one has put a little hole through the centre so you can hang the coin on a string.
I am thus wearing the coin on a string around my neck next to the "effin impressive key" that really puts the wind up some people.

so har de har:-

Presidential Executive Order
you are authorised to do whatever it takes

Now we know this is very serious, but so too was HIV, Marburg, SARS, AVP, and all the abominations of Babylon. And some day that line that is forever drawn in the sand, is crossed, and the Camel's Back is broken.
You really should have looked more carefully at the Chess Board long ago.

= "check"


"you may have to read between the lines..."

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