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Why Bono and HIV/AIDS Inc will be stopped

category international | sci-tech | opinion/analysis author Wednesday February 09, 2005 01:18author by Cal Crilly - Bandauthor email escapevirus at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

{[ED NOTE: April the 23rd 2005 is/was the first 'Aids Critics Day' } Overview of HIV/AIDS science problems, other causes and solutions.
Comments on HIV/AIDS fashion activism.

“A great advertisement for American Technology would be your great anti-retroviral drugs. We will not only transform lives and communities of the people who get these drugs, we will transform the way these people see us.“
And when meeting Bush…
Bono called the global AIDS epidemic “the defining crisis of our age”, and said President Bush branded it “genocide”. It was not clear who President Bush believed was perpetrating the genocide.
White House spokesman Mr Scott McClellan said the president “was using it figuratively as a way to describe an immense tragedy”. Bono said he interpreted Bush’s word to mean that “through our inaction, we are complicit”.
The rock star, in a little shot at President Bush, said Aids was “a bigger threat than rogue states. It’s a bigger threat than Saddam Hussein”.
“Through our inaction, we are complicit” perhaps that was why I was called a nazi recently for raising the issue of the ‘Orphans on Trial’ in New York orphanages. So much for the ‘great anti-retroviral drugs.’ What a terrible con.
Liam Scheff did the Orphans on Trial story back in July 2004.
Glaxo have Black and Hispanic kids removed from their mothers to Catholic orphanages as part of their drug experimentation. Since the kids refuse to eat the drugs they insert tubes into their stomachs to do the job.
I am a very disappointed U2 fan, not because the new album seems dull, ‘Perfect Drug’ bring me a bucket and ‘Vertigo’ Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, but with the AIDS issue Bono has allowed himself to become a marketing tool of cut throat drug companies. He is helping their sales of toxic and expensive drugs that only have a very short efficacy time as they shut down all growth and DNA processes in the body before poisoning the victim’s organs and cells.
To throw these drugs at malnourished people in the third world who haven’t got the nutrients to deal with the toxicity is a form of colonial do-gooder genocide. Dropping the debt and providing food is great.
White man’s voodoo ‘You have AIDS’ with the mantra ‘We are the only ones with the cure’ is patronizing fascism.
I am not into an AIDS conspiracy, this is just a giant cock-up of incompetence, with misdiagnosis and mistreatment.
The only conspiracy is they can’t lose face, royalties or their jobs now and with the Human Genome Project raising massive holes in the HIV theory it is only a matter of time before it falls over in a heap of pooh.
Certainly check here if you want conspiracy, Mycopasma Incognitus or Mycoplasma Visna could be an issue?
Dr Horowitz
http:// www.boydgraves.com/

When the Epidemic Intelligence Service rounded up gays with pneumonia to call it GRIDS and then Haitians with
Tuberculosis to call it AIDS I’m sure they believed they found an epidemic because they are trained to be paranoid
about viruses and bacteria. The gays were most likely to have been partying on a bit too much Coke and Amyl
followed by Cortisone use to prevent inflammation.
I interviewed Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati a toxicologist from http://www.toxi-health.com and he found AIDS
symptoms without HIV in an aviation worker exposed to the usual culprits Xylene, Toluene and Benzene but also
found the Cortisone administered to the man was shutting down his immune system.
The symptoms went away on removal of Cortisone. Cortisone came into regular use in the late ‘70’s.
I believe him because I’ve used skin Cortisone for 3 years and the blood flow stops to areas it gets put on, it is great
for switching off an over reactive immune system but I would very scared to take it in a pill form yet it is commonly
used on Arthritis patients.
I’m sure Robert Gallo believed he had found the cause of AIDS when he put the French gays blood through the
centrifuge and using 2 plus 2 logic believed anti-retrovirals were the cure, but really what a mess.
That is why I say HIV/AIDS Inc. will be stopped because the survivors of the drugs are already angry and looking for lawyers to get justice. Not all the kids in the New York orphanages will die and like Holocaust survivors some will get out as adults and live to tell their tales. A revolution is rolling over HIV/AIDS inc.
I find it horrifying to see people like The Corrs lend their faces to an issue they don’t understand simply because it is fashionable to do so. We have the surreal spectacle of Queen reforming for a South African AIDS benefit that really is nothing more than a glorified ad for already discredited AIDS drugs.
Check John Lauritsen’s AIDS War from 1994, a book I picked up at university that screams for the drug victims.
Freddie Mercury took AZT and died, so did Rudolph Nureyev. They used Rock Hudson as a poster boy for AIDS but he died from inoperable liver cancer because he was a heavy drinker and smoker and was almost 60.
They used Nkosi Johnson in 2001 to pressure President Mbeki to buy AIDS drugs but the poor kid was on anti-retrovirals for a year and when he lapsed into a coma at 6 months they kept pumping him full of drugs.
This to me looks like hysterical dogma gone wrong and Bono is helping some big companies cash in.
Bush’s multi-billion dollar AIDS donation is a junket that will go straight to the drug companies, they will give hefty amounts back to the Republican and Democrat campaign funds, Clinton is doing his bit too.
Meanwhile TB kills 90% of ‘HIV/AIDS’ patients because of malnutrition, pollution, lack of sewage and basic medical facilities.
I’m from Australia and I’m writing this because I can walk away from it, there is nothing to gain, no friends or praise only abuse, no money to get as I’m not in the medical profession. But being a layperson means I can’t lose my job over it or cop peer pressure like some poor frustrated doctors do out there.
I simply can’t stand such rubbish spouted as news each day.
This is my music that I give away free because the music industry is a grovel fest. Letting you know who I am.
Alien Virus
Escape from Toytown
I did go to primary school in Derry in 72 and 74, a little Aussie kid a bit bewildered by the troubles living near the Bogside. I had family up in the Creggan who had TB and oblivious to the danger of TB I’d visit them to read their collection of Commando comics. Their house was mouldy and smoky and they were pale and gaunt.
People seem to forget how serious TB was before better housing and it has become worse with drug resistance in the Third World and Globalization measures reducing everything to the lowest common denominator, thanks IMF.
Pollution gets forgotten by HIV pushers but 3 years ago from chronic Phenol and Benzene exposure I ended up with rapid weight loss, insomnia of 2 to 3 hours sleep and full body pustular psoriasis.
I’ve got a heap to say about Benzene especially in Africa so keep reading.

I’m in contact with 3 HIV positives who have been tagged for over a decade and tried the AIDS drugs but now live healthy lives without them. Recently an email friend told me that he had met a HIV positive in Sydney who has been diagnosed for 20 years without symptoms and no medication.
These people are not obeying the HIV/AIDS formula and the HIV theorists are bone pointing at them and wishing these people dead. There are thousands of people like them staying alive and well.
Of course some people with HIV are sick but because the HIV antibody test cross reacts with HERV-K endogenous retroviruses which occurs in Cancer, all Auto-Immune disease, Chronic Fatigue and Gulf War Syndrome we are still at square one with HIV theory causing AIDS.
Here are the negatives of HIV/AIDS theology.
This tells the story of AZT the AIDS industry wants secret.
The AZT Label 21stJan.2005

The latest suspicion in an African news release.
Is the African AIDS pandemic a bluff?
One of Australia’s greatest secrets is The Perth Group a bunch of doctors who originated from the Emergency Department at The Royal Perth Hospital, they got skeptical of the whole HIV woffle in the late ‘80’s when they were told to get extra cautious and since then they have literally torn HIV/AIDS to pieces very methodically.
http:// www.theperthgroup.com/
Their most alarming finding was the cross reaction of HERV antibodies with the HIV test.
The HIV rate in South African prisons is around 2% while the maternity centres are giving rates up to 65%.
The HIV test makers warn not to use the test in pregnancy because endogenous retroviruses or HERV’S in the placenta will cross react with the HIV antibody test. This letter is from the British Medical Journal.
President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS

Here are other AIDS researchers talking about HIV and HERV’s.
“Standard tests are unable to differentiate between HERV-like antibodies and HIVantibodies.”
Urnovitz has noticed that people with chronic diseases, in particular the Gulf war syndrome, often had false positive HIV tests due to antibodies that reacted with human endogenous retroviruses, normally inactive sequences residing in the human genome. About 1% of human gene sequences are derived from these retroviruses.
Human Genome Bears a Virus Related to HIV-1
Most people don’t know that HERV’s are active in pregnancy. AIDS drugs are mutagenic because they stop RNA and DNA synthesis, with a test that tags pregnant women followed by anti-retrovirals things can only get worse.
On the HERV-W retrovirus and pregnancy.

On what happens to mothers with HIV, this is real horror and why I persist.
and to all who are being recommended to test for HIV
AIDS: ‘No Gold Standard’ For HIV Testing
Exclusive: The Truth about Nevirapine
Stepping over bodies on the way to market by Liam Scheff.

Mail to New York Press about orphans on Trial

What killed Mandela’s son? He was on anti-retrovirals for a year and died from gall-bladder complications.
Officials warned of concerns about AIDS drug 13 Dec.2004
Warnings about sudden death and liver failure from Nevirapine were suppressed by the FDA in 2002 and Bush went ahead and donated 15 billion dollars to ship Nevirapine into Africa.
AIDS Orphans story on BBC
AIDS Orphans story on Fox
South Africans rap U.S. health officials for actions on drug
An Eyewitness Account of Gross Irregularities and Medical Incompetence in the Early Clinical Trials of AZT
Damage to newborns from AZT+Nevirapine
Neville Hodgkinson article on AIDS tests in Business Magazine. Neville is a mainstream journalist who has written about this for more than a decade. He wrote a book called ‘The Virus that Never Was’.
Kim Marie Bannon lawsuit against HIV test. Kim is going ahead with a lot of support.
Interview with AZT inventor by Anthony Brink. The AZT inventor wants to disown his drug.
My interview with Anthony Brink who took Glaxo to court in 2001.
Interview with Anthony Brink Sept 2004 mp3 sound
Dissident List
This is a list of almost 1100 people who have questioned some or all
of the connection between HIV and AIDS, including a large number of doctors and scientists. For each person their credentials are listed.
BMJ online debate.

““A 59-year-old nurse... sustained a needle-stick injury.... A potent PEP [post-exposure prophylaxis] regimen comprising ZDV[AZT]/3TC (Combivir) 300/150 mg twice a day (bid) and LPV/r (Kaletra [Lopinavir]) 400/100 mg bid was instituted 2 h after exposure. The following day, she experienced weakness and nausea, followed by acute deterioration.... On admission, the patient was somnolent but rousable.... she developed acute renal [kidney] failure with anuria and hypoxaemic respiratory failure several hours after admission… The patient experienced a delayed recovery.... Renal function also recovered.... After 6 weeks of hospitalization, and a further 5 weeks in a neurological rehabilitation centre, she was finally discharged.... Six months after the incident, she was still unable to resume her work. …Although the exact cause and mechanism of this incident remain unclear, the timely coincidence with PEP initiation suggests a primarily drug-induced cardiovascular failure leading to severe hypotension, shock and subsequent effects on pulmonary, renal and neurological function.”—Feldt T et al. Haemodynamic crisis and reversible multiorgan failure caused by HIV post-exposure prophylaxis after needle-stick injury in a health care worker. HIV Med. 2004 Mar;5(2):125-7.”
AIDS Apologists will claim this sort of incident is an ‘Allergic reaction’.
Warnings about Nevirapine.


Benzene is a known carcinogen and is also known to cause leukaemia. The childhood leukaemia rates in south Durban are 24 times higher then the South African average. Why ignore these serious problems?
Cars in Africa also don’t fit catalytic converters making the Benzene exposure higher.
The AIDS/TB epidemic in Africa wasn’t helped with Lead being replaced with high levels of Benzene in the petrol.
Benzene not only kills T-cells faster than the theoretical HI Virus but will help TB get a hold by dissolving the lung lining. Benzene messes with the endocrine system to cause wasting and damage to adrenals, thyroid and thymus.
It over stimulates T-cells so you more or less burn out. The liver and blood get poisoned causing all sorts of symptoms, I know because it happened to me very slowly until my immune system freaked out.
Benzene, lubricants and AIDS
Erin Brockovich filed an environmental claim against Beverly Hills High School
Dr David Warren is an Australian aviations fuel expert and Black Box Recorder inventor, now retired.
Look at what he had to say about the introduction of Benzene to replace Lead in the ‘80’s. Crikey.
Lies of Unleaded Petrol Part 1

AIDS drugs are not the only solution and I have others that don’t get a mention here.
This study from New Scientist shows great promise against TB and could be part of the health planning for AIDS+TB clinics in Africa to prevent transmission.
Chizevsky a Russian scientist from the 1930’s and 40’s used ionisers to cure TB.
Air ionisers wipe out hospital infections
TB treatment should have Lemons for vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil for Vitamin A to boost immunity.

HD Foster is already trying Selenium on AIDS patients with apparent success. Selenium can be obtained from foods as simple as Brazil Nuts, Garlic and Broccoli. He theorizes that HIV and other viruses take vital selenium from the body denying the cells of vital nutrients to stay alive. Africa has low Selenium levels in the soil and low protein diets will create this problem. Cancer rates are higher in areas with low Selenium.

Mention should be made of Lysine, doctors don’t talk about it yet it works on many of the classic AIDS diseases that actually make AIDS patients sick. Mung Beans are the highest source and anyone can grow them. Cooking destroys Lysine so there is an epidemic of Collagen deficiency out there.
Lysine works on the Pox diseases and that includes Chickenpox, Epstein Barr or Glandular Fever, Cytomegalovirus,
HHV6(search The Virus Within’ by Nicholas Regush) and HHV8 which is found with Kaposi’s Sarcoma.
Kaposi’s Sarcoma in HIV-Positive Men Caused By Recently Identified Herpes Virus
Herpes alone can damage your nervous system if your Lysine\Arginine ratio gets out of wack.
Africans often have a diet high in Maize and Corn, these foods have high levels of Arginine and feed the viruses.
Beer is one of the worst triggers being high in Arginine.
The amino acid lysine often controls herpes. Supplementation with free-form lysine has shown to be beneficial in controlling herpes along with a diet high in lysine and low in arginine. It has been found that foods high in I-Arginine may cause herpes outbreaks. Increased levels of lysine over arginine suppress viral replication and inhibit cytopathogenicity of herpes simplex virus. L-Lysine appears to be an effective agent for reduction of the occurrence, severity and healing time for recurrent HSV infection. Several doctors have reported that if lysine use reduces herpes outbreaks, an immunological imbalance is present. Treatments aimed at immune system improvement have been effective in eliminating or reducing recurrence.

Foods high in lysine and low in arginine include most fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewer’s yeast and mung bean sprouts. Gelatin, chocolate, carob, coconut, oats, whole-wheat and white flour, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat germ have more arginine than lysine and should thus be avoided. To quote one study, “The amount of lysine required to control herpes varied from case to case but a typical dose to maintain remission was 500mg daily and active herpes required 1 to 6gm between meals to induce healing.”

Drs. Kagan, Griffith and Norins at the UCLA School of Medicine found of 45 patients receiving L-Lysine for herpes, only two failed to respond (a 96% success rate). The patients were receiving about 1500mg L-Lysine daily
TB also creates levels 3 times higher of Metalloproteinase enzymes that dissolve Collagen.
Lysine is the building block of Collagen and could help stop the spread if given to TB patients.
This is only a small sample of solutions to curing AIDS diseases.

I do hope someone somewhere whispers in Bono’s ear?
HIV=AIDS and anti-retrovirals are the cure all is so simplistic, it is a much bigger mess than that.

Other sites.
The Traditional Healer’s Organization in South Africa marched on the Treatment Action Campaign offices last year because this so called activist group is really a giant multi-million dollar advertisement for the pharmaceuticide companies and their AIDS drugs.

Last word to the HIV pushers.

author by Paul King - DAGpublication date Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Cal,

What a great post packed with information and useful links. This article may interest you.

Keep up the good work.

Paul King




Population: - 86,241,697 as of July 2004
Population Growth: - 1.88% (well under most countries in Africa)

Death rate 5.53 per 1,000

Median age: - 22.1 years (Lots of young people)

HIV/AIDS - adult prevalence rate: - Less than 0.1%

HIV/AIDS deaths: - Less than 500



he U.S. Army study of 1.1 million G.I.'s who were stationed in the Phillipines (over a ten year period) and kept 100,000 prostitutes in business (70% were said to be HIV positive.

The study showed only ONE was HIV positive and not sick.This was the only case of mass HIV testing in the World.

Condoms in the Phillipines are of such poor quality that only 8% can even hold water.


There are 400,000 to 500,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines.

Prostituted persons are mainly adult women, but there are also male, transvestite and child prostitutes, both girls and boys. (International
Labor Organization. Dario Agnote, "Sex trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says," Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

In the Philippines, a recent study showed there are about 75,000 children, who were forced into prostitution due to poverty. (Dario Agnote, "Sex
trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says," Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

There are 400,000 women in prostitution in 1998, excluding unregistered, seasonal prostitutes, overseas entertainers and victims of external trafficking. One fourth of them are children and each year 3,266 more children are forced into the sex industry. (GABRIELA, Diana Mendoza, "RP
Has 400,000 Prostitutes," TODAY, 25 February 1998)

Military prostitution, it added, has always been a problem in the past when the US bases were still in the country. Past experience clearly showed that the security of the Filipino people, especially women and children, from the US military was never taken into account.
("Ex-streetwalkers fight VFA: Form advocacy groups in urban centers," The
Philippine Journal, 18 September 1998)


Subsequently, the U.S. built 23 military installations covering a total area of more than 240,000 hectares ofland (2,400 sq.km.) by the time of the signing of the Military Bases Agreement in 1947. At its peak the bases
occupied nearly 1% of the country's total land area not to mention 11,000 hectares of territorial waters and a large swath of air space.


"Why don't Filipinos want US troops in the Philippines?

There is a long history of US military intervention in the Philippines from the Philippine-American War (1899-1916) in which the US colonized the
Philippines. Filipinos resisted and one-eighth of the Filipino people were killed. Even though the Philippines officially became independent from the US in 1946, the US ensured control of the US military bases in the Philippines and access to Philippine natural resources.

The US military bases were finally kicked out in 1991 after mass protest from the Filipino people who were tired of special protected status for US
soldiers, toxic wastes (that until today, the US refuses to clean up), the prostitution of Filipinas, and the spread of alcoholism and drug use.
Filipinos don't want these again. "

Related Link: http://www.aimultimedia.com/daglinks/forumdirectory2.html
author by Mike Novackpublication date Wed Feb 09, 2005 14:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Of course the drugs are not a "cure" for HIv/AIDS. Nobody saud that they were a cure, not even the drug companies that profit from making them >THERE IS NO CURE (yet). All the drugs do is make hlep the patient live somewhat longer. Like any other chemotherapy agent, the drugs themselves may indeed be the eventual DIRECT cause of death.

And of course AIDS patients eventually die of "some other disease". Did you imagine that this is unique to HIV/AIDS. There are any of a number of diseases where the disease organism itself does not cause the death, is pretty much incapble of causing death all by itself, just causes so much damage to the body that the patient sucumbs to oportunistic diseases cause by other organisms.

Remember, the "part" of the body attacked by HIV is the immune system itself. A damaged or even absent immune system does not DIRECTLY cause death. If HIV were the ONLY disease organism, the disease would not be fatal, because you wouldn't NEED an immune system to survive. But there are other disease organisms and with a badly damaged uimmune system your chances of surviving these are poor.

Of course it is ture that in places with poor sewage, rampant other diseases as epidemics, etc. people will be dying at a different STAGE (earlier) of HIV destoying their immune system. They might sucumb to these other diseases in only 1-2 years instead of 3-5 years. But even in the developed world, even with the best medical care available, when the HIV has destoryed enough of the immune system they WILL die (again, form "other" diseases.

THINK about what you are saying. Imagine a chemical X (there are examples) which if given to you would destroy your immune system. Does the fact that your IMMEDIATE cause of death would be disease 1 or diesease 2 or deisease 3 etc. lead you to conclude that "X is not a poison, it doesn't kill you, 1, 2, or 3 did". Then why are you saying this about HIV?

author by Cal Crillypublication date Wed Feb 09, 2005 22:42author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

The reason prostitutes don't get sick with HIV and this happens in Africa too is because they earn extra money and don't starve to death. On the drugs, HIV is a disease measured by levels of T-cells, it makes no sense to take drugs that poison the bone marrow and deplete T-cells quicker than the 'Virus' does.

author by Barrypublication date Wed Feb 09, 2005 23:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A number of years ago I saw a fascinating documentary on Channel 4 called "the coconut revolution".

A small island off the coast of Papua New Guinea fought a war for independence. As a result it was completely cut off from the outside world by the Indonesian Navy who imposed a total embargo.

The natives were forced to retreat into the hills and survive from the jungle. In the absence of any medical supplies they had to fall back on ancient herbal remedies to treat everyday illnesses. This situation lasted for years and they became completely self sufficient in just about everything, and eventually succeeded in gaining total control of their island.

In the documentary they claimed to have successfully treated a captured enemy who had the HIV virus by using natural ingredients found in their native rainforest.

I know this sounds altogether dubious, but I just wondered had anyone else seen the documentary or heard anything similar.

author by Cal Crillypublication date Thu Feb 10, 2005 01:20author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

You can check an article on this at the Nexus site, more or less after a scare campaign against coconut oil use of it has declined and heart and stroke problems increased across the Pacific islands and elsewhere.
Certainly interesting article to check.

author by Cal Crillypublication date Thu Feb 10, 2005 06:29author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I’ll make some more important points to avoid this obsession with HIV.
On Chemotherapy, it is just the same with Cancer, we fight a war against Cancer and in the process poison people and all their cells. Chemotherapy kills off the liver yet no Orthodox Doctors ever suggest using things like Milk Thistle to keep the liver cells protected. Chemo shuts down growth processes so as soon as it stops Cancer comes back and this is because Cancer cells replicate at a lower voltage than normal healthy cells, Chemo also depletes T-cells that are needed to rid Cancer cells, all our ideas are out of balance.
I’ve seen so many people rapidly go down with Chemo in recent years it all seems hopeless.
On the Thymus, starvation and malnutrition shrinks the Thymus glands so less T-cells are made.
Anorexics have the biggest death rate for a mind disease and it’s obvious why.
AIDS in Africa by Jeff Kaplan
The most notable paper was published by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Inst. of Allergies and Infectious Diseases. He was a cohort and supporter of Robert Gallo. He stated in his paper that the world's number one cause of T-Cell depletion was malnutrition, and that it is the number one cause of immune deficiency diseases.(Ibid).
More should be mentioned on pollutants, the high levels of Sulphur Dioxide in South Africa causes lung problems but also depletes the soil of Selenium and these are examples of why that is such a problem.
Is Selenium Deficiency Behind Ebola,
AIDS and Other Deadly Infections?
But there's still another aspect, Taylor points out. Sulfur dioxide, a byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels, reacts with selenium compounds in the soil, making the mineral more difficult to absorb by plants. "It has long been suspected that fossil fuel burning and acid rain may be contributing to a gradual decrease of selenium in the food chain," Taylor said. "Thus, the deforestation of jungles and rain forests-exactly what is being done in Zaire and elsewhere-may also contribute to the emergence of new viral diseases.
The thymus gland, zinc and HIV
Nutrients and HIV
Copper and Anemia
They feed animals copper to keep them fat and stop Anemia
Copper for animals
AIDS + Autism have common high serum copper levels or some AIDS patients simply have low copper.
Alzheimer's features high levels of copper causing free radical damage in the brain, this means the copper hasn’t been absorbed properly due to Vitamin C deficiency.
Copper needs Vitamin C to absorb it properly and works with other minerals like Iron, Zinc and Selenium to make enzymes in the body. It is all about balance, ignore these factors and anyone can get sick with Hyperthyroid and Auto-immune problems. If 15 Billion Dollars was spent on addressing nutritional problems for AIDS we would stop an epidemic

author by -.publication date Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

so a simple Q. - aren't Zinc and Copper antagonistic?
the healthy body (very rare) balances both but generally a deficiency in one is signaled by too much of the other. And all these metalic elements you list are important to normal neurological functions. tell us more. Are you the victim of a mad scientist? (= are there still mad scientists in australia?)

author by Jesspublication date Fri Feb 11, 2005 00:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Excelent links, great research, thanks.
Also, Bono has always been a w*nker

author by Paul Kingpublication date Fri Feb 11, 2005 05:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Hidden Face of HIV – Part 1
"Knowing is Beautiful"

by Liam Scheff

As a journalist who writes about AIDS, I am endlessly amazed by the difference between the public and the private face of HIV; between what the public is told and what’s explained in the medical literature. The public face of HIV is well-known: HIV is a sexually transmitted virus that particularly preys on gay men, African Americans, drug users, and just about all of Africa, although we’re all at risk. We’re encouraged to be tested, because, as the MTV ads say, "knowing is beautiful." We also know that AIDS drugs are all that’s stopping the entire African continent from falling into the sea.

The medical literature spells it out differently – quite differently. The journals that review HIV tests, drugs and patients, as well as the instructional material from medical schools, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and HIV test manufacturers will agree with the public perception in the large print. But when you get past the titles, they’ll tell you, unabashedly, that HIV tests are not standardized; that they’re arbitrarily interpreted; that HIV is not required for AIDS; and finally, that the term HIV does not describe a single entity, but instead describes a collection of non-specific, cross-reactive cellular material.

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Got to laugh about mad scientists, who do you think I'm taking the mickey out of.
Superoxide dismutase is one of the most important anti-oxidants in the body and is a copper and zinc molecule.
think about it, I fixed my Hyperthyroid symptoms, google eye and weight loss with plain old brazil nuts that has copper and zinc if that is nuts. Every time I had stinking Phenol exposure rashes would appear at the Thyroid and thymus glands and spread around my body. Glad I haven't got as much abuse as I expected for saying this stuff though.CU's

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HIV Testing Should Be Part of Routine Medical Care; Early Detection Can Lengthen Lifespan, Prevent Spread, Studies Suggest
11 Feb 2005

Voluntary HIV testing should be a routine part of medical care in the U.S., and early detection of the disease could add more than a year to the lifespan of HIV-positive patients at a cost comparable to other common screenings, including those for high blood pressure or breast cancer, according to two independent, federally funded studies published in the Feb. 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, the Baltimore Sun reports (Niedowski, Baltimore Sun, 2/10). Since the 1980s when the HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the United States, health officials have recommended routine HIV testing only for people living in large cities with high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates or people in high-risk groups, such as injection drug users or men who have sex with men, according to the AP/New York Times. However, the studies suggest that the benefits of routine HIV testing, including a reduction in the number of new HIV infections and early treatment for HIV-positive patients, would outweigh the costs, the AP/Times reports. Health officials believe that about 30% of the 950,000 HIV-positive people living in the United States do not know they are infected (AP/New York Times, 2/10). Dr. Samuel Bozzette of RAND and the University of California-San Diego, who wrote an accompanying NEJM editorial, said that although 40% of U.S. residents had undergone HIV testing by the end of 2002, 40% of those diagnosed HIV-positive had not been tested until they showed symptoms of AIDS, according to the Los Angeles Times (Maugh, Los Angeles Times, 2/10).
First Study
Dr. David Paltiel of the department of epidemiology and public health at Yale University School of Medicine and colleagues from Harvard University created a computer model to compare routine, voluntary HIV testing with current testing practices in three hypothetical populations. The populations included a "high-risk" group with a 3% prevalence of undiagnosed HIV infection and 1.2% annual incidence; a "CDC threshold" group with a 1% prevalence of undiagnosed HIV infection and 0.12% annual incidence; and a "U.S. general" population group with a 0.1% prevalence of undiagnosed HIV infection and 0.01% annual incidence. The researchers then examined quality-adjusted survival, cost and cost-effectiveness of testing. The researchers found that the addition of a one-time HIV test for the high-risk group resulted in earlier diagnosis and an improved average survival time. The researchers calculated that the cost-effectiveness of a one-time HIV test for high-risk populations was $36,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. The cost-effectiveness of a test every five years was $50,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained, and testing every three years cost $63,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. For the CDC threshold population, the researchers calculated that the cost-effectiveness of a one-time test was $38,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. Testing every five years cost $71,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained, and testing every three years cost $85,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. In the U.S. general population group, a one-time screening cost $113,000 per quality-adjusted life-year gained. The researchers concluded that in all but the "lowest-risk" populations, routine, voluntary HIV testing every three to five years is "justified on both clinical and cost-effectiveness grounds." The researchers added that one-time testing for the general population might be cost-effective (Paltiel et al., New England Journal of Medicine, 2/10).

Second Study
Dr. Douglas Owens, senior investigator at the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at Stanford University, and colleagues from Duke University developed a Markov model of costs, quality of life and survival associated with a routine, voluntary HIV testing program and compared the model with current testing practices. The researchers examined the cost-effectiveness of one-time screening both with and without considering the benefits to the sexual partners of the people who underwent testing. When considering only the benefits to an identified patient, the researchers found that with a 1% prevalence of unidentified HIV infection, a one-time screening program increased life expectancy by 3.92 days at a cost of $333 when compared with current testing practices, for a cost-effectiveness ratio of $41,736 per quality-adjusted life-year. Taking into consideration the costs and benefits to partners, one-time screening would cost $194 more than current practices and increase life expectancy by 5.48 days, resulting in an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio of $15,078 per quality-adjusted life-year. Including costs and benefits to sexual partners, the prevalence of unidentified HIV infection in a population can be as low as 0.05% before testing costs $50,000 per quality-adjusted life-year, according to the study. Testing every five years cost $57,138 per quality-adjusted life-year but would be "more attractive" than one-time testing in populations with a high incidence of HIV infection. The researchers concluded that routine, voluntary testing -- even among relatively low-prevalence populations -- is as cost-effective as "commonly accepted interventions, and such programs should be expanded" (Owens et al., New England Journal of Medicine, 2/10). The researchers concluded that one-time testing of the general population could reduce the annual U.S. HIV transmission rate by 20% and that HIV-positive people diagnosed through such testing could gain an average of 1.5 years of life, according to the AP/Houston Chronicle (Johnson, AP/Houston Chronicle, 2/9).

Paltiel said that what makes routine, voluntary testing in the general population "so imperative is that there are 900,000 people infected with HIV in this country, and 280,000 don't know it," adding, "They're unable to get access to lifesaving therapy, and we are unable to counsel them to prevent transmission of this disease. That's a huge failure of the public health process" (Sternberg, USA Today, 2/10). Rochelle Walenksy, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a co-author of the first study, said, "The whole message that we're really trying to convey is: It's not about, 'Who should we test?' It's about, 'We should test everyone'" (Baltimore Sun, 2/10). Bozzette in his editorial wrote, "Given the availability of effective therapy and preventive measures, it is possible to improve care and perhaps influence the course of the epidemic through widespread, effective and cost-effective screening" (AP/Houston Chronicle, 2/9). According to Paltiel, CDC should be "much more aggressive" about implementing HIV testing for the general population, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports (Wahlberg, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/10). Robert Janssen, director of HIV/AIDS prevention at CDC, said that the agency over the next two years will re-evaluate its testing guidelines and consider the results of the two studies and the availability of rapid HIV tests, according to the AP/Times (AP/New York Times, 2/10). "Should we consider testing the general population?" Janssen asked, adding, "It's an important question. But there are barriers." Janssen said the most significant barrier to testing the general population is that many insurance companies do not pay for routine HIV testing, according to the Journal-Constitution. In addition, some doctors say they are "too rushed" to test patients for HIV, and some people avoid getting tested because of stigma attached to the disease, the Journal-Constitution reports (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/10).

"Reprinted with permission from kaisernetwork.org kaisernetwork.org. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery at www.kaisernetwork.org/dailyreports/hiv.. The Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report is published for kaisernetwork.org, a free service of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation . © 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

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Instead of listening to pseudo-scienticic ravings, read the real truth:

"South Africa in Denial Over Number of Deaths From HIV/AIDS "

"Sweden Partners With Asian Development Bank To Establish HIV/AIDS Trust Fund To Fight Disease in Asia "

"‘Consistently rising' rates of STIs and HIV in menopausal women and older adults are ‘ignored'"

These and more articles can be found at:

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What do you say in response to the article I've linked to?

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Still not answering the questions and getting obsessed with HIV causing everything.
What are AIDS researchers going to do about a test that is so vague that it cross reacts with HERV-K and HERV-W antibodies which I say again appear in Cancer, Auto-immune diseases, CFS, Gulf War Syndrome, Pregnancy and others too many to mention? What will you do when the lawyers get on to this?
We have a serious problem with Pregnant women creating the statistics for an ‘Epidemic of HIV/AIDS’ in Africa with the subsequent and very dangerous administration of AIDS drugs.
Not answering these questions is just lazy and irresponsible science.
Junk science is just an easy term of abuse to avoid these problems.
And please stop calling yourselves skeptics, you are believers.
It is quite clear that AIDS is a multi-factorial disease, if you don’t eliminate the other problems how can you ever claim that HIV causes it especially when you do nothing to eliminate the other causes.
All the monkeys jabbed with HIV stayed alive and had to be moved into retirement zoos so it failed Koch’s postulates right away.
The Surplus problem

Glossing over T-cell depletion with a few throw away comments, you’ve had a hundred years of research to fix Cancer and yet the wards are full of the wreckage of your dying patients taking drugs which deplete their T-cells.
Kary Mullis the Nobel winner sums it up, pardon his language.
At this point, Mullis voice starts to crack. "The horror of it is every goddamn thing you look at, if you look at it through the glasses that you've developed through looking at this thing, seems pretty scary to me. Look at the oncogene people and I go, oh yeah, I know what they are doing. Same stuff. Oncogenes don't have anything to do with cancer. Radiation probably doesn't have anything to do with stopping cancer. The drugs that we use on people - all those goddamn horrible poisons - they're no less toxic than AZT. And we are doing it to everybody. Everybody's aunt is being radiated once a goddamn month and given drugs that are going to kill her. We're dealing with a bunch of witch doctors. The whole medical profession - except for the people that patch you up when you get a broken leg or you have a pumbling problem - is really fucked. It's just a bunch of people that have become socially important and very rich by thinking about the fact that they might be able to cure the diseases that actually cause people in our society to die. And they can't do shit about it. It's scary, that's what it is."
AIDS; Words from the Front
By Celia Farber
Spin July 1994

There is an epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which barely differs from AIDS except for the lack of a HIV positive test. Auto-immune disease is still only treated with immune damaging corticosteroids and a few antibiotics.
The scientific community still argues over what viruses and retroviruses are.
The obsession with the microscopic has turned a blind eye to real world problems.
Most infectious disease went away because of the efforts of sewage workers, cleaners, garbage collectors and refrigeration mechanics, all the huff and puff of scientists is just expensive woffle if you can’t create real worthwhile changes in people’s lives.
Quoting from your own posting on T-cell depletion.

Previous to the epidemic of AIDS, of course, people did die of immune failure with low T-lymphocyte counts (including low CD4+ counts) for other reasons, and they continue to do so now. Thus, we must also exclude from our AIDS definition all those people who have one of the classic reasons for a very low T-lymphocyte count--reasons which were well-known before the AIDS era (cancer, malnutrition, tuberculosis, radiation, chemotherapy, etc). These people do not have AIDS, because the historical epidemic of AIDS consisted of people with no T-lymphocytes, and yet no known reason for it. These people had appeared newly on the scene in the 1980's with evidence of a fatal kind of immune failure which was acquired, meaning that it was an epidemic problem of something "picked up" by previously healthy people.

Tuberculosis kills 90% of African AIDS patients, is that excluded?
Drug use, smoking, alcohol, malnutrition, pollution, antibiotics, anti-virals, vaccines and corticosteroids can cause Auto-immune disease and ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency’ but don’t get a mention. Start looking at what is going on.
Here’s Duesberg tearing his hair out again.
AIDS is a newly defined syndrome of 25 old parasitic neoplastic, and noninfectious diseases, including in the United States 53% pneumonia, 19% wasting disease 13% candidiasis, 11% Kaposi sarcoma, 6% dementia, 3% lymphoma and 2% tuberculosis (1). These unrelated diseases are grouped together because they are all thought to be indicators of an acquired immunodeficiency (2). In America AIDS is almost completely restricted (91%) to males (1). About 90% of all AIDS patients are 20- to 40-year-olds, 30% are intravenous drugs users and their children, 60% are male homosexuals and some heterosexuals who frequently use oral psychoactive drugs (3-7), and 7% are hemophiliacs and other recipients of transfusions (1).
As of 1982, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considered AIDS infectious because it appeared to be transmitted among intravenous drug users and homosexuals by sexual contact or by contaminated blood (8). Among infectious agents, cytomegalovirus and various bacteria were proposed as causes of AIDS (6, 8,10). In 1983 Montagnier and coworkers (11) suggested lymphadenopathy-associated virus [now termed human immunodeiiciency virus (HIV)] and Gallo et al (12) human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV) as causes of AIDS. However, psychoactive drugs, like aphrodisiac nitrite inhalants ("poppers"), were also proposed as causes for Kaposi sarcoma and pneumonia in homosexuals (3-7, 9).
AIDS epidemiology: Inconsistencies with human immunodeficiency virus and with infectious disease

I have to post this on tea breaks so I’ll come back again and point out the huge holes in the Hemophilia argument.
Since no-one will answer problems with HERV’s cross reacting with HIV antibody tests I’ll let Alfred Hassig speak from the grave and raise the issue for you.
Alfred Hässig M.D., (1921-1999) was Professor Emeritus in Immunology at the University of Bern, a former Director of the Swiss Red Cross Transfusion Service, and a former President of the Board of Trustees of the International Society of Blood Transfusion.
HIV/AIDS Can you be more specific
15 Years of AIDS

Plus Dr. Bayati’s latest in the BMJ.
Essential Measures to Stop the AIDS Epidemic
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/328/7434/249#49138 3 Feb 2004
What Really Causes AIDS?
Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
http://bmj.com/cgi/eletters/327/7427/1306-c#43382 12 Dec 2003

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have the Death Ray? (not like our European Death Ray €DR) but a sort of imitation version?

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UCLA scientists transform HIV into cancer-seeking missile
14 Feb 2005

Firefly protein illuminates virus' hunt of metastasized melanoma cells in live mouse -
Camouflaging an impotent AIDS virus in new clothes enables it to hunt down metastasized melanoma cells in living mice, reports a UCLA AIDS Institute study in the Feb. 13 online edition of Nature Medicine. The scientists added the protein that makes fireflies glow to the virus in order to track its journey from the bloodstream to new tumors in the animals' lungs.

"For the past 20 years, gene therapy has been hampered by the lack of a good carrier for therapeutic genes that can travel through the blood and aim itself at a precise location, thereby minimizing harmful side effects," explained Irvin S.Y. Chen, Ph.D., director of the UCLA AIDS Institute. "Our approach proves that it is possible to develop an effective carrier and reprogram it to target specific cells in the body."

The UCLA team employed a two-step approach to transform HIV into a cancer-seeking machine. First, the scientists used a version of HIV from which the viral pieces that cause AIDS had been removed. This allowed the virus to infect cells and spread throughout the body without provoking disease.

"The disarmed AIDS virus acts like a Trojan horse - transporting therapeutic agents to a targeted part of the body, such as the lungs, where tumors often spread," said Chen, a professor of medicine, microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics and a member of the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Second, the scientists stripped off HIV's viral coat and redressed it in the outer suit of the Sindbis virus, which normally infects insects and birds. By altering the Sindbis coat, they reprogrammed the AIDS virus, which ordinarily infects T-cells, to hunt down and attach to P-glycoproteins -- molecules located on the surface of many cancer cells. The UCLA team is the first to prove that modified HIV will target and bind with P-glycoproteins.

"P-glycoproteins cause big problems by making the cell resistant to chemotherapy," said Chen. "They act like soccer goalies and punt therapeutic drugs out of the cancer cell. This prevents the drug from taking effect and allows the tumor to continue growing unchecked."

In order to track the carrier's journey, the scientists added luciferase - the protein that makes fireflies glow - to the AIDS virus. They injected the camouflaged HIV into a vein in the mouse's tail and used a special optical camera to watch the carrier's movement.

"The virus traveled through the animal's bloodstream and homed straight to the cancer cells in the lungs, where the melanoma had migrated," said Chen.

When the researchers held the mouse under the camera, the luciferase illuminated the cancer cells, which glowed through the animal's bones, muscles and fur. The method is non-invasive and does not cause pain or harm to the animal.

Though excited at proving that HIV can be used to target cancer cells, Chen emphasizes that the carrier must be further enhanced for safety and specificity before it can be tested as a gene-therapy method in humans.

"Our next step will be to test whether we can direct therapeutic genes to the precise location where cancer cells reside," Chen said. "This approach offers many potential applications for controlling cancer and other diseases."

"We may be able to boost immune-system surveillance at tumor sites, identify cancer cells' exact location and kill them before they cause damage," he added. "Beyond cancer, it may be possible to correct acquired and genetic diseases where the mutations exert their harmful effects on the body."

Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 59,580 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma in 2005, and about 7,770 people will die of the disease.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and National Cancer Institute funded the study. Kouki Morizono, Yiming Xie, Gene-Errol Ringpis, Mai Johnson, Hoorig Nassanian, Benur Lee and Lily Wu co-authored the research.

Elaine Schmidt - eschmidt@mednet.ucla.edu

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Nur tote Fische schwimmen mit dem Strom!" ["Only dead fish swim with the stream!"]

Human Gene Therapy
Harsh Lessons, High Hopes
HIV to cure Cancer, that really is the craziest idea I’ve heard of in some time.
How dangerous to muck about with viral DNA in such a way.

Rochelle Walenksy, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a co-author of the first study, said, "The whole message that we're really trying to convey is: It's not about 'Who should we test?'
It's about, 'We should test everyone', (Baltimore Sun, 2/10).
And Bush said ‘Bring it on’ and look what happened.
Can you imagine what will hit the fan if mandatory testing was brought in and millions of people in completely non-risk groups start testing positive. There would be outrage because those people who didn’t take drugs or who were not sick or had the same partner for years would be out to get Robert Gallo’s jugular.
He’s making millions in cash already with his mate Fauci, it is much easier to convince some poor gays and drug users or Africans they have HIV/AIDS, that somehow they are the new lepers for the inquisition to burn.
I find it offensive, homophobic and racist, how convenient for AIDS to occur in blacks and gays.
I sometimes wonder if Modern Orthodox Medicine just took over the inquisition and substituted HIV/AIDS for witches and demons to scapegoat for every 20th Century illness, it is now the 21st Century and the propaganda is wearing thin.
In the words of John Lauritsen who managed to enrage me with his descriptions of friends dying from AZT.
"What resides at the core of every religion, the core from which hope radiates when all human attempts to deal with earthly conditions fail, is the Deity, the One Who Transcends it all. To get to the core of Modern Medicine you have to wade through an ocean of man-made drugs and fight your way through endless tons of machinery. If you then don't understand why the Church is savagely idolatrous and must be destroyed, you will when you stare its Deity in the face. The God of Modern Medicine is Death." [5]

I’m thoroughly sick of the right wing attack on alternative health care. We have the companies that helped Hitler create business for them 60 years ago writing up the Codex Alimentarius to basically wipe out the alternatives and allow the monstrous and ineffectual treatments of the giant drug companies have a complete monopoly.
HPB - CODEX Connection
Freedom Worldwide?
The FDA on Codex
Pharmaceutical corporations accused of Genocide before ICC in The Hague

Orthodox medicine works like this if it is a herb, a mineral, vitamin, amino acid or food it can’t be patented so they don’t bother. It doesn’t matter what works, they butcher millions of animals each year not to test drugs but to keep the insurance companies off their backs when things go wrong, they deliberately pick animals that have the highest tolerance to a drug, guinea pigs are actually not the first choice because they don’t make their own Vitamin C so they get sick quicker like humans, rats or dogs are much better for poison studies.
We have groups like Quack Busters on the lookout for the first sneeze or allergic reaction with any herb.
An example happened in Australia where Pan Pharmaceuticals was shut down because a kid overdosed and started hallucinating on travel sickness pills.
They were not even herbs yet that’s what the media frenzy portrayed and 20 years ago I watched punk rock friends take those same pills and see green spiders and talk to imaginary friends, so what was new, nothing.
They wanted to break up the company and sell the assets to bigger multinationals and our Australian FDA helped that process all the way.
Are Quack Busters so naive that they think Orthodox drug trials aren’t corrupt or that FDA officials won’t take backhanders from the drug companies they are supposed to monitor, no because Quack Busters are part of the same crowd, they should know what’s going on.
What amazes me is they harvest themselves to the same ineffectual cures when they get sick, maybe they do believe their propaganda. Karma comes around I suppose.
I know I’m being harsh calling them right wing because they pick on some dodgy stuff, fair enough, but you won’t see these cowards mention a word about the crimes of mainstream orthodox big business.
There’s a challenge for you Mr.Bowditch, stop ranting and picking on the easy targets, bet you’re too gutless to do that, go up against the big scams.
It is hilarious to call herbalists or homeopaths ‘Quacks’ when you know where the word Quack comes from.
In the 19th Century when dentists were using Gold fillings some bright sparks thought they’d save some cash and use Mercury or ‘Quicksilver’ instead hence the word ‘Quack’, there was an outcry at first but slowly and surely the dentists decided to cut costs and introduced Mercury amalgams.
I’ve got a mouth full of their ‘Quackery’ 25 years ago a school dentist decided to bog my mouth up.
My teeth came out with preformed cavities because we lived in an area with heavily fluoridated water and one of the side effects of Sodium Fluoride is it depletes bone and Calcium, plain chemistry and more ‘Quackery’ for you.
Sodium Fluoride is an insecticide.
Fluoride MSDS
Never mind that the holes weren’t from decay, they filled them up anyway and when they offered to take out my canines, the intact teeth, I never went back. Being a modestly paid factory worker it would take a loan and a fortune to take the Mercury out and one of those dodgy bog jobs has fallen out and presumably got digested.
I guess I mention this because they shove Thimerosol Mercury into all of you and your kids when you get vaccines simply because it’s a convenient preservative and we wonder why Autism and Auto-immune diseases are epidemic?
The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup
If you have an Autistic who's been vaccinated then read this and visit you're lawyer.
That’s another giant class action waiting to happen, this will be the century of litigation.
I keep mentioning Auto-immune disease because of the high risk of HERV-K cross reacting with HIV, take note.
Published in African Security Review Vol 9 No 5/6, 2000
I have so much empathy for the people of Durban, AIDS capital of the world and their fight to force the petroleum companies clean up their act.
Benzene sucks, I worked in a so called high tech factory that was not much more than a sweat shop, the pay was terrible but compared to people in the Third World with cut throat downsizing I’m still filthy rich and appreciate my present bosses more than ever because they’re normal and not fascists.
I worked with Phenolic glues, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Cyanide glues and good old Araldite which has Tertiary Amines that dodgy drug labs sometimes extract chemicals from to make speed, I found that out because some dodgy dude tried to make one of the girls steal the stuff for him for a bit of cash, she refused with indignant horror.
One observation I had was the section I worked in and the incredible amount of illness, every time someone came in with a cold we all came down with it. The other half of the factory had mostly Chinese girls working like maniacs and when they did repairs they would burn into a glue ( the one that finally knocked me over) that contained high levels of Phenol, MEK and Acetone. One of the chemical reactions of burning these together is a smell like the worst cat piss you ever smelt and a chemical called Bisphenol-A which when given to rats prevents sleep.
We had this giant air conditioner sucking all these fumes up to our section and it was knocking over our immune systems. Of course most people didn’t take note of this until I pointed it out.
When Workplace Health and Safety came in they stuck these air monitoring contraptions from the fifties onto us while we glued and passed the whole shonky operation as fit for humans, a year later my immune system dismantled my skin and every pore was filled with pus making applying for a new job a touch difficult.
Before this had even happened I met a 10 year HIV positive who looked a damn sight healthier than me.
The MSDS sheet for Phenol makes a small mention of ‘Skin sensitization’ in other words one day you might get antibodies to this chemical, Phenol is simply acidic Benzene, note they put Benzyl Alcohol as a preservative into many vaccines, hmmm.
I wore a gas mask, goggles and gloves when I used the stuff and the rash began around the outside of the mask and goggles, I saved my lungs, the people of Durban aren’t so lucky and lung problems and TB are rife.

Now let’s talk about the poor hemophiliacs who get used as statistical puppets to explain HIV/AIDS.
Check these facts, in this one life expectancy of hemophiliacs increasing even before the advent of Factor VIII.
The HIV crowd are playing with us, the hemophiliacs were living long enough to have more children and pass on their genes so the increase in mortality looks worse when there are really more hemophiliacs.

Mortality/Morbidity: Before the widespread use of replacement therapy, patients with severe hemophilia had a shortened lifespan and diminished quality of life that was greatly affected by hemophilic arthropathy. Home therapy for hemarthroses became possible with factor concentrates. Prophylactic therapies with lyophilized concentrates that eliminate bleeding episodes help prevent joint deterioration, especially when instituted early in life (ie, at 1-2 y). Life expectancy has increased from 11 years prior to the 1960s for patients who are severely affected to more than 50-60 years by the early 1980s.
Hemophilia Overview

Comprehensive hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) were first inaugurated more than 50 years ago. In 1976, a federally funded HTC network was created in the United States, making multidisciplinary care for patients with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders available throughout the country for the first time.

The human Factor VIII and IX genes were isolated in the early 1980's. This discovery led to development of recombinant factor concentrates in the late 1980's. Recombinant Factor VIII was licensed in Canada in 1992 and quickly became the product of choice for people with hemophilia A.
The human Factor VIII and IX concentrates appeared in use at the same time as HIV testing appeared, remember these concentrates weren’t purified as well in the early days and the foreign body matter when exposed to the hemophiliacs would cause auto-immune problems, that’s why we don’t swap blood without checking blood types first.
The Auto-immune antibodies that appeared would have Gallo ticking a yes for HIV, anything to justify his theory. The Hemophiliacs took anti-retrovirals too and went down like a ton of bricks, remember AZT stuffs the bone marrow and blood, not something a hemophiliac needs really.
There has been a one third increase of hemophiliacs with no family history in the last few decades indicating that hemophilia can have non genetic causes.
Now check the incredible increase in Leukemia and remember the people of Durban choking in Benzene.
Exposure to Chemicals
To determine whether exposure to specific chemicals increase the rise for leukemia is a daunting challenge. About 75,000 synthetic chemicals were introduced in the first half of the century. In addition, investigators must study the emissions from cars, the pesticides in foods and in neighborhoods, and the runoffs in drinking water. Decades of research show that those who work in the petroleum industry (where benzene is derived) have a two to threefold increased risk of developing leukemia (most often acute myeloid). Others who may be at some risk for leukemia and lymphomas include painters, agricultural workers, distillers, dye users, furniture finishers, and rubber workers.
Pesticides or chemicals in the environment may be behind the steady rise in cases of childhood leukaemia, which have increased five-fold since the early 1900s
From about 10 cases per million population in England and Wales in 1911-1915, cases rose to about 46 per million at the end of the century. "The evidence suggests a steady increase in the occurrence of leukaemia in this country and in others," said Coleman.
Environment may be linked to rising leukaemia-(Reuters-06/09/2004)
Now here are links between Factor IX and Vitamin K that they give to babies to prevent bleeding and jaundice.
FIX, a vitamin K–dependent single-chain glycoprotein
Factor IX
Vitamin K deficiency and hemorrhaging
The classic hemorrhagic disease occurs in 0.25-1.7% of infants.
Vitamin K Deficiency from the Linus Pauling Institute
Scientists in Tokyo examined the in vitro effects of vitamin K2 on lung cancer cell lines. Treatment with vitamin K for 48 to 96 hours resulted in inhibition of cancer cell growth in a dose-dependent manner in all cell lines tested. Vitamin K2 triggered apoptosis (cell death) in the cancer cells.
Yoshida T, Miyazawa K, Kasuga I, Yokoyama T, Minemura K, Ustumi K, Aoshima M, Ohyashiki K. Apoptosis induction of vitamin K2 in lung carcinoma cell lines: the possibility of vitamin K2 therapy for lung cancer. Int J Oncol. 2003 Sep;23(3):627-32.
The anti-vaccination crowd in this instance are halfway there, blaming Vitamin K injections for increases in Leukemia when attention should be made to the preservatives in the vaccine.
Thanks Dr. Mercola for putting us all straight.
Administering vitamin K to newborns becomes an even greater issue when you consider the source. The vitamin K injections administered by hospitals to newborns are synthetic and may contain benzyl alcohol as a preservative.
The only known reported cases of vitamin K toxicity result from having used this synthetic form.
Vitamin K at Birth: To Inject or Not
I get my Vitamin K from Green Tea and Broccoli.
Unlike people who often push the Anti-retrovirals down other people’s throats without trying them first themselves anything I recommend I’ve tried to see what it does, I’m into herbs, vitamins and foods but don’t consider myself a practitioner of anything. I just got really sick and had to work out what was happening.
I still use Schering-Plough’s good old Corticosteroid in ever decreasing smidgens and I think they sell lots of trash too but they’re drug serves a purpose as long as you don’t use it forever or too much.
A year back the veins on my legs were blue and the skin a deathly grey from too much Corticosteroid.
Anti-retrovirals may have short term use as well as Cancer Chemo but without attention to the whole body and what’s going on it is just a con to use these thing for more than a few weeks, marketing and sales really.
It’s just the same with permanent use of SSRI’s for depression for the rest of your lives or the captive child market for Ritalin, people become commodities for business and their bodies a market place.
I’m kind of surprised the right wing quack busters love vaccine campaigns when they really smack of Stalinism.
Just teasing you, got to laugh about the farce sometimes.
The walls are burning so maybe you should leave the citadel, there’s plenty of more useful stuff to do, sewage design could be a good start?
These are my favourite herbal teas and if something happens to me at least I was my own guinea pig, years of use.
An antiviral mix is Sage and Elderflower, Elderflower has Heparin compounds that mimic the Flu drug Relenza and prevents viruses binding to the cell walls, it works in the same way on Cancer.
If you don’t believe me look up Heparin and Cancer in a Google and you’ll find some info.
Use Echinacea tea or Manuka honey for antibiotics. Got some Echinacea tablets one day and found Aspartame in them for sweeteners, that sucks really and it’s hard to find the tea which actually works better.
Practitioners always recommend infusions, probably because they can charge more, I’m sus on everyone.
Liver tonics in the tablet form work really well, before they shut down Pan over here there was a brilliant cheap one which cost eleven dollars for a hundred tablets of Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke and Garlic.
Now that’s up to around $22 for a measly 30 tablets. Get Milk Thistle by itself and cook yummy pastas with Artichoke and Garlic instead. If you’re sick these are really useful whatever the disease.
Use Wormwood for Malaria and ridding yourself of worms or making you hyper and curling your lips, not a favourite.
Hops helps you go to sleep and I can’t stand Camomile or Valerian, take a Valium for the same effect, that’s just my personal taste I know some people love Camomile, keep drinking it if it works to calm you.
Siberian Ginseng is great for adrenal gland exhaustion and getting a hard on, much cheaper and I’ll bet more effective than Viagra which can cause heart attacks from the increased level of nitrous, NO2.
I don’t like the effect of Korean Ginseng, bit too speedy, then it all depends on quality and your own body.
If you have asthma or lung problems, Thyme works quickest but tastes gross and since it’s antibiotic can knock off your bacteria a bit, I prefer a mix of Sage and Red Clover for taste as well as the expectorant effect of Clover.
The Sir Jason Winter’s tea uses these two plus Chapparal for Cancer, the royals like him.
Chapparal is a weird one taste wise and effect, not sure. There are studies on it’s anti-tumour effect.
Sage is great for asthma, Red Clover is the oldest anti-tumour tea I know of mentioned in the bible and by Culpeper
a few hundred years ago, Red Clover is also the best thing for skin since Lysine.
Lysine also inhibits Metalloproteinase compounds that Cancer releases to spread and helps build up the arteries to prevent heart attack and stroke. The drug companies are in a rush to patent new Metalloproteinase inhibitors for Cancer so buy some Lysine for ten bucks from the chemist or as I said before grow Mung beans.
Angiogenesis Inhibitors as Cancer Therapy
Can you see why I’m onto this?
Psoriasis spreads with Angiogenesis, it is quite freaky to watch your body dissolve before you.
The risk in men for Cancer is up around 1 in 3 and the increased risk for Psoriasis sufferers is 300%.
What are my chances?
Dr Rath and his Lysine treatment for Cancer.
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Announces Initiation of Phase II Clinical Trial in Kaposi's Sarcoma With Proprietary Angiogenesis Inhibitor
Remember my comments on Kaposi’s Sarcoma being causes by HHV8 Herpes and the use of Lysine to stop it?
For info on the heart disease repair.
Note Vitamin C is essential for Collagen repair, I’ve had the misfortune of watching one my friends a decade ago use Heroin and get scurvy and die, I remember vividly him scratching his skin and the wounds that wouldn’t heal.
We drove to Melbourne for a band tour and I got one of those hallucinatory flus on the way, he would have picked it up and went straight back to work when we got back to Brisbane overdosing 2 days later.
One of my heroes in Australia is a doctor called Archie Kalokerinos, he observed during 1975 a doubling of the infant mortality up in the Northern Territory after a mass immunization campaign in which aboriginal mothers had to be chased through the bush by the ‘health’ authorities because they worked it out, the vaccines were killing their kids. Archie clicked and thought it was scurvy and administered intravenous Sodium Ascorbate to the kids and reversed the problem. Sailors used to fall out of the masts with scurvy and that’s what SIDS really is, scurvy.
We got to Australia 200 years ago using lemons but you can’t tell anyone that they laugh at you.
Archie and another doctor called Glen Dettman tried drug detox on heroin addicts in Melbourne in the late ‘70’s using intravenous Vitamin C and found withdrawl without all the usual pain, Lou Reed writes about it in his autobiography. I’ve had others kick the bucket on smack, my first bandmate back from 84 dying in 99.
They didn’t need AIDS to kill them, just malnutrition and drugs. One thing no one seems to have noticed is that because they cut smack with sugar they get addicted to that as well and get an awful sweet tooth, not healthy.
If the message got round that powdered Sodium Ascorbate, easily bought from a chemist for $10 and very dissolvable could be substituted for sugar to keep the dealer’s customers alive things could change.
There is a reason for all my ranting and story telling, AIDS is everybody’s business.
I find the subject of HERV’s fascinating and occasionally trawl through the latest research.
This is what a local professor had to say about HERV’s and RNA transcription in the human body.
"People have totally misunderstood the nature of genetic systems in higher organisms. This will probably turn out to be the greatest failure in the history of molecular biology."
Prof. Dr. John S. Mattick
Quoted in NY Times 21 Jan 2003
Director: Aus. Genome Research Facility; Institute for Molecular Bioscience Univ. Queensland; ARC Special Research Centre for Functional and Applied Genomics.

In a paper published last December in Nature Genetics, two researchers from Tufts University, Jennifer Hughes and John Coffin, identified 23 new members of the HERV-K group — the assemblage thought to contain the most recently active members. They found that at least 16 percent of those elements had undergone rearrangements that resulted in large-scale "deletions, duplications, and chromosome reshuffling during the evolution of the human genome."

The widespread presence of these viral elements led Coffin to tell one science magazine that humans probably have "more viruses in our genes than genes in our genes."
Isn’t that alarming in light of anti-retrovirals and HIV testing, I say again really what a mess.

Louis Pasteur pinched Antoine Bechamp’s ideas and altered them creating a mess for a century.

Gaston Naessens has shown there is a lot more happening in microbiology than they care to admit.

Phillippa Uwins from the Queensland University has got debate going with her Nanobes discovery and I expect the whole field of biology to need rewriting soon. This is all work in progress for me, I’m not quite healed yet.
This revolution is coming out of academia, real doctors and scientists are exposing all the frauds and unlike the media who are in la la land waiting for the next disaster or suicide bomber I’m curious enough to read what these people are saying.
Robert Gallo for instance says use his HIV test so he’ll become mega rich, Kary Mullis the Nobel winner says not to
use his PCR machine to test for HIV because HIV hasn’t properly been isolated yet. Who do you believe?

Remember I’m a production worker who plays punk rock music, if I can point out the holes in HIV from my really old and slow work computer then what are you all doing giving these mad scientists you tax dollars for?
Now I’ll wait for the ‘Quack’ Buster attack. Have a good day and CU’s

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Feb 15, 2005 05:29author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm trying to be polite about this and this thread was meant to be long to pass on useful information and solutions.
These are the AIDS orphan photos.
Don't look if you're squeamish.
I'll have to post this link by itself.
The AIDS Orphan photos.
This is spreading around which is why I have to post the link in two places.

author by Dr Moreaupublication date Tue Feb 15, 2005 12:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

[There are more interesting links etc at the URL at the end of this article]

Multi-drug-resistant HIV strain raises alarm

HIV and AIDS, UK Health Protection Agency
HIV infections, World Health Organization
A highly resistant strain of HIV linked to rapid progression to AIDS has been identified in New York City, US, but AIDS experts have cautioned that it may just be an isolated case and not the harbinger of a "superstrain" outbreak.

The case of a person infected with an HIV-strain resistant to three of the four classes of HIV drugs was announced by New York City's department of health and mental hygiene on Friday. The man had also developed AIDS much faster than most people infected with HIV.

HIV drug resistance is not uncommon in patients who are being treated for HIV, but it is extremely rare in newly diagnosed cases, such as this patient. The man might have contracted the strain from someone who had been receiving treatment.

The time taken for HIV-infected patients to fall ill with AIDS varies. But this is the first time fast progression to illness has been seen in combination with this level of drug resistance - further tests have revealed the strain is resistant to 19 of the 20 licensed anti-retroviral drugs.

Crystal meth
The man is in his forties, had had multiple male sexual partners and also used the drug crystal methamphetamine (crystal meth). He fell ill with AIDS within 2 to 20 months of infection with HIV, says the New York department. Onset of AIDS usually occurs more than 10 years after HIV infection.

Also, the HIV strain seen in this man appears to be able to attach to two different receptors on the CD-4 immune cells - the target cells of the virus, which it hijacks. In the vast majority of HIV patients, the virus first attaches to one of the receptors and later - after several years - attaches to both.

"This patient's infection with an HIV-1 strain not amenable to standard anti-retroviral therapy, along with his rapid clinical and immunological deterioration, is alarming," says David Ho, head of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, which is investigating the case. "While this remains a single case, it is prudent to closely watch for any additional possible cases."

The development and transmission of a drug-resistant HIV strain is well-documented, says Deenan Pillay, head of HIV research at the UK's Health Protection Agency, as is the fast-progression to AIDS in some people.

"Here's a case where both have come together - but I don't think they are necessarily related to each other," Pillay told New Scientist.

He says the new case is a concern, but adds: "We don't want to draw too much from this. It doesn't necessarily mean that the virus will start to take-off." HIV is "always mutating, always changing", he points out, meaning the virus never becomes fixed as a single strain in the human population.

Unwelcome variant
"The extensive use of anti-retroviral drugs in the community may have selected this unwelcome triple drug-resistant variant," speculates Craig Pringle, viral diseases moderator for the infectious diseases mailing list ProMed Mail. "An outbreak of HIV not amenable to treatment with currently available drugs is in the offing."

Pringle also highlights the possibility that the patient could have been infected with strain of HIV that had spontaneously mutated, and is therefore unique to him.

Another unknown is the effect the patient's drug abuse had on the progression to AIDS. Some experts suggest the crystal meth could have weakened his immune system, allowing AIDS to develop more rapidly. And even his genetic make-up is likely to have some, as yet unspecified, effect.

Related Link: http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7007
author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Feb 15, 2005 23:04author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Again this is a silly conclusion.
Each person with HIV strains actually carries several hundred different types and they differ from everyone elses's 'Strains'.
This is why they can't create a vaccine.
Crystal Meth keeps people awake for days and puts a huge stress on the Adrenal, Thyroid and other glands and there is common link with Thyroid problems and Auto-immune disease, that's what Hyperthyroid becomes. The toxicity of Crystal Meth will also create a whole new set of antibodies to the chemical and these researchers look like they're interpreting these antibodies as new HIV, HERV activity going out of balance again.
I knew someone would drag this study out but think about the illness constant Crystal Meth use will create anyway. Keep thinking.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Feb 16, 2005 08:04author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I should have been a bit more detailed on that study so here's the fine points.
Multi-drug-resistant HIV strain raises alarm

‘The time taken for HIV-infected patients to fall ill with AIDS varies. But this is the first time fast progression to illness has been seen in combination with this level of drug resistance - further tests have revealed the strain is resistant to 19 of the 20 licensed anti-retroviral drugs.’
What does this mean, did they tried 20 anti-retroviral drugs on the poor man?
You don’t even need a heap of sexual partners to be carrying viruses.
People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have had up to 10% foreign DNA replicating in their bodies, we all carry a collection of latent viruses mostly from the pox families, healthy people with intact immune systems keep this under control.
All it needs is exposure to solvents and toxins with low nutrient levels to create the conditions where the Collagen and Cellular Matrix collapses and the latent viruses can come out and party.
This will release all the HERV’s in our genome and the AIDS researchers are barking up the wrong tree again.
The HERV-W retrovirus is probably not even a problem and looks like a vital part of fetal development.
There is research out there indicating that HERV-W is involved in patching up the Collagen Matrix so in this case of a heavy drug users being medicated with DNA and RNA terminating drugs it would have interrupted at every move.
This throw away comment from Deenan Pillay.
He says the new case is a concern, but adds: "We don't want to draw too much from this. It doesn't necessarily mean that the virus will start to take-off." HIV is "always mutating, always changing", he points out, meaning the virus never becomes fixed as a single strain in the human population.
He’s saying that HIV is never the same, well what a vague sort of virus that is, how convenient.
So what does that say about all the tests, do they change the test each day to find the new types of HIV?
"This patient's infection with an HIV-1 strain not amenable to standard anti-retroviral therapy, along with his rapid clinical and immunological deterioration, is alarming," says David Ho, head of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York, which is investigating the case. "While this remains a single case, it is prudent to closely watch for any additional possible cases."
This is David Ho speaking, isn’t he the lunatic who came up with HAART Highly Active Anti-retroviral treatment.
What he’s really saying is we tried 20 drugs on this guy and nothing worked.
"The extensive use of anti-retroviral drugs in the community may have selected this unwelcome triple drug-resistant variant," speculates Craig Pringle, viral diseases moderator for the infectious diseases mailing list ProMed Mail. "An outbreak of HIV not amenable to treatment with currently available drugs is in the offing."
Pringle also highlights the possibility that the patient could have been infected with strain of HIV that had spontaneously mutated, and is therefore unique to him
Everyone has different HERV’s just like they have different DNA, this guy obviously doesn’t know that.
Another unknown is the effect the patient's drug abuse had on the progression to AIDS. Some experts suggest the Crystal Meth could have weakened his immune system, allowing AIDS to develop more rapidly. And even his genetic make-up is likely to have some, as yet unspecified, effect.
Finally at the end they admit the Crystal Meth could have weakened his immune system, let alone all the drugs they pumped into him.
If you have HIV and you’re reading this, these guys are woffle mongers trying to justify their jobs.
As I write this I’m listening to Died Pretty, don’t die pretty, give you’re drugs back to your doctor and tell him or her they should try them if they think they are so good for you.
Walk away from your diagnosis and walk in the park, play tennis or watch a Winnie the Pooh DVD.
That’ll save your life more than these freaks ever could.

author by Spinning Quicklypublication date Wed Feb 16, 2005 19:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Check this URL out.

Related Link: http://www.quackwatch.org/04ConsumerEducation/hiv-aids.html
author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Feb 16, 2005 22:54author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Finally something chunky to rip into, a lot of the claims are spurious and false though.
After even a quick squiz. CU's

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Thu Feb 17, 2005 06:20author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why did you make mozzies, God?

I lay motionless in the bath waiting for my geckos
And watched a good looking cockroach
Have a drink from the shower tap
Got too close on the next approach
And I thought ‘What a great prehistoric job,
But why did you make mozzies, God?’

Food for my collection of spiders
My Lizard country with screeching bats
The roads and cars and humans divide us
No parties tonight over at the flats
Their noisy verandahs drown the city
With drink and talk and music sound
Gothic at 25 degrees, 80 percent humidity
I’m listening to the living ground
Insects humming at 2am
Under stars and tree canopies
And see bats and moths while I look up at them
But God, why did you make mozzies?

Cal 2am 17th Feb 2005.

I thought a bit of poetry might lighten things up before what I’m about to say. Cooking.
I realised I don’t even have to reply to the anally retentive argument about HIV, someone else will do it for me.
The real point is that some people can live for 20 years with it without the drugs and the drugs are useless.
If these people can try and prove a point while the kids in New York are being poisoned to death then they are cold and smug and their argument is vapid and vacuous.
The drugs don’t work and they never will.
Meanwhile we have much bigger problems
Ebola news.

When Bush rolled up his sleeve and got a jab of Smallpox he was really just advertising a vaccine he has shares in.
Sucked in Mr.Bush I’ve got that jab too and when my skin fell off the site of the jab bled for 2 years.
It really is not healthy to have another Pox virus latent in your system.
This is why the health workers in the US refused the vaccine because if they took it back to their immunocompromised Chemotherapy patients they could kill them.
If Smallpox appears anywhere you’ll be sure it’s not from Al Quaeda.
They are brainwashing us to get ready for martial law and the MEHPA Act.
Look at this.
The Pharmaceuticide companies that fund Bush are going down and the lawyers are getting ready for a feeding frenzy. Check these drugs from Drug Recall, don’t even know half of them.
Drugs to Watch
Accutane Ativan Avandia Baycol Bextra Celebrex Crestor Ephedra Fen-Phen Lariam Lamictal Lamisil Lotronex
Meridia Naproxen Neurontin OxyContin Paxil PPA Propulsid Redux Rezulin Risperdal Serevent Seroquel Serzone
Thimerosal Viga Vioxx Zicam Zoloft Zyprexa
CHARLESTON, S.C. Feb 15, 2005 — A 15-year-old boy who claimed the antidepressant Zoloft drove him to kill his grandparents and burn their house down was found guilty of murder Tuesday and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Buford O'Neal Furrow Jr. walked into the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles and, without a word, fired 70 rounds with a Uzi-type gun, wounding five people. A month earlier, Mark Barton murdered his wife and two children and then methodically and dispassionately gunned down 21 people in two brokerage firms in Atlanta, killing nine. These and virtually all of the gun-related massacres that have made headlines over the past decade have had one thing in common:
Last month, I warned you about the dangers of these selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and detailed a few of the scores of murders, suicides, and other acts of violence committed by people taking PROZAC-like drugs. THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE AKATHISIA, MENTAL AND PHYSICAL AGITATION THAT SPARKS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE, VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. They can also induce dissociative reactions, making those who take the drugs INSENSITIVE TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR BEHAVIOR.
This is the type of drug that Eric Harris was taking when he walked into Columbine High School and massacred his fellow students. Kip Kinkel, who killed his parents, then went to his high school in Oregon, killed two students and wounded 22 others, was taking PROZAC. Joseph Wesbecker was taking PROZAC when he killed seven people with an AK-47 at a printing plant in Kentucky, before taking his own life.
That’s just SSRI’s and guns, wait until the dollar falls over.
Fan Gang's Comments

Hence all the fuss over comments by Chinese economist Fan Gang. Fan isn't a government official; he's director of the state- owned National Economic Research Institute in Beijing. The connection seemed close enough for traders who found great relevance in Fan's comment that China has lost faith in the dollar, to which its currency is pegged.

``The U.S. dollar is no longer, in our opinion is no longer, (seen) as a stable currency and is devaluating all the time, and that's putting troubles all the time,'' Fan said, speaking in English, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. ``So the real issue is how to change the regime from a U.S. dollar pegging to a more manageable reference, say euros, yen, dollars -- those kind of more diversified systems.''
The Dollar Debate.
This was the equivalent of a shopkeeper pulling out the scissors and cutting up the credit card.
Now some more on petrochemicals and you all breathe this stuff so look carefully.


Effects of transplacental exposure to environmental pollutants on birth outcomes in a multiethnic population.

Do you see my point about Benzene chemicals causing problems yet?
Aromatic Definition
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cancer

When I heard Michael Ruppert methodically tell us that 911 was allowed to happen on radio over here in Australia I knew straight away that the War on Terra stinks. And this guy is not a conspiracy freak.
They blamed the Taliban because the Taliban had destroyed the heroin crop and upset Wall St.
Hence I wrote.
Don’t buy any heroin, if you don’t want America to win
Went to Afghanistan to route the Al Quaeda out and now they’ve broken the heroin drought.
One Hell of Osama.
The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire
The editor and publisher of From the Wilderness, Michael Ruppert is a former LAPD narcotics investigator who discovered CIA drug trafficking in 1977, and has since pioneered innovative analysis on the US drug economy and illegal covert operations.
Again I say this directly to Bono as a U2 fan, what are you doing even talking to this Nazi scumbag?
Have you any credibility left?
“We don’t want your filthy money, we don’t want your innocent bloodshed, we just want to end your world.”
Fearless Vampire Killers. Bad Brains mid’80’s
If Bono loves America he has to jump ship now because Bush is an Armaggeddon freak and he’s taking America down with him. They secret service nutters just blew up the ex Lebanese prime minister to scapegoat the Syrians.
This is insane, they want to invade Syria which has Chinese petrol companies and Iran and they can’t even take Fallujah a city 16 kilometres wide.
Peak oil has happened, it’s time to invest in Biodiesel before the sludge full of Benzene reaches us all and kills us.

An Open Letter to All Americans
At least some Irish farmers have seen the rioting on the wall.
Irish Farmer’s Journal Interactive
Facing up to the bioenergy challenge

Thanks to the CIA for the net and Bill Gates for Microsoft even if my computer is dodgy.
Thanks to Shirley Manson and Garbage for the soundtrack and words but now I’ll go home and listen to some Chills and their Heavenly Pop Hits.
AIDS is not about just HIV

author by Paul King - DAGpublication date Thu Feb 17, 2005 10:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Re: New Highly Virulent Strain of HIV Found

No new "strain" has been detected. Just ONE person who did not respond in the usual way to antiretroviral drugs...and if one's immune system is destroyed through drug abuse, the anti HIV drugs, which are hard on the body by themselves, certainly are not going to help a patient in this situation. No credible news report would use the term "crystal methamphetamine" and would certainly not describe it as a "narcotic."

It does NOT put people to sleep!

1. All of their counts for New York are estimated.

2. The "patient" they found was a routine abuser of crystal methamphetamine, Which we all know will seriously destroy your immune system.

Pay close attention when you read and see if you can see a national newspaper "of record" pulling some yellow journalism

Know Peter Duesberg? He doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS.
"He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various
American/European AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT itself, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS. See The AIDS Dilemma: Drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus."


And here's a new bloomberg article about a "New, Virulent HIV Strain".

Guess what - The guy is a heavy crystal meth user - and was treated with several anti retrovirus drugs. Suddenly he's sick!

Can't imagine why. And they label it AIDS. Another highlight from the article - '"the patient's use of crystal methamphetamine shows that the drug continues to play a significant role in facilitating the transmission of HIV.'' The drug reduces peoples' inhibitions and their likelihood of using condoms or other forms of safe sex, he said.'

Right. So they admit the corrolation between meth and AIDS. But it's only because a person is less likely to use a condom, get HIV, then AIDS. hmmmm. Fishy. What do you think?

The NY Times even states in the first paragraph that "many scientists are skeptical". I wonder why?

The article ends with information about drug companies' stock.. Glaxco stock jumped up so much that it caused a boom on ALL Europen Exchanges. The power of myths.

Yep, I agree. HIV/AIDS is about money, not truth or health.


"Methamphetamine (MA) has immunosuppressive properties."

Yu QL; Larson DF; Watson RR. Heart disease, methamphetamine and AIDS. Life Sciences 73(2): 129-140, 2003. (80 refs.)

Methamphetamine (MA) not only affects the nervous system but also has cardiac toxicity and immunosuppressive properties.


Crystal Meth also burns up at a super fast rate the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body demands to function properly--the result is less resistance to infection and disease.


Related Link: http://www.dissidentaction.com
author by Dean Phelpspublication date Thu Feb 17, 2005 12:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Behind every 'AIDS' scare story lies a money making scam.


FLEMINGTON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 16, 2005--

Results of a new national survey of 864 physicians and 1,339 members of
general public revealed that a significant majority of both groups believe
that mandatory, federally funded HIV testing would improve the overall
health of the U.S. population.

The national e-survey was conducted by HCD Research during February 12
as part of its continuing investigation of the social, political and
economic issues confronting the U.S. health care system. The margin of
in the survey was plus or minus 3% at a 95% confidence level.

The survey revealed that among the general public:

-- 63% of Americans believe that mandatory, federally funded HIV testing
would improve the overall health of the U.S. population

-- 60% indicated that the associated health care benefits of mandatory,
federally funded HIV testing outweigh the social implications

-- 40% indicated that the social implications of mandatory, federally
HIV testing outweigh the associated health care benefits

The most frequently cited social concerns of those representing the
public who were not in favor of mandatory testing were:

Difficulty obtaining life insurance 76%

Job/employment issues 71%

The least frequently reported social concerns were:

The cost of testing is too high for public funding 52%

Difficulty in marriage and other social relations 51%

Inadequate access to medical and psychological counseling 46%

Among the sample of physicians:

-- 64% believe that mandatory, federally funded HIV testing would improve
the overall health of the U.S. population

-- 59% reported that the associated health care benefits of mandatory,
federally funded HIV testing outweigh the social implications

-- 41% indicated that the social implications of mandatory, federally
HIV testing outweigh the associated health care benefits

The most frequently cited social concerns by physicians who were not in
favor of mandatory testing were:

Difficulty obtaining life insurance 84%

Job/employment issues 77%

The least frequently reported social concerns were:

Difficulty in marriage and other social relations 48%

Inadequate access to medical and psychological counseling 44%

The cost of testing is too high for public funding 34%

"Physicians are a distinct group who share similar education, income and
status in society, and it is intriguing that their views reflect those of
the general public on serious and evolving health care issues such as this
one," noted Glenn Kessler, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, HCD Research.

According to a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, health
experts recommend that virtually all Americans be screened routinely for
HIV AIDS virus, much as they are for cancer and other conditions. In
addition, the report cited recent federally funded studies which
that the cost of routinely testing and treating nearly all adults would be
outweighed by a reduction in new infections and the opportunity to start
patients on antiviral medications early in the disease progression.

HCD Research is a marketing and communications research company
headquartered in Flemington, NJ. The company's services include
and web-based marketing and communications research. HCD Research also
developed readmylipz.com, a political ad testing web site for the 2004
Presidential campaign. For additional information on HCD Research, access
the company's web site at www.hcdi.net or call HCD Research at (908)

For more information or to schedule an interview with Glenn Kessler,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, HCD Research, please contact Vince
McGourty, M&M Communications, Inc., at 908-638-5555 or


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HCD Research

Marketing company for the drugs and test companies.

Trip Trepagnier, Vice President, Marketing Research Services

He also was director of centralized marketing and headed U.S.
marketing for Bayer Diagnostics, and held sales and marketing management
positions of increasing scope and responsibility with DuPont Diagnostics.

Glenn Kessler, Managing Partner

Prior to founding HCD Research, Kessler held sales and marketing positions
with Roche Diagnostic Systems, Inc. and Ortho Diagnostics Systems, a
Johnson & Johnson company. He served as director of national accounts and
was a member of the Roche Diagnostic Operating Committee.

Ina Noble, Director, Marketing Research Services

Noble has held sales and marketing positions with SMG Marketing Group,
IMS, Dentsply
International, Becton Dickinson and Company, EM Diagnostics, Inc. and ER
Squibb and Sons, Inc.

Arthur J. Kover, Ph.D. Senior Consultant, Adversting Research Services

Dr. Kover is a leader in the design and execution of advertising research
programs. During the 90's, he was the Chairman of the Marketing Department
at Fordham University's Graduate School of Business. Prior to entering
academia, Dr. Kover spent 20 years directing research initiatives at some
of the world's largest advertising agencies including, Kenyon & Eckhardt
(now Bozell), Cunningham & Walsh and J. Walter Thompson.


Funny how the senior personel of this market research company worked for
just about every manufacturer of multi million dollar AIDS and Hep C
diagnostic machines.

Who thinks their survey was without bias?

RDI is a distributor of fine immunochemical products including pure
Janssen drugs for in vitro research (anti-fungals, anti-psychotics,
anti-histaminics, anti-neuroleptics and more..) , monoclonal antibodies
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patients requiring assistance with self-monitoring.

Main products: - AIDS and Hep C machines


This seemingly genuine study turns out to be a carefully engineered piece of propaganda intended to give the green light to manditory testing. The result would be billions of dollars in sales for these multi million dollar machines.

Behind every 'AIDS' story lies a money making scam.

author by Activistpublication date Thu Feb 17, 2005 17:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Different HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies Being Debated After Detection of Rare, Drug-Resistant HIV Strain
16 Feb 2005

Following New York City health officials' announcement last week that they have detected a rare, drug-resistant HIV strain, HIV/AIDS experts and advocates are examining different prevention strategies, some calling for a "renewed commitment to prevention efforts and free condoms" and others hoping to "track down those who knowingly engage in risky behavior" to prevent the spread of the virus, the.... New York Times reports (Jacobs, New York Times, 2/15). New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene officials on Friday at a news conference announced they had detected in a local patient a rare strain of HIV that is highly resistant to most antiretroviral drugs and causes a rapid onset of AIDS. The city health department also issued an alert to physicians, hospitals and medical providers asking them to test all HIV-positive patients for evidence of the strain. City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said, "We have not seen a case like this before. It holds the potential for a very serious public health problem" (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 2/14). Advocates' and health officials' discussions have concentrated on reducing risky behavior among men who have sex with men, including confronting people at "impromptu sex parties," "infiltrating" Web sites, "thwarting liaisons" that involve crystal methamphetamine use and working together to track down the sexual partners of people who test HIV-positive, the Times reports. The advocates say that "gay men must start taking responsibility for their own, before a resurgent epidemic draws officials who could use even more aggressive tactics," according to the Times ( New York Times, 2/15).
Prevention Obstacles
The discovery of a multidrug-resistant HIV strain "illustrates the enormous difficulty of promoting and sustaining changes in sexual behavior," according to social scientists, the New York Times reports. Some researchers and AIDS advocates say a lack of federal funding is an obstacle to providing HIV/AIDS prevention education and public awareness campaigns. "Prevention has always been the neglected stepchild in terms of funding," Dr. Anke Ehrhardt, director of the HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, said, adding that regardless of whether the new strain is an isolated case, "we will have another epidemic unless we put behavioral change front and center and do it better than we are doing it now." Researchers cite several other factors in current efforts' failures to curb unsafe sex and promote prevention strategies, including antiretroviral drugs that extend life and lessen the fear associated with being HIV-positive; the use of the Internet to find casual partners, which bypasses traditional meeting places where health care workers can reach people; crystal methamphetamine use associated with sexual activity; and prevention messages that are not tailored to people who are at highest risk of contracting or transmitting HIV, according to the Times (Carey/ O'Connor, New York Times, 2/15).

Public Alert
Some HIV/AIDS experts and advocates believe that New York City officials' announcement of the new HIV strain in one patient was premature, the Chicago Tribune reports. "There's not a lot we can conclude from these isolated cases," Dr. Julio Montaner, chair of AIDS research at the University of British Columbia, said, but he added that these cases can "inspire vigilance and caution among groups at risk for HIV," according to the Tribune. Others say that focusing attention on the New York City man's rapid progression from HIV to AIDS is "confusing" because it could be a result of the man's genetic susceptibility, according to the Tribune. "I think it's pretty strange that they're making a tempest in a teapot over this," Dr. Steven Wolinsky, chief of infectious diseases at Northwestern University, said (Manier, Chicago Tribune, 2/15). Some AIDS experts said the decision to go public with just one case and before all testing has been completed was "too hasty, alarmist and unscientific," the New York Times reports. However, Frieden, who made the announcement, said, "I don't know whether this is of tremendous scientific importance," adding, "But I do know that from a public health practice standpoint it is of great concern and it has immediate implications for what the community does and what doctors do and what we do." Frieden said he made the announcement for other reasons, including a desire to send a "wake-up call" to the public and health care workers that HIV/AIDS remains an epidemic, concern that physicians are not detecting HIV in its early stages and hope that more HIV-positive people would learn their status and "change their risk behavior," according to the Times (Altman, New York Times, 2/15).

Philadelphia Inquirer Examines Crystal Methamphetamine

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday examined crystal methamphetamine use and efforts to stop the use of the drug, which some say "destroys lives and relationships and encourages risky behavior." According to the Inquirer, crystal meth is "especially popular" among MSM because it "erases inhibitions" and allows men to "stay up partying and having sex for several days before crashing." Some experts believe this type of behavior might lead to the spread of HIV/ AIDS, including drug-resistant strains (Hill, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/15). The complete article is available online.:

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=20103
author by s bronsonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 04:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

cal i never knew such horrors existed! those poor children being sacrificed for money how can things like this happen? if not for Mona who would have stepped up to the plate and batted for those abused children? it looks like no one! talk about your night mares coming to life! God only knows what harm has been done to the littlest victims. i guess that's why they were using them - who would or could even say no to treatment that sounds a lot more like torture. what can we do to make sure this atrocity never ever happens again?

s bronson

author by David Lanepublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 04:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Re: New Highly Virulent Strain of HIV Found

No new "strain" has been detected. Just ONE person who did not respond in the usual way to antiretroviral drugs...and if one's immune system is destroyed through drug abuse, the anti HIV drugs, which are hard on the body by themselves, certainly are not going to help a patient in this situation. No credible news report would use the term "crystal methamphetamine" and would certainly not describe it as a "narcotic."

It does NOT put people to sleep!

1. All of their counts for New York are estimated.

2. The "patient" they found was a routine abuser of crystal
methamphetamine, Which we all know will seriously destroy your immune system.

Pay close attention when you read and see if you can see a national newspaper "of record" pulling some yellow journalism

Know Peter Duesberg? He doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS.
"He has instead proposed the hypothesis that the various
American/European AIDS diseases are brought on by the long-term consumption of recreational drugs and/or AZT itself, which is prescribed to prevent or treat AIDS. See The AIDS Dilemma: Drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus."


And here's a new bloomberg article about a "New, Virulent HIV Strain".

Guess what - The guy is a heavy crystal meth user - and was treated with several anti retrovirus drugs. Suddenly he's sick!

Can't imagine why. And they label it AIDS. Another highlight from the article - '"the patient's use of crystal methamphetamine shows that the drug continues to play a significant role in facilitating the transmission of HIV.'' The drug reduces peoples' inhibitions and their likelihood of using condoms or other forms of safe sex, he said.'

Right. So they admit the corrolation between meth and AIDS. But it's only because a person is less likely to use a condom, get HIV, then AIDS. hmmmm. Fishy. What do you think?

The NY Times even states in the first paragraph that "many scientists are skeptical". I wonder why?

The article ends with information about drug companies' stock.. Glaxco stock jumped up so much that it caused a boom on ALL Europen Exchanges. The power of myths.

Yep, I agree. HIV/AIDS is about money, not truth or health.


"Methamphetamine (MA) has immunosuppressive properties."

Yu QL; Larson DF; Watson RR. Heart disease, methamphetamine and AIDS. Life Sciences 73(2): 129-140, 2003. (80 refs.)

Methamphetamine (MA) not only affects the nervous system but also has cardiac toxicity and immunosuppressive properties.


Crystal Meth also burns up at a super fast rate the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body demands to function properly--the result is less resistance to infection and disease.


author by Annie Jacksonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 04:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I just finished one of the pieces about Christine Maggiore. I'm not quite sure what the heck to think. She is a very brave and courageous woman but how did we get to the point where it almost seems like anything to do with conventional western medicine the cure is worse than the illness???????

author by David Lane - DAGpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 04:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The above article from DAG had already been posted by someone else from DAg. Apologies.


This may be of interest

Cumulative 'AIDS' figures in Canada

What is interesting is that there have only been 65 teenage cases since 1983 in Canada. Also the 20 to 25 age group is very low too.

This is similar to the U.S. and does not fit an std.

Like America, people over 60 have as much 'AIDS' (611 cases) as both teenagers AND 20-24 years olds combined (65 teen cases and 573 cases in the 20-24 group).

Seems once again Grannies Gone Wild!


Related Link: http://www.dissidentaction.com
author by Annie Jacksonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 04:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I really don't mean to be rude but I think you need to take a closer look at the WHOLE "HIV/AIDS" programs. Of course there is no cure.....I'm not even sure there is a disease! It seems to me that you need to give people food and shelter and healthy food you could save so many lives. I worry that since we are still *learning* I don't think there is anything factual about "HIV"! Why don't we as a global effort help people get the minimum basics to live and worry about them having "HIV"? Does it matter if they die from malnutrition and starvation and have "HIV". I bet it doesn't make any difference to the friends and family. Use the KISS formula:
(I'm not calling you stupid but rather refer to government red tape and reactive intrusive stance.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 05:00author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Air Coral Lung Tree

Got a problem singing pop songs
They all sound the same to me
When you ask me what on earth is wrong
It’s we’re all insane and pretend not to be
The essential problem with our bosses
Is megalomaniacs are always tossers
Count on paper their gains and losses
Work for Satan but wave their crosses
At me and the trees that they seized
To nail up Jesus and go overseas
Like disease to species
Who died for you and died of boredom
The cancer ward patients are bored
The doctors are aliens with little swords
Creating poisons we can’t afford
A change of diet makes a world of good

Does anyone know what money is?
Think of inmates who think these things
Doctors rave about things they did
Thank the sewers and thank the fridge
And half of the world is controlled
By people who should go on the dole
Eternal mums and dads go mad
They never get to play
With cancer and bad backs
Our hearts are prone to karma attacks
The jailers are never free
I think we all live on a prison colony

Written in 1996 when working in a garage drilling fibreglass boards and wearing a suit and gasmask in 35 degree heat, hell is a strange place. Fitting words for this topic.
Don’t make a prison planet because jailers are prisoners too and hiding in a citadel is to hide in a prison. Open the gates and we could create a paradise.
Bush can’t go anywhere without worrying about those Gulf War Syndrome guys.

In my bookcase is a book from the ‘80’s called High Tech Holocaust by James Bellini
Terrifyingly well written and pleading that it was too late for us to clean this mess up. I grew up resigned to doom anyway in England as a teenager of the 4 minute warning generation not expecting to see it through the ‘90’s with America and Russia pointing nukes at each other on the Eastern Front.
Well it is a pleasure to have made it to the 21st Century though a lot of friends didn’t make it with drugs and drink and suicide but the superpowers are still insane.
That’s why these musings are so important, we are in deep trouble and at the moment all of this horror seems to still revolve around oil, that’s why no one could be bothered with North Korea yet because there’s nothing to pinch.
Look what happened to the East Timorese and Chechens, in Aceh or Sudan, stupid oil wells, not very well.
Our reliance on oil is going to come back to us in very nasty way and if hundreds of thousands of people dead and mutilated and mutated is worth it for your car then OK.
Biodiesel can literally stop a world war and we need it quick.
Check the Firestorm plug.
And this site to distract you for a while, I know he’s selling a book but what a nerd.
If weather gets colder expect more panic, burning the dregs of the star sludge.

"The Doctors, the Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children"
My new hero at the moment is Dr. Siegwart-Horst Günther who I had the misfortune to watch but what a brave old dude.
Dr. Gunther was a German/Polish Jew who survived WW2 and in the video he and Tedd Weyman are crawling over tanks and building wreckage taking samples and readings of DU radiation on their Geiger counters.
All without any protection so the American or British military don’t stop them.
We see the surreal images of a roadside snack bar in Bagdad and the scars of where
a destroyed tank lay with a above background radiation level 30,000 times normal.
Dr Gunther single handedly raised the alarm because after 40 years of working in Iraq
he noticed an incredible amount of children with cancers and deformations back in the‘90’s with Gulf War I.
He took one DU bullet back to Germany and no Uni would allow anything that radioactive into their labs yet the kids were playing with them in and around the tanks.
They arrested him in Germany for carrying a prohibited toxic substance and fined him
3,000 Deutsch Marks, he refused to pay and went to jail for it.
Measuring the DU made him sick after several visits.
They also tried to run him down and almost succeeded in killing him.

Weyman led the investigative team that gathered samples for analysis for the UMRC– http://www.umrc.net/ He discusses startling findings of the 2003 field investigations in Iraq. "The human and environmental samples have been found to contain depleted uranium and abnormally high levels of the artificial transuranic isotope, 236U. ... Viewers will see in the film, evidence of a new class of uranium weapons." These include "bunker defeat" bombs.
The Basra Hospital was shocking, I was utterly horrified and those deformed and leukemia ridden kids looked beyond repair.
All my petty whinging about my skin falling off was only to make a point about chemical exposure, these kids are really in terrible and grotesque pain and need help.
Dr. Jenan Hassan revealed an on-going health catastrophe--a ten-fold increase in cancers and a twenty-fold increase in congenital deformities. The grisly realities of the cancer ward provide an appropriate alarm that could help to stop the use of these weapons unless it can be shown they will not harm civilians for generations to come.

Nuclear war has already started, in Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo people are still dying.
The story opens with comments by two British veterans, Kenny Duncan and Jenny Moore, describing their exposure to radioactive, so-called ‘depleted’ uranium (DU), weapons and the congenital abnormalities of their children.
These Gulf War Vets are Bush’s greatest enemies, never mind Osama, these people must be furious coming back mangled and not even able to escape the effects of war.
We’ve educated kids and put them into tanks over there, slaughtering people while they listen to Heavy Metal, Rap and Techno and one day they’ll be home.
Bush is no Christian, he adopts the abortion issue for a few votes but to mutilate god’s creations with man made poisons is Satanic, it can be nothing else, all for a dollar.
Anyway I figure if Dr.Gunther can show us beyond any doubt that nuclear waste is pretty much all over Iraq in a fine yellow dust leaching into everything then I can move my lazy self to say something about all this.
This was a war over oil of course, I find it insane that people in America think Saddam was Mr 911 and it simply must be the trash TV news that does it.
We have a show called CNNNNN over here that takes the mickey and they interviewed some Americans showing them a picture of Australia with Iran on it.
The question was which way to attack Iran from, North, South or West.
Unfortunately these particular Americans took that hook line and sinker to leave one a little astonished that they really did believe Australia was Iran, it was scary.
The most intense tank battles were over the oil fields and you know what that means?
We really haven’t long before the rains in Iraq wash the dust down to contaminate the oil and we’ll be burning it out the back of our exhaust pipes.
Remember all the points I made about Benzene and the lack of distinction in symptoms at all between AIDS, Leukemia and Cancer, we all die the same way.
AIDS was never about one HI virus, it’s about too many drugs, recreational or prescription, new chemicals and pollutants our bodies have never processed before.
It’s about microwaves and Radioactivity and vaccines. We simply can’t cope.
It’s caused by corporate exploitation of workers with no protection or the IMF ‘austerity measures’ starving entire populations to death.
American Companies Exploit the Congo
Africa Faces New Threat of New Colonialism
The Congo’s History, makes you want to cry.
The bad news is that there isn’t a pill that can cure that but we can still try to fix it up.
It is possible for the American, British and Australian governments to clean up the dust and put all those Billions into the Iraqi hospitals to do some healing for once.
Another great Australian secret was Yull Brown a Hungarian who lived in Sydney and came up with the water-gas welder, he died in 1999 but the company kept going.
Great technology, check this his radioactivity reduction at the Beijing academy.
Brown’s gas products page.
It really has got to the stage where we should realise our governments don’t regulate big business and cons and frauds go on and on only because we have hilarious blind faith that modern is good, don’t you love fashion.
I’m going to do something with my pissy little band, do a benefit and send some Vitamin C, maybe Vitamin B bottles, costs $5 for a 100 over here, Lysine and maybe some boxes of Brazil nuts over to the Basra hospital.
Could even adopt an African TB clinic and send them an Ioniser to fit into their ward.
Might even go one further and contact a friend who studies nutrition to see if there’s a way for us to reverse or at least neutralise the shocking effects of radiation, we might all need it soon, I’m onto it anyway, it’ll be a tea break project for me to do.
Maybe one day I’ll be able to visit the Congo with all it’s mystery, jungle and death to see a change where finally after a century of genocide the world wakes up to stop it.
It may seem insane to say it but I’ve seen the signs that HIV positives are getting over the bone pointing and realising they made another decade while they watched someone else go down with cancer or heart disease.
Michael Ellner from HEAL will be very pleased the voodoo spell is breaking.

Mostly 17-2-2005
All the gods and the devas
Fairies and the ghostly dead
Cheer on the silent ether
For the writings in my head

They come out at night mostly
And fly by in the sky
The bats and lights so ghostly
Floating in flight, bye bye

For the kids of New York and Basra
Filled with pills or toxic sand
This bon fire will be a dazzler
And I’ll burn my adrenal glands

Checkmate, game set and match
To a bunch of sticks in the ammo dump
They played us for spellbound fools
On their junk I threw wood and punk

And soon I’ll walk away
Watch Kill Bill or play tennis today

Well I normally hit a ball round with a Hurley stick but I’ve got no one to do that with anymore which sucks really. Tennis will be lovely, need to hit something harmless.
I’ve written my horror story that no one wanted to tell, you all can use what you like.
“Tell me a story, tell me a story, bored, restless, ****ed up and lonely.”
Tell me a Story by Not From There
I came here with a broken heart and a mind on fire.
Star Sludge.

I’ll finish this with what I’d call a question lesson for all the biology nerds.
I discovered the HERV’s before I knew AIDS dissidents were talking about them.
I’m in a band called Alien Virus that was named after Sir Fred Hoyle’s book
‘Diseases from Space’ with N.C.Wickramsinghe who is still around.
Great historical extracts of sudden inexplicable epidemics brought on the winds, well the Greeks blamed the wind and since the book is from 1981 I bet a lot of it is not on the net. One throwaway comment about the placenta and retroviruses is in there.
So when they mentioned HERV’s I knew what they were going on about, I found the Syncytin study for the first time when browsing the Panspermia site.
Another gene installed by a virus appears to serve an important human function.
When I discovered HERV-W activity in the brains of some Schizophrenics I didn’t jump to the same conclusion as the scientists who went 2 plus 2 is 11 and recommended AIDS anti-retrovirals to stop the HERV infection in the brain.
New Clues: Could Viruses or Myelin, the Fatty Insulation Surrounding Nerves, Play a Role in Schizophrenia?
See they’ve interpreted it wrong, the HERV-W is trying to patch up the Myelin, which is another Collagen / Lysine based piece of our cellular matrix.

Cleavage of denatured natural collagen type II by neutrophil gelatinase B reveals enzyme specificity, post-translational modifications in the substrate, and the formation of remnant epitopes in rheumatoid arthritis
Copper Lysinate

I thought if HERV-W is laying down something in the foetus then HERV-W in Schizophrenics is not a problem but part of a healing mechanism.
I’ve known Schizophrenics, unfortunately I noticed a lot of them self medicated with heroin because it obviously provided relief and while I’m here I say legalise it now, put it on prescription, cut it with ascorbate. There are old people and sick out there who could really do with a painkiller that works, the doctors threw out one of their most useful drugs with the whole drug war scam.
Things I noticed with Schizophrenics was often, not all, there are ones with darkish brown pigment in their skin, I discovered that this is caused by a build up of Catecholamine breakdown products that make the person hallucinate.
It’s an old theory now by Dr. Hoffer which needs treatment with Vitamin B3 and
Vitamin C to create the enzymes needed. I would recommend Milk Thistle for their livers too because it’s obvious there’s a jaundice component to the disease as well.
Lo and behold I discovered a year ago that Vitamin B3 with sunlight breaks down Phenolic compounds that lodge in the skin, this was serendipity for me and I mucked about with B3. I took walks at lunch and the brownish zones mixed with Cortisone dead zones began to fade away, vitamin E helps this process too.
I take cod liver and drink green tea, try to get sleep for another reason which is TGF Beta formation to tone down the T-cell panic. While I’m here should mention Artichoke for all you Arthritis sufferers, it contains a great chemical called Luteolin which helps prevent the Arachidonic inflammatory cascade that stuffs us up, milk is bad for that.
I love the stuff and I don’t eat enough.
Too much be B3 makes you a bit manic and hyper or moves the bowels, you were warned, and for you people with a weight problem out there I’d say try this fat buster you might be pleasantly surprised.
It’s all about food really, viruses and bacteria just appear in greater numbers when the cells die and having a feeding frenzy on the cellular debris.
On the HERV-W activity in the brains of Schizophrenics, I would suggest that their brains are so depleted of Vitamin C and B vitamins that the antioxidant protection is stuffed and the HERV-W is just trying to do a repair job, it isn’t an infection.
Remember Vitamin C is needed for Collagen production.
This may be the same with HIV, don’t try to kill it because it may be part of a healing process we don’t understand yet, biology is really open slather for interpretation.
In my old Britannica there’s a throw away comment in a section about hallucinogens that mentions a mixture of Vitamin C and B vitamins was injected in the past to stop patients having psychotic episodes on the drugs, old stuff we forget, all fashion.
Finally I’ll describe my picture of the human body.
I see every one of us as a coral reef with different cells, flora, bacteria, viruses and unknowns like nanobes wrapped up in a bag of fat so we can walk on land.
The bones are the coral and the cells are the polyps.
Sometimes a ‘so called pathogen’ butts in and tries to take over nutrient supplies and generally we are all crawling with a few of them but they are kept in check with an immune system and balanced nutrition.
So this is my point, you don’t really think of throwing AZT into a coral reef to stop it from dying do you, I think the EPA would have something to say about that, so why is it OK for gay guys and African women? Think about it.
Bechamp was right, Pasteur was a terrible show off who didn’t really understand what he was talking about, his theories turned us from slack dirty humans rolling in filth to paranoid anally retentive freaks on the look out for the next pathogen lurking somewhere in the African jungle.
I even suspect that the Collagen Matrix is the key to patching up a lot of disease and these Africans and Afghans coming down with Blackpox and Ebola may simply be starving to death and collapsing as soon as this virulent form of pox gets to them. Remember Vitamin C and Lysine?
This paranoid thinking led us to the Green Revolution where we waged a war on insects and destroyed whole ecosystems with monoculture and insecticides.
“We’re viral mutations, the DNA of nations
But where do chemicals stop in a never ending crop?
Hiroshima wasn’t that far back, hack, hack ,hack
Who will get the sack, Prozac, Prozac attack
On the road to Iraq, hack, hack, hack
WHO will get the sack?”
This is from Prozac Attack by Acid World back in 1992, I wrote this before the Genome project and expected all along there would be tons of virus in our genome.
Can we stop obsessing over HIV yet?
We’ve got other problems to address before we even know what HIV’s role in illness is and I say again those problems have to be eliminated first to get results.
In memory of Monty and Schaef, I hope you Reincarnated In Peace.
“ Let’s burst all the bubbles that brainwash the masses”
Parade by Garbage.

What I’m doing is showing you the path to hatred and destruction or love and creation, it is up to you what to do with it.
If Bush calls off the War on Terra and the Pseudo War on Drugs or does the big clean up we’ll I’d bet my bottom dollar I’d forgive the big gumby and share a beer with him. Anyway I’m not much of a threat. There are angrier people out there.
Love ya’s all.
Happy Rooster year to Mister Fan Gang.
Sorry, there’s something so Monty Pythonesque about his name.

Just got this email to interest you all.

I saw your Bono piece mentioned on Aids Myth exposed tonight
and thought I should write you.

We will soon begin screening my first film, "The Last
Lovers on Earth," a 100-minute satirical dark comedy
about the politics of "AIDS" which I made with Michael
Cimpher in Boston last year.

I am one of the first journalists to take the epidemic
seriously. When the first cases of "AIDS," were
recognized in 1981, the newspaper I published, "New
York Native," immediately started covering the story
while other newspapers avoided the subject. Randy
Shilts praised my paper's thorough coverage in "And
the Band Played On."

My paper became controversial later in the epidemic
when we began to ask harder questions about the
veracity of what the government was telling the public
about the epidemic. Partly because our coverage was
not what a lot of people wanted to hear, we went out
of business at the end of 1996. I have been writing
fiction since then about the politics and "science" of
epidemic, and "The Last Lovers on Earth," is based on
three satirical stories I wrote during that period.

We've screened the rough edit of the movie a couple of
times in New York already and, in terms of the
potential controversy the movie could cause, some are
already calling it "The Fahrenheit 9/11 of AIDS." (By
the way, the movie has a funny little dig at Bono.)

This movie is the first of a trilogy of films on this
subject that I hope to make.

If you would like to receive a DVD of the film for
review, please just let us know where to send it.

You can see the first teaser-trailer for the movie
(and the script) at:

Below is a promotional synopsis of the movie.

Thanks for your consideration.

Chuck Ortleb
Rubicon Media
(617) 375-1082


"The Last Lovers on Earth," a forthcoming
feature-length movie written by Charles Ortleb and
produced by Rubicon Media and Michael Cimpher,
consists of three outrageously satirical stories about
the state of the gay community after two decades of
AIDS. In the first story of this dark comedy,
"Bruschetta on the Beach," Eddie is a gay man who is
cursed by extreme ugliness. He moves to New York
hoping that the gay community will give him the love
that he was denied all his life. Instead, no one will
have sex with him. He never finds a lover even for
fifteen minutes. In his first few years in Manhattan,
he figures that 1.2 million gay men have rejected him.
His luck gets worse when he gets severely ill and is
diagnosed with AIDS--even though he has never had sex
with a single soul. The diagnosis changes his luck
because only when he is thought to have AIDS is he
loved and honored.
The second story, "Daddy's Little Clown," is about a
gay man who grows up in a family in which the father
is obsessed with clowns. His greatest hope is that one
of his children will one day become a clown. When his
youngest son tells him that he is going to become a
"gay" rather than a clown, the father is crushed. Only
when the gay son later becomes a leading AIDS activist
in New York and his parents see his wild, over-the-top
AIDS activist behavior on television do his parents
realize that he has not disappointed them, for he has
truly become one of the great clowns of the twentieth
century. The son's behavior and leadership is so
out-of-control and loony that he turns AIDS research
and activism into a three-ring circus. With his loud,
hysterical and menacing antics, he succeeds in getting
all the AIDS activists, the AIDS research
establishment, and the government to do his bidding.
Tragically, he falls victim to his own ridiculous
clown act. The third story, "The Last Lovers on
Earth," begins with the premise that the AIDS epidemic
is over and all gay men are dead. All Hell breaks
loose when two gay men are found to be still alive in
Cape May, New Jersey. The entire AIDS research
establishment suddenly realizes that the historic AIDS
research effort has not been a complete success. The
two gay men are invited to appear on a leading talk
show to explain why they are still alive and every
other gay man in the world is dead. Billions of
viewers tune in to hear them explain that they have
survived by not doing a single thing that the
government's AIDS researchers or the AIDS activists
have told them to do. Shortly after their appearance
on the talk show, they are shot to death by a
disgruntled AIDS researcher. Thus, it seems that the
AIDS epidemic is finally over. Cumulatively, the three
in-your-face, often hilarious stories paint a very
disturbing picture of the AIDS epidemic. It's not the
plague anyone thought they knew. There has never been
a movie about AIDS or the gay community quite like this.

author by Annie Jacksonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 05:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi. I consider myself a skeptic when it comes to people, doctors, etc. I think most problems either go away or can be treated simply and in a natural way. I have done a lot of reading online but I have never seen any of the documentation you provide in your post with numerous links! How could I have missed it? Why are people so unaware? There are very few links on search engines for facts. Most of the listings are connected to big companies such as UNAIDS, Red Cross, AIDSMEDS etc. Is money the ONLY thing they care about?

author by Annie Jacksonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 06:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Cal you were right about those pix. I thought I was prepared but still sick from looking. I need some time to absorb all this. Keep up your cause!

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 06:22author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

A Song for Bono

I’ve been off the page for far too long
Sending me insane with outrageous songs
Is there nothing we can say
Sending kids to early graves
We think we’ve got it made
But we’re all wrong

I ended up bleeding from every pore
And watched my body drop off on the floor
Is there an act of violence
In forcing people to be silent
Like lepers on an island
Who’d just like to talk

I went far beyond the Dublin Pale
Used a sly disguise and left the jail
I see your nerves are on the brink
Eyes wide or eyes that sink
Don’t know what anyone thinks
But we’re all for sale

Fashion activism toes the line
Slick advertising got your minds
This is for Bono and President Bill
You’re making people ill
They need food not ***king pills
I’ll see you in time

Cal 3/10/2004
Sorry Bono, had to be done got to stir the cauldron a little.
I have to buy the Le Tigre collection, then Eskimo and Fang from New Zealand and when I can scrape some dollars together I'll see what U2 has been up to.
All you can't leave behind was very sad.
Make them drop the debt, the vampires.

To Annie I'm just a health nerd who researches on any old computer with google and because a unique set of circumstances happened to me I kind of linked the dots together, everyone have a good weekend.

author by Vivian Stamppublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 07:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

For the person who said there are no links easily found

150 odd web sites


Good blog style resources


Related Link: http://www.dissidentaction.com
author by Rebecca Carsonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I read somewhere that the Minister of Health in South Africa called AIDS the American Invention to Discourage Sex.

He hit the nail on the head.

author by Activistpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 11:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The term Anti-American gets thrown around all too casually but I think your comment above qualifies. Theres a lot of dangerous nonsense on this thread.

AIDS is a reality which has resulted in the deaths of millions of people and will likely result in the deaths of millions of more - unless some cure is found. The present therapies may not be cures but they do allow HIV Positive people to live fulfilling lives.

I really wonder what motivates people who deny the reality of HIV and AIDS.

author by Activistpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 14:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The "KNOW HIV/AIDS" awareness campaign is considering the impact on its messages of last week's announcement of the detection of a rare, drug-resistant HIV strain, which illustrates the disease "remains an elusive and dangerous enemy," the Wall Street Journal reports (Windham, Wall Street Journal, 2/16).

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene officials last week announced they have detected in a local patient a rare strain of HIV that is highly resistant to most antiretroviral drugs and causes a rapid onset of AIDS. The city health department also issued an alert to physicians, hospitals and medical providers asking them to test all HIV-positive patients for evidence of the strain (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 2/14).

Viacom and the Kaiser Family Foundation in January 2003 launched KNOW HIV/AIDS, which is a campaign aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness through PSAs, television and radio programming, and free print and online content. The campaign -- which included media placements valued at more than $200 million in 2004 -- targets both the general population and groups hardest hit by HIV/AIDS, such as people under age 25, minorities, women and men who have sex with men. In 2003, the initiative created 49 television, radio and outdoor ads. The 2004 campaign included 40 targeted ads -- including some of the 49 ads created for the 2003 campaign -- that ran across Viacom's broadcast networks CBS and UPN; cable networks MTV, BET, VH1, CMT: Country Music Television, TV Land, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, Showtime, Spike TV and Comedy Central; 185 Infinity Broadcasting radio stations; and billboards, buses and bus shelter advertising. In addition, MTV, MTV International, Nickelodeon, BET, VH1, Showtime, Sundance Channel and Infinity Broadcasting aired special HIV/AIDS-related programming throughout the year (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 1/26).

Ensuring Accuracy
Tina Hoff, a Kaiser Family Foundation vice president and director of entertainment and media partnerships, said the foundation hopes to discuss potential changes with Viacom in an effort to convey the implications of the rare strain to young people. "News like this has the potential to fuel a lot of hysteria and fear. We want to make sure we're providing accurate messages," Hoff said. Carl Folta, senior vice president of corporate relations at Viacom, said the company is "eager" to work with its partners to provide information about last week's announcement, according to the Journal. "All of the recent revelations point to the fact that you have to continue to educate audiences about this disease," he said, adding, "We're going to sit down and gather our creative forces to help in the education."

James Curran, dean of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University and a former director of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at CDC, said campaigns such as KNOW HIV/AIDS are an "effective approach" to providing education to young people and minorities, the Journal reports. "They don't necessarily believe it if it comes from the government, but they'll believe it if it comes from MTV," he said (Wall Street Journal, 2/16).

MTV, Kaiser To Continue 'Fight for Your Rights' Campaign
The Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV on Tuesday announced that they will continue their partnership to collaborate on a ninth year of the award-winning "Fight for Your Rights: Protect Yourself" campaign aimed at preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases among young people, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation/MTV joint release (Joint release, 2/15). The campaign, which began in 1997, includes special programming, public service announcements, a comprehensive Web site, grassroots events and advocacy opportunities, a free guide, and an extensive resource and referral service that connects viewers to local testing and counseling (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 12/11/03).

Nearly 100 million people have seen the campaign's programming since its inception, and more than one million people have called the campaign's toll-free hotline, 1-888-BE SAFE 1, according to the release. "Our goal with our pro-social campaigns, including 'Protect Yourself,' is always to empower young people by giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions. Through our partnership with Kaiser, we are thrilled to help give young people control of their sexual health," MTV President Van Toffler said. Matt James, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, said, "To reach young people with the information they need to make wise decisions, we realized long ago that we needed to go where they go. Our research shows these messages are being heard" (KFF/MTV release, 2/15).


Related Link: http://www.knowhivaids.org/
author by SteelyDannypublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 17:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Because it has been shown that the test that perports to detect antibodies SPECIFIC to HIV is actually picking up ANY antibodies present in the body, including past illness that you have successfully recovered from AND pregnancy. This marker is not SPECIFIC enough to put people on the equivalent of lifelong chemotherapy. And the viral load test is not a good health marker (for HIV at least... maybe another use can be found for it) because the numbers representing 'viral load' do not directly collate with the level of T-cells in the blood (I know this first hand from my 5 year quarterly blood work that has my CD4 cells rising and falling at different rates than the rise and fall of my 'viral load' numbers).

Yes, it may be an indicator of some other health issues that need to be addressed, but a great disservice is being done to people (many who are otherwise healthy) by 'sentencing' them to an HIV status and all its stigmas (such as criminalizing consentual sex, for example), when other health issues in their lives need to be explored and addressed.

There are a great many things that can destroy or weaken a person's immune system, and the 'surface' is only beginning to be scratched in the field of immunology, so heaping the world's health problems on the idealogy of a single viral entity that was not even completely and properly 'discovered' (read 'cheating and lying for money and fame') is a disaster that keeps snowballing, helping the rich get richer, and the sick get sicker. Especially since alternate avenues of scientific exploration (with proper pier review) are being SQUELCHED.

Related Link: http://www.virusmyth.com
author by Activistpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 18:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What motivates you? You must know that if people heed your advice then deaths from HIV/AIDS will increase. Why would anyone want this to happen?

You are not just the equivalent of a Holocaust Denier: by peddling this sick nonsense you are adding to the AIDS Holocaust.

BTW: Cal/Steely/Rebecca etc , do you really think you are fooling anyone with your multiple alias use?

author by eeekkkkkpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 21:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

When someone who has obviously done a lot of research (and not for the hell of it or glory in the academy) expresses an informed opinion on the activities of multinational drug companies and is labelled a holocaust denier methinks his cccrrriiitttiiicccsss doth protest way too much

what kind of activist are you?

is the air clean in your bunker?

what exactly is the connection here?

Nowhere in any of the various writings by our punk friend aboved does he deny a lot of death and illness is stalking the planet.

author by SammyDpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 23:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You have a lot of learning to do in my opinion. If you want to take the time you need to find out the facts about "HIV". Don't just read some magazine like the Readers Digest. The whole scam of "HIV" has cost millions of dollars and killed tens of thousand lives. What kind of price will they pay? Financially and with their body. How many more people have to die because no one wants to get into trouble by questioning the party line! It's time to stop the lies about "HIV" and use the funds and efforts to actually help those who suffer from extreme poverty. I'm all for helping people - that's why I say give them food and not a toxic cocktail.

I really wonder what motivates people who deny the reality of HIV and AIDS.

author by Annie Jacksonpublication date Fri Feb 18, 2005 23:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi Vivian, thanks for posting the great links. I have a lot of reading to do. I didn't mean you could never find pages just that they bury them sometimes among the 4 or 5 million "good" posts or groups. Censorship in my book.
Thanks again for the great links!

author by sillyputtypublication date Sat Feb 19, 2005 01:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

No one has said that they want anyone to die. Where did you get that phrase? As for what motivates me it really is none of your business, but I don't mind I have nothing to hide. I am motivated by the suffering and misery of all people. Once I discovered HIV was totally bogus I started to attend meetings, spent countless hours online and at the library, learned as much as I could, and I am still learning.
I am trying to save lives not end them. No one can argue "AIDS meds" are good for anything except ruining people's health and lives.
What motivates you? How much have you studied? How much time in a lab? At conferences, workshops, etc?
My goal is to have all the evidence brought to the table . Once and for all discuss the facts and nothing else. Just the truth.
I never said anything about the Holocaust, what are you drinking? smoking? shooting up?
Twenty million people died in the Holocaust and many more were scarred in more ways than one.We need to remember the past so we never allow something like that again!

BTW: Cal/Steely/Rebecca etc , do you really think you are fooling anyone with your multiple alias use?

author by Rebecca Carsonpublication date Sat Feb 19, 2005 03:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Cal/Steely/Rebecca etc , do you really think you are fooling anyone with your multiple alias use?"

This is an old tactic used by right wing trolls on these boards.

Everytime they face popular opposition they claim it is one person using several names.

Anyone in doubt about the size of the dissident movement should check out the petition on VirusMyth with 10,000 names


Forums like


1,400 members

and the DAG group

42 forums with a combine membership of 2,850


Any fool can see these posts are from completely different people.

The lies of right wing puritan AIDS criminals are a reflection of their lack of morals and any real facts to support their little myth.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Sat Feb 19, 2005 03:14author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well I'm silly enough to check the comments at a library computer.
I don't know who Steely or Rebecca are and I'm not using an alias, I'm sticking my neck right out here and since it's year of the rooster I'm going to crow.
This has frazzled me it isn't a fight I chose but I'm going to finish it.
Last night I couldn't sleep so I watched the stars and saw 3 shooting stars then I took the dogs up the hill and watched the sun come up on a new dawn.
I got back home and thought I'd put on Bono's Beautiful Day CD and found I was in tears immediately, by the time Elevation came on I was back up and by the time I was listening to Bono sing about New York I was printing the AIDS orphan article with photos.
I gave them to my real estate man who is a staunch traditionalist Catholic and he's going to pass it on and see what he can do.
There must be some other Catholics reading the proceedings here and I urge you to do the same, dissolving 'Orphan' kids, half of them are not orphans with AIDS drugs is an abomination and needs some action.
We are not a minority anymore despite the attempts to shout us down and treat us like lepers.
Dump your Glaxo stocks now.

author by notme - SSPpublication date Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You can get the film from Solidarity South Pacific, off their website. Can't remember how much it is but it is cheap.

Related Link: http://www.eco-action.org/ssp/
author by Paul Kingpublication date Sat Feb 19, 2005 13:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I know Steely Dan from posts from the past on this topic over the years. Rebecca is new to me but seems to know of the Dissident Action Group and so may be a member.

Cal is exactly who he says he is.

I don't know of any of the others posting.

Hope this helps.

Paul King
Dissident Action


author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 02:39author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

“It is a terrible thing when you think you have got on a bandwagon and it turns out to be a dustcart” Ernst Hanfstaengl, Hitler’s former aide in the 1930’s

After visiting the library and witnessing the bizarre claim that I’m writing this under many different aliases I went book shopping and found ‘Japanese for Dummies’.
I then went home and read ‘Japan, The Art of Living’ for ten minutes before collapsing into deep sleep for three hours.
It’s a beautiful picture book of Japanese interiors and homes lent to me.
It got me thinking as to why arguing over the minutiae of HIVAIDS is so exhausting.
This is because it is a death cult where doctors bone point at the unfortunate tagged victims and tell them they haven’t got a chance but these drugs will give them a small extension on life. Never mind that to enter the world of their prescriptions is misery and adherence to a timetable of illness.
It becomes the only way to be a responsible HIV carrier because you’ve been dirty somewhere in your life and you must be quarantined from the rest of us.
I hear these stories from friends of people who freaked out with the test.
For instance the young gay man who was a gym fanatic who cancelled his gym membership and spent his cash on AIDS drugs, he withdrew from the scene in shame and sure enough the drugs wasted him away.
Check the side effects of these drugs here, pity the poor nurses who have to blindly pump this rubbish into people.
Now you have entered their world of death do you understand what I’m saying?
This is no different with Cancer but with less stigma. Most Cancer appears from bad environment and lifestyle despite their best efforts to chase the gene link.
To give an example of how hopeless the World Health Organization is they did a report on worldwide cancers about a year ago. In that report they blamed almost all cancers on smoking and bad diets despite hundreds of studies that show exposure to pollutants in the environment could be responsible for a majority of cancers.
This just shows how the corporations that fund WHO pull the strings to get their crimes left out of the equation.
I witnessed this myself when I looked up the MSDS sheets for Methyl Ethyl Ketone and found that in the time I first found it was a carcinogen, the large manufacturers of it had lobbied the EPA to take it off the Cancer causing list.
This is a daily process of chemicals being downgraded because more toxic ones are being brought into the marketplace and it should concern you.
Instead of the doctor telling the patient to change their diet, maybe go on a holiday to somewhere with fresh air they rush you into hospital and start the process of cutting, burning and poisoning the victim. Never mind that the Cancer took twenty years of bad lifestyle to get there, the doctors think they have the instant cure.
It is obvious that they haven’t a clue, the wards are full of their failed carnage and the graveyards are full with the results from a hundred years of useless research.
This is why I call HIV/AIDS a death cult theology, if it is all hopeless then why pay attention to being ill all the time, why concentrate on being ill.
I’ve been there when I itched and scratched til I bled, when the pain was all encompassing, when all I wanted was someone to take me to a rainforest to get some fresh air and cool down. That didn’t happen, I kept working for a crust, I kept getting worse until it became disabling and consumed my mind in a world of illness. It is hell.
I got to the rainforest two years later and that was such a relief.
I went to see Steve Towson on Friday night, catching the Citycat and soaking up the river while watching the Japanese tourists go crazy over sights we take for granted.
I entered the bowl’s club with some embarrassment that my band Acid World was on the PA but no one knows me, I look straight and I’m terribly anti-social, so it was OK.
I left some giveaway CD’s and while scribbling my email on them a young punk called Tom said ‘You’re Cal are you?’
Well of course I had to tell him that my latest project has nothing to do with the scene and he told me his HIV/AIDS friends stories.
One was a girl who got tagged and immediately became suicidal and he has no idea what happened to her. The other is a good friend who was once the life of the party, and after a stint on AIDS drugs which made him ill he gave them up, but now is so withdrawn he never speaks anything to anyone.
Sounds like the usual nerve damage to me, is the cure worth it?
I’m sure others could tell their horror stories here, feel well, come.

“I’m not afraid of anything in this world,
There’s nothing you can throw at me I haven’t already heard”.
Stuck in a Moment by U2
I’m a two finger typist and I’ll give two fingers to you.
Despite the best efforts to make me feel stupid and naïve the HIV pushers are not going to shut me up, I have a list of reasons.
First I’m a self-destructive punk rocker who never expected to be alive in 2005.
I believe in the Samurai concept that you must be ready to die at all times and there is no point running away from that, I have in the past and it left me frustrated.
I’m the most disappointed and pissed off U2 fan on the planet and when a music fan is really incensed about their band selling out well that’s pretty annoyed.
Finally I’m not going to rest until the kids from those New York orphanages are out and back with their mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles or grandparents and off the drugs.

“I’ve got a word of thanks, thanks that I’d like to say
For the rage that I feel, the rage that I feel today
Got a grudge, got a grudge, got a grudge that I’m holding
For as long as I live
Cos you lie, you lie, you lie to my face
And that’s something I can’t forgive
People like you just fuel my fire
People like you just fuel my fire”
Fuel my Fire by L7
I think there is a certain disbelief that a mere production worker from Australia could stand up with hilarious gall amidst the ridicule and loudly point out that this is a farce and a fiasco.
While The Kaiser Network celebrated the success of their 200 million dollar campaign to test early, they’ll help Gallo become a billionaire soon off his fraudulent HIV test, I and many others have been chipping at their luxurious pillars.
And while Glaxo have celebrated an increase in stock value and the emergence of a new virulent HIV strain, don’t they love that stuff, I’ve been calmly and methodically gathering sticks and placing them round the citadel as they party.
Then I’ve put a few cans of petrol on and with a match to the torch thrown the light on the bon fire with giddy glee, joyous rage and a certain amount of fear.
You wouldn’t believe the adrenalin rush as I push the publish button, thanks Indy.
I believe these Biochemist researchers are only in a game of one upmanship with eachother. They design fancy new chemicals just to look good and for the patents.
They create new names for all sorts of disease that erupt in the body but really have the same root causes so I’ll simplify that for them.
I don’t think they are stupid, I think they are just well and truly brainwashed.
There are three steps for all the degenerative diseases, if you don’t try to balance these then you’ll continue to be sick no matter what drug you take to mask the symptoms.
First you need to raise antioxidant levels and remove toxins. This means avoiding poisons like drugs, party or prescription, alcohol and smoking. Car exhausts too.
You need to eat properly and that means at least vegetables and adequate protein.
With Cancer you have to avoid sugar because it uses up pancreatic enzymes.
Also part of the toxin removal means attention to the liver, Milk Thistle, Artichoke,
Dandelion and foods with Selenium. The drug cupboard doesn’t have these things.
Next is the need to rebuild the Cellular Matrix and again this is all about food, if you’re body is falling apart no drug will fix that. I still think Red Clover is a miracle tea that patches you up quickly because of the Phytoestrogens, and also take Lysine.
Novogen apparently had the sense to check this and were trying to make a Cancer cure from Red Clover extract though I don’t why except for the patent again.
Lastly are the Glycoproteins, these are molecules that are on the surface of cells and make up a lot of the communication between cells, some companies are onto this.
This is the reason why Gulf War Syndrome veterans are false positive testing for HIV antibodies at up to 85%. The huge amount of DU and petrochemicals was enough to make them sick but with up to 30 different vaccines pumped into them laced with Mercury, Aluminium and all sorts of pathogen debris their cells got confused.
Confused sounds like such a timid word, their cell communication was mangled.
HIV was never an exogenous virus brought to us because ‘African children played with dead monkeys’ or because the gays were ‘hated by god’.
Everyone carries this stuff, no AIDS researcher would think to test themselves the next time they had a Herpes, Chickenpox or Psoriasis attack.
They wouldn’t think to test their pregnant partners or relatives with Cancer.
They presumed that junkies and gays would spread it. They looked in ghettoes sitting by refineries and pesticide factories for new strains and found illness to prove it.
These people are bigots and it seems like an uphill battle to wrench the health system from their incompetence but it has to be done to avoid the holocaust they’re creating.
That’s why I say Do It Yourself and walk away from them, they’re mad and they will take you down with their pessimism and obsession with death, it is a death cult.
Check this on HERV’s and diseases.
And More
Multiple Sclerosis
This is why Anti-retrovirals are so destructive, we are retro-viral people.
We have a commonality with a lot of degenerative disease here, some researchers did the interesting stuff and worked out HERV-W or Syncytin was vital for pregnancy.
It’s up to the multi-million dollar researchers to work out what HERV-K and HIV are doing here, it’s obvious that they are both processes in our body and our genome.
I haven’t got the cash to get to uni and it would take me five or six years before I could even get access to research, by then the insane push to send AIDS drugs around the world will have caused an irreversible catastrophe, I haven’t got time.
I’m going to burn down the walls to the HIV/AIDS citadel and invite the exalted researchers into the real world.
I have a dream that every TB/AIDS clinic in Africa and the rest of the world could be fitted with air conditioning ionisers to stop infections, 200 million on a pathetic advertising campaign could have done a lot.
Robert Gallo doesn’t even have to give up his job, he needs to go back to the drawing board and work out his mistakes, in the meantime he could spend some of his spare millions on sewage if he really cares and stop the phenomena of flying toilets in Africa.

‘This the day your life will surely change
This is the day when things fall into play’
‘This is the day’ by The The
For all the tagged HIV positives out there you should see by now that your doctor thinks you will die. That’s just not good enough, tell them to shove their paradigm where it should go. These people have had their eyes so firmly glued to the microscope they aren’t real people anymore, they’re narrow minded nerds.
You all have the power to walk away despite the Kaiser network trying to hypnotise you into believing you need a test to live.
I’ve shown you what a mid ‘90’s computer can do against a 200 million dollar campaign, tell your friends about the kids in New York and show them the pictures.
It’s time for you people at Kaiser Network to scurry to your phones and tell your leaders that “We have a problem Houston” because I’ve only started.
“Move over Mister, I’m coming through again
Don’t try to stop me getting there
Cos I’ve got the Ju, got the Ju, got the Ju”
Got the Ju by Weta

The world is really in a mess, I just got handed this, what serendipity!
Cancer Masons:A Cult of Death by Tom Valentine

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 06:14author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

“I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in” Kenny Rogers
Well 45,000 patients have been involved in this carnage.
I was pulled up by a girl trying to flog Heart Research Foundation trash today. Tomorrow I might ask her if she wants the red pill or the red pill.
This is what is going in my email and on business cards for taxi drivers.
Free these Children.
Warning, these photos of AIDS drug toxicity are very disturbing.
Orphans on Trial. New York Press July 2004 Liam Scheff
Drugmakers to publish more data on trials
Incarnation Children’s Centre
NIH Launches AIDS Research Site
In reference to the BBC, a complete back track, it never happened!
Alliance for Human Research Protection
Phase I Drug Trials Used Foster Care children in Violation of 45 CFR 46.409 and 21 CFR 50.56
The NIH has the primary responsibility for the federally supported clinical trial efforts in the evaluation of potential therapies for the treatment of HIV infection and its sequelae. These efforts consist of 35 adult AIDS Clinical Trials Units (ACTUs) and 22 Pediatric ACTUs supported by the NIAID- funded AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG), 16 NIAID-funded Terry Beirn Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS (CPCRAs), 50 sites of the NIAID-sponsored Division of AIDS Treatment Research Initiative (DATRI), 27 NICHD-funded sites that are full partners in the Pediatric ACTG, 12 NEI-funded sites, and 3 NIH intramural sites. More than 45,000 patients have been enrolled to date in NIH-sponsored clinical studies, which have involved the evaluation of nearly 80 agents.
AIDS Experimental Drugs

Send a message toJohn B. Mattingly, Commissioner
Administration for Children Services
Send a message to Glaxo Smith Kline
Send a message to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
CU’s and get creative.

author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 10:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm not a flack for Multi National Drug companies but read what these people are actually writing. They are denying the reality of AIDS and HIV. They want to stop people from getting medication.

author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The 12th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

Sponsored by the Foundation for Retrovirology and Human Health

In scientific collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The 12th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections is a scientifically focused meeting of the world's leading researchers working to understand, prevent, and treat HIV/AIDS and its complications.

The mission of the CROI is to provide a forum for basic scientists, clinical investigators, and global health researchers to present, discuss, and critique their investigations into the epidemiology and biology of human retroviruses and the diseases they produce with the ultimate goal of translating laboratory and clinical research into progress against the AIDS epidemic.

The subjects that will be highlighted are: immunology, vaccines, molecular epidemiology and the distribution and diversity of retroviruses, virology, primary/acute infection, pathogenesis (disease mechanisms in humans and animal models), neuropathogenesis and neurologic complications, antiretroviral therapy (preclinical, clinical, complications, immune-based therapies, and treatment strategies), clinical pharmacology, HIV drug resistance, opportunistic infections and co-pathogens, hepatitis virus co-infections, epidemiology of HIV infection, HIV prevention science (including microbicides and operational and public health research), pediatric, adolescent, and maternal-fetal studies, HIV infection in women/women’s health, diagnostics and monitoring, and research on clinical care and scale-up in developing countries.

The meeting will feature the Tenth Annual Bernard Fields Memorial Lecture, a special Keynote Lecture, 6 plenary lectures that will be highly scientific in nature, 7 roundtable symposia that will present and debate controversial scientific issues, several hundred original oral abstract and poster presentations of new data, and late breakers that will consist of important preliminary research findings. Based upon their popularity at CROI 2004, the poster discussion groups and the Program Committee workshop for new investigators and trainees will be expanded

Much more at the URL

Related Link: http://www.retroconference.org/2005/home.htm
author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Treatment Action Campaign Leads Protest To Demand South African Government Provide AIDS Drugs to 200,000 by 2006
20 Feb 2005


The South African HIV/AIDS advocacy group... Treatment Action Campaign on Wednesday led about 2,000 people in a march outside the South African Parliament in Cape Town to demand that the government provide antiretroviral drugs at no cost to 200,000 HIV-positive people in the country by 2006, AFP/Melbourne Herald Sun reports (AFP/Melbourne Herald Sun, 2/17). The South African Cabinet in November 2003 approved an HIV/AIDS treatment plan that aims to provide antiretroviral drugs to 1.2 million people -- or about 25% of the country's HIV -positive population -- at low or no cost by 2008. South African President Thabo Mbeki's African National Congress party in 2004 promised that 53,000 HIV-positive people would receive antiretroviral treatment under the program by next month (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 2/11). South Africa's Department of Health figures show that by October 2004, fewer than 20,000 people in the country were receiving antiretroviral drugs from the government, according to a TAC newsletter (TAC newsletter, 2/10). "This year is the make-or-break year for the ARV program," TAC National Manager Nathan Geffen said, adding, "If we don't get a substantial increase in the numbers of people on ARVs this year, then the program will be in serious trouble" (Bell, Reuters, 2/16). "There is no decent word said in parliament about the deaths caused by AIDS," TAC Chair Zackie Achmat said, adding, "We are proud about our 10 years of democracy, but if we want our next 10 years of democracy to be good we need to wake up to AIDS" (AFP/Melbourne Herald Sun, 2/17). Thembeka Majoli, a provincial coordinator for TAC, said that the group also is demanding that the government provide information about HIV/AIDS to people in rural areas, South Africa's Cape Argus reports (Cape Argus, 2/17).

Related Link: http://www.tac.org.za/
author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 14:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Boosting HIV Screening Can Increase Survival And Is Cost Effective

Expanded HIV screening can increase patient life span, prevent the spread of the disease, and is cost effective, researchers at Yale, Harvard and the Massachusetts General Hospital report in the February 10 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

The study's findings are part of a two-paper series in NEJM on the value of expanded HIV screening in the United States. The Yale/Harvard study used different data and methods than another study by VA, Duke and Stanford researchers, yet both teams reached roughly the same conclusions.

"The publication of these papers represents a golden opportunity to jump-start the expansion of HIV testing services in the U.S.," said Yale lead author A. David Paltiel, associate professor of health and policy administration in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale School of Medicine. "Our findings, coupled with those of our colleagues, firmly establish the great value of expanded screening."

Paltiel and his team developed a mathematical model of HIV screening and treatment to predict the costs and benefits of HIV counseling, testing and referral. They found that routine, voluntary HIV screening every three to five years is cost-effective by U.S. standards, in all but the lowest-risk populations. Frequent HIV screening in moderate-to-high-risk populations could produce life expectancy gains at costs that compare favorably to many commonly employed screening interventions in other chronic conditions, including breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Paltiel said that even in settings with HIV infection levels similar to the U.S. general population, one-time screening could deliver excellent return on investment.

"HIV is a severe disease that, left untreated, produces substantial morbidity and mortality," said Paltiel. "It has a long asymptomatic phase, which can be diagnosed using very effective, inexpensive tests. Most importantly, early detection speeds linkage to proven, life-prolonging care and effective counseling to prevent further transmission."

Rochelle Walensky, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard and a co-author of the study, added, "The HIV epidemic is no longer confined to a handful of easily identifiable risk groups, yet current approaches to HIV testing are still focused on these sub-populations. The result is that 280,000 Americans with HIV remain unaware of their infection. Efforts to promote and finance routine, population-based HIV screening should be pursued aggressively."

Douglas K. Owens, M.D., of the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, and his team at the VA, Stanford and St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, led another study in NEJM, which strongly supports Paltiel's findings. They developed a computer model to estimate the health benefits and expenditures of performing voluntary HIV screening programs in health care settings. They also found that screening for HIV infection is cost-effective relative to other commonly accepted screening programs and medical treatments.

Referring to the Yale/Harvard findings, Owens said, "It's exciting that a completely independent analysis had the same findings as we did. Both of these studies show that screening is life-prolonging and affordable."

The Yale/Harvard study was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other authors on the study included Milton C. Weinstein and George R. Seage III of Harvard School of Public Health; Kenneth A. Freedberg of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard School of Public Health and Boston University School of Public Health; April D. Kimmel and Hong Zhang of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School; and Elena Losina of Boston University School of Public Health.


Citation: NEJM, Vol. 352, Number 6, February 10, 2005.

Related Link: http://www.yale.edu/opa/newsr/05-02-09-02.all.html
author by eeekkkkpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 15:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

could you refrain from cutting and pasting entire texts from elsewhere on here - a brief description and a link suffices

author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 15:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

How come you dont ask the same of Crilly and his friends who deny the reality of HIV and AIDS? They have done so to a greater extent than I have.

In many cases above i have done summaries.

author by eeekkkkpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 15:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

is mostly original with links to extra material - you just cut and pasted three articles in a row at my count.

If you have something important to say or get across you can write an original article and publish on newswire just as he did

I'm just trying to keep this thread tidy

this conversation will self destruct in 10 minutes

author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 15:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Large chunks of the Crilly text are C&P. If you are contributing in editor mode then you are not exactly being impartial. I wonder if other Indy editors share the belief that AIDS/HIV are myths.

Do you really think you are enhancing the credibility of Indymedia by cheering on these deniers of the AIDS Holocaust?

author by eeekkkkpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 16:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

slyly comparing someone who is absolutely powerless compared to the organisations he is criticising to a 'holocaust denier' and me to the same is not very nice mr activist however subtly or unsubtly the rhetoric is deployed. Again I repeat that this guy is not denying huge amounts of death and suffering.

again what he is posting is mostly original - you are mostly cutting and pasting

I have not made up my mind about this argument btw

It does strike me however that I didn't really clearly know there was an argument until mr crilly and yourself appeared on here.

I like hearing a lot of points of view on something important like HIV/AIDS. That's why I volunteer here with indy.

author by Activistpublication date Mon Feb 21, 2005 16:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

He is denying that HIV & AIDS exist. That sort of nonsense is denying the reality of the Holocaust which is the reality of AIDS.

He is saying things like HIV is beneficial for schizophrenics!

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 02:10author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

‘Soon’ My Bloody Valentine
I have nothing personal against the ‘Activists’. I know you are sincere and believe I’m undermining everything you are working for and I am. I just believe you are being used as marketing tools by the richest companies on the planet to sell drugs they know don’t work or otherwise they wouldn’t keep hiding their drug studies.
Bono is being used as their marketing icon and I want him to know.
I also cannot budge an inch, as we write shiploads of AZT and Nevirapine are on their way to Africa.
Unwitting African women are walking into maternity centres and taking the HIV antibody without realising their own retroviruses in their placentas will create a positive. The administration of drugs will mutate their children.
This is millions of African women we are talking about.
I’m also doing this for the residents of Fallujah who have found themselves in a 21st Century Stalingrad and the poor American soldiers who have lost limbs and are lying mangled in their thousands back in German hospitals.
Every single dollar spent on these AIDS drugs will help Bush get back in to continue his mad march to Armaggedon. These drug companies love Bush, death and chaos is profit.
I am completely serious when I recommend truckloads of Lemons, Brazil nuts, Mung beans and Elderflower tea grown on the African continent will do more to stop the epidemic of illness.
I’ve tried it myself, I’ve left you enough research to at least be curious, this document is a blue print for survival in this century with the cheapest and most effective cures I could find. Red Clover grows in your back yards.
I’ve watched my body dismantle itself with Auto-immune disease, I’ve seen what the ravages of Chemical exposure, Chickenpox and Herpes did to me. I now look ten years younger and I’m getting better all the time.
“At the start of the day the planet is stuffed
And who’s going to pay to clean it up?
Ever had the feeling that something is wrong?
I know too much and I think too much
Living life on a chemical bomb
I smell too much and taste too much
Enter the TV the planet death song
The radiation just sings along
Don’t go to planet 3”
Planet 3 by Alien Virus

On Schizophrenia again I say you are interpreting it all wrong. HIV looks like part of a healing process.
HERV-W is vital in our bodies to healing. Schizophrenics don’t look after themselves and the cells in their brains must be struggling to stay together.
Professor John Mattick from the Uni of Queensland Genomics made comments that turn Biology on it’s head.
He says that the RNA transcription in our bodies (‘retroviruses’) are what distinguish us from the worms and chimps because so much of our DNA is barely different. Please look again.

This is what is happening.
On 23 November the Traditional Healers' Organisation (THO) and the Dr Rath Foundation will demonstrate outside TAC offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The THO and Rath complain that TAC only promotes antiretrovirals for HIV/AIDS treatment and that TAC ignores traditional medicines and nutrition. The TAC says this is not true.
The Treatment Action Campaign is a pseudo activist organization that had a 14 Million dollar budget to promote anti-retroviral drugs and put pressure on Thabo Mbeki and the South African government. They get their money through so called foundations but those foundations are getting funds directly from big drug companies in America.
Thabo Mbeki already knows about the effects of AIDS drugs because the Royal Perth Hospital Group told him years ago. I interviewed Anthony Brink who tried to take Glaxo to court in South Africa for the AZT death of a colleague.
Interview with Anthony Brink Sept 2004 mp3 sound
I will send this on CD for free if you can’t download it, with Dr. Bayati’s interview.
His site is here.
On it you will find numerous well researched findings on AIDS drugs and the danger to pregnant women and their children, this is not arguable.
My attackers have completely missed the point that if retroviruses are involved in every process of our bodies, we are retroviral people then the AIDS drugs can do nothing but kill and drain the already small health budgets of third world nations.
Why should they get in debt for the pseudo scientific trash of the Western drug giants?
BSE/AIDS/Hepatitis C
Infectious or Intoxication Diseases?
A rebuttal to the "Durban Declaration"
published in Nature on July 6 2000.

WASHINGTON 25 June 2003 Sapa-AP DEATHS FROM CONGO WAR EQUIVALENT TO 9/11 EVERY DAY FOR 666 DAYS Which war has claimed the most lives since World War II? Korea? Vietnam? Not even close. The answer is the continuing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are no firm figures on the death toll, but the range is believed to lie between 2 million and 4.7 million. Assuming the low end estimate, that's equivalent to a 9/11 every day for 666 days. The New York-based Human Rights Watch puts the toll at 3.3 million. And there is nothing resembling a weapon of mass destruction in the conflict. The victims have been claimed one by one for the most part from war-related disease. Others have been claimed in combat - from bows and arrows, machetes, assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades doing most of the damage in recent fighting. Child soldiers abound. Orphans, some of them under 10, often have little choice other than to join one of the militias doing the fighting. Despite three peace agreements aimed at ending the 5-year-old Congolese war, fighting intensified in late 2002 and early 2003. Congo might receive more international attention if it were more strategically located. It is not a place where interests of the United States and other big powers intersect. "There is just no question that Congo has the worst, bloodiest, nastiest conflict in the world, but the amount of attention it has received is negligible," says Scott Pegg, an activist and researcher in African issues.
War to End
The war between good and evil
Has hurt far too many people
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
Fighting on the astral plane
Which scapegoat gets the blame
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
You fight a war on drugs
While drug companies are drugging us
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
Diverting the drug profits
To secret weapons projects
I want the war to end, I want the war to end

You cut us up like cattle
To win your cancer battle
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
You fight a war on nature
No wonder nature hates you
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
I want God and Satan
To come to an arrangement
I want the war to end, I want the war to end
Cos the war between good and evil
Has hurt far too many people
I want the war to end

When I listen to Le Tigre’s ‘On The Verge Of’
I don’t whether to laugh insanely or burst into tears.
Hugs all round and lots of love. Cal
There is life at the end of the tunnel.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 06:25author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

When I started writing I said this revolution was coming out of academia, unfortunately the media is ignoring them because the media is a bit slow.
Also it seems that it may be up to lay people like me to bring it into the public domain.
This stuff I’ve got for you is incredibly nerdy, you’ll have to put your thinking caps on and you should be freaking out about it.
Remember this computer is from the ‘90’s, the CD ROM doesn’t work, it has the originally floppy disc compartment, when I open time sheets in Excel if I have anything in My Documents it starts importing it.
It won’t allow Outlook Express to work despite the best efforts of the nerds here, it stalls on all sorts of things so I save constantly. This week I get a new one and that’s when I’ll hit the U2 fan sites and the African forums, I’m incensed by the vicious treatment I’ve received for raising these issues, not here, and I will burn down the walls before your very eyes.
To make it simple RNA transcription, HERV’s, HIV, Junk DNA and Transposons are all similar.

Professor Mattick is not an AIDS Dissident.
RNA-Based Gene Regulation in Eukaryotic Development - John Mattick
For a number of years our group has been developing an interest in one of the great mysteries of biology – what, if anything, is the function of the vast amount of introns and intergenic sequences in the genomes of the higher organisms that do not appear to have any function?

These sequences are usually assumed to be evolutionary debris ("junk DNA"). However many of these sequences are expressed as non-protein-coding RNAs, and account for around 98% of all genomic output in humans.

Quoting John Mattick
Assumptions can be dangerous, especially in science. They usually start as the most plausible or comfortable interpretation of the available facts. But when their truth cannot be immediately tested and their flaws are not obvious, assumptions often graduate to articles of faith, and new observations are forced to fit them. Eventually, if the volume of troublesome information becomes unsustainable, the orthodoxy must collapse. We may be witnessing such a turning point in our understanding of genetic information.
Research uncovers critical pieces of human genome
HIV-1 RNA transcription in blood cells of patients with undetectable plasma viral loads.
Reverse transcriptase sometimes makes mistakes reading the RNA sequence. The result is that not all viruses produced in a single infected cell are alike. Instead, they end up with a variety of subtle molecular differences in their surface coat and enzymes. Vaccines, which induce the production of antibodies that recognize and binding to very specific viral surface molecules, are an unlikely player in fighting HIV, because throughout infection, HIV surface molecules are continually changing.
Reverse Transcription: Converting viral RNA into DNA

Health & the Fluid Genome
In her new book, Living with the Fluid Genome, Mae-Wan Ho writes,"The responsiveness of genes and genomes to the environment makes clear that the only way to keep genes and genomes constant and healthy is to have a balanced ecology... On the other hand, it is definitely futile to think that we can go on ruining our ecosystem and stay healthy so long as we have ‘good’ genes... Genes, unlike diamonds, are not forever."
Endogenous Viruses and Chronic Disease
Viruses resident in the human genome may have evolved from jumping genes that increasingly appears to be necessary for the survival of the organism. Some virologists think that we may be creating a range of debilitating chronic diseases by failing to take them seriously into account. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Malcolm Hooper report.
Retroviruses are RNA viruses found in all vertebrates. The retrovirus reproduces by reverse transcribing (copying) its RNA into DNA that is then integrated into the host-cell genome to be transcribed into viruses. Many retroviral sequences have become permanently integrated into the human genome as human endogenous retroviruses, or HERVs. The human genome (indeed all genomes) also contains retrovirus-like retrotransposons, mobile elements that multiply by making RNA copies that are reverse transcribed into DNA and integrated into new sites in the genome. The main difference between a retrovirus and a retrotransposon is that the latter lacks an envelope.
Most HERVs and retrotransposons are defective, having lost one or more gene functions; but can nevertheless multiply and move with the help of other elements or infecting viruses.
Which came first, retrovirus or retrotransposon? As viruses depend on cells to reproduce, it seems reasonable to suppose that retroviruses are simply retrotransposons that have gained an envelop, which helps in entering other cells. That idea was first put forward by Howard Temin, who discovered reverse transcriptase, the enzyme that reverse transcribes, encoded by the retrovirus and retrotransposon.

Vaccination against HIV-1 is particularly dangerous, if as Urnovitz and Murphy have suggested, HIV arose from recombination between the simian aids virus and HERV sequences.
"To put it simply, are we embarking on a course that will vaccinate people against their own genes?" Dr. Urnovitz asked.
AIDS Vaccines Worse Than Useless?
Toxins can damage the human DNA -

Unlike other viruses, once the AIDS virus infects a person, it becomes a permanent part of the victim's genetic makeup: The infection is lifetime, and the person is believed to be infectious all the time.
AIDS Virus Fights Attempts To Create Vaccine
This is because the HIV is in the person’s genome all the time, it is not transmitted.

Dr. David Ho of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center has another HIV DNA virus, mixed with a harmless smallpox strain called MVA, that he hopes to get into clinical trials - funded by the international vaccine initiative - in Xinjiang, China, early next year.
Harriet Robinson of Emory University and her collaborators are also working on a naked DNA vaccine aimed at cellular immunity. Like Ho, Robinson has used the MVA smallpox vaccine in monkey studies. A year after vaccination, she rectally exposed the animals to a virulent, laboratory-made virus that combines the most powerful components of simian immunodeficiency virus SIV and HIV-1.
This is insanity mucking about with pox viruses and vaccines.

For the last 6 years I have been working at a laboratory of clinical immunology in one of the most prestigious University Hospitals in the City of New York. Here I have had the opportunity to personally run and get to know in detail the current tests used for the diagnosis of HIV status, namely, the ELISA, Western blot and Viral Load tests.
Everyone Reacts Positive
on the ELISA Tests for HIV
AIDS: Scientific or Viral Catastrophe?
Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 87-120, 2003
Stefan Lanka Dissenter Vindicated on Retrovirus Criticism

People still die of AIDS who are HIV negative, while others, like myself, have been positive for more than fifteen years and have the stamina of a tiger.
Long-term survivors or "non-progressors"
Love the sexy photo of the really sick HIV positive guy, compare that to the New York Orphans on drugs.
Are you freaking out yet? Because I am.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 07:03author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I need to mention the only AIDS Dissidents I quoted from in this post are Robert Giraldo and Stefan Lanka.
Have a GR8 Day.Cal

author by Dean Markspublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 09:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Truth behind the hype
In spite of the pressure to report increasing numbers of AIDS deaths "there was no significant increase in the number of deaths attributed to HIV."
** It seems the hype is sent then followup pieces need to be written after the mythos has been promoted.

(In spite of the pressure to report increasing numbers of AIDS deaths "there was no significant increase in the number of deaths attributed to HIV." )

BuaNews (Pretoria)
February 18, 2005

TB, Influenza and Pneumonia, Leading Causes of Death in SA

By Richard Mantu

Tuberculosis, influenza and pneumonia and cerebrovascular diseases, have emerged as the leading causes of death among South Africans, a
study by Statistics SA has shown.

The study, Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa revealed
today that this emerged when Stats SA captured and coded approximately
three million death notification forms (DNF) received from the home
affairs department from 1997 to 2003.

The study revealed that the number of deaths increased by 57 % from
318 287 in 1997 to 499 268 in 2002.

However, the data for 2003 was not conclusive as there were
outstanding death forms.

TB claimed the lives of 25 640, 39 759 and 56 985 people in 1997, 1999
and 2001 respectively. Influenza and pneumonia claimed the lives of 24
698, 39 069 and 55 115 people in 1997, 1999 and 2001 respectively.

Cerebrovascular diseases killed 24 039, 28 218 and 31 104 in 1997,
1999 and 2001 respectively.

Other leading causes of death include other forms of heart disease,
diabetes mellitus, chronic lower respiratory diseases, Ischaemic heart
diseases, HIV, malignant neoplasm of the digestive organs, hypertensive
diseases, respiratory and cardio diseases and intestinal infectious

The number of adult deaths (persons aged 15 years and above) increased
by 62 percent from 272 221 in 1997 to 441 029 in 2002.

Over the period 1997 to 2002, 53 percent of all deaths were male,
however, the proportion declined from about 56 percent in 1997 to about
51 percent in 2002.

The study also shows that persons between the ages 15 -19 are most
likely to die a non-natural death, while men are three times likely to
die a non-natural death than women.

In terms of HIV and AIDS, the pandemic claimed 6 602, 10 331 and 9 479
lives in 1997, 1999 and 2002 respectively.

Dr Liz Gavin, acting Deputy Director-General for population statistics
said judging by DNF, there was no significant increase in the number of
deaths attributed to HIV.

This, she said, was because "there's no obligation to record whether a
person died of HIV," as in many cases information was entered as part
of four other causes of death on the death notification forms.

Statistician General Pali Lehohla said the findings of the new study
conducted after the 2002 research which was based on a 12 percent
sample, was released taking cognisance of the fact that "we live in an
HIV and AIDS era."

He said data provided did not allow determination of HIV infections or
AIDS related mortality.

"To do this analysis of the data needs to be combined with other
sources of information, population projections and demographic
modelling," said Mr Lehohla.

He said the study revealed what was actually indicated on the death
notification forms.

KwaZulu-Natal emerged as the province with the most deaths with under
70 000 in 1997 reaching a high of almost 120 000 deaths in 2002.
Gauteng came second with under 70 000 deaths in 1997 to just under 100
000 in 2002.

Eastern Cape came in third, with other provinces registering deaths of
not over 41 000 in 2002, while the Northern Cape recorded the least
number of deaths - just under 20 000 since 1997 to 2002.

Related Link: http://www.dissidentaction.com
author by Activistpublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 11:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The facts are that TB and Pneumonia, influenzia are opportunistic diseases which are associated with HIV more than doubled between 1997 and 2001.

-Tuberculosis deaths increased by 131% from 22 021 to 50 872 between 1997 and 2001.

-Influenza and pneumonia increased by 197% from 11 503 to 31 495 during this time.

These two causes are frequently associated with AIDS-related opportunistic infections. OK, some people die of these diseases in the absence of HIV,but this great increase in deaths from these disdeases can only be explained by HIV.

The biggest recorded cause of death in 1997 was a category titled other forms of heart disease. By 2001 this category had been overtaken by both tuberculosis and influenza and pneumonia.

How do you account for this?


Read what TAC have to say at the attached URL

"Statistics South Africa mortality report confirms massive increase in deaths due to AIDS

The TAC notes the publication of Statistics South Africa's report Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa, 1997 - 2003. This report, once more, confirms beyond reasonable doubt that South Africa is in the midst of an HIV epidemic that is maturing into an AIDS epidemic. It also provides useful information on the nature of the epidemic.

A number of studies, mostly conducted by Medical Research Council scientists, have demonstrated the increase in mortality in South Africa due to HIV, but the Statistics South Africa report is noteworthy for having been approved by Cabinet. The tragic implication of the report - that hundreds of thousands of South Africans have died of AIDS in the last few years without access to life-saving treatment - must be used as an impetus to speed up the delivery of treatment and prevention programmes. The report has been honestly conducted despite an overly-cautious tone with regard to causes of death due to HIV.

The report is based on an analysis of 2.9 million valid death certificates collected from 1997 to 2003."

The detailed article is at the link

Related Link: http://www.tac.org.za/
author by Mikepublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 14:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What activist is really saying is that HIV/AIDS is almost never the IMMEDIATE cause of death. So you could almost always choose to fill in the death certificate with the something else, the infection that took advantage of a destroyed immune system to polish the patient off, and this might be done fairly regularly in places where there is a strong social stigma attached to "has AIDS". You would of course still get some death certificates recognizing AIDS as the cause, particularly where the oportunistic infection was something that never manages to kill people with normal immune systems. In other words, it's OK as cover to put down the cause of death as TB ( can kill people with normal immune systems) but not if it was "thrush" (which is simply a nuisance infection in people with normal immune systems).

author by SteelyDannypublication date Tue Feb 22, 2005 19:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Activist, I don't think you are reading. Please go back and re-read my post, and try not to just let keywords jump off the page. I know people are dying of something, and for the sake of arguing with YOU we can call it AIDS. I am just saying the methods that are being used to determine who has it, who will get it, and who will die from it are largely influenced by politics, money, dogma, etc... everything but the actual FACTS. The fact is that over the last 20 years, the life expectancy for a person "scarlet-lettered" with an HIV diagnosis has continued to be extended, from a five year incubation period to well over 20 years. Do you even realize what factors can contribute to a person's death even in a 10 period? With or without a drug cocktail? Too much "corral-ing" is going on, because it's not profitable to diagnose case-by-case.

The problem is that no one wants to even CONSIDER the possibility that we've been heading/been lead down the wrong path for too long in the effort to cure the effects of AIDS. Even you may agree that if one is told by several doctors that they have AIDS, but then more info surfaces later that points to other possible causes of a person's symptoms, one would want to start addressing the REAL root of the problem as soon as possible.

In closing, being a gay black male, I don't have to deny "Holocausts" (because there have been many in history, not just one). What I said had nothing to do with the topic at all, and you bringing it up in this thread shows that you are not prepared to just simply read, comprehend and question in a rational manner.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Feb 23, 2005 07:53author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

No one seems to think Benzene, Sulphur Dioxide and TB are a problem?
Thanks to Steely for some sanity, the Activists from the Treatment Action Campaign would have all HIV positives tagged and on mandatory AIDS medication to terminate them and get rid of them.
Hitler would have been pleased.
This document is being written for sane people anyway.
‘This report, once more, confirms beyond reasonable doubt that South Africa is in the midst of an HIV epidemic that is maturing into an AIDS epidemic.’ The TAC would say this anyway because they’re in the business of flogging drugs.
‘The tragic implication of the report - that hundreds of thousands of South Africans have died of AIDS in the last few years without access to life-saving treatment - must be used as an impetus to speed up the delivery of treatment and prevention programmes.’
Pulling our heart strings, makes you sick.
These people dragged poor Nkosi Johnson up in front of the Durban AIDS conference and got him to read out a statement pleading to Thabo Mbeki for AIDS drugs. He was already on AZT, it didn’t help him it put him into a coma 6 months later. This propaganda is vile.
‘Nkosi collapsed in December with neurological complications and viral infections.’
This was from the CDC.
In June 2000 Nkosi visited America to raise funds for the refugees and spoke to school children and the media about the plight of AIDS infected children in South Africa. An American benefactor has provided the finance for Nkosi to receive the cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs, which for the vast majority of South Africans is completely unaffordable.
The effects of the AIDS epidemic on Southern Africa's children
28 May 2001
“I just wish that the government can start giving AZT to pregnant HIV mothers to help stop the virus being passed on to their babies.” Nkosi at the AIDS Conference.
Well, when I started this story a couple of weeks ago even I wasn’t prepared for what I would find.
This one has bowled me over so sorry people I had to cut and paste it to fix the apostrophes.
Maggiore: Robin interviewed Nkosi Johnson, the 11-year-old boy who spoke at the opening ceremonies as a treatment advocate. I went with him on this interview, and it was gut wrenching seeing this little kid. He’s so ill. It was so hard to get a spontaneous moment from this little boy, because he’s not a little boy at all. He’s been an AIDS activist since he was probably three years old.
And he talks in Sloganese. It was so hard to get just an honest kid-moment from him. Then when we did it, it was really revealing. The claim is made that Nkosi became ill and then started AIDS treatment drugs, and so AIDS drugs don’t explain his illness. Nor does poverty explain his illness that’s called AIDS, nor do lack of hygenic living conditions, because he was adopted by a middle-class woman named Gail Johnson, who has him living in a lovely home and takes very good care of him. So that’s the official position, I guess you could say, with regard to Nkosi.
However, during the time when we interviewed him and we got past the Sloganese, we were able to just have a few honest moments with him. During our conversation he told us that, contrary to reports, he has been taking drugs for eight years. While they’re not called "AIDS drugs" per se, stuff like Bactrim ÷ that was the only name that he could really tell us, of the drugs that he was taking. I believe that he’s been taking AZT, though I couldn’t say for sure. He did mention AZT as part of his regimen, but when we asked his mother what he was on presently, she did not say AZT. She said 3TC and Zerit and some other stuff, but did not mention AZT. He specifically mentioned AZT when we were talking about the various drugs, so I don’t know how long he may or may not have been taking AZT, but for sure he’s been taking Bactrim and other drugs for eight years. Those would explain his deteriorated health condition pretty well, I would think.
It was just heartbreaking to see this little kid who’s 11 years old, whose growth is stunted; whose hair is falling out; whose skin is covered with scaly, weird rashes. His mouth is so full of sores that when he smiles, his gums bleed. He’s got this faraway look in his eyes, and he’s so thin. He is so unnaturally thin. It’s just so sad. And to hear him talk, you know, that the drugs are life, without them he’ll die, he has to take them every day but when he can, he sneaks and doesn’t.
My son Charlie was running around at this house that Nkosi’s mom runs, called Nkosi’s Haven, and itâs a home for "AIDS orphans." Here Charlie is running around with these kids, and carrying on and Nkosi has the movements of an elderly person. Just the slowness; and when he was talking with us he mentioned how humiliating it is to have uncontrollable diarrhea, and how hard it is to rehydrate. The day we met with him, he hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch. It was about 4 or 5 in the afternoon and he still hadn’t eaten.
I had a chance to ask him what he thought about me being HIV-positive and not taking any treatments, and about Charlie. He was so shocked about that stuff. I didn’t want to spin the mind of this poor little kid too much, but I at least wanted to offer him the idea that there’s people out there who have taken different approaches and who are doing just fine.
Prior to the interview with Nkosi, Elliott Small took me over to see Nkosi’s adoptive mother, Gail, who runs Nkosi’s Haven, and whom a lot of people don’t like. But I really liked her. She’s a character and a half, and even though I think what she is doing is not an approach I would condone or take to helping people, I think that she’s got the right motivations in her heart. People say that she’s just seeking fame and fortune, but we saw how much she sacrifices and how much as she says she busts her ass for these people.
We sat down for about an hour and a half, and talked. I showed her the "Uncommon Choices" poster and told her about myself. Somebody who’s been in this, and in the media’s spotlight, as she has for the last six years, is not going to make some kind of conversion, at least from a single conversation. She asked me, "If Nkosi lives with me, and he’s not in poverty, and this is a sanitary household, and he hasn’t had access to the treatment drugs you say cause harm, then why is he sick? Why is he sick?"
I said, "Oh, you know, we can’t tell you that, Gail. But we do know someone who might be able to tell you that, and that’s Dr. Sam Mhlongo." Sam is President Thabo Mbeki’s personal physician, and he’s also a leading AIDS dissident there. And he’s an instructor at a medical university, and also the administrator of the Medical University of South Africa hospital.
I said, "I’d bet that Sam would be happy to take a look at Nkosi, and give you some alternative ideas and ways to recuperate, just for him to recover his health and stay healthy." Amazingly, she agreed to see him. Elliott gave Sam a call; and during our conversation with regard to Sam, she mentioned that one of the challenges of running Nkosi’s Haven is that they have no overseeing physician. Sam agreed that he would talk with her about becoming their overseeing physician, which is just a wonderful thing. Matching the dissidents and the mainstream people in South Africa was one of our goals, and at least in a precursory manner, I think with that meeting we set some steps in the right direction to achieve that.
I also did a live, in-studio radio interview that was broadcast nationally. I arrived there late because I was driven to the wrong radio station, which always makes me feel so calm and found that I was one of four guests. The other three were Gail Johnson, Nkosi’s mother, who of course took a very strong position in favor of the drug therapies and the HIV-causes-AIDS model; a representative from Nelson Mandelaâs Children’s Fund; and a very enthusiastic AIDS doctor, Dr. Martins, who was on the telephone. I was so nervous at realizing the lineup, and the odds stacked against me, that my hands were shaking so much I couldn’t even move my paperwork around.
Amazingly, the show went really well. The host was very, very generous in allowing me to respond to statements that would challenge the issues and information that I was raising. At a certain point in the broadcast Gail Johnson made the same kind of remark she did in her home that day, which is, "Will somebody please tell me why my son is sick? If our living conditions are sanitary, and he’s well nourished, and he hasn’t been on AIDS treatments except starting in September with the cocktails, then why is he sick?"
Then I could say ÷ and I made sure to do so in a way that didn’t hurt her feelings or suggest that she was purposely withholding information. I said that I had had the opportunity to meet with Nkosi that day, and that many people don’t realize that other drugs are often prescribed to HIV-positives as a prophylactic, and these drugs can do great harm and cause serious illness. One of these is Bactrim, and Nkosi had told me that day he’s been on Bactrim for eight years, among other drugs. So that would go a long way in explaining his health challenges at this point in time.
Her response was silence! She didn’t challenge me on that at all!
Challenging AIDS Orthodoxy in the Lion’s Den:
TIG response to TAC complaint to ASA
‘HIV/AIDS is almost never the IMMEDIATE cause of death.’
That’s because HIV is never the cause of death.

I’m a reasonably paid Australian don’t have a car and compared to a poor South African I’m filthy rich, compared to someone in the Congo I’m mega rich. I’ve been much poorer and maybe have a bit of empathy, lived in tents and caravans. Look at the real problems in SA.
Slow growth and limited investment have in turn contributed to growing joblessness. The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the country's largest labour federation, estimates that about 330,000 jobs had been lost in the private sector by 1999, mainly because of factory closures and retrenchments. On top of this, COSATU reported, the government's policy of privatizing some of its largest public-sector enterprises brought cuts of an additional 170,000 jobs.
With tens of thousands of new job seekers entering the labour market each year, the official unemployment rate has continued to rise. Between 1996 and 2002, it rose from 33 per cent to 41.8 per cent.
Now anyone who’s been unemployed for years knows that people get bored and drink and take drugs.
Here in the affluent suburbs of Australia on a reasonable amount of unemployment benefit I’ve had six friends, some very close, some I just knew day to day die on narcotics and four die rather violent deaths from alcohol. What do you expect is happening in the townships with almost no jobs?
Treatment demand for drugs on the increase
‘The study also shows that persons between the ages 15 -19 are most likely to die a non-natural death, while men are three times likely to die a non-natural death than women.’

More than 40 percent of the South African workforce is without a job and nearly 60 percent of those who are jobless have never worked.
60% of 40% unemployed is 24%. That means 24% of South Africans don’t get unemployment insurance and rely on these benefits if they are in the right category to be eligible.
This means there are many people receiving nothing at all. I mean zero, so you can imagine the need for crime to survive.
Social Security Programs.
Online upgrade to boost UIF capacity.
Social Security Fraud depleting the insurance funds.
But South Africa's banking fees, the highest in the world, are just one reason 12 million South Africans don't use banks. They don’t even have bank accounts, is your imagination working yet?
HIV causes all the problems still?
South Africa aims to sell masses on banking
Post-apartheid, from 1994 to 2000, capital flight rose to an average of 9,2% of GDP per year.
The multinationals are clearing out with their cash.
The reasons for capital flight from South Africa
What kind of report card should Mbeki get?
No housing top of the list and you wonder why TB is rampant?

In more specific terms, this means that within each population group, the poorest 40 percent of households suffered most in terms of income decline. The average income of African households at the bottom of the economic scale declined by 27 percent and the poorest of white households saw a 16 percent drop in their income.
Thus, despite the efforts to redistribute wealth, one of the most noteworthy changes in the period under review is that poor black people are now poorer than ever
Well, we finally see the signs that the lawyers are onto this, as Bono is nominated for a peace prize do you get the feeling poor old Bono is getting used?
I remember when he appeared on TV on “The Old Grey Whistle Test’ in his puffy pirate shirt, it’s time to mutiny Bono and soon.
Pharmaceutical Litigation
Defective Drugs

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Your ranting exposes you for what you are. So now the TAC who are at the coalface of fighting AIDS are Hitlerites. Keep up the good work.

You are a "reasonably paid Australian" but you want to deny meds to those who have nothing.

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As the piece makes clear vaccines take time to develop but this has to be seen as good news. I guess Cal will just see this as more evidence of the vast conspiracy which involves everyone apart from Cal and his mates.

"New collaborations offer hope for HIV/AIDS vaccine
22 Feb 2005

Prospects for a safe, effective AIDS vaccine are improving as researchers from the public and private sectors begin to collaborate in new and creative ways, researchers said today at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

According to the Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) approximately 39 million people are living with HIV, and an estimated 4.9 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2004 alone.

New vaccines take decades to create, and the process can be slowed down when researchers work independently. Another reason that we don't have an AIDS vaccine yet is that making drugs for patients already infected with the virus has generally taken top priority. "

You can get the full article here:


More info on the American Association for the Advancement of Science :

Related Link: http://www.aaas.org/
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Do you have an opinion?
A mind of your own?
I thought you were special
I thought you should know
‘Special’ by Garbage

Well, I’m impressed, The Activist whoever you are is persistent enough for me to believe you’re at the coalface and believe in what you are doing. I’m trying to help, if you didn’t absorb all the information I’m letting you know about, then I suggest you have a look again.
I’ve been called a nazi, a holocaust denier, stupid, gullible and mad by people I see as not thinking at all about these problems.
If I point to a nazi streak to the HIV/AIDS establishment then it is what the Irish call tit for tat, I’ll apologise now to you because escalation leads nowhere and dialogue is good.
The coalface must be a stressful place and I wish you the best.
What I have to write now alludes to my comments and has to be done for the record.

Discrimination against HIV positives
A new Wisconsin law that allows teachers to have students tested for HIV could lead to mandatory HIV testing for students in the schools.
Some may remember Ryan White and his family. Upon learning White was positive, some people in Kokomo, Ind., tried to kick him out of school. They burned down his family home. The right tried to keep HIV positive students out of school.
Mandatory HIV testing – does anyone remember Ryan White?
The right wing wants the names and addresses of all those infected with HIV literally handed over to the police so that perhaps someday their ultimate wet dream could come true: quarantine and concentration camps for their enemies.
Mandatory HIV Name Reporting: The Right Wing's Hidden Agenda
Before the law "only 38.9% of women were tested for HIV, but after the law 91% of the women were tested," she said. Women can refuse testing for themselves or their babies on religious grounds, she added.
Rather than being coercive, the law "appeals to the maternal instinct in these women to protect their babies," Dr. Magriples said. Women are told that if they are HIV-positive, they will be given antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy "so the baby will be protected against HIV."
Two studies find Connecticut mandatory HIV screening law is a success
This should send a chill through everyone’s bones given the shocking Nevirapine studies on children in Europe, we are creating a new holocaust and the drug companies will profit this time.
AZT=Zyklon B and they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for buying it off them.
These are reputable studies by the AIDS researchers themselves, at least the honest ones blowing the whistle.
Since HIV tests are not entirely reliable, and are least reliable when administered to large numbers of people, they are of limited value. Mandatory testing would cause millions of Americans to suffer from being falsely identified as infected, while many infected persons would be falsely informed that they were not infected.
AIDS and Civil Liberties
The lack of privacy inherent to the prison environment contributes to the experience of discrimination for prisoners living with HIV.
Prisoners if forced to take Anti-retrovirals could easily die, their diet in jail is not the best to deal with these drugs. I actually see this as deliberate extermination if others don’t. Sorry.

Being Alive opposes Mandatory HIV testing of pregnant women.
Under the War on Terra fear mongering, Bush is with holding tax dollars from the states unless they pass this law.
MSEHPA - Why Government and Medicine Shouldn't Mix
In 1933, with the accession of the National Socialists to power, two developments that had reached their critical mass were promptly codified into law. One was the long-discussed sterilization program, which had been debated but had not achieved majority support. The second was authorized euthanasia. The proposal, issued by the German Ministry of Justice, was reported on the front page of The New York Times and stated:
"It shall be made possible for physicians to end the tortures of incurable patients, upon request, in the interests of true humanity." Moreover, the Ministry ensured, "no life still valuable to the state will be wantonly destroyed."
Healing by Killing. Medicine in The Third Reich by Sheldon Rubenfeld M.D. Medicine Magazine.
Nurses' Participation in the Nazi Euthanasia Programs

Susan Benedict, CRNA, DSN, FAAN
College of Nursing
Medical University of South Carolina
UNAIDS Co-sponsors
The World Bank is one of the sponsors, now look at these quotes from Summers the Head of that Bank.
First, Summers intones that "the measurement of the costs of health-impairing pollution depends on the forgone earnings from increased morbidity and mortality." Thus "a given amount of health-impairing pollution should be done in the country with the lowest cost, which will be the country with the lowest wages." In Summers eyes, markets, by definition, correctly value all factors in production. If markets set a low wage for Third World workers, they must be less productive than workers elsewhere. If we're going to dump toxic wastes, let's do it where those hurt by the dumping are not as productive. As Summers says, "I think the economic logic behind dumping a load of toxic waste in the lowest-wage country is impeccible and we should face up to that."
This guy is saying we should poison Third World Workers because they don’t produce enough?
I’m not calling the honest hard working activist a nazi, I’m calling the madmen who pulls the strings a bunch of sick fascists.
Markets Uber Alles?
Now look at the sponsors of the Africa Now Summit on AIDS organised by Harvard.
Spot the drug companies, even Enron Bush’s best buddies are in there and Merck who make the vaccines.
Now look at the bizarre stuff they’re working on, I think these people are freaks, well paid ones.
Discovery of the simian immunodeficiency virus, an AIDS-related virus in monkeys, and demonstration of the importance of this virus as a model for the development of vaccines in humans.
Development of modified-anthrax toxin based system as a novel HIV vaccine delivery technology.
Now I’ve avoided the conspiracy theories because I’ve wanted to point out that the HIV tests are fraudulent and the medications are deadly while heaps of other causes can create immune system failure.
The Global Polio Eradication Program, supported by the United Nation’s World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF, Rotary International, and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), plans to immunise all African children in the coming months. The purpose is to stem a wild polio epidemic, the epicentre of which is in oil-rich Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa.
The vaccine program hit a snag in the Fall of 2003 when Islamic clerics in the predominantly Muslim-populated areas of northern Nigeria claimed the WHO program was a plot by Westerners to depopulate the area. Laboratory tests revealed estrogen and other female sex hormones in the polio vaccine, proof the vaccines were contaminated with substances that could cause sterility.
Dr. David Heymann, who heads the WHO eradication program, says the oral polio vaccine (which contains live but attenuated polio virus) is completely safe. He blames Nigerians for exporting polio to surrounding nations.
Vaccine blamed for most polio cases in 1980-94
19/1/2001 Mia Farrow launches Nigerian Polio Campaign
Something doesn’t add up here, they started a Polio Campaign in 2001, the Muslim clerics put their foot down now because a Polio epidemic is happening and they blame it on the clerics for refusing the Polio?
Antifertility Vaccines and the WHO
In March 2004, Haruna Kaita, a pharmaceutical scientist and Dean of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria, took samples of WHO’s controversial oral polio vaccine to India for analysis. Evidence of serious vaccine contamination was found. According to a March 11, 2004 report.
UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated with Sterilizing Agents Scientist Finds
This is an anti-abortion site.
I don’t agree with forced testing, medication, vaccination, contraception, sterilization or abortion.
To bring a child into this hell of a world is an act of bravery and likewise I don’t believe these people should force a woman to give birth a child against their wishes.
Choice and balance, I understand their religious viewpoint but not everyone is religious.
Kaita was asked why drug manufacturers would contaminate the oral polio vaccine. He gave three reasons: “These manufacturers or promoters of these harmful things have a secret agenda which only further research can reveal. Secondly they have always taken us in the third world for granted, thinking we don’t have the capacity, knowledge and equipment to conduct tests that would reveal such contaminants.

This is not the first time the WHO has been called on the carpet to explain their surreptitious use of antifertility vaccines. Millions of female Mexicans, Nicaraguans and Filipinos were duped into taking tetanus vaccines, some of which were laced with a female hormone that could cause miscarriage and sterilisation. In 1995, a Catholic organisation called Human Life International accused the WHO of promoting this Canadian-made tetanus vaccine covertly laced with a pregnancy hormone called human choriogonadotropic hormone (HCG). Suspicions were aroused when the tetanus vaccine was prescribed in the peculiar dose of five multiple injections over a three month period, and recommended only to women of child-bearing age. When an unusual number of women experienced vaginal bleeding and miscarriages after the shots, a hormone additive was uncovered as the cause.
Live Vaccines are not safe, remember what I said about Pox viruses in populations that are protein deficient. The low Lysine levels will knock people over.
The Chickenpox vaccine lies latent in the body.
Because the vaccine is a live attenuated herpesvirus vaccine, it is capable of becoming latent and reactivating later in life. However, the risk of zoster (shingles) appears to be lower in those who have received the vaccine than in those who have had chickenpox
A lot of Africans believe in HIV and that it’s a laboratory created virus.
Mycplasma Visna or Incognitus is supposed to suvive on cholesterol, great way to rid the world of starving people.
This is a quote from WHO murdered Africa by William Cambell Douglas MD
From the Bulletin of the World Health Organisation (Volume 47, p.259, 1972), he quoted a passage that stated: “An attempt should be made to see if viruses can in fact exert selective effects on immune function.
‘Debunking The Out Of Africa Origin Of HIV & AIDS’ I noticed Dr. Cantwell gets an audience in Africa.
On SV40 contamination of the polio vaccines.
“In litigation involving the Lederle oral polio vaccine, the manufacturer’s internal documents failed to reveal such removal [of SV40] in all of the seeds. The absence of confirmatory testing of the seeds, as well as testimony of a Lederle manager, indicate that this claim of removal of SV40 and the testing for SV40 in all the seeds cannot be fully substantiated. These legal documents and testimony indicate that the scientific community should not be content with prior assumptions that SV40 could not have been in the oral polio vaccine. Only further investigation by outside scientific and independent researchers who can review the test results claimed in the January 1997 meeting and who can conduct their own independent evaluations by testing all the seeds and individual mono-valent pools will assure that SV40 has not been present in commercially sold oral poliovirus vaccine manufactured by Lederle.”
The onset of the “gay plague” and “gay cancer” (in the form of Kaposi’s sarcoma) are clearly associated with the hepatitis B vaccine trials which used young gay men as guinea pigs during the years 1978-1981. A few months after the first group of men were injected in the experiment in Manhattan at the New York Blood Centre, the first cases of “gay-related immune deficiency” were reported to the CDC. The experimental hepatitis B vaccine was developed in chimpanzees, the animal species now thought to harbor “the ancestor of HIV.”
Never mentioned by proponents of the chimp out-of-Africa theory is the fact the New York Blood Centre established a chimp virus laboratory in West Africa in 1974. One of the purposes of VILAB II, at the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research in Robertsfield, Liberia, was to develop the human hepatitis B vaccine in chimps.
Cancer Causing Vaccines, Polio, AIDS & Monkey Business
Dr. Cantwell has written tons on this, so much to be an overload and point to deliberate infection of populations. I would like this to be an epidemic of medical incompetence but sometimes a chill runs up my spine. I’m off to record some sad songs, so have a sweet weekend.

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I provide links to a few more relevant articles below.


Actor Will Smith To Host Second '46664' HIV/AIDS Awareness Concert in South Africa; Mandela To Attend

Former South African President Nelson Mandela on Thursday announced that he will attend next month's... "46664" HIV/AIDS awareness concert . Mandela last month in an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS announced that his son Makgatho had died of AIDS-related causes (SAPA/News24.com, 2/17). The concert will feature 150 local and international musicians, including Usher and Annie Lennox (AFP/news.com.au, 2/17). http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=20292


Number of Deaths in S Africa Increases 57% Since 1997, Likely Showing Affect of AIDS on Working-Age Adults, Report Says
24 Feb 2005

The number of deaths in South Africa increased by 57% from 1997 to 2002, in part showing that the country's HIV/AIDS epidemic is "cutting a swath through its working-age population," according to statistics released Friday by... Statistics South Africa, Reuters/Philadelphia Inquirer reports (Quinn, Reuters/Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/19). The report, titled "Mortality and Causes of Death in South Africa," is based on nearly three million death certificates and shows that the number of deaths increased from 870 daily in 1997 to 1,370 daily in 2002, according to the South African Press Association.


Papua New Guinea 'New Frontline' of HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Asia-Pacific Region, UNAIDS Director Piot Says
24 Feb 2005

Papua New Guinea is "clearly ... the new frontline of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region," and the "rapid" increase in HIV cases in the country is "shocking,"... UNAIDS Executive Director Peter Piot said on Thursday, Papua New Guinea's National reports. The country's National AIDS Council has recorded more than 10,000 HIV cases, but experts estimate that about 50,000 HIV-positive people live in the country and 10% of the population could be HIV-positive by 2010, according to the National (Darius, National, 2/18).


author by SteelyDannypublication date Thu Feb 24, 2005 20:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"What activist is really saying is that HIV/AIDS is almost never the IMMEDIATE cause of death..."

I do follow your line of thinking, Mike. But the key disagreement is regarding what role HIV (of which its 'discovery' has yet to follow basic scientific protocol of proper viral isolation and pier review) plays in the breakdown of one's immune system and possible death, even indirectly.

The more I read (you have to research, and read more than one source, including ALL sides of the argument), the more I am convinced that the 'discovery' in 1986 of a single viral entity as the PROBABLE (their words at the time, not mine) cause of AIDS was a rush to judgement, or at least a mantra no one is willing to criticize in this day and age. HIV is sometimes found present, and sometimes not, in AIDS patients, so can it really be the catalyst?

It is no secret that there are multiple causes for immune system failure (one would have to look at the WHOLE picture to determine what has lead to an individual's condition). And study in this area would be warranted (along with the other efforts being made), if anyone weren't an automatic BLACKBALL TARGET for for merely saying that the theories need to be revisiting and re-evaluated.

Too often, AIDS diagnosis is clouded by religious, social, economical and political factors, and not merely the facts and variables specific to a given case. I'm not saying these things don't play a factor, but they are often misused in human error and prejudice.

(Hope I made sense, was rushing. :-) )

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Mon Feb 28, 2005 06:12author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

‘All great truths begin as blasphemies.’ GB Shaw

Alien Virus
The Alien Virus it came down
Came down to a church just out of town
They talked of creation and God’s final plan
And how we were chosen to understand
But Satan as at large and spreading his evil
And he dwelt inside all unchristian people
The crowd they cheered as the Reverend spoke
And the Alien Virus went down his throat
He stuttered, he sputtered and he shook his jaw
Made a noise like a Hippo snore
Did wild convulsions on the floor
When the Alien Virus began to fall

The Pentagon research were way up late
Playing games with their culture plates
They found a virus more mean than AIDS
So they popped champagne to celebrate
What to drink, where to send the flu?
Inject little orphan kids in Katmandu
With population maps they all clocked off
When the head professor began to cough
And it makes your problems look so small
What’s this Nobel prize thing for?
I want to be a famous corpse
When the Alien Virus begins to fall

In 1919 they came from space
And took 40 million place people off this place
Now we’re high tech show off snobs
Worried about savings, mortgages and jobs
Russians, Chinese, Arabs and Yanks
Chimps with gas, flu, bombs and tanks
All so busy fighting they didn’t see
The Alien Virus coming down to tea
Nah, nah, nah
You’d better break out the Vitamin C
Hope you live near a lemon tree
You can’t fight a war when your mates got sores
When the Alien Virus begins to fall

Alien Virus 1994

When my skin began falling off it was a few weeks after September 11.
The Westerly that bring the Ekka flu was still blowing, it was all dry and dead.
My friend Monty died during these winds, my dog Ted died, a love left me later with the crescent moon in the sky, the cold dry winds and all of this burning up my mind.

Positive charged winds raise the Serotonin levels, that sort of weather makes my vision brighter because Serotonin is similar to LSD. Don’t know about you?
Isaac Asimov in his old ‘Guide to Sciences’ book had a whole section on it.
Snake and Toad venoms are similar types of chemical.
They give you Serotonin Syndrome, which is what kills you.
My hero Archie Kalokerinos has a chapter in a book called ‘The AIDS Timebomb’ where he suggests very sensibly that if you’re in the Outback to carry a syringe and some Sodium Ascorbate so you have an all round antidote to any venom.
He’s right, people coming down off Acid use juice, I’ve tried Ascorbate to sober up off alcohol and curb a nausea attack, the stuff works quite well.
If you have a flu lemons work, garlic has the Selenium so that’s why I suggest Brazil nuts because a week on Garlic makes the world of taste a bit unbearable.
I also have Lady Cilento’s book ‘You can’t live without Vitamin C’ the older folk from Queensland would remember her and I bet some of them still squeeze a lemon.
Unfortunately the ‘Limeys’ got here using limes and lemons and wrecked a beautiful civilization, they then used germ warfare with Smallpox ridden blankets for the natives. That was part of our Australian Ethnic Cleansing and we can’t say sorry?
When those Westerlies blow just think of all those kids on their SSRI’s.

‘I Sing the Body Electric’ Walt Whitman
The factory where I worked had some idiots come to work with Chickenpox.
It’s bizarre to say that this happened each of the 3 years I was there and I could feel the Chickenpox raise the hackles on my skin as I looked down the microscope.
I’d spent that August in a pokey little glue room with a gas mask and extraction vent trying it’s hardest to suck out all the Phenol, Cyanide and Araldite fumes.
The job I did was one I got stuck with for two and a half years because it was sculpture and I was their best. The glue I used had 10% phenol, burning stuff and they only used it to cover solder on their microscopic solder joints.
Yes, chemistry nerds out there will be thinking why didn’t they use Selastic.
Some idiot bought the stuff and this is typical of business, they won’t change a thing until all the stock is used up. They’ll kill you because of this, they’ll use up every last drop of Benzene in the petrol, all their DU’s weapons, all the vaccines with Thimerosol, all the Fluoride in your water and all the poisons in the Chemo cupboard until they decide the lawyers are here so we’d better stop now and go bankrupt.

‘Truth is tough.
It will not break, like a bubble at a touch
Nay, you may kick it about all day like a football
And it will be round and full in the evening’
O.W.Holmes The Professor at the Breakfast Table

I’m not using the net now to write this, I’m going to quote from books from the recent past and ancient to show you how quick we forget.
How the Net and Tunnel Vision has brainwashed us into believing it’s all new.

‘The joke is rather sad
That it’s all just a bit of history repeating
Life’s for us to enjoy
Woman, man, girl and boy
Feel the pain, feel the joy
And sidestep the little bits of history repeating’
History Repeating by Shirley Bassey with The Propellerheads

In my bookcase from the left it starts with some pamphlets from Barnacle Books in Melbourne if they’re still going? One of those is called ‘Challenging the AIDS Myth’.
Then it has ‘Disasters of War’ that Monty left with me when he died.
These are horrible pictures painted by Goya of when Napoleon came to town and added some serious trauma to the poor Spanish.
Next to that is a book called ‘Prison Poems’ by Bobby Sands who was a H Block prisoner who got voted into Westminster in the early ‘80’s and then starved himself to death to prove a point, of course Maggie Thatcher didn’t lift a finger to make things better.
As an aside it’s good to hear the British Army has left the Irish and they’re off to torment the Iraqis so Northern Ireland’s most exciting gossip now is the bank robbery.
Beside Bobby is ‘The Anarchist AIDS Medical Formulary’ by Charles R. Caulfield and Billi Goldberg. They talk about the AIDS AZT scam but the two most important chapters are ‘Antioxidant therapies for HIV’ where they talk about all the things I do,
Superoxide Dismutase and more is there and the other chapter is ‘Alternative treatments for Herpes, Cytomegalovirus and Varicella Zoster Infections’.
It starts out by saying this ‘In the absence of a competent immune system, lipid-coated viruses have greater opportunity to invade and damage the immune system’.
I was reading this a year after I had a nasty bout of Chickenpox and had started working with some really grubby chemicals, my nervous system really still felt hammered. Then they go on to describe the real viruses that finally knock the gays over “A certain class of viruses, known as lipid-coated viruses, use a fatty coating made of substances from within the host system” i.e. you.
“The viral proteins that would otherwise be recognized as foreign and destroyed by the immune system elude this defence by surrounding their genetic material with proteins and fats made from substances in the body not recognized as foreign, making their presence difficult for the immune system to detect”.
These viruses use your left over debris to hide behind, cell sludge to make a coat.
“Lipid-coated viruses include Herpes Simplex Viruses 1 and 2 and Varicella-Zoster Virus (Chickenpox) the cause of Shingles, Epstein Barr Virus (Glandular) which has been implicated in causing Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Cytomegalovirus, a major cause of blindness and death among people with AIDS”.
These guys were on the front line writing this book in 1993.
“These viruses escape immune system detection by “hiding out” in various cells such as B-Lymphocytes, Monocytes/Macrophages and Neurons (Nerve clusters), where they can remain dormant for long periods of time.
They can be activated by stress, diet changes, illness or sudden decline in immune status”. See what I mean about our bodies crawling with viruses, these aren’t some bugs that some gays and Africans get, we all carry this stuff, everyone reading this would carry at least one of these viruses, you scurvy ridden paranoid monkeys.

They then say “Conventional Medicine has been very unsuccessful in treating viruses in general, and lipid-coated viruses in particular. Widely used drugs for treatment are toxic, expensive and in many cases, relatively ineffective”.
These are front liners watching their friends die and they are saying nothing works, then they go on to recommend “some natural and affordable treatment choices”.
I’ll quote the paragraph that changed my life.
“Dietary Interventions
There are some nutritional interventions which may help prevent the development of CMV and other Herpes virus symptoms. Viruses in this family have a lipid coat rich in Arginine, an amino acid. To make its protective coating, the virus must use excess Arginine from the host system provided by foods rich in this amino acid, including almonds, barley, beer, chocolate, fresh corn and many types of nuts.
The amino acid Lysine’s chemical make up most closely resembles Arginine.
In the absence of Arginine, the virus will attempt to use the Lysine in construction of its protective coating; however, with Lysine, the virus is not able to complete this process and is destroyed. An increase in intake of Lysine, a very affordable nutritional supplement, along with a decrease in dietary intake of Arginine rich foods is believed to help keep Herpes and CMV infections dormant and harmless.
Lysine is available in most health stores and is generally assumed to be safe.”
It works alright and it’s not toxic because half our protein is Collagen, you need it.
I tell people this and so far a case of Shingles, one Chickenpox almost causing MS and two people with Cold Sores have sorted their viruses out.
They finish with this “Based on research on nutrition and unconventional medical technologies, it is clear that there are always measures that can be taken to avoid a seemingly unavoidable medical disaster. Those who face the challenge and seek out solutions from wherever they may be found are the most likely to achieve the most positive results. For those willing to caste aside preconceptions, keep an open mind, do their homework, and muster up the courage to do what feels right for them, there is hope. It is a very personal choice”. Front liners telling you to do it yourself.

It is a very personal choice because you have peer pressure to take Chemo with the hysterical adherence to drug time-tables or arm yourself up with the next vaccine.
If you have Cancer you must rush yourself to hospital and freak out.
OK, let the Surgeon remove the tumour if it’s blocking something but after that leave the hospital and book a holiday because the $100,000 that you spend on Chemo will kill you and eat into your holiday money. It might be your last chance and by the time your hair’s fallen out and you’re on their drips you won’t have the energy to escape.
Next door to the ‘Anarchist AIDS’ is ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy’ by Stan Deyo.
He now lectures with Michael Rappaport who blew the September 11 holes.
He worked with the US Air Force in Australia and the book goes through UFO’s, Gravity Theories, Tesla, Sunspots, Masons, Biblical stuff and even weather warfare.
This book is 1978, years before the USAF made HAARP operational in Alaska.
Along with Bad Brains this was my introduction to The New World Order.
Here’s a quote from a Brisbane paper the ‘Sunday Mail’ of 5th November 1978.
Bruce Sandham wrote a story on sunspots, he’s quoting Dr. Michel Gauqelin, Director of Cosmic research at France’s Strasbourg? University.
“This sunspot activity is causing massive ionisation which can have dramatic influence on our behaviour. Some areas of the human body contain a positive charge of electricity and others a negative one. So the arrival of electromagnetic waves from the Sun can seriously upset the balance between the two.”
Dr. Gauquelin continued on the subject of possible effects on world diseases,
“The invasion of a human cell by a virus is virtually an electrical reaction.
Normally the virus and the living cell carry a charge of negative ions, thus the virus is repelled and can’t enter the cell. When something happens to the body and the cells Charge becomes positive, then the virus is free to enter. This something could be the disturbance caused by solar activity.”
Of course Dr. Gauqelin did a statistical study on astrology so every thing else he said has been thrown on to the bottom of the ocean by our mind censors at Skeptics HQ.
Jean Rostand defended Michel by saying “If Gauquelin has proved astrology by statistics, then I no longer believe in statistics.”
My factory was so full of electric machines pumping out radiation that radio stations were blown right off the dial, that’s when my Chemical Brother’s tapes came out.
Do you see why I think Negative Ionisers should be fitted into hospitals?
It’s so cheap, you walk into most of them and feel the dead zone and dead electricity.
Not places fit for flowers withering by bedsides, so why fit for humans.
Cancer cells replicate at lower voltages, it’s like the world sucks the life out of you and then you’re body’s cells just try and have a go at blindly patching it up anyway.
The highest levels of ionisation are up in the mountains, rainforests with waterfalls and at the beach, I know it sounds all hippie but that’s where you should go on holiday. Holy day if you’re into a religion. Holistic instead of ballistic.
Never mind the suicide bombers, remember your doctor thinks you’ll die anyway.

‘I scratch my face into a wall
To see if I am really all
Funny weather, funny weather
Stay away, stay away’
Funny Weather by Superette in NZ

I’m not an ‘Activist’ like my persistent friend.
I did interviews because if I didn’t no one else would.
Last rally I went to was the ‘Stop The War’ one, I sponsor a kid in Africa.
I led the activist down my garden path and they made me unwittingly write a book.
This was sending me mad and I had to get it out, of course the HIV believers will continue to think I’m mad. They think all the fine dissident doctors are mad too while I think of HIV/AIDS as a stark raving bonkers theory and agree to disagree.
My interaction with the world consists of writing this opinion piece, getting to work, catching the odd bus to a friend’s, quite normal stuff.
Some of Bush’s Christian mates reckon it’s a good idea to knock over the Al Aqsa mosque to rebuild the Temple of David and you can donate to get more specially bred Red Heifers from Texas over to Israel just to be ready for sacrifice when it all happens. Sorry to let you know but some of them might be in power right now.

I haven’t done this for glory or attention other than I think people should know.
The paranoia burdening people is a con, they should be allowed to live without fear of state or disease. James Bellini’s High Tech Holocaust is already here, most of you will die from Cancer or Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS is just a new word for dying.
This book is for my Activist who is at the front line, it is just my story for you so you can head into the valley of death with a clear head full of choices and think about it.
It is also a horror book and my garden path is covered in poison vines and breeding zones for spiders, I want it crawling with life, the rats and bats and geckos.
I wrote this stuff because it was unbearable to have it in my head all to myself.
This horror story felt like a game of Rollerball Tennis in my head with spiky balls and rackets with steel string and sharpened edges on a court laced with mines, booby traps and the dead and injured laying around in the mindfield.
I can imagine that if this tyranny continues to become more paranoid, in a hundred years from now this sport will be played by legions of plague victims in arenas televised to your super duper mobiles.
Some circus entertainment for the Presiding Dent’s offspring with the Revere End’s giving blessings to the Gathered and the expendable Tennis Glad E-ators since those poor unfortunates tagged with the plague signs die anyway.
If I’m alive for that circus I’ll be in the hills.
If that description sent you mad then do the google search for The Red Heifer now.

This has been like watching the end of Hell Raiser when I don’t want to.
This ruined a love when I could have been thinking about nicer happier things and when that rift happens a whole community of friends disappears.
I’ve mentioned this to once friends to have them go silent and only wave afterwards.
The media has been silent, the alternative radios preferring to stick on their UN tapes.
I don’t want to be the bearer of unbearable bad news but you need to know.
Pregnant women in Africa are in deep trouble because AIDS scientists are after them.

That’s my virtual world and the path leading up to it. My garden is different, we just had Mango season and though people in Europe pay tons for them here for about two months the bats go batty and squawk and screech while leaving a heap of bat pooh and rotting festering fruit all over the place to hose away each day.
My garden also has an Mexican Poinsettia tree and under that is my suburban Bora ring which I occasionally put a few twigs into and spark them up into a bonny fire.
This week I got a bus to Southbank and watched the moon rise over the city framed in between the skyscrapers scraping the sky while listening to My bloody Valentine.
Got nothing better to do, I watched the moon beside my tree the next night with Jupiter and the Southern Cross in the sky, ghostly clouds floated by. No UFO’s.
I was never here to fight but to leave a monolithic punk rock for the Skeptics and co.
to throw their flimsy spears at until science turns the corner and they go ‘Oh’.
I can tell it how I see it and you can all get flustered and I don’t care.
It is coming out of my head and soon I’ll be able to learn some Japanese, try and fix an old Valiant station wagon, get my band on the road and fossick.
I will play more Playstation while thinking of the Congolese who made that possible, learn how to make jewellery, cook more, write songs, walk the dogs, go to the movies, gigs, pools, beaches and rainforests.
Normal exciting things, might even travel.
I’ve already gone to the pool and started gardening this weekend.
You can deal with the horror story now and see where it fits into your life.
Just don’t warm your cars up under your houses, my first tip.
For those who are sick then fix yourselves, you are your own physician, despite a barrage of tests and recommendations if it doesn’t work think what works for you.
If doctors were mechanics they would be out of business, if they don’t fix you up the first time then why keep going back again?
I’m not saying don’t go to see your doctors, I’m saying just don’t keep going.
Disease is mysterious, we can think ourselves into illness, we don’t need anyone else to help reinforce our belief in our slow painful, hopeless and horrible demise.
Listen to yourselves, the planet and city around you.
You might discover your bed’s smack bang on some kind of dead zone vortex?
Everybody’s internal coral reef is different.
When a virus hurtles in from Outer Space the trick is to feed yourself and the virus enough nutrients to keep you both alive until your body’s organisms get on top.
The great Australian concept of Permaculture is the same idea with plants.
Probiotics where you balance the organisms in favour of good ones is the trick for dealing with bacteria. I should do it more but I used to drink Thyme tea for bugs and remembered to use some Acidophilus Yoghurt to compensate, the same should be done with using Antibiotics.
Bactrin for 8 years in a kid, what were they thinking?

Hurtling down a steep hill with three messed up DVD’s in the bag is a buzz.
Writing this while the earphones blast Death in Vegas is fun. Fun is good.
I play in a band called Alien Virus named after ‘Diseases from Space’ by Sir Fred Hoyle the Royal Astronomer, in that book he talks all about the RNA retroviral transcription being the factor that describes us as humans apart from chimps or elephants and it’s moving and changing all the time.
It’s almost the same as John Mattick’s statements recently and was written in 1981.
We are a bundle of bacteria and viruses and so we should just get used it.
If you think HIV is ‘A plague’ and Smallpox has gone when Ebola hits each week then I have some final pieces of history to let you think about obsession with disease, quarantine and fear. Brace yourselves.
This is about us in 1981. Type-C is the old word for HERV’s.
“There is a class of virus of approximately spherical shape, the Type-C viruses which are indeed intrinsically generated by cells. They appear to be genes carried by the genetic material of reptiles, birds and mammals. Breakdown occurs in the body cells with the Type-C viruses emerging and multiplying rather in the manner of tumour causing viruses. The latter are acquired from outside whereas the similar Type-C viruses are generated from within the animal.”
This is the line all the women taking a HIV test since the ‘80’s should have known about but were never told because it’s in my yellowed old paperback.
“The production of Type-C viruses can also be inhibited. They exist in profusion in the placenta of mammals, but become suppressed shortly before birth.”
The suppression being antibodies, now why would they switch off, have they finished
doing something? These are the multi-million dollar questions.
Which came first the cell or the virus, the chicken or the pox?
Where did we come from and where on earth are we going to?
There’s a chapter called ‘Plagues, Past and Present’.
Talking about the Plague of Justinian that started in 540AD and lasted for 50 years killing up to 100 million people according to English historian Edward Gibbon.
“They were taken with a sudden fever; some suddenly wakened from sleep; others while they were occupied with various matters during daytime.
The fever, from morning to night, was so slight that neither the patient nor the physician feared danger, and no one believed he would die.
But in many cases even on the first day a bubo appeared both in the inguinal regions and under the armpits.
Some die at once, others after many days, and the bodies of some broke out with black blisters the size of a lentil. These did not live after one day, but died at once, and many were killed quickly by a vomiting of blood.
Physicians could not tell which cases were light and which severe and no remedies availed.” Procopius.
In Columbia recently the guerrillas have been testing villages and exiling perfectly healthy HIV positives, aren’t we paranoid monkeys, and mean spirited as well.
I think Fred joking sarcastically about rats spreading the plague is classic.
“Humans with the disease collapsed on the spot, and we think the afflicted rats must surely have done the same. To argue that stricken rats set out on a safari that took them six months not merely from Southern to Northern France , but even across the Alpine Massif, borders on the ridiculous.”
“There are many descriptions of communities that isolated themselves deliberately from the outside world, and many of these descriptions come from English villages.
Yet isolation was to no avail. The Black Death would strike suddenly, and within a week the people in such communities would be in just the same dire straights as everyone else.”
“What remarkable rats they were. To have crossed the sea and to have reached into remote English villages, and yet to have effectively by-passed the cities of Milan, Liege and Nuremburg! To have largely spared an extended area in Bohemia and Southern Poland, as well as smaller pockets in Western Europe.
The astonishing reason offered for this behaviour is indicative of the mind engendered by orthodox theory. The rats, it is said, dislike the food available to them in these regions.”
“There was no marching army of plague stricken rats.
The rats died in the places where they were infected, just as the humans did.
By falling from the air, Pastuerella Pestis had no difficulty at all crossing the Alps, or in crossing the English Channel. Remote English villages were hit, however determinedly they sought to seal themselves off from the outside world, because the plague bacillus descended from above and against an aerial assault all the precautions taken were of no consequence.”
Of course they didn’t have Mia Farrow to kick off a Vaccine Campaign or Bono to get the life saving drugs shipped in.
I’d be down at the local veggie store when an epidemic like that comes along.
The 1919 Influenza was bad, what’s worse is they’ve been digging up some of the frozen 1919 corpses to extract the virus and make an antidote in case Al Queda make their own batch of bio-warfare.
Do they think we believe such War on Terra rubbish?
“Although the Spanish flu happened nearly a century ago, the extreme pathogenicity of the H1N1 1918 influenza virus is still not understood. Virologists have traveled the world to obtain samples of the virus so that they could unlock the secrets of its virulence, even exhuming victims from the Alaskan and Norwegian permafrost.”
Influenza. The world is teetering on the edge of a pandemic that could kill a large fraction of the human population

These are the minutes from the United States Committee of Appropriations.
Washington DC on Monday, January 16th, 1919 at 2.30pm.
The Chairman: The committee was called primarily to consider a joint resolution introduced by Senator Jones of Washington appropriating $200,000 for the relief of influenza sufferers in Alaska
Gov. Riggs: Thank you, Senator. Perhaps I had better give you a brief history of how this happened.
Following the line of steamship transportation from Seattle, infuenza broke out first along the coastal towns, and it rapidly extended to all of the small towns in south eastern Alaska, all of the native villages and the isolated communities.
At Nome, which is in the northern part of Alaska, just before the freeze up, when transportation ceased for a year, influenza broke out and according to the last report I have, there have been approximately 1,000 deaths: 90 percent of which were among the Eskimos. That has left on our hands 150 Eskimo orphans.
At the outlying places like Kodiak where it was extremely hard to get assistance, there were 40 or 50 deaths. There have been deaths all over the territory and the epidemic is still raging.
And further after some lame quibbling over where the funds should come from.
Sen. Shafroth: Governor , have you heard of conditions up there at the present time?
Gov. Riggs: I have a telegram here addressed to me under the date of January 3 reading as follows:
‘Second epidemic raging over on coast, except Corduva. Still raging along lower Yukon and Kuskokwim. Wire from Marshall today-
Marshall is on the lower Yukon River-
Says 30 percent of adult men died in that vicinity. Unless funds supplied, purchase provisions and maintenance, orphans, women and children will starve.
Dr Lamb died at Marshall, he was the doctor I sent by dog team.
Having received no estimates quarantine expenses interior towns or large coast towns.
Shall I wire for their estimates?
Mrs LD Henderson died last week. She was the wife of the commissioner of education.
Sen. Shafroth: And she died of influenza?
Gov. Riggs: She died of influenza; yes, sir.
Here is a telegram from Mr. Evans, who is the assistant superintendent of the Bureau of Education at Nome.
‘ Ten Villages this district affected. Three wiped out entirely, other average 85 percent deaths. Majority of children of affected villages saved by relief parties sent by the Bureau of Education. Teachers in stricken villages all sick; two dead; rest recovering. Total number of dead reported 750; probably 25 percent; this number frozen to death before help arrived. Over 300 children cared for, majority of whom are orphans….
Appalling and beyond description…that is the condition at Nome.
At Kodiak, which is an island in western Alaska, off towards the Aleutian islands, they had some 300 cases of influenza; and owing to the fact the mail contracts had been cancelled there, there was no transportation.
Sen. Shafroth: How many died?
Gov. Riggs: From the reports that I had about November 25, before leaving there, 4 had died and about 300 were ill. The naval collier Brutus, with officers of the Public Health Service, was sent up there and afforded some relief.
That is the most northerly point they can reach on account of the ice conditions.
The rest of the Territory of Alaska has to be reached by dog team.
The expense of travelling by dog team is terrific, and it is extremely difficult work.
I know what travelling by dog team means. I have travelled over a great part of Alaska by dog team. You have the short days, the hard, cold weather, and you only make 20 or 30 miles a day over the unbroken trails. The conditions there are such as never happened before in the history of the Territory.
The rest of the conversation is quibbling over funds until the frustrated Gov. Riggs gets the money he needs to feed the people up there.
How astonishing, an epidemic hits all over in places that are frozen in and gets there before there is even the remote chance of a dog team crawling there at 30k a day.
So given this sort of information, is there any justification for us to freak out about people who have been alive and symptomless for more than a decade.

‘If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.’ Oscar Wilde

Alien Virus’s first gig in 1988 was an AIDS benefit, jumping on the bandwagon of paranoia and feigned care. In memory of Rock Hudson, don’t drink so much.
It was organised by the girlfriend of a girl I lived with so we were really in trouble.
They managed to get Ed Kuepper, a Brisbane rock legend from The Saints who got noticed in London when punk started in the 1970’s.
There was a lot of free beer and they charged too much on the door so it was a flop.
They bought a case of spirits for Ed Kuepper and early in the gig one of the bands were relieved of their cymbals by another scummy band and in compensation they took Ed’s alcohol stash. We were drunk on beer by then.
Well guess who got the blame, dodgy punk rockers of course.
It descended into awkward confrontations, we were busted with a six pack in our car.
Ed was upset and we were the accused. Our drummer tried to deflate Ed’s tyres on their van, I found him with a lighter wobbling with the flame on the side of the van.
I watched The Rock n Roll Circus, got into a head spin and then went out back and did a projectile vomit in front of the organiser, the girlfriend of my housemate.
By the time Ed was playing he was the enemy and Mike B was up the front of the stage telling Ed to get out of town and never come back. Ed looked scared.
A week later John Midgely from 4ZZZ’s world music show asked me if it was true that we had beaten up Ed Kuepper and slashed his tyres.
So I guess me and AIDS fashion really didn’t get off to a good start.

My guitarist was giving me the calm down line the other day saying you have to be polite about this and I replied that that’s just the problem. A bunch of very polite scientists and doctors have been putting their hands in the air to say their piece and a bunch of viciously rude attackers have shouted them down.
For instance Valendar Turner from Royal Perth’s Emergency Department went on ABC’s Occam’s Razor for a ten minute grab in 1996.
Here’s the transcript, my last net link, he’s making it as simple as possible, he’s almost taking the piss out the so called HIV science and still no one’s noticed.
Department of Emergency Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia
What evidence authenticates a positive HIV antibody test as proof of HIV infection? This question has greatly interested me because those of us who work in Emergency Medicine spend a considerable part of our lives exposed to other people's blood and body fluids, a circumstance which, according to the experts, places us under constant threat of death from AIDS. Ironically, if the experts are right, the life we save may cost us our own and it's little wonder that some of us have pursued the question of
proving HIV infection to the very limits.
After talking about why the HIV antibody tests do not detect a virus he says this.
What's the solution or, more to the point, what's the problem? The problem is how do you know, when you witness an antibody reaction, that is, a positive test, HIV is present too? After all, that's what you really want the test to tell you and the question on the patient's lips is bound to be "Is HIV infection the only cause of a positive test? If' there's something else I'd rather have that, thank you very much".
And on the question of validating the antibody tests?
Back to the problem of validation. We select our thousand people who are sick and let's make sure we include some who have diseases similar to AIDS and let's include a few healthy persons and some cases of AIDS as well. You never know, we might be in for a big surprise. We might find some AIDS patients too are antibody positive in the absence of HIV infection. In fact, if you read Gallo's May 1984 Science papers, where it is claimed HIV was proven to be the cause of AIDS, HIV could be "isolated" in less than half the AIDS cases. Let us return to our experiment. Most of the people selected will have lots of antibodies and this will give the test a fair run for its money. There'll be a lot more people at this party. But hold on, if HIV causes AIDS, and some of our patients have AIDS-like diseases or even if they don't, even those who are healthy, how do we get past the sticky problem of knowing who is or is not infected with HIV? We don't want to include them in our analysis because we want to evaluate the test when there is no HIV infection. I know by now many of you will have the correct answer. It's obvious isn't it? You have to use HIV itself. You simply divide your blood sample in two. One to test for the antibody reactions and the other to try and isolate HIV. If you want to know what the HIV antibody tests tell you about HIV infection you compare the reactions with what you are trying to measure. Not with pumpkins. The only way to distinguish between real reactions and cross-reactions is to use HIV isolation as an independent yardstick or gold standard.
What are the results of such an experiment? How many of an appropriately chosen, thousand patients from whom HIV cannot be isolated at the same time have an antibody reaction? I can't tell you that because, bizarre as it may sound, twelve years since the discovery of HIV and ten years since the development of the HIV antibody tests, this experiment has not been done. We don't know how many positive tests occur in the absence of HIV infection, it might be none or it might be all of them. Nobody knows. There is no proof of the specificity of the HIV antibody tests for HIV infection.
What if someone decided to do this experiment? Is it feasible? That's hard to say because it depends on how much importance you place on the precision of defining HIV infection. Ultimately this can only be defined by the isolation a unique retrovirus. The word isolation comes from the Latin word "insulatus" meaning "made into an island". It refers to the act of separating an object from everything else that is not that object. Like solitary confinement. The rules of retrovirus isolation are now old. All the HIV experts should know them. They were developed in the several decades preceding the beginning of the AIDS era in 1981 and were thoroughly discussed at a meeting held at the Pasteur Institute in 1973 and attended by now leading HIV/AIDS researchers including Barre-Sinoussi and Chermann. These are a set of rules which credibly achieve the aim of separateness. The problem is that no claim of HIV isolation yet presented fulfils either the island concept or follows these rules.
Then there’s this alarming statement about our retroviruses.
Yes, I know that we have all been shown pictures of something called HIV but that should come as no surprise because, in the extensive retrovirology literature, retrovirus-like particles are commonplace. For a start try insects, reptiles, fish and tapeworms. They are also found in the majority of healthy human placentas and while it is true that electron microscopy reveals retroviral-like particles in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from AIDS patients, the identical particles can also be found in 90% of enlarged lymph nodes from patients who do not have AIDS and who are not at risk for developing AIDS
And he finishes with this.
Where does all this leave HIV/AIDS patients? Firstly, the only evidence that HIV is the cause of AIDS is the perception by the AIDS experts of a correlation between antibody reactions and the presence of AIDS-defining diseases. However, for AIDS patients who have had antibody tests and have been diagnosed HIV infected solely on the basis of these tests, we can argue that there is no proof that even one such patient is infected with a virus called HIV. Secondly, in these cases, the tests provide no justification for the administration of potentially toxic drugs like AZT on the basis of a perceived anti-viral activity. Certainly the HIV antibody tests confirm that certain diseases are AIDS rather than just those diseases but this can construed as an artefact of definition. The only scientific conclusion we are permitted to make is that in some but not all well defined at risk individuals, there is a correlation between antibody reactions, whatever their raison d'etre, and the propensity to develop and die from certain diseases. On the other hand, if you're HIV positive but not in a risk group and especially if you're healthy, any pronouncements on your likely outcome will be severely confounded by knowing you are positive, a situation we might describe as twentieth century bone pointing*. And your health may suffer further from the use of medications administered in good faith to kill a virus you may not have. The failure to verify the antibody tests against the gold standard of virus isolation is a serious omission of scientific method. In the absence of such validation these tests should not be used to diagnose HIV infection.
Why are we not worried?

Australians simplify things, I worked with a lovely Irish guy called Sylvester recently and despite my having schooled in England and Ireland I realised I’ve really become Australian because I had so much trouble calling him Sylvester.
I just wanted to say Syl.
I’ve been here almost 2 solar sunspot cycles now so I’ll simplify this into four lines.

The HIV retrovirus isn’t isolated so there’s nothing to measure ‘it’ against.
The HIV antibodies are theoretical and cross-react with hundreds of antibody processes in our body including pregnancy.
We evolved with and are viruses and retroviruses so to take Anti-retrovirals is suicide.
There are other cures and the first line of defence is your skin.

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Good News of cooperation and extension of Med programmes in the developing world. An update on the new HIV Strain in New York and a report from 12th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections regarding the benefits of differing therapies.



Nigerian Government Hopes To Provide Low-Cost Antiretroviral Drugs to 100,000 People This Year

Botswana, Barbados Agree To Cooperate To Exchange HIV/AIDS Expertise, Research

Researchers Still Divided Over Significance of New York City Case of Rare, Drug-Resistant HIV Strain

Combination Therapy Might Be Better Choice Than Nevirapine Alone To Prevent Vertical HIV Transmission, Researchers Say

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Mar 01, 2005 06:46author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

“An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less.”
Nicholas Murray Butler in a commencement address at Columbia University.

The real news behind the scenes requires some thought.
Again we have a panic in Nigeria because an outdated and dangerous HIV test is still in use despite numerous warnings about its lack of validation. Here we are talking about a population of 3.5 Million HIV tagged people being targeted as a market for Anti-retrovirals. That is a lot of money to be made.
These people are malnourished, TB is out of control, a polio vaccine has just triggered an epidemic and the pollution levels in Nigeria are some of the worst in the world thanks to criminal multi-nationals.
Quoting the Medical News.
However, because of financial shortfalls, only about 14,000 people of an estimated 3.5 million HIV-positive people in the country currently receive the drugs at the government's 25 HIV/AIDS treatment centers.
Lambo said the government hopes to enroll 350,000 people in the antiretroviral drug program by 2007
Nigerian Government Hopes To Provide Low-Cost Antiretroviral Drugs to 100,000 People This Year
These AIDS scientists are also targeting Nigerian women in particular despite cross reaction of the HIV test with endogenous retroviruses in the placenta. Do people in Africa know their lawyers should be onto this?
‘Worked with GAP Atlanta to procure and deliver to the FMOH all the test kits and consumables required for the 2003 national HIV/Syphilis seroprevalence sentinel surveillance survey among pregnant mothers attending antenatal clinics. GAP Nigeria also provided technical assistance to the FMOH to train 185 survey personnel.
HHS/CDC Global AIDS Program (GAP) in Nigeria.’
You can’t test pregnant women and declare an epidemic of the HIV retrovirus, it’s fraudulent.

Experts on Thursday at the... 12th Annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston remained divided about whether the detection of a rare, drug-resistant HIV strain in a New York City man represents "a scientific oddity or a public health menace,"
The "mystery" case remains "unsolved" despite receiving the "attention of several thousand AIDS researchers from around the world"
However, alerting the city health department was "the right thing to do," Ho said, adding that scientists remain unsure about whether the case is isolated or "part of a cluster," according to the Times. "That is a decision we stand by today," he said. "I think we have a unique convergence of a very drug-resistant virus, and this infection was very, very rapid," Ho said, adding, "And this man has many, many sexual partners."
David Ho is a HIV/AIDS star, give him a clap.
‘The virus is able to use both main entry points to infect cells and grows well in laboratory settings, unlike most drug-resistant strains, according to the AP/Sun.’
Well, finally they can isolate it if they can grow it, so bring it on.
You won’t hear anymore about growing the strain after that one throwaway comment, they just put their foot in it.
Ho added that the man is being treated with a combination of "a huge number of drugs”.
And that probably killed him.
"These kinds of cases have been reported before," Martin Delaney, founder of San Francisco's Project Inform, said, adding, "A lot of clinicians see this stuff, and they don't call press conferences." AIDS advocate Mark Harrington said, "It's much ado about an anecdote." AIDS physician Steven Deeks said that "host factors" -- patient traits rather than virus traits -- are "almost certainly the cause" of the man's rapid progression to AIDS, according to the Chronicle. However, the case still highlights the need for safer sex in "an environment populated by a still-dangerous virus" and has focused attention on the "out-of-control methamphetamine use in young, gay men," according to Deeks.
Researchers Still Divided Over Significance of New York City Case of Rare, Drug-Resistant HIV Strain
Meth addiction causes extensive damage to the body, and can cause death or permanent physical damage.
Physiological effects of methamphetamine addiction include:
 Abnormally high blood pressure and rapid and irregular heart rate and rhythm
 Seizures and damage to blood vessels in the brain (stroke)
 Accumulation of excess fluid in lungs, brain tissue and skull
 Continuous and excessive dilation of the pupils
 Impaired regulation of heat loss and hyperpyrexia (body temperatures higher than 104°)

 Internal bleeding and damage to other organs caused by disruption of blood flow
 Breakdown of muscle tissue, leading to kidney failure
Breakdown of muscle tissue, this is serious stuff, who needs HIV for a bit of body wasting when you have Meth.
I don’t know if people realise that a toxic liver can develop autoimmune disease and endogenous retroviruses will appear on the scene. That doesn’t mean we should rush to get Anti-retrovirals out of the cupboard.
The HERV’s just appear with Autoimmune disease and science is still trying to work that out.
The antibodies created can cross react with the HIV antibody test again.
Autoimmune Hepatitis
By Howard J. Worman, M. D
Autoimmune hepatitis is a condition in which the patient's own immune systems attacks the liver causing inflammation and liver cell death. The condition is chronic and progressive. Although the disease is chronic, many patients with autoimmune hepatitis present acutely ill with jaundice, fever and sometimes symptoms of severe hepatic dysfunction, a picture that resembles acute hepatitis.
Untreated, autoimmune hepatitis is fatal within five years.
LUPUS and the Liver
Retroviruses in autoimmune liver disease: genetic or environmental agents?

The alarms coming out of the 12th Annual Conference on Retroviruses sound like the Epidemic Intelligence Service at it again. These people need panic to justify their jobs, they won’t blame Crystal Meth for the problem.
Elite corps of 'disease detectives' deployed
in record numbers since Sept. 11
These comments about the EIS came from Red Flags Weekly. Probably the funniest description of these circuses.
The conferences run under the auspices of the International Aids Society (IAS), founded by the late Jonathan Mann, a HIV/AIDS foundation member and a director of the NIH’s Epidemic Intelligence Service, whose graduates serve all over the world.
Letter from South Africa
CDC's Vision for the 21st Century
Healthy People in a Healthy World – Through Prevention
At CDC, we work hard to make people safer and healthier. By charting decisive courses of action, collecting the right information, and working closely with other health and community organizations, CDC has been putting science into action to tackle important health problems since 1946. With more than 8,500 employees across the country, CDC plays a critical role in protecting the public from the most widespread, deadly and mysterious threats against our health today and tomorrow.
Sometimes you have to laugh at the paranoia.

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Dr. David Ho the inventor of HAART therapy for HIV/AIDS which uses all the drugs at once doesn’t mind a bit of sideline work with our caring friends Glaxo.
Is this a conflict of interest?
An Expert Review Board, composed of acknowledged leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS, will review all proposals received by the deadline.
Drug Discovery and Development Grant from Glaxo Smith Kline
Get your grant applications in now.

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Another inter-species jump. Cal will tell you that it was the CIA or some other conspiracy created HIV. The reality is it comes from Nature. In particular eating and butchering Bushmeat.



New retroviruses jump from monkeys to humans

Two new retroviruses - the type of virus which causes AIDS - have jumped from non-human primates to people, a new study reveals.

The study of blood samples from nearly a thousand bushmeat hunters or handlers in Cameroon showed that at least six viruses had crossed from monkeys to the people who were exposed to freshly caught bushmeat. And two of these viruses have never been seen before in humans.

The newly discovered human T-cell lymphotropic virus 3 (HTLV-3) and HTLV-4 are closely related to the known viruses, HTLV-1 and HTLV-2. These are implicated in cancers like leukaemia and can cause inflammatory or neurological diseases.


You can read the full article and get more links at the RELATED LINK.

Related Link: http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7073
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Cal has got a real pal in Dubya! Bush will shut these troublesome activist groups down.


Bush Administration To Require U.S. AIDS Groups Take Pledge Opposing Commercial Sex Work To Gain Funding
01 Mar 2005

The Bush administration is requiring that US HIV/AIDS organizations seeking funding to provide services in other countries make a pledge opposing commercial sex work.. Wall Street Journal reports. Under the new policy, even groups whose HIV/AIDS work in other countries has "nothing to do" with commercial sex workers will have to make a written pledge opposing commercial sex work or risk losing federal funding, according to the Journal. In addition, the Bush administration might refuse to fund HIV/AIDS groups that do not accept Bush's "social agenda" on issues such as sexual abstinence and drug use.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=20477
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Well I do have a problem with these reports of Africans picking up animal retroviruses from eating their food. We've been growing vaccines on the same animal materials for years and putting them straight into the blood stream. At least eating something requires it has to go through a barrage of hydrochloric acid first. These reports seem to justify the virus out of Africa ideas which I see as racist.
I'm against Bush for handing a junket to the drug companies so they can get their drugs into Africa. The drugs are dangerous and an appraisal of AIDS treatment is needed before rushing down that path.
I'm not against Activist groups when they work with sex workers or drugs users to use safe sex practice and watch how they use their drugs. Bush will get rid of these services because behind him are mad raving armageddon christians who hate all the people Activist groups try to help.

This next bit on Kaposi's should help.
Kaposi’s Sarcoma is a cancer. It is also the star disease of HIV/AIDS Inc. And has been the nasty one that knocked over a lot of people. It isn’t a ‘gay disease’ though, none of the AIDS diseases are.
Kaposi’s occurs in other population, I noticed Harare has a high prevalence and historically there’s Sardinia.
Direct correlation between human herpesvirus-8 seroprevalence and classic Kaposi’s sarcoma incidence in Northern Sardinia.
If Robert Gallo could just hold a press conference and declare HIV to be the ‘probable cause’ of AIDS I’ll go one further and answer the Kaposi’s question once and for all.
I know as a member of Her Majesty’s Empire this amounts to an act of piracy. I’m taking all those multi-million patents for AIDS drugs and throwing them overboard to rot with the fishes.
I’m telling the people with Kaposi’s in Harare to include in their daily diet Lemons, Mung beans and Brazil nuts for the Vitamin C, Lysine and high protein in the nuts plus Selenium, Copper and Zinc respectively.
The copper is needed for Collagen production, Selenium is antiviral.
This applies to all cancer patients, I’m not a Mung bean fan so I buy Lysine from the chemist, the Brazil nuts go in my muesli, this also works on degenerative autoimmune diseases. The Scientists who blame HHV8 Herpes for Kaposi’s Sarcoma are right. Peter Duesberg blaming the Nitrite solvents that people inhale for increased sexual pleasure is right. Dr. Bayati who blames Corticosteroids for switching off the immune system is right. All the Cancer and AIDS researchers who see HIV and HERV-K retroviruses are looking at something real but that’s a side effect of the Collagen Matrix collapsing. Harold Foster and his use of Selenium to help AIDS sufferers in Africa is right.
Even Hulda Clarke blaming Benzene and other solvents for allowing parasites to flourish and wreck the Thymus gland is right. Parasites will release growth hormones and encourage Cancer, what Hulda missed was that the solvents dissolve Collagen and Herpes viruses will have a party with those conditions.
The parasites are very likely to be a factor in Prostate Cancer so her cures with anti-parasite herbs often work with Prostate but the Herpes factor is a big one she missed.
The lipid bilayer or our skin and why it aligns itself in a certain way was discovered in 1917.
In 1917,Irving Langmuir discovered that phosphilipids dissolved in benzene would form a film on water when the Benzene evaporated. In other words he discovered that when skin dissolves it realigns itself after the solvent that dissolved it has gone. He found our fatty skin has attractive side to water and one that also repels water. Here’s some history of membranes if curious.
I discovered this while I was doing first year university chemistry part-time and working in a factory with Phenol, an acidic Benzene molecule, it helped explain the nosebleeds I was getting.
Benzene, toluene and acetone—frequently used as solvents of skin carcinogens—have different effects on the skin collagen of mice: Benzene and toluene lower the collagen content significantly whereas acetone does not.
[The effect of various solvents (benzene, toluene, acetone) used with carcinogens on the collagen content of the mouse dorsal skin]
So Hulda’s paranoia about Benzene causing AIDS and Cancer has some hefty reasons behind it.
Solvents are dangerous and inhalants are solvents.
Here in Queensland, Australia the effects of two decades of drug war have left the rich school kids dealing pot in schools and the poor white and aboriginal kids sniffing a whole array of solvents.
I’m generalising a little, the inhalant epidemic crosses all the social groups and ages.
I can get on a train and someone can have a coke bottle filled with glue up their T-shirt. The same happens in town waiting for a bus, homeless casually take a sniff or two in conversation with friends who prefer to stick to alcohol or their ciggies but it’s happening right in front of us.
I had chronic glue exposure for 3 years and it doesn’t thrill me what it did to me.
I’ve never been in so much pain, my whole endocrine system seemed to go into hyperdrive and my skin really felt like a chronic chickenpox attack was in full swing.
Kaposi’s and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are the two killers in Western AIDS.
Here is some more about incidence.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors:
Before the AIDS epidemic, Kaposi’s sarcoma was seen primarily in elderly Italian and Jewish men and developed slowly in these people. In AIDS patients, it can develop aggressively and often involves the skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract and other organs.
Kaposi’s sarcoma
The prevalence of KS and lymphoma, lymphadenitis, tuberculosis in Africa is similar to the male homosexuals AIDS patients in US and Europe and even higher (Al-Bayati, 1999). However, AIDS in Africa occurs almost equally in males and females because starvation affects both sexes equally. Sibanda and Stanczuk, (1993) reviewed all lymph node histopathology reports of lymph node biopsy submitted to the Histopathology unit in Harare, Zimbabwe in the period of January 1988 to June 1990. The commonest diseases in the 2,194 lymph node specimens were: non specific hyperplasia (33%), tuberculous lymphadenitis (27%); metastases (12%), Kaposi’s sarcoma (9%); and lymphomas (7%). Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) involving the lymph nodes was reported in 176 (9%) of the lymph nodes. In children, the prevalence of KS was higher in children under 5 years than in 6-15 year bracket. Approximately two thirds (65%) of all patients with KS were aged between 20 and 40 years
Causes And Pathogenesis Of AIDS In Africa
Burkitt’s Lymphoma occurs in Africa and the culprit is often the Glandular Fever Herpes virus, Epstein Barr.
What is Burkitt's lymphoma?
Later research showed that B-lymphocytes in these children had been infected with the Epstein-Barr virus (or E-B virus). Epstein-Barr virus infections are known as glandular fever or infectious mononucleosis: they are common and usually cause no problems, but in central Africa many of the children had chronic malaria infections, which reduced their resistance to the virus. In some cases this allowed the virus to change the infected B-lymphocytes into cancerous cells, leading to the development of the lymphoma. This is known as classical African or endemic Burkitt's lymphoma.
In one type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma the tumour cells have very similar appearances under the microscope to those of classical African or endemic Burkitt's lymphoma. This rare condition is still called Burkitt's lymphoma but is known as the non-African or sporadic type.
It seems that in this condition, once again, the Epstein-Barr virus infection can develop because the patient has reduced immunity. The Epstein-Barr virus is able to survive and transforms the normal B-lymphocytes into cancerous cells. However, in the Burkitt's lymphoma seen in the UK, the way normal B-lymphocytes change to cancer cells is less clear and not all cases occur in people who have been in contact with the Epstein-Barr virus.
Epstein Barr will deplete Lysine and put pressure on Collagen formation.
The causes are the same in the West or Africa, it’s all about destruction of the Collagen Matrix.
Cities in Africa have shocking pollution and therefore exposure to solvents, same in the West but add inhalants to the mix and those are the people who often go down first.
Starvation in the Third World creates the same effect, people in the unpolluted countryside don’t have enough nutrients to repair their Collagen.
Herpes viruses come out when a Vitamin C and Lysine deficiency occurs and wreck the Collagen in the long run. Cancer and TB both release Metalloproteinase a Collagen destroying enzyme, the correct remedy for all these killers is to build up the Collagen Matrix with the nutrients that are its building blocks.
Here are the warnings that are not getting through to sniffers. From a site for drug fans.
The key points to instil to kids are:
1. Inhalants are different from other drugs.
2. Inhalants rank number 4 in popularity for use
3. Inhalants cause the most body damage when compared to all the other drugs.
4. Inhalants may kill the first time when used.
5. There are over 1400 inhalant products that kids can use to get high.
Amyl and butyl nitrites have been associated with Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS), the most common cancer reported among AIDS patients. Early studies of KS showed that many people with KS had used volatile nitrites. Researchers are continuing to explore the hypothesis of nitrites as a factor contributing to the development of KS in HIV-infected people.
The following diseases are those officially recognized by VA as related to herbicide exposure.
And included in that list is...
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, including any diagnosis of a lymphoma [except Hodgkin’s lymphoma], mycosis fungoides, and old terms such as lymphosarcoma, reticulum cell sarcoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma.
V.V.A.’s Guide on AGENT ORANGE
My point here is that the all people not just AIDS sufferers get Lymphomas and Kaposi’s from Chemical exposure.
I thought the DNCB treatment for AIDS sufferers should get a mention, they’ve used this for some time.
DNCB has been used as a skin sensitiser to stimulate Langerhan cells in the skin and in turn deliver antigens to the T-cells and so kick the Macrophages into action. DNCB is Dinitrochlorobenzene.
I have a full description in The Anarchist AIDS Medical Formulary if you need more detail.
The two things I noticed here were these people were in fact making antibodies to Benzene.
High levels in the 1980’s sexual lubricants were implicated in immune collapse, in fact most hard drugs use these solvents in their production and you can never be sure how much other rubbish is in your drugs.
Antibodies to Benzene would serve a function, I’ve got those antibodies otherwise my body wouldn’t freak out and dismantle the skin when exposed to Petrol or Phenol. I hate the antibodies but my skin would have been saturated with Phenol and I guess it had to go in a pretty horrifying but spectacular way.
For me mowing the yard with the Benzene exposure from the petrol requires some Corticosteroid cream on hand afterwards, sucks really.
The other thing I noticed was this has implications for Vaccine theory.
Vaccination at present is a disaster because of the syringe.
The syringe is a new fashion, bypassing the skin and the Langerhan cells to put pathogens and toxic chemical like Thimerosol straight into the blood stream. No wonder little kids fall over with this overload.
The correct way to vaccinate is via skin sensitization, the Egyptians were rubbing pus from Smallpox pustules into the skin thousands of years ago, vaccine theory is nothing new. The syringe is the problem.
Alternative Therapy for HIV: The Scoop on DCNB
I put this next comment in to highlight that AIDS and Cancer patients really die from the same things.
‘Lymphomas frequently develop in HIV positive people. It is expected that the incidence of HIV-related lymphoma will increase as people with AIDS live longer. It is thought that these lymphomas emerge in patients where underlying immunosuppression is coupled with chronic overstimulation of the immune system.’ Note the line ‘chronic overstimulation of the immune system’, this is what chemicals like Benzene do, they push the T-cells to the limit, they fit into endocrine receptors, they burn you out.
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas
This also demonstrates where Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati is right, chronic use of coke and amyl nitrate in the gays with GRIDS was causing inflammation of their lungs. Followed with overuse of Corticosteroids that switched off the immune response, another recent fashion, the gays ended up with pneumonia and our friends at the Epidemic Intelligence Service found them and invented an epidemic.
Now I’m often accused of denying the existence of a HIV/AIDS epidemic with such dangerous ideas that call into question HIV theory. I’m saying quite the opposite, because everyone is so obsessed with HIV being the cause of everything we are ignoring the real problems.
I’m actually saying things are much, much worse than the HIV believers would make us believe.
This is a holocaust we are all in and I have to write down these ideas to break the spell.
For instance, the pollution in Africa is shocking me more and more.
‘At the Lusaka sewage ponds, two teenage boys plunge their hands into the dark brown sludge, gathering up fistfuls and stuffing it into small plastic bottles. They tap the bottles on the ground, taking care to leave enough room for methane to form at the top. A sour smell rises in the hot sun, but the boys seem oblivious to the stench and the foul nature of their task.
They are manufacturing “Jenkem”, a disgusting, noxious mixture made from fermented sewage. It is cheap, potent and very popular among the thousands of street-children in Lusaka. When they cannot afford glue or are too scared to steal petrol, these youngsters turn to Jenkem as a way of getting high.’
World: Africa
Children high on sewage
The BBC writers of this article say the kids are getting high on Methane but the reality is the sewage effluent contains a cocktail of chemicals and who knows what side effects they are having on the thousands of kids using the stuff. Here are just a few comments from a Zambesi Basin pollution report.
Sources of industrial effluent range from pulp-and-paper mills to fertiliser factories and granulation plants; abattoirs; textile manufacturing, using dyes and noxious cleaning chemicals; cloth manufacturers; various chemical industries; water treatment plants; steel industries and others. These industrial processes produce large quantities of different kinds of pollutants.
Pollution of land and water resources and the atmosphere are major environmental problems in the Zambezi Basin.
We hear about Nigeria’s growing AIDS problem but I’ve seen the oil pipelines on SBS news meandering through villages and leaking the toxic sludge. HIV is a sad joke under these conditions.
“Obviously the cries of the people are not heard because the atrocities being committed by the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and their Nigerian allies are largely muffled because they do not have access to the media and the laws are not in their favor. The people have been beaten, but are denied the space in which to cry” (Nnimmo Bassey, Director ERA, Nigeria)
From the Shell’s Jones Creek major spill of October 17, 1998, there are lots of other spills in the Niger Delta which records the worst environmental pollution in Nigeria, if not the world as a whole. Farmlands destroyed, rivers polluted, villages sunk by flood, shrines desecrated bodies of dead relatives carelessly exhumed and grinned by construction companies’ bulldozers, women and children killed in avoidable pipeline fires and the callous killing of harmless protesters by agents of the Federal Government.
African Tradition “The Identity of a People”
With special focus on globalization and its impact in the Niger delta.
By Annie A. Brisibe
‘However, the group is disturbed by the establishment of WHO’s monitoring group in Nigeria that HIV prevalence rate in Akwa Ibom is 12.5%, making it the second highest in the country.’
Further into this document they mention the real problem.
‘The IPC also called for the regulation of underground storage tanks in filling situations to monitor tanks known to have been leaking hydrocarbon products into the ground water for years. Benzene, which is a component of hydrocarbon, the group claimed, is a major cause of cancer.’
IPC’s agenda for Akwa Ibom
So the story is solvents and starvation wreck your Collagen putting you at increased risk from Herpes viruses who take advantage of the Lysine/Arginine Ratio being out of balance.
The Collagen damage also increases risk of Cancer, TB spread and other infections getting in.
This is the heavy stuff about Nitrites you should know about.
Confusion Between Nitrites & Nitrates
Since 1983, when he was working at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta (CDC), and began analyzing the early data on AIDS, he has been intrigued by the possible role of a widely abused drug called poppers. A nitrite­based inhalant, it just may be a missing key to the endless medical puzzle called AIDS. In particular, Haverkos believes that the drug may be the mysterious cause of Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS), the rare form of cancer that, at the outset of the epidemic, almost defined AIDS. ‘It’s clear that HIV alone can’t explain Kaposi’s,’ he said. ‘There has to be something else’ (Haverkos, 1994).
Haverkos’s career with the Public Health Service was launched just as AIDS was discovered. A Notre Dame graduate, he attended the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, and did his intern residency at Akron City Hospital. Then, in July, 1981, he joined the CDC in Atlanta. Something new and strange was happening in the homosexual communities on both the East and West Coasts. Young homosexuals, apparently in good health, were coming down with previously rare diseases. One month earlier, five case of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia had been reported by Dr. Michael Gottlieb in Los Angeles (CDC, 1981a).
‘The patients did not know each other and had no known common contacts or knowledge of sexual partners who had had similar diseases’, Dr. Gottlieb reported. ‘The 5 did not have comparable histories of sexually transmitted disease... Two of the 5 reported having frequent homosexual contacts with various partners. All 5 reported using inhalant drugs...’.
Butyl & Beyond: Pursuing Hex-Tasy
When amyl passed into prescription-only status, a small swarm of little-known chemical cousins crept out of the closet and into the noses and lungs of a new generation of users.
The most popular early stand-in was butyl nitrite, a chemical that differs only slightly from amyl, but packs plenty of the same punch.
Sold as a “room odorizer” or “liquid incense,” to sidestep the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s regulatory authority, butyl was hawked under such trade names as “Locker Room” and “Jac-Aroma” — which successfully conveyed the awful smell of the chemical: a scent hovering somewhere between month-old mildew and sweaty workout gear.
That didn’t stop the curious, though, from trying them and may even have added to butyl’s cachet in the ‘80s, as use quickly spread from gay bars to dance clubs to the general public.
Still, what happened to amyl eventually happened to butyl, too, as the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission stepped in where the FDA couldn’t to ban the chemical in 1988.
That only made the problem morph into something else. New act-alike chemicals appeared in almost-Biblical fashion (Amyl begat Butyl which begat Isobutyl which begat Isoamyl which begat Isopropyl) as each in turn was removed from the market by federal agencies.
Today, the newest nitrite is cyclohexyl nitrite, commonly sold as a “head cleaner” for VCR’s, in a new effort to bypass controls.
Cyclohexyl Nitrites 2000
The nitrites’ most recent incarnation is cyclohexyl nitrate, commonly sold in head shops and adult book stores as a “head cleaner” for VCR’s.
Chemically, cyclohexyl is similar to its predecessors, amyl and butyl nitrite, with an industrial-strength odor that probably helps keep overuse down. Packaging is similar, too, right down to the warning label on the bottle:
Caution: Flammable, harmful if swallowed, skin and eye irritant. If swallowed, drink two glasses milk or water, induce vomiting, call physician. For eye contact, flush with water. Avoid prolonged inhalation in confined areas. Keep out of reach of children.
Ironically, the warning is printed on a plastic sleeve that peels away when the bottle is opened.
Blood Cell Damage. Nitrites damage red blood cells and may cause an often-fatal anemia in which blood can no longer transport oxygen. This type of poisoning happens most often to users who swallow (rather than sniff) the chemical and requires immediate medical treatment.
From ‘Nitrous Oxide & Nitrite Inhalants: Funny Facts’...not that funny really.
Acute blood toxicity of the abused inhalant, cyclohexyl nitrite.
My last comments are about curing diseases that occur after 20 years of putting toxins into the body.
Again I have bad news for the chemists, Cancer keeps happening because it’s an attempt by the body to rid itself of poison, Chemo just stalls the process and adds more poison.
Alternative medicine is often on the right track raising antioxidants and trying to get the liver functioning properly. If we were like a car the liver could be described as the oil filter. The herbalists use Milk Thistle.
Removing Benzene metabolites is difficult, as far as I can tell use of Vitamin B3 with sunlight exposure and Vitamin K from Green Tea to help the jaundice works. Red Clover is a miracle patching up and purifying tea and needs a mention. The fine details are too much to mention.
I know for sure that inhalant users and victims of the chemical age won’t be getting much help from the medical establishment because they are part of the chemical establishment.
I don’t know why I was given the job of noticing this stuff and joining the dots but seeing it all out on the page makes my head ache.
I need to watch a Ben Stiller video or Steve Irwin in Crocodile Hunter.
My head still has a few more horrible things to say about where we are going, sorry, has 2B done.

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I find it bizarre that the leading Treatment Action Campaigner doesn't take the drugs he lobbies for, no wonder he's not getting sick.
' Zackie Achmat, a leading AIDS activist in South Africa, has refused to take anti-retroviral medicines until they are made available by the government in public hospitals and clinics.'
And this is surreal.
The HIV theory was declared without peer review, yes, from a scientific point of view all peer review has been censored, even Nature the top science magazine has blocked any peer review for 2 decades.
What on earth is going on, all the world's women are being tested with a dodgy test that cross reacts with their own retroviruses and can make them believe they have a virus that was never proven.
And the drugs are toxic.
I'm declaring the world insane.

By Peter Duesberg & Harvey Bialy
In 1993 John Maddox, the editor of Nature, commissioned a commentary refuting the hypothesis that drugs cause AIDS (Ascher et al., 1993). The piece described 215 patients each of which had used drugs (Duesberg, 1993a; Duesberg, 1993b; Duesberg, 1993c). In view of this Duesberg sent a letter to Nature arguing that the perfect correlation between drug use and AIDS confirmed, rather than refuted, the drug hypothesis. Maddox censored the letter and wrote an editorial "Has Duesberg a Right of Reply?" (Maddox, 1993). The editorial pointed out that the world's oldest science journal could not afford an open scientific debate on the cause of AIDS because of the perceived dangers of infectious AIDS.
In an editorial on January 19, 1995, Maddox promised to lift the censorship to give "Duesberg and his associates an opportunity to comment" on two Nature studies that in his opinion prove the HIV-AIDS hypothesis.
This still hasn’t happened yet.
Back in 1984, Gallo was busy plotting to pin AIDS on HTLV-III. Finally he felt he could make his move. He called a press conference on April 23, 1984 and announced that he had isolated the virus which causes AIDS.
A press conference is against all scientific protocol which requires that evidence be published in peer-reviewed journals and then checked by independent research. Since Gallo was the big gun in virology at NIH, he had the weight of a large portion of the medical research establishment behind him, as well as the authority of the federal government, when he made his surprise announcement to the press.
Very few people at that time even knew enough to challenge Gallo, and the few who did realized that the coup d'etat had been successful, and that they had better jump on the bandwagon or loose all research funding. When the HTLV-III virus was renamed "HIV," the "human immunodeficiency virus," the dogma was set in concrete.

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Bad news for Cal and his gang. Even the Bush mob is going to give us some help.


HHS Awards $1.7B in Ryan White CARE Act Grants for HIV/AIDS Care for Low-Income People
HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt on Wednesday announced 174 grants totaling nearly $1.7 billion for states, territories and cities to provide care and services for low-income HIV-positive people, according to an HHS release. The grants are provided under three titles of the Ryan White CARE Act. The 51 Title I grants, totaling $587 million, will help eligible metropolitan areas provide essential HIV/AIDS care and support services to HIV-positive patients who are uninsured or underinsured, according to the release. The 59 Title II grants, totaling $1.06 billion, will support state and territory AIDS Drug Assistance Programs

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=20659
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“We get these pills to swallow, how they stick in your throat
Tastes like gold
Oh, what you do to me no one knows

Heaven smiles above me
What a gift here below
But no one knows”
No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age

Hello to the activist, I hope you spend the money well because that money could go along way to fixing things up if spent in the right ways. Which front are you on in The West or Third World?
Still wish you the best.
One thing you should realise is I’m not part of a gang, I come completely from leftfield.
What I am trying to tell you is macroscopic and the solutions I’m letting you know about are not being talked about by other dissidents. Dr Rath is recommending Vitamin C and Lysine because that is for treating Cancer and preventing Metalloproteinase enzymes spreading the Cancer and destroying Collagen.
I’m recommending that for all the opportunistic infections because Lysine stops Herpes.
I don’t get Herpes unless I drink a hell of a lot of beer and corn chips, a friend at work just had the cold sore problem and it’s going because I told him what to do, he also loves corn.
Some Africans survive on Corn, Wheat and Maize all high in Arginine that will encourage herpes viruses.
In fact most people in the west have diets high in Arginine and this is reflected in the high rates of heart disease which is from Collagen deficiency that effects the arteries because they are Collagen.
Scurvy is the other dimension to this, so much scurvy is the root cause of most diseases.
You have the opportunity to do the same for anyone suffering these infections and they are the ones that kill AIDS patients in the end so you should think about it.
It’s cheap and it works, I find myself in the strange situation of telling people when they have an eruption of cold sores on their face. This is because you can visit 50 doctors in this so called civilized country and you’ll be lucky if one tells you what to do. The rest will prescribe Glaxo’s Acyclovir which also has side effects. Unfortunately a lot of people I tell don’t take the advice and let the Herpes keep escaping from their spinal cord and mangling the myelin sheath of their nervous system on the way, the beer doesn’t help.
They even had a massive campaign during The Big Brother season over here to guide people into a self help organization for Herpes which really was a way of getting people onto Acyclovir for good.
The side effects of Acyclovir are not nice when taken in pill form.
Here’s part of a complaint against Dr Rath from the TAC, this guy complaining probably has no idea that the Lysine Dr Rath recommends would stop many of his opportunistic infections, I don’t think even Dr rath knows about it.
14 December 2004 - Complaint lodged with A.S.A. against advert by the Dr. Rath Foundation and the Treatment Information Group
‘Vuyani Jacobs, on behalf of the TAC, has lodged a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority against an advert placed in the Mail & Guardian by the Dr. Rath Foundation and the Treatment Information Group. The complaint is supported by the Rural Doctors Association of South Africa.’
Vuyani says he is getting better with anti-retrovirals and they will work in the short term on his Herpes family infections but long term use is dangerous for him and that’s why I say get stuck into the Lysine.
The drugs will give the appearance of working on autoimmune disease because HERV-K is active with these diseases but these drugs are not a cure.
If you’ve ever seen people with purple peeling skin from psoriasis up at the hospital then you have no idea how bad autoimmune disease is.
I’ve stated quite clearly how HIV tests will pick up autoimmune sufferers and pregnant women.
Vuyani can use his drugs but when you force pregnant women to take HIV tests and forcibly remove their children when they see the AIDS drugs killing them then you have become an extremist and people like me will be compelled to stop you. You can’t stop us or the lawyers that will follow.
In Australia we already had a whole generation of aboriginal children removed last century, you’re actions are no different.
In China forced abortions of HIV positive mothers and quarantine using prison seems to be already happening and I can see why anti-abortion groups are getting upset.
Again I have to repeat myself, it is fraudulent to test pregnant women, the HIV test is meaningless when exposed to endogenous retroviruses in the placenta, it is a crime and it will go through the courts.
Now look at the real viruses crawling through our genomes and in our nervous systems.
Herpes virus may be much more common than we think
A new study has concluded that healthy people may have traces of the herpes virus in their tears and saliva. The startling discovery raises new questions about the nature of the virus. An astounding 98 percent of those studied showed evidence of the herpes simplex virus type 1. HSV-1 is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world.
‘Roseola, Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infects 90 percent of children by two years of age.’

‘About 95 percent of the US population developed chickenpox before age 18.’
Why Did a Highly Vaccinated School Population Come Down with Chickenpox?
Researchers reporting in the March 2004 issue of the journal Pediatrics confessed to being puzzled about a 2001 outbreak of chickenpox in an Oregon elementary school that had achieved a 97 percent vaccination rate.

‘95 percent of us are infected with EBV’

Cytomegalovirus infection in a volunteer blood donor population.
‘58 percent had complement-fixing antibody and 59 percent had indirect hemagglutinating antibody to CMV.’
These are the viruses that kill AIDS patients and you have the money so why don’t tell people how simple it is to fix and do something useful.
I didn’t catch Herpes from anyone, my partner of several years didn’t have it when i got my first attack, this got me thinking for a decade about what on earth is going on.
Fred Hoyle again gave us clues in ‘Diseases from Space’
“The Herpes group of viruses are of particular interest because of their exceptionally long term persistence in the host. People who have been once infected can carry the virus in a latent yet viable form throughout their lives. The implication is that a reservoir once supplied from outside could be maintained in a population for ten of thousands of years or longer. Herpes viruses must therefore be the oldest microbial invaders of our planet.”
You’ve got the billions of dollars, I’ve got a old nineties computer, Lysine, Lemons and Mung Beans cost next to nothing, do something about it and stop ranting about anti-retrovirals.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Mar 08, 2005 07:59author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

‘It is commonly known among HSV patients that diet and vitamin supplements may influence viral replication, leading to recurrent episodes. The amino acid, lysine, has been shown to be beneficial in controlling herpes along with a diet high in lysine and low in arginine. It has been shown through tissue cultures that when the ratio of lysine to arginine in a diet favors arginine, viral replication is induced.’
These AIDS researchers are on the right track but again their obsession with creating a vaccine against a virus that 98% of us all carry is barking up the wrong tree. Keep the Collagen Matrix together and the viruses won’t come out.
Also our obsession with fighting a war against pathogens with every chemical at our disposal is undermining our immune systems. Allergies are the immune system’s attempt to remove chemicals, if it keeps happening we end up with autoimmune diseases and that will create increased chances of testing HIV positive because of HERV-K activity.
Round the merry go round we go. Learn to live with viruses if you are made with viruses.
‘Management of genital herpes in HIV-infected patients is of paramount importance, and requires a markedly different regimen of antiviral treatments to aid in suppression and healing and reduce clinical symptoms and duration of viral shedding.’
What are future goals for prevention of thevirus?

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I can switch a fan on at night, eat food, turn on the tap for a shower, flush the toilet.
I’ve lived without electricity, water and sewage before, collecting water that cows had messed up so it needed boiling but that was somewhere cold and apart from ticks, there wasn’t a plaque of mosquitoes to make it unpleasant.
I know all this trash about HIV pandemics in Africa is an insult to people who eat once a day.
Before embarking on a campaign to get anti-retrovirals could we at least get them the basic antibiotics?

I wish people would take Tuberculosis more seriously, the HIV positives I know are alive and well.
“With each 100 spoken words, particularly those with explosive consonants like ‘t’ and ‘p’ we put 250 tiny droplets into the air. 40% of these contain one or more bacteria, usually of the Streptococcus or Staphylococcus types.” From Lyall watson’s ‘Heaven’s Breath’.
“a sneeze generates as many as a million drops of various sizes, most of them infected.”
Now here’s my way of really rubbing it in, these are the graphs of TB and AIDS in the world.
They overlap don’t they? Anti-retrovirals are not the cure for TB.
The higher rates for HIV in the west are because we have more places to test people.
Tuberculosis cases - Per 100,000 (Top 50 Countries)
HIV AIDS - adult prevalence rate
I found it amazing that a tea that is grown in Africa has been used as a cure for TB, I’m drinking some now, it is called Rooibos and I picked up 50 grams for 4 dollars this weekend. Why are we waiting?
It also tastes quite good, well you could get a taste for it, some people would squirm.
On the Trail of "Stevens' Cure"
Extract of Pelargonium sidoides: South African Herbal Remedy Successfully Treats Acute Bronchitis and Tonsillopharyngitis
Pelargonium sidoides
Rooibos tea
Western herbal Cures, Thyme is pretty cool for knocking off bacteria and fungi.
Thyme stops asthma in minutes. Too much kills your good bacteria like antibiotics do.
Night sweats from TB
Telling it how it is on herbal cancer scares.
Also finally I found something The World Bank is doing that is useful, congratulations and well done.
Indigenous knowledge program
This is the good news on Malaria, I know German tourists have been able to buy Wormwood capsules and tablets for twenty years, unfortunately the Codex Alimentarius could put a stop to that, let’s stop that first.
Considering the Chinese have used it for a couple of thousand years and so have Western herbalists I’m amazed it hasn’t been used sooner. Guess the Western herbalists are still fighting the inquisition.
Malaria and Wormwood
Using tiny micro-crustaceans called copepods, scientists at QIMR have, in a world-first, successfully eliminated the breeding of dengue-carrying mosquitos in 42 Vietnamese communities (of 46 communities trialed). Professor Brian Kay, Laboratory Head of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at QIMR, says that as a result, no cases of dengue fever have been reported in any of these communities since 2001. Microcrustaceans defeat dengue fever
How Ancient Wormwood Extracts Used to Treat Worms & Malaria Were Rediscovered As A Promising Alternative for Breast Cancer Treatment
And something an arm of the American Government is doing that is also useful.
Harvesting Drugs From Medicinal Plants
It is actually high time we moved from monoculture and went to permaculture round the world.
Monoculture requires pesticides and fuel for tractors and enslaves Third World Farmer’s to a Globalized system merely designed to keep them paying off the debts to the IMF.
The use of natural pesticides like wormwood is needed quick smart because we have problems.
The Legacy of Obsolete Pesticide Stocks in Africa

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL) has been detected in 4% to 10% of all people with AIDS and is the first manifestation of AIDS in 15% to 40% of cases.
I put this study in because of the link to the TB study but note again many AIDS cases begin as cancers.
What use then treating patients with AZT when it is common knowledge that it destroys bone marrow and causes cancer, the logic escapes me, can anyone justify its use?
‘Tuberculosis (TB) is an opportunistic infection in the lungs caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. For people with HIV, the risk of latent TB reactivating is approximately 2% to 10%. Rifabutin is an antibiotic for the treatment of Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC), and is also used for the prevention of MAC bacteremia in patients with low CD4 counts. Isoniazid is an approved antibiotic that, combined with other drugs, forms standard treatment for TB. It is also used to prevent TB. This study, headed by Dr. Emil Toma, evaluates whether rifabutin is as effective as isoniazid in preventing active TB in volunteers who have latent TB. The study also compares the safety of the two regimens. Four of the CTN's five regions are participating, with a total of 80 volunteers sought.’
Symptoms/Side Effects of INH (Isoniazid)
Note among the side effects of the main TB drug you’re not supposed to be pregnant, again since most of the HIV positives in the Third World are women because they front up for testing at the maternity centers what choices of treatment do we have for them? Isoniazid, AZT and Nevirapine are all toxic to the fetus.

The bus stop near my place has an ad by Roche that says you can Escape Acne and sends you to a website which is for Roaccutane, another drug with side effects, some serious.
Did A Powerful Acne Drug Play A Role In A Palo Alto 14-Year-Old's Killing Himself?
San Francisco Chronicle
Well kids, you should chase down some Cajeput oil, at least that works well without side effects.
Another organization in Australia called Sane unfortunately is meant to get people on SSRI’s under the guise of help for depression, is anyone out there honestly doing something for free?
Alien Virus has earned $50 this year on a tour to Byron which cost me an extra $50 to pay for, just declaring earnings so you know where our funding comes from.
http://www.drugawareness.org/Ribbon/Civil.htmlThis site deals with SSRI’s.
Note the Columbine kids appear because of Zoloft, there’s much worse around if you want to look.
Quite a horrifying set of stories really, they had a sensationalist horror show about Cannabis and Schizophrenia on the ABC Four Corner’s show this Monday with the horror music, getting a bit gutter. Sadly a lot of kids here are using both SSRI’s and pot at the same time. The pot smokers mix tobacco in as well just to make their scurvy worse, tobacco affects Actylcholine receptors, pot affects Dopamine, add SSRI’s and you have Serotonin receptors just to make everyone confused.
One of the kids had speed psychosis but it barely got a mention. Wait for the inhalant casualties.
90% of schizophrenics smoke cigarettes and all drugs use up nutrients. Again the Schizotoxin from breakdown Catecholamines is the problem and that is caused by scurvy and Vitamin B depletion, simply.
Alcoholics get exactly the same problem, Vitamin B3 treatment goes back several decades.
You can also probably tell I’m a little saddened and tired from seeing every Cancer victim I know from the last decade who went on Chemo to have gone down with their the tubes.
I’ve been to hospitals and lost all faith in a system that puts people through the Ford conveyor belt.
Still, despite a barrage of inconclusive tests and vague diagnoses for myself I can still get a prescription of Corticosteroid twice a year even if that is all modern science has to offer me.
I know it’s better than most have in the Third World and I’m still grateful for them having a go.
That is why I’m into the cheapest most affordable and quickest to deliver cures.
The Medical Establishment on the whole is a failure and their monopoly time is up.
We’ve just had a medical insurance increase in Australia despite promises costs would be kept at inflation.
There are two main reasons why these costs are spiraling, the first is that cures are more expensive and still don’t work. The second is because the insurers are getting ready for the biggest litigation events in history.
I’ve been showing you the problems with HIV/AIDS but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, one hundred years of incompetence and increased medical invasion of our lives has been a disaster, the drugs out there don’t work and the lawyers know about it. Search for ‘pending litigation drug’ on Google and see.
Note that AZT and Nevirapine are not even remotely on the list yet.
‘President Bush said in his State of the Union address this year that the threat of lawsuits against doctors and hospitals was one of the "prime causes" of rising health-care costs. Bush's words suggest a correlation between health-care costs and the premiums physicians and hospitals pay to protect themselves in lawsuits.
Yet between 1988 and 1998, U.S. health-care costs increased 74.4 percent while malpractice premiums increased 5.7 percent. The total premiums paid in 2000 added up to 0.56 of the nation's total health-care bill.’
Bush is passing bills to stop litigation because the real lawsuits are pending and he wants to take your rights away to protect his investments of course, they love drug profits.
Myths Debunked
Rising Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance Is Due to High Jury Awards
To put it simply you’ve been paying more for stuff that doesn’t work, you’ve been conned.

The activists have been barking up the wrong tree, they already helped the petrol companies save some money by removing Lead and getting somewhere to put their toxic Benzene.
Compulsory filters could have removed the Lead and saved a lot of people from getting Cancer.
The Ozone hole scam was hilarious, the hole appears over the poles when the sun goes away because Ozone is made from sunlight reacting with Oxygen.
I worked in a garage during the Chlorofluorocarbon changeover, the manufacturers just swapped a few molecules round, changed the name and charged three times as much while banning the old stuff.
The reason there was an Ozone hole panic was because manufacturer’s patent on their Chlorofluorocarbon
was going to run out after 17 years.
They wanted it banned so they could get the market with a new one, thanks to the activists.
AZT is up for generic use, in fact I don’t even know how Glaxo managed to renew a patent on an old cancer drug that was banned for causing cancer, how did that scam occur?
The Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa is doing the advertising for these huge and unaccountable companies. They take money from groups like The Ford Foundation and even though right wing jocks criticize The Ford Foundation for being a left wing tool, maybe those jocks should remember that Hitler wrote Mein Kampf with a picture of Ford on his prison table.
In fact the right wing jocks would deny basic health care to people but they’re the first to support laws like MEHPA which is introducing enforced vaccinations, testing and medication.
The right wing jocks are really a bunch of commies aren’t you?
No offense to nice communists, I’m teasing you all.
Activism is great, our beloved Liberal government (Liberal with the truth) in Australia is tearing down ancient forests quicker than our kids can grow up to see them. The activists who chain themselves to trees don’t get millions in funding from anyone because they don’t have any drugs to sell.
Be an activist but just watch who’s pulling your strings and where the money is coming from.
Alright, if the system can’t do anything for us then we have to do it ourselves.
Incompetence should not be rewarded over and over again and walking away gives you the power.

While on the subject of TB and World Banks and the IMF.
I’ve got a copy of the 1994 SBS World Book, SBS is a bit like Channel 4 in England.
On reading the history of most African countries it reads like a formula.
The countries get into debt, the IMF steps in and introduces ‘Austerity Measures’, this means the average person pays for all those huge debts that some rich people made getting luxury cars or more weapons.
After the austerity measures there followed unemployment, cut backs, civil war, chaos and famine.
What other countries has this happened to? Let’s see, Yugoslavia in 1990 and what happened afterwards.
How about Russia which lost 80% of its wealth in less than a decade and got sold off to foreign companies.
There’s a Russian joke that says “It took Capitalism 7 years to do what the Communists did in 70 years”.
Despite huge migration from the former Russian Republics their population is in decline.
Guess the WHO and IMF and ‘Activists’ will try to blame HIV? TB is also epidemic there.
Russian population declines
‘Yet cash continued to be extremely short. Consequently, the recent years saw the living standards of millions of Russians spiraling down quickly. Russian workers have gotten used to going for months on end without getting paid. Pensioners also have been going months without pay.’
They grow their own food because they don’t expect any governments to deliver anymore.
IMF comes to the ‘rescue’ of Russia's economy
Now who’s next and what sort of chaos is this one going to bring along? Check their debt clock.
IMF Imposes Austerity Measures On U.S.?

I’ll leave you with this Russian experiment from Lyall Watson’s Heaven’s Breath book.
In 1974 , a series of six Russian rockets probed the upper edges of the mesosphere over the deserts of Kazakhstan. At the peak of their trajectory, between 58 and 77 kilometres, each nose cone opened briefly to expose a film coated with a sticky meat broth and then parachuted this sealed sample back to Earth.
After 14 days in a thermostat, the packages were opened to show a total of 31 microbial colonies growing on the nutrient medium. Six species were involved.
Two of them were bacteria known to be parasitic on humans. Micrococcus albus, which belongs to a group of pathogens responsible for Meningitis and Gonorrhea, and Mycobacterium luteum, whose relatives cause Tuberculosis and Leprosy. The remaining four were microscopic fungi, including two common moulds, Penicillin notatum, the same species that led Alexander Fleming to his discovery of antibiotics, and Aspergillus niger. He goes on to say they occur everywhere and all four fungi produce black spores.
Imshenetsky, A.A. et al’Upper boundary of the biosphere’
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 35:1-5, 1978
Don’t you love the those Russians, remember they had to give up on the Russian space station because the fungi up there were eating out the metal rims on the windows.

Noticed Bono got a nomination for the World Bank Leader, go on Bono, burn them and have a GR8 day.

Burn the Contracts
Here we are in the 21st century
In a world of laws and penitentiaries
Captive to bankers and watching oil tankers
Ply the ocean in surreal slow motion
With cargoes of death to reach everyone’s breath
Oh, why do we bother, oh, why get in debt
We sell off our souls that science can’t find
The masters of matter but fools of the mind
Science serves money ‘cos money’s a fact
But it’s all just on paper and that’s all that you have
So burn the contracts, burn the contracts
Cos we owe you nothing….

We all know the problem, we know who to thank
That out of thin air money is created by banks
And with thin air they tempt us to their grip of death
Did you have enough assets, did you pass all the tests
Their interest is best but not in your best interest
And on and on it goes that bubble inflates
And bubbles will burst while we cop the worst
And they’ve hedged their bets, their mates, their handshakes
Invested in wars, they lend to both sides
Invoking to Mammon a mass sacrifice
So burn the contracts, burn the contracts
Cos we owe you nothing…….

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Mar 09, 2005 06:26author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

‘Everybody shouts on I love lucy
Pee Wee reads the evening news
A pre-owned song or a second-hand Uzi
Everybody got a job to lose
Here come the golden oldies
Here come the Hizbollah
Businessmen from South Miami
Humming AOR


I like Cal and his dog napalm
I like Ike and his itty-bitty a-bomb
Everybody got one, I want mine
You can order it up on Channel Nine
Meanwhile, in the Sheraton,
Doctor Jeep plays on and on and on’
Dr. Jeep by Sisters of Mercy, the Hizbollah know the Syrians didn’t plant the car bomb.

HIV theory never fitted the data, it’s nothing more than eighties victim theology.
People with HIV live long and healthy lives, people with AIDS don’t always test positive for HIV.
It is high time we all stood up and pointed at Robert Gallo’s incompetence and turned this insane theology into a laughing stock, because if we don’t the damage and distress caused by this voodoo will get out of control.

Viruses today spread genes among bacteria and humans and other cells, as they always have... We are our viruses — Lynn Margulis, 1998
Department of Geosciences, University of Massachusetts.
In spite of the intense level of work on the RNA world in the last decade, there is no true consensus theory for precellular life. There are many theories.
Nanobe images from the University of Queensland
Nanobacteria and Arterial Disease (controversial)
Doctors claim to have uncovered new evidence that the tiny particles
known as "nannobacteria" are indeed alive and may cause a range of
human illnesses. The existence of nannobacteria is one of the most
controversial of scientific questions - some experts claim they are
simply too small to be life forms.
This is from the BBC website, at:
Gaston Naessens has had the most powerful light microscope on the planet only a short drive away over the Canadian border from all the Billion dollar trash researchers in their golden citadels in America.
He’s had the microscope for half a century, we are not in an age of reason.
For completely making a mockery of mainstream science Gaston has been forced by the Canadian Medical Authorities, who have no authority, to cease all advertisements and even remove pictures of his Somatids.
That’s right, you can’t even look at his discoveries any more. Seig Heil.
His most important observation of our Pleomorphic microscopic world was the creatures inside us undergo pathological changes when exposed to too many poisons, exactly what happens with all mainstream medical treatments. Your drugs are a joke.
Microscope technologies
And so are the Vaccines
Need for a Safe Smallpox Vaccine
All traditional replicating smallpox vaccines have been associated with the severe side effects such as encephalitis, generalized vaccinia infection, eczema vaccinatum, local progressive vaccinia infection, and myopericarditis.
Because of these severe side effects, 25 percent of the population should not be given current smallpox vaccines. This "at-risk" population includes the very young, elderly, pregnant, people who are immune-compromised (HIV-infected and AIDS patients, persons with atopic disorders such as eczema as well as others). In addition, persons in close contact with this at-risk group should also avoid vaccination with current vaccines due to the risk of accidentally exposing the replicating vaccine to these people.
I know I keep moaning about this but the site of my Smallpox vaccination bled from 2001 to 2003 and it didn’t impress me or make me happy. Don’t mess with nature, idiots.
Well, these people certainly pulled the rug on Smallpox paranoia, I think it’s good Bush was so dumb to take the vaccine, hope he drinks some more beer and corn chips, sucker.
Webster’s Dictionary gives the following as the 5th definition of the word cult: “[a] system for the cure of disease based on the dogma, tenets, or principles set forth by its promulgator to the exclusion of scientific experience or demonstration.”
Those who believe that injecting live and dead viruses, animal DNA and toxic chemicals into the body creates immunity to disease are, by definition, members of a cult. By extension, those who promote and administer these substances are the high priests and priestesses of this cult.
Almost finished.CU

author by Spinning Quicklypublication date Wed Mar 09, 2005 19:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Cal Crilly, I'm bewildered by your reference to "the most powerful light microscope on the planet" - do you realise that there is a limit to the size of object that can be resolved by a microscope?

No object smaller than the wavelengths used by the microscope can be resolved - the wavelength of visible light varies from 390 to 780 nanometres. (http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-wavelength.htm
scroll down to the diagram with wave frequencies in Hertz (Hz) and nanometres)

The HIV virus is about 120 nanometres in diameter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV) which is smaller than the 390 nanometre resolution limit of a light microscope. This is why electron microscopes are used to examine it.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Thu Mar 10, 2005 02:58author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I’m just making observations of how Gaston has been persecuted and how much we have yet to learn.

‘When we wrote the Malleus Maleficarum
When we wrote Mein Kampf
When we wrote the Bible
We should all be done for libel
Blaming witches and the demons
Accusing the Jews was wrong
Now it’s AIDS and those Muslims
Stuck in that scapegoating song
Mind manipulating microwave transmissions…’
Alien Virus getting in trouble with everyone, especially Christians.

Next door to the ‘Cosmic Cons and Piracy’ in my bookcase is the Malleus Maleficarum, lovely book.
To put it simply my version is 277 pages of how to spot a witch, obtain a confession, how to try them and how to sentence them, it reads not that different to a large scientific manual on HIV diagnosis and treatment that you would pick up at any university. It’s all about scapegoating.
“The Malleus Maleficarum when submitted by the authors to the University of Cologne was officially approved by all the Doctors of the Theological Faculty on the 9th of May, 1487.”
You probably think I’m extreme for raising the similarities, but HIV is trash science and its continued expansion is sending us into an ‘Age of Tyranny and Paranoia’, I’ll show you in a minute.
About seventy years ago the German psychiatrists and many others in the world thought it fit to declare that there were ‘Lives not worth living’ and legalized euthanasia for handicapped and mental patients.
The same scientists of the time tried to prove Hollow Earth Theory, maybe they were right, I’ve never been there, but you see we are all quite insane even with all the best 2 plus 2 logic and scientists are not sane.
You cannot even remotely say that DU weapons and Nuclear bombs make any sense and this is now.
This is from ‘The Bull of Innocent VIII’ the pope writing the forward to the Malleus in 1484.
He banned marijuana that year too if you want to include the papal drug war.
He had something against Northern Germany, has anyone noticed that the Nazi judges wore the same hats as the inquisitors? Is this why the Germans got a bully complex and picked on the Jews who now pick on Palestinians, I can just see a pattern that’s all. Listen to the poor moaning pope.
“It has indeed lately come to Our ears, not without afflicting Us with bitter sorrow, that in some parts of Northern Germany, as well in the provinces, townships, territories, districts, and dioceses of Mainz, Cologne, Treves, Salzburg and Bremen, many persons of both sexes, unmindful of their own salvation and straying from the Catholic Faith, have abandoned themselves to devils, incubi and succubi, and by their incantations and spells, conjurations, and other accursed charms and crafts, enormities and horrid offences, have slain infants yet in the mother’s womb, as also the offspring of cattle, have blasted the produce of the earth, the grapes of the vine, the fruits of the trees, nay, men and women, beasts of burthen, herd-beasts, as well as animals of other kinds, vineyards, with terrible and piteous pains and sore diseases, both internal and external; they hinder men from performing the sexual act and women from conceiving, whence husbands cannot know their wives nor wives receive their husbands.”
Crikey almighty, those witches cause everything!
This was during centuries of plague, bet the sewage was pretty bad cos they spent all the time building churches, the pope had to scapegoat someone to keep his job.
If we forward to now and listen to Robert Gallo proclaim “HIV as the probable cause of AIDS” in 1984 is anything really any different? No one questioned Gallo because in 1984 no one and especially the media had no idea what a retrovirus was anyway, he got away with ‘The Bull of Robert Gallo’.

We are now in a situation of intense paranoia without foundation. The trend to bring in mandatory HIV testing of women across the world will make it appear HIV is everywhere, Gallo is getting richer, the drug companies are cashing in on the panic. There are hundreds of other diseases that kill people quicker.
More people die from incorrect over prescription than the ‘human virus’ ever could.
I love the story of the doctor’s strike in Israel which left the undertakers twiddling their thumbs.
All the data points to HIV being a part of our genome, this is why anti-retrovirals can never remove HIV DNA and only work to prevent RNA transcription, a basic function of our body’s process.
RNA transcription is vital for fetal development and yet we are terrorizing women into taking these drugs.
Even the honest doctors warn about this.
This is a very complex description from the doctors themselves as to why the HIV test is dangerous for pregnant women to take. In most countries they don’t do the further tests to confirm ‘HIV’.
False-Positive and Indeterminate Human Immunodeficiency Virus Test Results in Pregnant Women
HIV positives rights are being thrown out the window, unvaccinated children are being treated like lepers yet the outbreaks still occur in the vaccinated children, the world is beginning a witch hunt.
All because science has been paranoid since the days of Pasteur when food, water, sewage and refrigeration were barely introduced, when doctors didn’t even wash their hands, now we are going back to those days with pollution problems to add to the mix. Funding of the basics is disappearing fast or never even got to many parts of our world, for those places nothing changed and only some madmen with new tests have come on to the scene.
China Ministry of Health Issues Guidelines on Preventing Mother-To-Child HIV Transmission
You can see from this website that HIV testing and discrimination is causing chaos in Asia.
However perhaps the most restrictive form of discrimination in China has been the inclusion of HIV/AIDS in the national law on infectious diseases which allowed for the forcible isolation for treatment of HIV positive people and AIDS patients, allowing police to enforce quarantine and detention. It was only in the April 2004 NPC Congress that a draft amendment to the law was passed which downgraded HIV and took away the right of the security forces to forcibly detain HIV sufferers.
Human Rights and HIV/AIDS
AIDS Test to be Compulsory for Pregnant Women in Shenzhen
Global Challenges | UNICEF Director Calls on China To Expand HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment Efforts
Mandatory testing of women is being introduced across the USA and despite the fact that America funded Al Queda and Bush made sure the planes hit the World Trade Centre, the War on Terra is raising the possibility of bio-terrorism. America has the largest stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and yet the citizens are now under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.
Now this is where I should get paid a heap of money just for being brave enough to read this utterly evil neo-nazi piece of martial law, I didn’t want to know. I will simplify it for you.
“In the wake of the tragic event of September 11,2001, our nation realizes that the government’s foremost responsibility is to protect the health, safety and well being of its citizens. New and emergent dangers- including emergent and resurgent infectious diseases and incidents of civilian mass casualties-pose serious and immediate threats to the population. A renewed focus on the prevention, detection, management and containment of public health emergencies is called for.”
This is ‘The Bull of King George.’
It is same as the Malleus Maleficarum in 1484 but written in 2001 and ready to blame Muslim terrorists for the carnage that the Bush illuminutters release. They are priming you with shows like ‘Medical Investigation Unit’, get paranoid and give away the last of your rights. It’s so spooky it’s ridiculous.
With the MSEHPA, Dr. Ho with his new ‘HIV strain’ can rush over to Governor Arnold Schwartzneggar and get the Governor to round up all the gays in San Francisco or place them under house quarantine.
A friend told me back in 1995 that Arnold would become President of the US, she went from a good job in fashion down the heroin road, maybe the precognition was too much for her.
Anyone who refuses a test, a vaccination or medication can and will be locked up.
They can burn your house down and your belongings and you won’t get compensation.
They can kill or maim you and they are not liable, they can hire corporations to help them and they are not liable. They can detain and question you, gain access to your medical files, do anything really.
This is already ‘the land of the free’ and there’s nothing you can do except trawl through the courts to stop them if they think an epidemic is on hand. The Epidemic Intelligence Service must be keen.

If we rewind to the Roman era and look at Virgil’s historic description of a real plaque brought on the wind we actually get some sanity, quite terrifying but that’s what being a monkey on a ball of dirt in a chaotic universe entails. Get used to it.
The final passage from Book III of the Georgics by Virgil, Noricum is Austria.

Witness the wind-swept Alps and hill top forts
Of Noricum and the Illyrian plains,
Where even now on every side you see
Abandoned pastures and deserted glades

‘Twas here that once the tainted air brought forth
A plague that raged with all an autumn’s heat (positively charged winds again)
It slew the herds and every kind of beast,
Infecting pools and poisoning pasture lands.
Death struck a double blow: first fiery thirst
Drove through their veins and shriveled their poor limb,
Then water humours spread, till all the bones
We’re gradually rotted and absorbed
Oft, as the victim at the altar stood
And round its head the snowy wool was tied
It dropped down dead before the priest could strike.
Or, if the priest had struck the sacred blow,
The entrails would not burn upon the fire,
Nor could the soothsayer interpret them
The knife beneath the throat was hardly wet,
The sand scarce darkened by meager gore.
The calves lay dying on abundant grass,
Or breathed their last beside full feeding troughs
Good natured dogs went mad; a breathless cough
Racked the swine and choked their swollen throats
The once victorious horse, all spirit gone,
Forgetful of pastures and the springs,
Continually stamped. His dropping ears
Broke into fitful sweat as cold as death;
His burning skin was dry to and harsh to touch.
Such were the early signs of death’s approach,
But, as the advancing sickness gathered strength,
Eyes grew inflamed and breathing deep and slow,
Broken by heavy sobs that shook his flanks.
His nostrils gushed with streams of dark-hued blood,
His tongue grew rough and blocked his swollen throat.
A draught of wine, poured through a drenching horn,
Which often helps and seemed the only hope,
Soon led to death and only gave them strength
To rage with madness. For, though sick to death,
(Heaven grant good men a better remedy
And leave this error to our enemies!)
They rent their bodies with their own teeth.

The smoking bull collapsed beneath the plough,
As blood poured from his mouth with mingled foam,
And heaved a dying groan. The ploughman sad
Unyoked the steer that mourned his brother’s death,
And left the plough stuck in a half worked field.
No deeply shaded grove, no meadow soft
Can touch his heart again, nor yet the stream,
That clear as amber skips among the stones.
His flank lies nerveless and his eye is glazed,
His neck sinks to the earth beneath its weight.
He toiled and served, and turned the heavy soil
To what avail? Yet he and such as he
Were never harmed by wine or revelry.
But leaves and simply grass are all their fare,
Their drink the limpid springs and hurrying streams,
Nor any care disturbs their healthy sleep.

They say that in those parts, there never was
Before or since, a dearth of heifers fit
For Juno’s rites, nor ill-matched buffaloes
Have drawn the chariots to her treasure house.
Men scratched the soil with hoes and dug in seed
With their own nails, and dragged the creaking wains
Across the hills upon their straining necks.
The wolf tried not his wiles around the fold,
Nor prowled by night; an overpowering fear
Had made him tame. Shy deer and fleeting stags
Roamed around the houses and among the hounds.
The vast deep’s brood and all the things that swim
Were cast like shipwrecked corpses on the shore,
And strangely seals fled up the river mouths.
Death found the viper in her hiding place,
The water-snake grew stiff with mortal fear.
The air was cruel even to the birds,
That falling headlong left their lives aloft.
Nor did it help to change the feeding grounds,
And remedies wrought ill, nor aught availed
The skill of Chiron or Melampus’ science
From blackest hell pale-faced Tisiphone
Drove fear and Plague up to the light of day,
And ever higher reared her greedy head.
The thirsty river banks and sloping hills
Echoed with lowing kine and bleating sheep
She dealt in droves, and in the stalls
Piled up corpses, putrid with disease,
Until men learned to bury them in pits.
The hides could not be used, nor could the flesh
Be cleansed with water or subdued by fire.
They could not even shear or weave the wool,
So rotten it crumbled at a touch;
And if a man put on the loathsome garb
Hot blisters broke out on his fetid limbs
And filthy sweat, and in a little while
The cursed fire was feeding on his joints.

What will the EIS and CIA do when that one comes?

Stopping off at Deva Station 17/10/2004
The rush was over this October
Drinking Clover and far too sober
Staring at walls from this grubby sofa
The sun went quiet
Behind the wars and the riots
Depression and recession
Supermarket lessons
I can only ask from the back of this noisy class
If no one knows then that’s fast past
And this 2 plus 2 I will do for you
Simple solutions and a bloodless coup
Serendipity in a convoluted city
Making the healing easy to do
Got your interest hikes and downright deflation
And I’m stopping off at Deva Station
I set no price if you’re nice
You’re free to think twice
Calming the mind
Setting the Deva device
For all the religions of sacrifice
That offer up others
But shouldn’t be bothered
They see devils as they shut eyes and ears
The challenge my friends is nothing to fear
You’ve been there before if you’re coming back here
I like the place and your face
And being best mates
Still I’m reeling with feelings
Under shaky flaky ceilings
For our minds are tricky and terrible things
Wreaking havoc with the static and logic that swings
At the slightest hint of a merest whim
A bloodless coup is easy to do
And I want to go back and chat with you
About changing people and their divided nations
And stopping them off at my Deva Station
Don’t miss it
Come visit
My dislocation

I’m going to watch Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, some bad comedy, maybe an Audrey Hepburn movie and go see some Techno DJ from Detroit this weekend and forget that this is happening.
I’ve finished my exorcism and it’s out of my head.
Good luck to the activist and a good day to U2.

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End AIDS Drug Waiting Lists, HIV Care Providers Tell Policymakers

The nation's frontline HIV medical providers are calling for an end to waiting lists for essential anti-AIDS drugs that patients need in order to live.

In meetings with key congressional and Bush administration officials this week, the HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) and the American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) are telling policymakers to make access to medical care for low-income people with HIV/AIDS the top priority when reauthorizing the Ryan White CARE Act, the nation's primary federal program dedicated to providing care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.


For more detailed info you can use the contact details below. For the full article above just go to the related link at the bottom of this Indymedia piece. Activist.


The American Academy of HIV Medicine is an independent organization of 2,000 AAHIVM HIV Specialists™ and others dedicated to promoting excellence in HIV/AIDS care. Through advocacy and education, the Academy is committed to supporting health care providers in HIV medicine and to ensuring better care for those living with AIDS and HIV disease.

Contact: Steve Baragona
Infectious Diseases Society of America


Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=20943
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for stifling debate with ten billion words in your last post!!

author by slugfeastpublication date Fri Mar 11, 2005 21:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There might be some people whining about the length of yer posts, but as usual you've managed to put together so much great info it'll take me a week to go through it all. Well done.
It is alarming to see 'activist' refer to a supposed new breakout of HIV in Papua New Guinea; now that really is an obvious target for genocide, or maybe you'd prefer I said "medical intervention".. The island of Papua (west and east) is full of 'valuable resources' like minerals and lumber. The west side is being butchered by the indonesian military, and now it looks like the people on the east will be killed by kindness....
Cal, are there differant methods of testing for HIV accross the world? like are the criteria here in Ireland the same as rural Africa? thanks.
All the best//

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Mon Mar 14, 2005 06:29author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Papua New Guineans are starving because of IMF Austerity Measures.
If I wrote a lot last post it is because the stuff is not on the net and this is not just a microscopic analysis of HIV.
This is a free macroscopic book on AIDS and Cancer plus a historical review of what is happening and about to happen.
So Rooster, just be entertained, these are very interesting times. Have fun, because it's going to get worse.

Bad Brains
Big Takeover

‘No one dared to show for that shower, when nobody turned to be clean was not even touched by the water, just another Nazi scheme.
The Big Takeover.
All throughout this so called nation prepare yourself for the final quest.
Your world is doomed with our own integration.
Just another Nazi test.
So understand when I say, there's no hope for this U.S.A.
Your world is doomed with our own integration, just another nazi test.’
Big Takeover by Bad Brains mid ‘80’s

In 1996, Novartis was created through the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, the largest corporate merger ever, to that date.

Ciba-Geigy, and other prominent chemical firms, have had substantial ties with I.G. Farben, the giant industrial firm that contributed heavily to Hitler's rise to power. I.G. Farben is known for its huge slave labor camps of World War II, and as a major manufacturer of toxic chemicals.

All the huff by the Activist groups over getting Generic drugs to save Africans and making the big drug companies look like they were evil for high patent costs is meaningless, the same companies own the generic drugs. When the 39 drug companies pulled out of the South african court case in 2001 it wasn’t because public pressure forced them to. It was because the next day they had to tell the public in court how much it cost them to develop AZT and that was nothing, they had to run away from the truth.
Generics are just the script for drugs giant
Thursday February 24, 2005
It cost £3.9bn, but this week's purchase of the German pharmaceutical company Hexal by its Swiss counterpart Novartis was good business, commentators agreed. Why? Because it makes Novartis the world's biggest player in the lucrative generic drugs market.
"This turns the Swiss group's in-house generics arm, Sandoz, into the world and European leader and No 2 in the US."
They already own the generic drug market in Brazil.
All the dirt on how Citigroup owns Mayne Health in Australia is here.
Mayne own’s most of the Vitamin Companies in Australia
When Pan Pharmaceuticals went down Mayne made sure it did so there was no more competition in Australia.
LINDA MOTTRAM: D-Day has arrived for the beleaguered Pan Pharmaceuticals, with hopes for a revival of the manufacturing giant fading despite last minute lobbying.
Creditors will meet in Sydney this morning to vote on possible liquidation of the company.
They'll also be offered a deal to save the company.

But AM understands that at least one of the major creditors, Mayne Health, which lost $43-million in the collapse, will not back the rescue plan, and that that's also the view of other major companies such as Sigma.
Significant New Access to Government Procurement Contracts
· U.S. suppliers are granted rights to bid on contracts to supply Australian government ministries, agencies and departments. Covers the purchases of 80 Australian central government entities, including key ministries and government enterprises. Low-value contracts are excluded.
This means Citigroup can take over the entire health system in Australia including the government services.

This is latest news from the Therapeutic Drug administration on regulating natural therapies.
Of course the Vitamin companies are not Australian so they don’t care if their prices go up.
‘The Australian Government has backed the recommendations contained in a high level review of herbal and other complementary medicines aimed at enhancing the public’s confidence in the Australian alternative medicines sector.
The TGA ensures that quality standards for all ingredients for use in complementary medicines are legally enforceable and that the evidence required to be held by companies (sponsors) to substantiate claims be subject to much more rigorous assessment.’
Foreign Ownership in Australia
Generics Set for "Take-Off"
The Codex in Australia - The End of the Dietary Supplement Industry?
Australian representation at Codex Alimentarius committees (archived)
No supplements can be sold for preventative or therapeutic use.
Any potency higher than RDA levels (pathetically low) is a drug that requires a prescription and must be produced by drug companies.
Codex regulations are binding internationally
New supplements are banned unless given Codex testing and approval (certain to expensive and lacking in scientific merit). Norway and Germany are already operating under the new Codex regulations. The price of zinc tablets has gone from $4 to $52. Echinacea has risen from $14 to $153.
Codex regulations are not based on science or research findings. These regulations were developed by 11 appointed persons.
Codex Nutrition Committee: Supplement Guidelines Final
Tuesday 2 November 2004 - The Codex Alimentarius Nutrition Committee sitting in a week-long conclave here in Bonn, formerly the capital of Germany, has concluded its deliberations of proposed international Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. The delegates ironed out remaining differences and agreed to call the proposal a finished product, to be referred to the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the executive body which has to give its final approval, probably by early July 2005.
These laws allow GM food makers access to your stomachs and under the guise of quality take away your health care freedoms while people in the Third World are starving to death.

author by Activistpublication date Mon Mar 14, 2005 16:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

49 volunteers will be undergoing the first human trials of a new AIDS vaccine in China. Eight people have taken the vaccine so far. The trial will be in three stages - the present stage will be 14 months long.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=21185
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I'll quickly answer Slugfeast's question with Valendar Turner's comments from ABC radio here in Australia, he keeps it simple.
In the Western blot the "HIV" proteins, about ten of them, are located at discrete spots in a paper strip, rather like the one your doctor uses to perform multiple tests on your urine. Serum is added and wherever there is a reaction a colour change occurs which shows up as a dark band. The test is read by noting which bands show up, in other words, which proteins react. Certain combinations of bands are defined as a positive test. It is enigmatic that the location and number of bands required for a positive Western blot varies around the world. They may even vary between laboratories within the same city. In Australia four bands are required, in Canada and much of the United States, three bands suffice. And in Africa two will do. In the US Multicenter AIDS Cohort prospective study involving several thousand gay men, one "strong" band was deemed sufficient. If each of the above indicates HIV infection then HIV must cause different populations of antibodies to appear in different places. I don't know about you but to me that sounds very odd. But at least it gives some Africans a way out. All an African has to do is have a test in Australia because two bands would not be considered positive here.

By Valendar Turner
Department of Emergency Medicine, Royal Perth
Hospital, Perth, Western Australia

And some on Papua New Guinea things are not getting better, this story is from 1999.
‘The vast wealth extracted from mines such as Ok Tedi, Porgera and Mt Kare by Australian and other multinational corporations stands in stark contrast to the deteriorating social conditions endured by the vast majority of the population. The country's health statistics and educational standards are among the worst in the world.’
PNG: a social volcano begins to erupt
By Peter Symonds 4 April 1997

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UN Women's Conference Participants Adopt Resolution Urging Governments To Step Up HIV/AIDS Fight Among Women

The 45-member... U.N. Commission on the Status of Women on Friday, adopted a resolution that calls for "more action" from governments worldwide to help fight HIV/AIDS among women, the AP/Miami Herald reports. The nonbinding resolution urges governments "to take all necessary measures to empower women and strengthen their economic independence ... to enable them to protect themselves from HIV infection" and help women prevent HIV infection "through the provision of health care and health services, including for sexual and reproductive health and through preventive education". The resolution also calls for expanded access to treatment therapies, including drugs that help prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=21216
author by Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.publication date Wed Mar 16, 2005 00:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Since the beginning of the AIDS epidemic there have been persistent rumors that the disease was man-made, and that HIV was deliberately "introduced" into the American gay and the African black populations as a germ warfare experiment. This so-called conspiracy theory was quickly squelched by virologists and molecular biolologists, who blamed primates in the African bush and human sexuality for the introduction and spread of HIV.

In the fall of 1986 the Soviets shocked the world by claiming that HIV was secretly developed at Fort Detrick, the U.S. Army's biological warfare unit. Although the claim was dismissed as "infectious propaganda", Russian scientists had worked hand in hand with biological warfare scientists in the transfer of viruses and virus-infected tissue into various non-human primates (monkeys, apes, chimps) during the 1970s before AIDS appeared. With improved international relationships, the Russian accusation vanished.

Although evidence supporting the man-made theory has never been mentioned in the major U.S. media, the theory continues to be ridiculed. For example, in the San Francisco Chronicle,( "Quest for the Origin of AIDS", January 14, 2001), William Carlsen writes: "In the early years of the AIDS epidemic, theories attempting to explain the origin of the disease ranged from the comic to the bizarre: a deadly germ escaped from a secret CIA laboratory; God sent the plague down to punish homosexuals and drug addicts; it came from outer space, riding on the tail of a comet." AIDS certainly did not come from the hand of God or outer space. However, there is ample evidence to suspect the hand of man in the outbreak of AIDS that first began in the late 1970s in New York City.

Creating AIDS in animals before the epidemic

Lost in the history of AIDS is evidence pointing to HIV as a virus whose origin traces back to animal cancer retrovirus experimentation in the "pre-AIDS" years of the 1960s and 70s. Evidence linking the introduction of HIV into gays and blacks via vaccine experiments and programs in the late 1970s has been totally ignored in favor of the politically correct theory claiming that HIV originated in chimpanzees in the African rain forest, and that HIV "jumped species" into the African population around 1930 or even earlier.

Conveniently overlooked is the series of outbreaks of AIDS-like epidemics that broke out in U.S. primate centers, beginning in 1969. A decade before AIDS, the first of five recorded epidemics of "simian AIDS" erupted in a colony of stump-tailed macaques housed in a primate lab at Davis, California. Most of the macaques died. Two types of primate immunodeficiency viruses were eventually discovered as the cause. A few silently infected monkeys transferred to the primate colony at Yerkes in Atlanta subsequently died of simian AIDS in the late 1980s. Veterinarians claim the origin of the simian AIDS outbreak is unknown. However, one obvious possibility is the experimental transfer of viruses between various primate species, which is common practice in animal laboratories.

In 1974 veterinarians actually created an AIDS-like disease when newborn chimps were removed from their mothers and weaned exclusively on virus-infected milk from cows infected with "bovine C-type virus." Within a year the chimps died of leukemia and pneumocystis pneumonia (the "gay pneumonia" of AIDS). Both diseases had never been observed in chimps before this virus-transfer experiment. Also downplayed is the laboratory creation of feline leukemia and "cat AIDS" by the transfer of HIV-like cat retroviruses in the mid-1970s. These experiments were conducted at Harvard by Myron (Max) Essex, later to become a famous AIDS researcher. All this man-made creation of AIDS in laboratory animals directly preceded the "mysterious" 1979 introduction of HIV into gay men, the most hated minority in America. Nowadays, scientists hunt for "ancestor" viruses of HIV in chimps in the African wild and ignore all the immunosuppressive viruses that were created in virus laboratories shortly before AIDS. No consideration is given to any of these lab viruses as possible man-made ancestors of the many "strains" of HIV (and HIV-2) that jumped species to produce AIDS in humans.

The gay experiments that preceded AIDS (1978-1981)

Scientists also discount any connection between the official outbreak of AIDS in 1981 and the experimental hepatitis B vaccine program (1978-1981) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan that used gays as guinea pigs shortly before the epidemic. Curiously, the exact origin of AIDS in the United States remains unstudied. Health authorities simply blame promiscuous gay men, but never adequately explain how a black heterosexual African disease could have transformed itself exclusively into a white young gay male disease in Manhattan. Researchers claim HIV incubated in Africa for more that a half century until AIDS broke out there in 1982. However, in the U.S. there was no incubation period for gay men. As soon as homosexuals signed up as guinea pigs for government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments, they began to die with a strange virus of unknown origin. The hepatitis B experiments began in Manhattan in the fall of 1978; the first few cases of AIDS (all young gays from Manhattan) were reported to the CDC in 1979.

Scientists have also failed to explain how a brand new herpes virus was also introduced exclusively into gays, along with HIV, in the late 1970s. This herpes virus is now believed to be the cause of Kaposi's sarcoma, the so-called "gay cancer" of AIDS. Before AIDS, Kaposi's sarcoma was never seen in healthy young men. Identified a decade after HIV, in 1994, this KS virus is closely related to a primate cancer-causing herpes virus extensively studied and transferred in animal laboratories in the decade before AIDS.

Also downplayed to the public is a new microbe (Mycoplasma penetrans), also of unknown origin, that was introduced into homosexuals, along with HIV and the new herpes virus. Thus, not one but three new infectious agents were inexplicably transferred into the gay population at the start of the epidemic (HIV, the herpes KS virus, and M.penetrans).

In his book, Virus [2000], Luc Montagnier (the French virologist who co-discovered HIV) blames promiscuous American gay tourists for bringing this new mycoplasma to Africa, and for bringing back HIV. He provides no evidence for this homophobic theory. Nor does he mention the various mycoplasmas that were passed around in the 1970s in scientific labs, and the fact that these microbes were frequent contaminants in virus cultures and vaccines. Why are all these simultaneous introductions of new infectious agents into gay men ignored by scientists? Surely a credible explanation would be important in determining the origin of HIV and AIDS.

Why are scientists so opposed to the man-made theory? And why do they believe so passionately in the chimp theory? One explanation might be that scientists don't want the public to know what happened to the tens of thousands of imported primates who were held captive in laboratories throughout the world in the decade before AIDS.

The forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program (1964-1977)

Rarely mentioned by AIDS scientists and media reporters is the fact that surgeons have been transplanting chimpanzee parts (and chimp viruses) into people for decades. When Keith Reemtsma died in June 2000, at age 74, he was hailed as a pioneer in cross-species organ transplants (now known as xenotransplantation). By 1964 he had already placed six chimpanzee kidneys into six patients. All his patients died, but eventually Reemtsma succeeded in many successful human-to-human organ transplants.

Much more likely to have spread primate (chimp and monkey) viruses to human beings is the largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). This research program was responsible for the development, the production, the seeding, and the deployment of various animal cancer and immunosuppressive AIDS-like viruses and retroviruses. These laboratory created viruses were capable of inducing disease when transferred between animal species and also when transplanted into human cells and tissue. The SVCP began in 1964 as a government-funded program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Maryland. Originally designed to study leukemia, the program was soon enlarged to study all forms of cancer. The scope of the program was international and included scientists from Japan, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, and Africa. The mission of the SVCP was to collect various human and animal cancers from around the world and to grow large amounts of cancer causing viruses. As a result, thousands of liters of dangerous man-made viruses were adapted to human cells and shipped around the world to various laboratories. The annual reports of the SVCP contain proof that species jumping of animal viruses was a common occurrence in labs a decade before AIDS.

The SVCP gathered together the nation's top virologists, biochemists, immunologists, molecular biologists, and epidemiologists, to determine the role of viruses and retroviruses in the production of human cancer. Many of the most prestigious medical institutions were involved in this program. Connected with the SVCP were the most famous future American AIDS scientists, such as Robert Gallo (the co-discoverer of HIV), Max Essex of "cat AIDS" fame, and Peter Duesberg, who claims HIV does not cause AIDS. Gallo and Essex were also the first to promote the widely accepted African green monkey theory of AIDS. This theory was proven erroneous as far back as 1988, but was heavily circulated among AIDS educators and the media until the theory was superceded by the chimp theory in the late 1990s.

Biowarfare research, primate research and the SVCP

Also joining forces with the SVCP at the NCI were the military's biological warfare researchers. On October 18, 1971, President Richard Nixon announced that the army's biowarfare laboratories at nearby Fort Detrick, Maryland, would be converted to cancer research. As part of Nixon's so-called War on Cancer, the military biowarfare unit was retitled the new Frederick Cancer Research Center, and Litton Bionetics was named as the military's prime contractor for this project. According to the 1971 SVPC annual report, the primary task of the now jointly connected National Cancer Institute-Frederick Cancer Research Center was "the large scale production of oncogenic (cancer-causing) and suspected oncogenic viruses to meet research needs on a continuing basis."

Special attention was given to primate viruses (the alleged African source of HIV) and "the successful propagation of significant amounts of human candidate viruses." Candidate viruses were animal or human viruses that might cause human cancers. For these experiments a steady supply of research animals (monkeys, chimpanzees, mice, and cats) was necessary; and multiple breeding colonies were established for the SVCP. Primates were shipped in from West Africa and Asia for experimentation; and virus-infected animals were shipped out to various labs worldwide. By 1971, a total of 2,274 primates had been inoculated at Bionetics Research Laboratories, under contract to Fort Detrick. Over 1000 of these monkeys had already died or had been transferred to other primate centers. (Some animals were eventually released back into the wild).

By the early 1970s, experimenters had transferred cancer-causing viruses into several species of monkeys, and had also isolated a monkey virus (Herpesvirus saimiri) that would have a close genetic relationship to the new Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus that produced the "gay cancer" of AIDS in 1979.

In order to induce primates and other research animals to acquire cancer, their immune system was deliberately suppressed by drugs, radiation, or cancer-causing chemicals or substances. The thymus gland and/or the spleen were removed, and viruses were injected into newborn animals or into the womb of pregnant animals. Some animals were injected with malaria to keep them chronically sick and immunodepressed.

The U.S. is the world's leading consumer of primates, and 55,000 are used yearly in medical research. Primates (especially newborn and baby chimpanzees) are the most favored lab animals because they are similar biochemically and immunologically to human beings. Humans share 98.4% of their DNA with chimpanzees. Chimps were extensively used by SVCP because there would be no official testing of "candidate" lab viruses on humans.

In the decade before AIDS, Gallo was a project officer of a primate study contracted by Bionetics that pumped cancerous human tissue, as well as a variety of chicken and monkey viruses, into newborn macaques (a small species of monkey that carries a close relative of the KS virus). Recorded in the 1971 SVCP report (NIH-71-2025), Gallo's project notes state: "Inasmuch as tests for the biological activity of candidate human viruses will not be tested in the human species, it is imperative that another system be developed for these determinations, and subsequently for the evaluation of vaccines or other measures of control. The close phylogenetic relationship of the lower primates to man justifies utilization of these animals for these purposes."

Researchers at Bionetics injected human and animal cancer material into various species of monkeys to determine the cancer effect. Newborn and irradiated monkeys were injected with blood ("using multiple sites and volumes as large as possible") taken from various forms of human leukemia. In other studies, tissue cultures infected with various animal viruses were inoculated into primates. How many "new" and "emerging" viruses were created and adapted to human tissue and to various primates is not known.

Some primates were released back into the wild carrying lab viruses with them. The possible spread of these lab viruses to other animals in the wild has been ignored by scientists searching for the origin of HIV and its close relatives in African animals. Cats were also bred for leukemia and sarcoma cancer studies. Germ free colonies of inbred mice were established. Mouse cancer viruses were manipulated to produce resistant and non-resistant strains. These adapted viruses would be employed in the 1980s in human gene replacement experiments. Such experiments utilized a weakened strain of the mouse leukemia virus to infect and "taxi-in" the missing genes to genetically-defective human beings.

The end of the SVCP and the birth of AIDS

By 1977 the SVCP came to an inglorious end. According to Gallo, "Scientifically, the problem was that no one could supply clear evidence of any kind of human tumor virus, not even a DNA virus, and most researchers refused to concede that viruses played any role in human cancers. Politically, the Virus Cancer Program was vulnerable because it attracted a great deal of money and attention and had failed to produce dramatic, visible results."

Despite all this, the SVCP was the birthplace of genetic engineering, molecular biology, and the human genome project. More than any other program it built up the field of animal retrovirology, which led to the vital understanding of cancer and immunosuppressive retroviruses in humans.

As the SVCP was winding down, thousands of gay men were signing up as guinea pigs in government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These same cities would soon become the three primary epicenters for the new "gay-related immune deficiency syndrome," later known as AIDS.

Two years after the termination of the SCVP, the introduction of HIV into gay men (along with a herpes virus and a mycoplasma) miraculously revived retroviral research and made Gallo the most famous scientist in the world. Could virus-contaminated hepatitis vaccines lie at the root of AIDS?

In the early 1970s the hepatitis B vaccine was developed in chimpanzees. To this day, some people are fearful about taking the hepatitis B vaccine because of its original connection to gay men and AIDS. Was HIV (and the KS herpes virus and a new mycoplasma) introduced into gays during these vaccine trials when thousands of homosexuals were injected in Manhattan beginning in 1978, and in the West Coast cities in 1980-1981?

As mentioned, the first gay AIDS cases erupted in Manhattan a few months after the gay experiment began at the NY Blood Center. When a blood test for HIV became available in the mid-1980s, the Center's stored gay blood specimens were reexamined. Most astonishing is the statistically significant fact that 20% of the gay men who volunteered for the hepatitis B experiment in New York were discovered to be HIV-positive in 1980 (a year before the AIDS epidemic became "official" in 1981). This signifies that Manhattan gays in 1980 had the highest incidence of HIV anywhere in the world, including Africa, the supposed birthplace of HIV and AIDS. And epidemic cases in Africa did not appear until 1982.

Although denied by the AIDS establishment, a few researchers are convinced that these vaccine experiments served as the vehicle through which HIV was introduced into the gay population. My own extensive research into the hepatitis B experiments is presented in AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic [1988], and in Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot [1993]. These books also debunk the preposterous "Patient Zero" story of 1987, which claimed a promiscuous gay Canadian airline steward brought AIDS to America. The highly implausible story was sensationalized in the media and served to further obscure the origin of AIDS in America and blame gay promiscuity. Even Montagnier is doubtful that the U.S. epidemic could have developed from a single patient.

Never mentioned by proponents of the chimp theory is the fact that the New York Blood Center established a chimp virus laboratory in West Africa in 1974. One of the purposes of VILAB II, at the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research in Robertsfield, Liberia, was to develop the hepatitis B vaccine in chimps. A few years later this vaccine was inoculated into gays at the Center. Chimps were captured from various parts of West Africa and brought to VILAB. Alfred Prince, Head of virology at the NY Blood Center, has been the director of Vilab for the past 25 years. The lab prides itself by releasing "rehabilitated" chimps back into the wild.

Also closely allied with "pre-AIDS" development of a hepatitis B vaccine is the little publicized primate colony outside New York City called LEMSIP (the Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery). Until disbanded in 1997, LEMSIP supplied New York area scientists with primates and primate parts for transplantation and virus research. Founded in 1965, LEMSIP was affiliated with the New York University Medical Center, where the first cases of AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma were discovered in 1979. Researchers at NYU Medical Center were also heavily involved in the development of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine used in gays; and the Medical Center received government grants and contracts connected with biological warfare research beginning in 1969, according to Leonard Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola [1996].

Scientific disinformation and the 1959 HIV-positive blood test from Africa

By predating HIV back to the 1930s, the chimp theory effectively discredits the man-made theory of AIDS, which dates the introduction of HIV to the late 1970s. Only time will tell whether the chimp theory will hold up to further scientific scrutiny.

Conspiracy theorists believe some wildly popular AIDS origin stories in the press reek of scientific disinformation. One example is the Patient Zero story. Another is the media blitz surrounding the English sailor who supposedly contracted AIDS in 1959. This now-disproven story made worldwide headlines in 1990 and obviously served to contradict the underground conspiracy theory (particularly among African-Americans) that AIDS was man-made. The New York Times (July 24, 1990) declared: "The case also refutes the widely publicized charges made by Soviet officials several years ago that AIDS arose from a virus that had escaped from a laboratory experiment that went awry or was a biological warfare agent. The human retrovirus group to which the AIDS virus belongs was unknown at the time. Nor did scientists then have the genetic engineering techniques needed to create a virus." Several years later, the case was discovered to be not a case of AIDS because the sailor's tissue remains were accidentally (or deliberately) contaminated with HIV.

In 1998 the media alerted the public to further evidence that AIDS started in Africa. The proof consisted of an old 1959 stored frozen blood specimen discovered to be HIV-positive. Researchers claimed the tiny amount of serum contained fragments of HIV "closely related" to a virus found in 3 chimpanzees in the African wild and in the frozen remains of a chimp named Marilyn, discovered in a freezer at Fort Detrick.

The 1959 specimen was obtained from a Bantu man living in Kinshasa, the Congo. His name and health status were not recorded. Details of the history and testing of this specimen (later heralded as the "world's oldest HIV-positive blood sample") are recorded in The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS [1999], by journalist Edward Hooper who theorizes that HIV was introduced into Africans via the polio vaccine programs in the late 1950s. Hooper claims the polio vaccine was prepared using chimp kidney cells contaminated with the ancestor virus of HIV.

When tested for HIV in the mid-1980s, the 1959 blood sample was the only specimen out of 700 stored frozen Congo bloods that tested positive for HIV. Originally collected by Arno Motulsky on a Rockefeller grant, the African sample was one of many sent to the University of Washington in Seattle and used for genetic testing and included in report, "Population Genetic Studies," published in 1966.

Around 1970, the remaining 672 frozen bloods were flown to Emory University in Atlanta for further genetic tests. In 1985 the specimens again changed hands, this time for HIV testing by Andre Nahmias, a virologist and animal researcher associated with the Yerkes Primate Center at Emory. The Congo specimens were tested along with 500 other blood specimens taken from blacks living in sub-Saharan Africa between the years 1959 and 1982. Initially over 90% of specimens taken in 1959 tested positive for HIV by the ELISA test. However, these HIV-positive tests were later determined to be false-positive. After the examinations at Emory, the specimens were shipped to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for HIV testing in Max Essex' lab.

Three specimens initially tested HIV-positive, but finally only the 1959 specimen from the unidentified Bantu man was confirmed HIV-positive. Around the time of these examinations, Essex's lab was unknowingly contaminated with primate viruses. In 1986, Essex discovered a new "human" AIDS virus that later proved to be a contaminating monkey virus. The source of the primate virus traced back to a captive monkey at a primate center in nearby Southborough, Massachusetts. This primate contamination at his lab resulted in the erroneous green monkey theory, heavily popularized by Gallo and the media.

Also unpublicized is the little known fact that Gallo's lab at the National Cancer Institute was plagued with contamination by primate viruses. In 1975 he reported a new human "HL-23" virus that eventually proved to be three contaminating ape primate viruses (gibbon-ape virus, simian sarcoma virus, and baboon endogenous virus). Gallo claims he has no idea how these viruses contaminated his research.

In 1996 Hooper convinced Nahmias to turn over the remaining 1959 specimen to David Ho of Rockefeller University in Manhattan for PCR testing. In 1996 Ho was named Time magazine's "Man of the Year", at a time when few people had ever heard of him. Ho is also the director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, affiliated with Rockefeller University since 1996. The Diamond Center is also now connected with the New York Blood Center, home of the gay vaccine experiments that gave birth to AIDS. Ho determined the tiny amount of the remaining specimen did not contain live virus, nor was the complete virion of the virus present. Instead, some fragments of the virus (about 15% of the total genome) were tested and presented to the scientific world as the oldest specimen of HIV in the world. Ho's PCR results cannot be confirmed by independent investigators because the 1959 specimen is now totally used up.

When published in the journal Nature on February 5, 1998 ("An African HIV-1 sequence from 1959 and implications for the origin of the epidemic"), Hooper's name appeared on the report, along with Ho, Bette Korber, Nahmias, and others, The report was heavily publicized as proof that HIV existed in the African population in 1959. Although there are no HIV-positive tissue specimens from Africa from the 1960s and 1970s, and no proven cases of AIDS either, Hooper relies heavily on this 1959 test to support his theory that HIV entered the African population via the polio vaccines programs in the late 1950s.

In The River Hooper quickly dismisses the claims of physician Robert Strecker, the first whistle-blower of man-made AIDS, as well as the research in Horowitz's Emerging Viruses, and in my own books, AIDS & The Doctors of Death, and Queer Blood. In condemning AIDS biowarfare research, Hooper declares, "Sadly, supporters of the Streckers have continued to peddle their ill-informed and outdated versions of the myth, blaming variously the Soviets, the CIA, the Germans, and the World Health Organization (WHO) well into the nineties." He dismisses the hepatitis B vaccine connection to AIDS by noting that only two of the 826 gay vaccinees had developed AIDS by 1983. Hooper ignores the fact that by 1981 over 20% of the men in the trials were HIV-positive and that by 1982, over 30% of the men were HIV-positive. He dismisses the World Health Organization's African smallpox vaccine connection by saying, "there is no reason for either HIV or SIV [simian immunodeficiency virus] to be accidentally present in the vaccine." Hooper fails to consider the possibility that the vaccines could have been deliberately contaminated with HIV. Hooper has been a United Nations official, but no details of this are included in his book.

Despite his massive research, Hooper seems naïve about the continuing transfer of viruses between various primate species at primate centers. For example, in 1995 he interviewed Preston Marx at LEMSIP. At that time Marx was a representative of David Ho's organization, the Aaron Diamond Research Center. Hooper writes: "I was shocked by the cavalier way in which tissues and sera from one species had been introduced into other species, long after the risks of cross-species transfer had been highlighted by the SV40 [polio vaccine] debacle, and I was astonished that survivors from troops that had been stricken by mystery illnesses could have been casually sold to other centers, for use in experiments there. Furthermore, this apparent lack of monitoring and central control seemed to be echoed in other fields, like xenotransplantation (the transplanting of organ or cells from one species to another) — and here, of course, the implications were even more frightening."

By predating his polio vaccine theory back to the late 1950s, Hooper greatly simplified his theory of AIDS origin. He ignored all those animal viruses that were placed into human tissue in the 60s and 70s, and all those dangerous viral creations that were genetically altered for cancer research, vaccine research, and secret biological warfare.

The chimp in the freezer at Fort Detrick

On February 1, 1999 Lawrence K Altman, longtime physician-writer for The New York Times, dutifully reported "the riddle of the origin of the AIDS virus has apparently been solved." A team of researchers, headed by Beatrice Hahn at the University of Alabama, performed viral studies on three chimps in the African wild and had also studied the frozen remains of a chimp, discovered by accident in a freezer at Fort Detrick. The chimp had tested positive for HIV in 1985. On the basis of all this research, Hahn declared that a common subspecies of chimp (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) was the animal source of the virus "most closely " related to HIV.

In a media blitz U.S. government scientists presented a phylogenetic ancestral "family tree" of primate viruses (which few people could understand) to prove that HIV was genetically descended from a chimp virus in the African bush. Molecular analysis of virus genetic data, performed by Bette Korber and the supercomputer Nirvana at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, indicated that HIV had jumped species from a chimp to a human in Africa around the year 1930. (Los Alamos is the official home of nuclear bomb-building, alleged Chinese spies, and the laboratory which directed secret human radiation experiments on unsuspecting civilians from the 1940s up to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.) Beatrice Hahn theorized that the epidemic started when a hunter cut himself while butchering chimp meat and subsequently became infected. Scientists readily accepted Hahn's notion that the AIDS virus and its closest relatives jumped species from chimps to humans on multiple occasions, thereby explaining the origin of the three separate subtypes of HIV-1 (M, N, and O), as well as HIV-2. Chimps in West Africa are hunted for food, as well as for medical experimentation. Young chimps are especially prized for scientific research and are usually caught by shooting their mothers. Many die from stress and inhumane conditions during capture and transport to laboratories and zoos in Western nations.

Due to all this killing, chimps are now an endangered species. During the past century the African chimp population has dropped from two million to less than 150,000. Despite the mass killing of chimps, they are still blamed for causing the worldwide epidemic of AIDS. Beatrice Hahn is no stranger to primate theories, having worked in Gallo's lab when he was heavily promoting the green monkey theory in the mid-1980s and the "close relationship" of the monkey virus to HIV.

Now Hahn's virus was claimed to be a closer relative than the contaminating monkey virus in Essex' lab that formed the basis of the false green monkey theory. Media journalists paid no attention to these discrepancies. Hahn's new chimp findings, along with the old 1959 blood specimen, fully convinced the AIDS establishment, and an adoring media, that Africa was indeed the source of HIV and the AIDS epidemic.

The 2000 London Origin of AIDS Conference

When Hooper's book appeared in the fall of 1998, molecular scientists quickly used the new chimp virus data to completely discredit Hooper's polio vaccine theory. AIDS in Africa could not be caused by a virus jumping species in the 50s if it had already jumped species back in the 1930s. Researchers refused to believe scientists could have played any role in the origin of HIV and AIDS. Hooper bypassed the biowarfare theory by predating HIV back to the 50s. Now scientists bypassed Hooper by dating HIV back several decades earlier. The fact that there was no African epidemic until the early 1980s did not seem pertinent. To make their view official, a small group of scientists proposed an "invitation only" meeting to settle the origin matter once and for all.

In October 2000 the Royal Society of London held a two-day conference on the origins of HIV. Obviously, the biowarfare theory of AIDS was not discussed. On the contrary, one professor emphatically declared "all human infectious diseases have an animal origin." Although there never was a disease like AIDS (until scientists started to flagrantly pass viruses around to repeatedly break the species barrier), the same professor declared that "natural transfer of these infections is a common event in animal populations." Using the viral fragments from the 1959 specimen and comparing them with the select viruses contained in the data bank at Los Alamos, Betty Korber refined her computer calculations to establish a likely date of 1940, "with confidence levels extending from 1871 to 1955." The Rega Institute in Antwerp estimated the transfer could have occurred between 1590 and 1760, with 1675 the most likely date. Hooper spoke but his views were largely ignored by the molecular biologists. Preston Marx warned about more human diseases caused by viruses emerging from primates, None of the speakers mentioned what happened to the thousands of liters of animal viruses that were passed around the world by the Special Virus Cancer Program in the decade before AIDS.

Instead, the London conferees alerted the public to a new view of medical science, championed by the virologists. The "Last Word" at the conference was that "all human viral infections were initially zoonotic (animal) in origin. Animals will always provide a reservoir for viruses that could threaten human populations in the future." And the scientists predicted: "There is still a myriad of current unknown viruses in animal populations on land, sea, and air with the potential to cause human disease." Apparently, none of these viruses were in animal laboratories.

AIDS, cancer, genetic science and covert human medical experimentation

Although rejected completely by most scientists, the man-made theory of AIDS is a rational explanation for the origin of HIV. This theory is partly based on an awareness of the gene-polluting activities and species jumping virus experiments of irresponsible scientists during the two decades before the epidemic. In addition, the record clearly shows that scientists and biowarfare scientists experiment secretly on unsuspecting people. Horrific aspects of the Cold War Human Radiation Experiments attest to the fact that covert medical experimentation is not an "X-Files" fantasy or a totally paranoid belief. It is easy to understand why researchers might want to obscure the man-made origin for AIDS and blame primates. It is now apparent that most of the major researchers promoting the African primate origin of AIDS were connected with the largely secret Special Virus Cancer Program, or are scientists involved in the transfer of viruses in animal research, particularly primate research.

From the very beginning of the epidemic, researchers disclaimed any connection between AIDS and cancer, as well as any connection between HIV and animal retrovirus cancer research. In 1984, Gallo originally named HIV a cancer-causing "leukemia/lymphoma" virus. To obscure the cancer connection, the name was immediately changed to "lymphotropic" virus.

My own Kaposi's sarcoma research, first published in medical journals in 1981, showed "cancer-associated bacteria" as possible infectious agents in "classic" KS tumors. Before HIV was discovered in 1984, additional papers in 1982 and 1983 showed similar cancer bacteria in the enlarged lymph nodes and KS tumors of gay men with "gay cancer" and AIDS. Since the 1950s, cancer-associated bacteria have been linked to viruses, as well as to mycoplasmas. This aspect of cancer research has been suppressed for decades by the cancer establishment. A history of this research and its relevancy to AIDS is the subject of my books, AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution [1984] and The Cancer Microbe: The Hidden Killer in Cancer, AIDS and Other Immune Diseases [1990].

Gallo, in his 1991 book, falsely claims that no infectious agent had ever been found in KS. The refusal of AIDS scientists to recognize cancer microbe research, published in peer reviewed scientific journals, is a further indication that the AIDS establishment seeks to control all aspects of HIV research in such a way as to never connect the origin of AIDS with previous cancer research and covert biological warfare research. This cover-up conceals the possibility that AIDS, in reality, is a new man-made form of infectious and contagious cancer.

Could a small coterie of government scientists concoct a bogus (but scientifically plausible) primate theory of AIDS origin and bamboozle the public to believe it in order to cover-up the truth? In the 1930s the highly respected German scientific community was entirely transformed by fascist beliefs proclaiming the genetic inferiority of the Jews and the genetic superiority of the German Master Race. This Nazi takeover of science and the media eventually led to the murder of millions in the Holocaust. Could the genetic science surrounding the origin of AIDS obscure a genocidal and world depopulation program of man-made origin?

It is time for the man-made theory of HIV to be examined fairly. Proponents of this theory should not be dismissed as paranoid conspiracy theorists; and AIDS educators should educate themselves about this hidden history of AIDS and its implications for the origin of HIV. How many more species jumping viruses will we have to endure before we question the integrity and the agenda of scientists who still blissfully jump viruses between species in animal laboratories?

Lawrence K. Altman, the Times reporter who in 1999 wrote that the origin of the AIDS virus was solved, recently asked "Where did AIDS come from?" Now seemingly undecided, Altman answers, "We can only guess. Determining the answer would be important because discovering how AIDS came to be an epidemic might prevent a similar catastrophe in the future." ("The AIDS questions that linger," January 30, 2001). It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how researchers could have created HIV and how they could have transferred the virus to gay and blacks in a covert medical experimentation for genocidal or population control purposes.

The secrecy and scientific disinformation surrounding the Human Radiation Experiments of the Cold War era has taught us how easily government scientists can fool the public on scientific matters. And when it comes to scientific monkey business, researchers know that most people are chumps.

Dr. Cantwell is a retired dermatologist and AIDS and cancer researcher, who has written extensively on the man-made origin of AIDS. E-mail address: alanrcan@aol.com


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The AIDS researcher’s explanation for why so little HIV causes the T-cells to die is because the HIV releases signals that cause apoptosis, cell suicide to be simple.
My explanation is that the cell structure is dissolving and all the AIDS researchers are reading with their machines is a bunch of cell sludge, HIV is a part of us.
I have to thank Valendar Turner and Eleni Papadopulos from the Royal Perth Hospital for their brilliant research on this. You guys are geniuses and heroes.
Glycoproteins are the molecules our cells use to communicate and our intake of them has become quite shocking, we just don’t eat enough fruit and veg.
I’ve been thinking of reasons why pancreatic enzymes would help cancer and first it would help to have an enzyme that helps process Glycoproteins (Sugar-proteins).
Secondly a lot of people eat so much chemical processed sugar it would just saturate the cell surfaces and no immune system communication would happen at all.
Lysine is also a Glycoprotein too.
So don’t eat too much sugar or shoot it up. Watch the beer and soft drinks.
Morphine Enhances Macrophage Apoptosis
So this study really says too much Morphine isn’t really good for your immune system.
Here is an even better study that should perk you all up because fixing yourselves can be easy. Look at what it says about HIV, this is where we should lay aside our opinions on what HIV is and look at what the obvious things to do are.
When they say HIV causes dementia it’s because the sick macrophages are packing it in and as they break up they release the Collagen destroying enzyme MMP.
Macrophages release enzymes anyway when there’s too much foreign stuff to deal with, that’s their job. They dissolve the target pathogens or chemicals to neutralise them and remove them from the body.
Here they are saying the HIV infected macrophages are releasing too much MMP and causing the myelin sheath of the nerves to corrode causing dementia.
‘The mechanisms of neurodegeneration that result in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 dementia have not yet been identified. Here, we report that HIV-infected macrophages secrete the zymogen matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2), which is activated by exposure to MT1-MMP on neurons.’
HIV-induced metalloproteinase processing of the chemokine stromal cell derived factor-1 causes neurodegeneration.
Again we come back to Collagen as a way to reduce the damage of HIV.
Make your own Collagen and neutralise the Metalloproteinase enzymes, don’t let yourself dissolve from chemicals, starvation or your own immune system attack.
Vitamin C is an all round antioxidant against chemicals and you need the Lysine to patch up the myelin sheath which is made from Collagen. Grow some Mungs.

This next story comes from a Glaxo worker when Glaxo was run by the British Government, isn’t it astonishing that we can all breath Benzene on a daily basis and not a single person from the mainstream health system will tell you it’s depleting your vitamins.

“My first insight into benzene toxicity came in the autumn of 1939 when, as a young first-year medical student at University College, London, I was sent to work on a research project at Glaxo Laboratories, Greenford, U.K. Glaxo had been given the wartime task of manufacturing penicillin and a host of other drugs and vitamins needed for the war effort; in return they had been given the services of numerous science graduates who otherwise would have been conscripted into the armed services. In those days of World War II, full-time university students were exempt from conscription but were encouraged to undertake part-time war work in addition to their studies; hence my casual employment at Glaxo, assisting the works' medical officer to ascertain why so many of the research workers were showing clinical signs of scurvy. Ascorbate excretion and loading studies confirmed the vitamin C deficiency; and it quickly became apparent that this was associated with high exposure to benzene, which was the major solvent used in the various production lines. Open vats containing 100 litres or more of benzene solutions were moved around on trolleys. Often the solvent was spilled, so the concrete floors were awash with benzene and the workers' clothes were soaked in the solvent. In addition, benzene was continuously being distilled in open systems to recover the solvent for further use, and serious conflagrations were all too frequent. Strangely, although it was well documented at that time that exposure to benzene was associated with aplastic anemia, none of the chemists employed considered that there was any health hazard in their negligent use of this solvent.
When the exposure problems were brought out, the Glaxo management acted most expeditiously. Henceforth, benzene solutions were contained in closed systems, all exposed workers were given orange juice and vitamin-reinforced milk drinks twice a day; blood counts and urinary ascorbate excretions were taken weekly; and, most important of all, alcohol, acetone, and other solvents were used as alternatives to benzene wherever possible.”
Personal Reflections on 50 Years of Study of Benzene Toxicology Dennis V. Parke
So typical is the ‘She’ll be right attitude’, I’ve watched people do such toxic things.
I ended up on a factory line making hearing aids with that evil phenol glue and a girl I sat next to had spilled the glue all over the place and on her clothes, in fact she wiped the stuff off on her jeans.
I had to tell her how toxic it was and some I told didn’t care or believe me.

There’s a pogrom against smokers in Australia at the moment and I can’t say I’ll mind if it gets stopped in pubs and clubs, it does leech into your clothes and bar workers deserve some fresh air.
But I don’t know why there’s so much hysteria about smoking outside when we have cars?
They also blame the Meningococcal outbreaks on smokers because of the Benzene in the cigarettes, the Health Report on ABC Radio National had a show on it.

‘Passive smoking increases the risk of meningococcal disease among children, which can sometimes cause death, mental disability, hearing loss, or loss of a limb.’
Car and home smoke free zone
Bacterial meningitis is most commonly caused by one of three types of bacteria: Haemophilus influenzae type b, Neisseria meningitidis, and Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria.
Bacterial meningitis
Meningococcal disease kills about 40 people a year in Australia, quite a few of them teenagers, I suppose some of them smoke but more of them wait around for buses.
There isn’t a vaccine for Streptococcus and everyone carries around lots of little Streppies. This study really says we’re not sure if vaccines stopped much.
Molecular Epidemiological Analysis of the Changing Nature of a Meningococcal Outbreak following a Vaccination Campaign
I watched ‘Medical Investigation’ on Thursday and the good looking Hollywood representatives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service all looked for clues as to why the campus girls could be falling over, maybe it was Strep?
In the end the girls had used a lipstick from Mexico to outline fat areas and only one girl who wasn’t fat didn’t get scribbled on. In reality none of them were fat at all.
The lipstick was contaminated with tons of Mercury so they got Mercury poisoning.
Tell that to the mothers of all those autistic kids who get Thimerosol in vaccines.
The football jocks drank some organic milk that gave them an autoimmune attack that left them with some holes in their brains, I don’t we weren’t meant to guzzle milk from cows anyway but I do think ice cream is truly an amazing invention. Entertaining stuff and this week is Anthrax time, you’ll hear about it.
When we look at South Africa the highest meningococcal rates happen in the areas where there’s more petrol, does this suggest anything to you?
368 cases of meningococcal disease were reported in 2003, giving an annual incidence rate for South Africa of 0.8/100 000 population. More than 70% of cases were from Gauteng and the Western Cape (Table 1).
The major liquid fuel markets are in the Gauteng area of South Africa, so companies with easy access to this region from their manufacturing plants are at a strategic advantage.
South Africa: Oil And Gas Industry

Macrophages and white blood cells do pretty much the same thing, they get rid of old dying cells and any foreign things like viruses, bacteria and chemicals.
The main difference is macrophages hang around near the Collagen or cellular matrix while the white blood cells float around in your blood.
Look at poor Hulda Clark’s theory, she gets attacked quite viciously for stating the obvious, why do Quackwatchers and Skeptics get so upset?
‘Dr. Clark shows that it is mainly toxins depressing production of white blood cells in the bone marrow and thymus gland, or directly killing white blood cells, that are responsible for AIDS.’
OK, I’m officially declaring a state of non emergency with HIV now and breaking 2 long decades of white man’s voodoo. Don’t panic anymore.
Please can you stop pointing at the people you tag with HIV and telling them to die.

‘Dangers of Cigarette Smoking. Cigarette smoking kills nearly about 430,000 people a year, making it more lethal than AIDS, automobile accidents, homicides, suicides, drug overdoses, and fires combined.’
‘Maternal smoking is believed to be related to 37% of the cases of childhood meningococcal disease, an uncommon but potentially fatal infection.’
Toxicity Summary for BENZENE
Prepared by: Mary Lou Daugherty, M.S., Chemical Hazard Evaluation and Communication Group, Biomedical and Environmental Information Analysis Section, Health and Safety Research Division, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
I’m leaving her credentials pasted so you take this seriously.

Benzene is absorbed via ingestion, inhalation, and skin application. Experimental data indicate that animals can absorb up to 95% of oral doses and that humans can absorb up to 80% of inhaled benzene (after 5 minutes of exposure) (Sabourin et al., 1987; Srobova et al., 1950). Humans may absorb benzene vapors through the skin as well as the lungs; of the total dose absorbed by the two routes, an estimated 22-36% enters the body through the skin (Susten, 1985).
Autopsy of a youth who died while sniffing benzene revealed that the chemical was distributed to the urine, stomach, bile, liver, kidney, abdominal fat, and brain (Winek and Collum, 1971). The depots for benzene and its metabolites in animals are similar to those in humans, and in addition, include the fetus and placenta, bone marrow, Zymbal gland, and oral and nasal cavities (Ghantous and Danielsson, 1986; Rickert et al., 1979; Low et al., 1989).
Subchronic and chronic exposures to benzene vapors induce a progressive depletion of the bone marrow and dysfunction of the hematopoietic system.
‘Subchronic and chronic exposures to benzene vapors induce a progressive depletion of the bone marrow’. We all have chronic exposure to Benzene vapours, we breathe it everyday and our bone marrow is where the T-cells come from, deplete the bone marrow and you deplete the T-cells which is the definition of AIDS.
Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, that pregnant woman filling her car was acquiring it alright. Up to a dollar a litre here, still cheaper than milk.

Well last night I watched Crocodile Hunter with Steve Irwin.
It was truly the worst movie I’ve seen for ages, it was so bad I loved it.
Magda Zubanski must have thought “we’re stranded somewhere filming this dud” so she went ahead and had fun anyway. David Wenham had that dissociative look to him like he was in shock and dreaming about being on The Lord of the Rings set.
Kate Beahan looked suitably unimpressed and Teri Irwin would never be so incompetent as to lose a snake bag in the truck, they just wanted Steve Irwin to freak the kids out playing with a Brown snake for ages.
Steve can’t act but his endearing eco sermons on how the crocodiles are at the top of the food chain and we are on their turf still got me happy, I don’t need much.
It’s a pity Steve thinks Bush is OK and gives him a jolly welcome if Bush visits Australia, I’m sure Steve wouldn’t approve of the plans to turn Alaska into a zone of petroleum destruction.
Still that’s all of us in the zone.
Star Sludge is oil and petrol. The ‘Star oil’ from Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’ is
apocalyptic comet sludge falling from the sky and burning on the way down.
That book explains more about our messed up traumatic minds than anything I’ve ever read. We’re still in shock, something happened not long ago, go check.
Crude petroleum is composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen. The main theories of the origin of petroleum are:
1. The Inorganic Theory: Hydrogen and carbon were brought together in the rock formations of the earth under great heat and pressure.
2. The Organic Theory: Both the hydrogen and carbon which compose petroleum come from the remains of plant and animal life, in the main from microscopic marine and swamp life.
The organic theory implies that the process started after life was already abundant, at least at the bottom of the ocean.
[Even before Plutarch the problem of the origin of petroleum was much discussed. Speaking of the visit of Alexander to the petroleum sources of Iraq, Plutarch said: "There has been much discussion about the origin of (this naphtha) ." But in the extant text of Plutarch a sentence containing one of two rival views is missing. The remaining text reads: " ... or whether rather the liquid substance that feeds the flame flows out from the soil which is rich and productive of fire." Plutarch, LIVES (transl. B. Perrin, 1919), "The Life of Alexander", xxv.]
The tails of comets are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen gases. Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight, but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing oxygen, will be set on fire. If carbon and hydrogen gases, or vapor of a composition of these two elements, enter the atmosphere in huge masses, a part of them will burn, binding all the oxygen available at the moment; the rest will escape combustion, but in swift transition will become liquid. Falling on the ground, the substance, if liquid, would sink into the pores of the sand and into clefts between the rocks; falling on water, it would remain floating if the fire in the air is extinguished before new supplies of oxygen arrive from other regions.
The descent of a sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral and written traditions of the inhabitants of both hemispheres.
POPUL-VUH, the sacred book of the Mayas, narrates: "It was ruin and destruction ... the sea was piled up ... it was a great inundation ... people were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky. ... The face of the earth grew dark and the gloomy rain endured days and nights. ... And then there was a great din of fire above their heads." The entire population of the land was annihilated.
The MANUSCRIPT QUICHÉ perpetuated the picture of the population of Mexico perishing in a downpour of bitumen: "There descended from the sky a rain of bitumen and of a sticky substance. ... The earth was obscured and it rained day and night. And men ran hither and thither and were as if seized by madness; they tried to climb to the roofs, and the houses crashed down; they tried to climb the trees, and the trees cast them far away; and when they tried to escape in caves and caverns, these were suddenly closed."
A similar account is preserved in the ANNALS OF CUAUHTITLAN. The age which ended in the rain of fire was called QUIAUH-TONATIUH, which means "the sun of fire-rain".
And far away, in the other hemisphere, in Siberia, the Voguls carried down through the centuries and millennia this memory: "God sent a sea of fire upon the earth. ... The cause of the fire they call 'the fire-water'."
Half a meridian to the south, in the East Indies, the aboriginal tribes relate that in the remote past SENGLE-DAS or "water of fire" rained from the sky; with very few exceptions, all men died.
The eighth plague as described in the Book of Exodus was "BARAD [meteorites] and fire mingled with the BARAD, very grievous, such as there was none like it in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation" (Exodus 9:24). There were "thunder [correct: loud noises] and BARAD, and the fire ran along upon the ground" (Exodus 9:23).
The Papyrus Ipuwer describes this consuming fire: "Gates, columns, and walls are consumed by fire. The sky is in confusion." The papyrus says that this fire almost "exterminated mankind".
The Midrashim, in a number of texts, state that naphtha, together with hot stones, poured down upon Egypt. "The Egyptians refused to let the Israelites go, and He poured out naphtha over them, burning blains [blisters]." It was "a stream of hot naphtha". Naphtha is petroleum in Aramaic and Hebrew.
The population of Egypt was "pursued with strange rains and hails and showers inexorable, and utterly consumed with fire: for what was most marvelous of all, in the water which quencheth all things the fire wrought yet more mightily", which is the nature of burning petroleum; in the register of the plagues in Psalms 105 it is referred to as "flaming fire", and in Daniel (7:10) as "river of fire" or "fiery stream".
In the Passover Haggadah it is said that "mighty men of Pul and Lud [Lydia in Asia Minor] were destroyed with consuming conflagration on the Passover".
In the valley of the Euphrates the Babylonians often referred to "the rain of fire", vivid in their memory.
All the countries whose traditions of fire-rain I have cited actually have deposits of oil: Mexico, the East Indies, Siberia, Iraq, and Egypt.
By Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

We have young Muslim boys in tennis shoes taking the Order out a World that’s New
And we’re fighting over this Star Sludge.
Grow some Biodiesel and “Don’t Panic”.
I’m changing the subject a lot so you all get a life.
As for me I was ‘Under the Influence’ and ‘Out of Control’, Chemical Brothers.

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"Investors also expect an assurance in law enforcement." Dr. Henry Kissinger
"De-population should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World."

Right now the Indonesian military are arming up militant Islamic militants to conduct more ethnic cleansing in West Papua, you won’t hear about this because the American government supports it.
In Darfur the same is happening but because the Sudanese government is sitting on large oil deposits in Darfur and they have a contract with the Russian oil company Slavneft that becomes ethnic cleansing.

MILITIA INFORMANT (Translation): I can tell you here and now that in Manokwari the military are establishing and organising militias. which are known as Satgas Merah Putih. They have established two bases in Manokwari, in transmigrant areas where there many Muslims.
According to this man, who has given evidence to human rights groups and says he has been targeted for assassination as a result, the militia are being armed in preparation for an attack.
MILITIA INFORMANT (Translation): Large numbers of bullets in boxes are being stored in workshops in food stalls and by the road. What is the motive or reason for this? So I am convinced that the military is organising militias in these two places and at some stage these militias will become a force used to attack the community as happened in East Timor. This is very worrying to me.
Reverend Sofyan Yoman also believes that the militia is being readied for an attack on Christian West Papuans.
REVEREND SOFYAN YOMAN (Translation): It's not just possible, it's probable. Every day six boatloads of Muslims arrive in Papua. Every day six white boats, which were purchased with special autonomy funds, bring Indonesian Muslims to Papua, bring Indonesian soldiers to Papua.
West Papua Militia March 16 2005
US to resume training Indonesian military 27/02/2005
This February, the former U.S. secretary of state accepted Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid's invitation to become an unpaid adviser to the Indonesian government. Kissinger accepted "out of friendship for the Indonesian people and the importance I attach to the Indonesian nation."
Twenty-five years earlier, on December 6, 1975, Kissinger -- along with President Gerald Ford -- paid another friendly visit to Jakarta. The next day, as Air Force One cleared Indonesian air space, President Suharto launched some 10,000 troops on a full-scale attack of East Timor. The goal was to conquer and annex the fledgling nation, which had just been granted independence by Portugal. Kissinger now calls the atrocities that accompanied and followed the invasion -- 200,000 dead -- "regrettable."
Kissinger sits on the board of New Orleans-based Freeport McMoRan Gold and Copper, the majority shareholder in the massive mining operation, which also happens to be Indonesia's biggest taxpayer. Friends and family of Suharto, who was ousted in 1998, still hold much of the minority stake in the mine.
Chiding Jakarta for failing to guarantee strict adherence to working contracts signed in the past, he cautioned that "it is in the interests of Indonesia" to honor the contract. "Investors also expect an assurance in law enforcement," Kissinger reportedly reminded Yasril Ananta Baharuddinn, chairman of the House of Representative's defense commission.

Asked why he quit writing satirical songs, Tom Lehrer replied that after Henry Kissinger won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, there was nothing left to satirize. Lehrer may have underestimated Dr. K's spirited sense of irony.

The army reportedly has used Freeport company buses to haul away protesters, and West Papuans have been imprisoned in Freeport chipping containers.
With Friends Like These April 17, 2000
Freeport McMoRan Gold and Copper
Notice that Gerald Ford and Kissinger are still on the board 30 years after they gave the thumbs up to the East Timor massacres.
A gold mine that owns newspapers, Kissinger was the director.
Kissinger as head of one of the major think tanks.
Kissinger Associates, Inc.
Kissinger McLarty associates.
Kissinger’s political donations.
Kissinger’s war crimes.
Kissinger in court this year for Chilean war crimes in the 1970’s.
Plus all the latest dirt on Kissinger.

National Secret Security Memorandum 200, advanced by Nixon's National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, called for massive Third World depopulation among efforts to maintain the economic alignment of the superpowers.
Compelling National Security Documents Target Black Groups
National Secret Security Memorandum 200
The National Security Memorandum (NSSM 200) was authored in the early seventies by then US National Security Adviser, Dr. Henry Kissinger. This document, hitherto marked as top secret, was quietly de-classified in 1990 and lodged in the US National Archives. It is a chilling, cynical document.
"De-population should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World." This sentence formed the hard backbone of NSSM 200. The memo went on to state that "Reduction of the rate of population in these States [Third World nations] is a matter of vital US national security." Why? Simply because "The US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries." In stating this the focus was exclusively, on the "...economic interests of the US."
All the horror stories about West Papua can be found here, this has been going on since 1965.
West Papua/Irian Jaya
In 1976, Nelson Rockefeller was Vice President (to Ford), and his advisor Henry Kissinger was Secretary of State.
Vice President Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Bush Sr. ran a major Death squad operation in South America

So what on earth does this all have to do with AIDS, same people run the AIDS drug campaign.

In return for campaigning on behalf of the drug industry, the TAC has received millions of dollars from pharmaceutical interest groups such as the Rockefeller Foundation. The Rockefeller financial group is one of the largest stakeholders in the international pharmaceutical industry, with stock in more than 200 drug companies.

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His (Kissinger’s) first assignment in the Congo (as Zaire was then called) had been from 1960 to 1963, when he was officially a political officer in the American Embassy.
Behind closed doors, Belgian and American elites began to negotiate. According to a 1985 retrospective study prepared by International Basic Economy Corporation, top executives of Belgian corporations in the Congo and the Rockefeller conglomerate met to bargain. The beginning of these negotiations took place at the 1960 Bilderberg meeting in Burgenstock, Switzerland (Hough, 1997, p. 3). Present at the meeting was Henry Kissinger, the foremost retainer for the Rockefeller dynasty, and Pierre de Wigny, the Belgian foreign minister and former general counsel of the SG trust (Hough, 1997, p. 3). Arrangements for the meeting were made by Prince Bernhard, who had important financial ties to SG (Hough, 1997, p. 3). Further negotiations were held at the 1963 Bilderberg meeting in Cannes, France, and at the 1964 meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia (Hough, 1997, p. 3). An alliance was forming between the powers-that-be to ensure that the Congo was not lost to the rabble.
The Angolan Civil War and US Foreign Policy
I know the people who believe that HIV causes everything in Africa think this history has nothing to do with AIDS but millions have died in the Congo.
I watched a story on the Kampala Boxing Club last Thursday, the show was mainly about two Congolese refugees who had fled the massacres in the Congo. One had lost his wife and child and the other his wife.
They were friends because the first man had saved the other’s child and met up later in a refugee camp in Uganda. Despite all the trauma they looked well and all the other Ugandans looked well even though their city was run down, better than many of the people I see here in Australia.
HIV pushers are terrible pessimists and do no one any favours by telling them they’ll die without AIDS drugs. Africa still continues to grow.
Sub-Saharan Africa will grow by 143 percent.
World Population Trends
Kissinger is a criminal but I don’t care if he goes through court for crimes.
If he can wreck the Congo and Papua he’s loaded enough to go back and fix these places up.
Offering toxic AIDS drugs just to prop up drug companies is patronising especially when with the other hand they take debt money from these people via the IMF.
The impact of the IMF in Africa.
They need services and proper pay in these countries.
Population always goes down when people get education and social dislocation is stopped, they are just expecting these people to keel over and die and it isn’t going according to plan for the mad eugenics crowd.

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I think I’m allowed some frustration that while West Papuan villagers are hiding in the hills and sharpening spears and arrows waiting for men with guns and helicopters to come, the activist would suggest a HIV epidemic is out of control and they need testing and access to drugs. We don’t have time for that they need food, shelter and antibiotics now, the UN won’t do anything because someone pulls their strings.
Actually makes me want to cry.

“The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything."
Louis Pasteur

Last night an English show called ‘Bodysnatchers’ was on, pretty gruesome stuff about parasites and bugs.
Among their statistics were 1.7 Billion people carrying TB and 15 million of those in the US.
They found plague in New Mexican desert rats when a guy turned up in New York with it.
They panicked of course waiting for it to hit New York but I guess they isolated the poor guy away from rats and fleas so nothing happened.
When they came to the West Nile outbreak in the USA this is what they said.
“In 1999 a flight took off from Africa” it always comes from Africa, and they noticed “unexplained deaths in crows”.
“The bird plague was spreading fast” and soon people were getting a “strange form of paralysis”.
So they found West Nile virus, now there’s a whole other side to this story and that is a petrol additive called MTBE, check the safety data on it.
Inhalation of vapor can irritate respiratory tract. Causes central nervous system effects. Breathing high concentrations in air can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, weakness, nausea, headache.
MTBE Safety Data
And how much they’ve been using, it’s getting banned because it contaminates our waterways.
MTBE, methyl tertiary-butyl ether, does not occur naturally. It is a colorless, flammable liquid with a strong odor that has been used as a gasoline blending component since 1979. Since the early 1990's, MTBE has been increasingly added to gasoline sold in California, now up to 11% by volume, to make gasoline burn more completely and, therefore, reduce harmful air emissions.
Legislation that would ban or restrict the use of MTBE in gasoline has already been passed in 16 States: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, and Washington.
Status and Impact of State MTBE Ban
Here in Australia, at least it is less than 11% but we’re not banning it.
The European standards allow for the use of MTBE to a 15% level. The current level of MTBE in Woolworths Plus Petrol is, on average, 2%-3%.
Woolworths Plus Petrol and MTBE
This is the alternate story of what happened and this all fits the data.

For instance, some studies seem to show that toxic air pollution could potentially enhance the activity of a virus and make it churn out more copies of itself.

Valuable clues have not been investigated about the possible role of air quality in the outbreaks that began in the New York area in 1999. Outbreaks have since occurred in other regions of the country.
The summer of 1999 in New York City was extremely hot and, according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), the smog was the worst in more than a decade. Smog includes ozone, which forms in the air from other toxic substances, including nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds.
As New Yorkers baked in the heat that summer and were exposed to high levels of ozone, veterinarians and pathologists began to receive calls about unusual numbers of bird deaths.
In Delmar, near Albany, a veteran wildlife expert at the DEC's wildlife pathology unit, Ward Stone, began to receive a steady flow of dead crows, the most he had seen in 30 years.
He figured the heat and the lack of rain had somehow exposed old pesticides in soil and vegetation. It seemed the birds were being poisoned.
Stone then requested the standard type of toxicology testing. In looking for pesticide residues, it is routine to check for low levels of the enzyme cholinesterase. It has become standard practice that even if there are very little or no pesticide residues found in the birds, if the cholinesterase levels are low, then it is deemed likely that the death was due to pesticide poisoning.
On the basis of the tests, he began to theorize that the epidemic of dead birds was likely due to pesticides.
When Stone's conclusions about pesticides and dead birds were about ready to be released in a DEC report, a human mystery disease was given an identity.
New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani held a press conference on Sept. 3, 1999, to announce that scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta had identified the St. Louis encephalitis (SLE) virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, as the culprit in the hospitalizations of several elderly patients.
Soon helicopters and trucks began spraying areas of New York City with the highly toxic insecticide, malathion.
This over reaction didn’t stop the mosquitoes and while we are trying to save amphibians across the world this was an example of completely mindless environmental vandalism.
I bet the pesticide companies loved the panic.

As one of many examples, he points out that the first seven of eight dead positive crows were found this year in New Jersey's Middlesex county, which happens to be near oil refineries.
West probed further. He set his research sights on a chemical called MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) put into so-called reformulated gasoline as part of a federal effort to make gas burn cleaner.
Some critics believe that MTBE may be even more harmful than ozone. According to Peter Joseph, a toxicologist at the University of Pennsylvania, "symptoms vary widely as MTBE can affect the nervous system, breathing, the heart and trigger allergies."
Virus or Environment?
Commentator Questions Blame Placed on West Nile Virus
Are Viruses taking the rap for Industrial Poisons?

One of the problems with science is looking for absolutes. This is why Gaston Naessens microscope photos of pleomorphic organisms in the blood are censored from the internet, science hasn’t quite got out of the middle ages and wants to pigeon hole everything and give it a name.
You get real problems labeling things that move and change shape. That’s why biologists are tearing their hair out and coming up with solid scientific pronouncements like Robert Gallo.
He thought he had the bug for AIDS pinned down, of course whatever HIV he was dragging out of the blood back then in 1984 is not likely to be anything like it is these days.
Do we really think viruses are going to wait for us to perfect some test? They’ve got some gene transfer and rearranging to do and they won’t wait for Gallo to catch up.
Dr Stephen Kent: The big black box if you like is will this translate into the human situation when we get into clinical trials so the huge problem is that various different HIV strains are very variable between strains even within an individual that's infected with HIV there might be hundreds and hundreds of different strains and then when you look at across communities or between countries there's just innumerable HIV strains and so they're trying to get a vaccine that will prevent each and everyone of those strains is going to be a formidable task.

"During 20 years of research, the IBMP scientists have discovered up to 250 species of microorganisms which live inside manned spacecraft, including fungi and bacteria."
The porthole was examined carefully after the crew returned to Earth, with the results shocking researchers and engineers. Although the porthole and other windows were made of extra-hard quartz glass and mounted on titanium covered with enamel, they were partly destroyed by a colony of fungi and bacteria visible to the naked eye.
Space Fungus: A Menace to Orbital Habitats
Don’t you love mutant space fungus?
This actually points to Gaston Naessen’s view of changing critters as being right, just add some intense radiation and we get some amazing new bugs out of the old ones.
We’re lucky we don’t get quite the same radiation but the bugs that came back from 60 miles up do get a fair chunk of solar stream and what a solar stream it is.
You have to go to this site just for the moving flare.
Biggest Flare ever known.
November 4th 2003 saw the most powerful Solar flare eruption (see animation below) on record. This measured a colossal X 28 on the Solar Richter scale. For those unaquainted with the magnitude of Solar Flares it may be difficult to comprehend the extreme force of such an explosion which is the largest ever recorded in the Solar System.
Fred Hoyle’s Alien Viruses that swept through the Alaskan communities during the freeze of 1919 didn’t have to come from outer space, they just had to be from up there and since they are there it shouldn’t be a surprise when they mutate in a sun storm.
On the news here in Australia they’ve had the Bird Flu panic again, I guess if it comes anywhere near anything they’ll butcher all poor chickens and ducks like the mad cow massacre.

Do people know about the mad cow cases around Manganese refineries or did that slip by the media?
‘In 2002-03, CWD was a hot news topic. Deer and elk in the area of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, were eradicated in a brutal and controversial government-sponsored shooting spree. The mass kill-off was allegedly designed to stop the spread of CWD to other herds, but was widely attacked as a public relations ploy, useful for little else than trying to convince hunters in Wisconsin that the wild meat supply was safe and covering up the true causes of the disease.’
1.) Prions are naturally-occurring proteins, involved in protecting tissues (such as the eyes) from harmful UV radiation.
2.) When exposed to both organophosphates and manganese, prions change from copper-tipped to manganese-tipped, and cause a chain reaction of prions switching to manganese "tips". (The organophosphate may serve as a chelating agent or catalyst.) Manganese-tipped prions are virtually indestructible, surviving disinfectants, autoclaves, and incineration.
3.) These chain reactions cause periods of high oxidation which burn through tissues, as evidenced by the sponge-like brains found in Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

‘In the case of Wisconsin, Purdey's soil samples showed a natural high-manganese, low-copper content in the CWD/Mount Horeb area. Further evidence of high manganese soil can be seen underground a few miles from Mount Horeb, in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Cave of the Mounds has a number of purple and black formations which they'll tell you are colored by manganese leached from the soil above. In contrast, Kickapoo Indian Caverns in Western Wisconsin has no CWD in the area, and the cave has patches of blue-green copper-rich areas on its walls, indicating the copper-rich soil above.’
Mark Purdey's Organophosphate Model of Mad Cow Disease
Based at the University of Bath in Great Britain, the biochemist's research team looks at prion type diseases and possible connections to copper deficiencies and manganese overload in animal brains.
Brown contends neurodegenerative diseases like bovine spongiform encephalopathy and chronic wasting disease are likely linked to environmental conditions rather than contaminated feed, as most scientists believe.
Canadian plant pathologist and virologist Ieuen Evans supports the copper deficiency theory.
Retired from Alberta Agriculture, Evans is a private consultant with Agri-Trends Agrology Ltd. in Red Deer. He made his career advocating copper supplementation for cereal crops. When wheat and barley take up adequate copper, they are less likely to get ergot infection and can produce higher yields.
He contends the probable birthplace of Canada's lone BSE case in northwestern Saskatchewan is highly deficient in copper. Nearly half the prairie soils are low in copper.
"Some of the Prairies are horrendously deficient in copper and the most copper-deficient areas are in that Wainwright-Lloydminster-Sand Hills area," he said.
Scientist Suggests BSE-Copper Link
A case for ‘Medical Investigation’ to sort out, it is funny that the Manganese causing Mad Cow’s actually sounds more logical than mutant self-replicating proteins called prions.
Prions sounds so Star Trek to me.
Manganese supplements are sold in every chemists and health store, I wonder.
I can’t give blood in Australia because I lived in England in 1982 and there are regular low blood supply warnings.

Our ‘health’ minister Tony Abbot (who’s sure to privatize everything and send the health system down the tube, expect more Australian doctors in your clinics over there) just assured everyone the Australian Government was ready for the Bird Flu pandemic and they have stockpiles of antivirals, masks and syringes. I don’t think any of these things really does much, sorry but I think he’s a loser.
When I worked in the hearing aid factory sweatshop and yearly Chickenpox outbreaks happened with the positively charged westerly winds I wonder whether the building was so sick we just got stripped of our electricity and bred a new batch of Chickenpox on ourselves each year.
We almost all carry latent Chickenpox.
So these scare stories of unvaccinated kids contaminating childcare centres and making all the vaccinated kids sick is just pure unfounded presumption.
If scientists can argue all the time about where these bugs come from then a fascist pro-vaccination mother has no right to harass a mother who doesn’t want Mercury in their kid.
It’s like religion, scientific beliefs are just that, half the time they’re based on presumption and there are often multi-factorial reasons and all sorts of different explanations.
Remember nothing ever really happens twice.
So people should respect others scientific beliefs, that’s why forced testing, vaccination and medication are so offensive, these are the initiation rites of cult belief. Don’t vaccinate and you become an outsider.
Question a test or refuse medication and you are in effect leaving the church.

Another example of alternatives, smallpox is spread via bedbugs so clean hospital sheets did more than the vaccinations actually did. The vaccines precipitated some of the biggest smallpox epidemics of the time basically giving everyone a case to bring about immunity.
It soon became clear that smallpox could not be eradicated with mass vaccination alone. In some countries, it was not possible to achieve a smallpox vaccination uptake rate of 80%. More attention was therefore paid to case tracing and isolation procedures. Experience in West Africa and Indonesia had shown that smallpox can be eliminated without mass vaccination, provided that a high rate of case detection was achieved.
The proposed program, which would require Congressional approval, includes:
 A $262,100 benefit for people whose death is caused by the vaccine. In most cases, the benefit would be paid regardless of any other death benefits available to the person.
 A temporary or partial disability benefit of up to $50,000 for wages lost after the fifth day of work.
 A health care benefit that would compensate for "reasonable out-of-pocket medical expenses." It would be secondary to the person's own health insurance.
Because the smallpox vaccine is made from a live virus, it could cause serious injury in about 15 of every 1 million people who receive it, government analysts have estimated. One or two of those injuries could be fatal, they say.
Feds Reveal Smallpox Compensation Plan
Monkeypox isn’t that much different, imagine it mutating in those Nigerian villages sitting on the oil wells.
Human monkeypox and smallpox viruses: genomic comparison.
Sunspots And Flu
The last six sunspot peaks have coincided with flu pandemics. During the sunspot maxima of 1947, 1957, and 1968, the influenza-A virus underwent anti genic shifts that allowed the virus to bypass the immunity built up in the populace. In 1937, a pandemic occurred but no genetic change was detected, although one might have gone unnoticed. The deadly worldwide 1918-1919 epidemic transpired just after the 1917 sunspot peak and before the discovery of the flu virus. The sunspot maximum of 1928 may have signaled a major shift from the virus causing the 1918-1919 pandemic to the type now afflicting us.
The 1917 sunspot maxima might have mutated something up there, when it came down it also hit a weary and not very healthy population after the First World War. I can imagine the Alaskans were short on supplies during the war, who would be bothered sending fruit and veg to some Eskimos while the Western Front was much more exciting. They dropped from flu and scurvy, masks and antivirals are a joke.
The Russian Chisevsky who experimented with negative ionizers and curing TB in the 1930’s believed all hospitals should be fitted with them because he observed influenza outbreaks and raised mortality around sunspot peaks. He was about a century before his time, I can’t imagine them getting fitted too quickly.

Now look at what great research your tax dollars give you.
I actually see this new one as verging on racist, somehow the pure white people of Europe are protected from that terrible virus that infects blacks and gays because their ancestors were tough and survived the plague giving them the mutant protective gene against HIV.

Friday, March 11, 2005
Biologists at the University of Liverpool have discovered how the plagues of the Middle Ages have made around 10% of Europeans resistant to HIV.
Scientists have known for some time that these individuals carry a genetic mutation (known as CCR5-Ä32) that prevents the virus from entering the cells of the immune system but have been unable to account for the high levels of the gene in Scandinavia and relatively low levels in areas bordering the Mediterranean.
They have also been puzzled by the fact that HIV emerged only recently and could not have played a role in raising the frequency of the mutation to the high levels found in some Europeans today.
Professor Christopher Duncan and Dr Susan Scott from the University's School of Biological Sciences, whose research is published in the March edition of Journal of Medical Genetics, attribute the frequency of the CCR5-Ä32 mutation to its protection from another deadly viral disease, acting over a sustained period in bygone historic times.
Some scientists have suggested this disease could have been smallpox or even bubonic plague but bubonic plague is a bacterial disease rather than a virus and is not blocked by the CCR5-Ä32 mutation.
Professor Duncan commented: "The fact that the CCR5-Ä32 mutation is restricted to Europe suggests that the plagues of the Middle Ages played a big part in raising the frequency of the mutation. These plagues were also confined to Europe, persisted for more than 300 years and had a 100% case mortality."
Plagues from the Middle Ages Led to HIV Resistance
I love the line about “confined to Europe”, don’t these researchers look up their history?
In the United States, the last urban plague epidemic occurred in Los Angeles in 1924-25. Since then, human plague in the United States has occurred as mostly scattered cases in rural areas (an average of 10 to 15 persons each year). Globally, the World Health Organization reports 1,000 to 3,000 cases of plague every year.
Plague has a remarkable place in history. For centuries, plague represented disaster for those living in Asia, Africa and Europe, where, it has been said, populations were so affected that sometimes there were not enough people left alive to bury the dead.
Love how this site was so sure it ‘originated’ in the Gobi desert.
How about this university site? So much for the bull about Europeans getting gene protection from HIV!
The first pandemic of plague would not occur until the 6th century A.D. For pandemics to emerge, trade routes must be established so that outbreaks could spread from city to city. While it is not clear where this pandemic originated, it was in the area of Arabia, central Africa, or lower Egypt.
Emerging Diseases : Biological Terrorism : Biological Warfare
This is one of those sites to encourage your paranoia but look at what the freaks in Government are planning for you, there are several stories here, remember the superpowers have the Bio-weapons and they often pull the strings with terrorist groups. Check out the Gladio fiasco in Italy where Italy and most of Europe’s spy agencies were running half the bombings and terror groups.
These incredible stories of freemason’s setting up terror groups to keep their intelligence organizations happily employed should ring your 911 bells.
European Court of Human Rights
The world may be going insane, here are my latest posts on scary mad events about to happen.
Taiwan is about oil.
April 10th plan to storm Al Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem
This story is now official it came on SBS TV news last night.

As I write this I can hear the odd rumble from a car, the computer hum and possums climbing the tree outside, listen to it changing.
‘Listen to the city, listen to the planet
Switch off all your appliances
Do you think the human race can clean up this place?
Switch off all your appliances.’
Limboland by Escape from Toytown
I’m switching the machines off and getting some sleep now before my pineal gland gets cooked.
Have a good weekend, I might even drink some beer for St. Pat, even if he was a Roman, if I drink Dutch gin that might be a bit unpatriotic, love gin though.

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Free HIV Treatment Campaign gets backing from Health Select Committee, UK

Yusef Azad, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the National AIDS Trust said:

"We welcome the Health Select Committee's clear recommendations for the Government to provide free HIV treatment for all migrants to the UK. We urge the Government to act swiftly to end the policy of charging certain people for HIV treatment. It is a false economy, costing the NHS more in emergency treatment when people who cannot pay these charges subsequently become seriously ill. "

More at:


AIDS Advocates Score Major Victory in US Senate
20 Mar 2005

Yesterday the US Senate approved an amendment to the Budget Resolution that increased funds available to the Global Fund from $300 million to $800 million for FY 2006. The amendment was sponsored by Senators Durbin (D-IL) and Santorum (R-PA). The Fund is a cost- effective, democracy-enhancing means of fighting disease, and its need for new resources is dramatically increasing.

More at:


For more information on the National AIDS Trust : go to the URL below.

Related Link: http://www.nat.org.uk
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‘Everything will come right
Hoping that I never have to settle for anything that I don’t like
I know that’s black not being white
Well, at least there’s something wrong tonight
In the day to day and 9 to 5’
Telephone by Fang from NZ

I’m being relentlessly cheeky and Bono’s song is up on mp3.com.
A song for Bono
I do wonder whether the activist is a volunteer or gets paid for their activism?
Also how do activists justify the removal of children from HIV positive mothers?
Their stories horrify me and that’s one reason I will keep chipping away at the industry this century.
‘Bangor, Maine -- Valerie Emerson had been ready to disappear for days by the time the judge reached his decision. The car had a full tank of gas. The trunk was crammed with clothes. A road map was marked with safe houses throughout the country where she and her three boys could seek refuge. She had already said goodbye to friends.
That's how certain Emerson was that she would lose custody of her son Nikolas--because of her refusal to treat the boy with powerful AIDS drugs. She never wavered. The single mother had watched her AIDS-infected daughter succumb to an agonizing death while on AZT, and she vowed to let nature take its course with Nikolas, even if it meant fleeing her home.
So when Judge Douglas Clapp ruled in Emerson's favor, she slumped to the floor in disbelief, gasping and mumbling incoherently.’
The Nurse’s Story. The people involved in the industry are now beginning to blow the whistle.

‘The Other Side of AIDS’
This movie’s showing is the first time I’m aware of this debate reaching Australia.
Notice Jane Palomountain, a HIV positive for 20 years without medication was on the debating panel.
She works as a councellor for cancer victims, see what I mean about HIV positives being alive and well while they watch others in the community go down with heart disease and cancer.
The movie is upsetting the ‘activists’ and about time.
The drug companies have succeeded in putting activists (apologists) against activists (dissidents) on this issue.
Unfortunately the activists should have been on to this 20 years ago, now it will be harder to turn the tyranny and appalling human rights abuses of the AIDS industry around.
The Other Side of AIDS
Dir: Robin Scovill, USA, 2004, video 87 mins
While the mainstream AIDS groups get massive multi-million dollar hand outs groups like HEAL continue to save lives without funding and without resorting to using anti-retrovirals.
The comparison is stark.
Dear Reader,
For over 23 years, HEAL has helped to save many lives by pointing the way out of the deadly AIDS zone. Unlike all the other AIDS organizations, HEAL has been a strictly voluntary organization. No one at HEAL gets paid for their efforts and, in fact, many within the organization have often donated their own money to help pay the bills.

In the past we've just depended on the generosity of basically a few friends. Perhaps that was a mistake. With more money we could do more outreach and generate more publicity for what is a very important, if unpopular, cause. We have helped thousands of people to save their own lives, but if more people knew we existed, we could help many thousands more.

Besides hosting over 1,000 support meetings and special events, and helping others - nationally and internationally - start their own HEAL organizations, we are in daily contact, by telephone, snail mail and e-mail, with victims and would-be victims of what many call the greatest scam of our lifetime: the HIV/AIDS sentence to death or life imprisonment. Perhaps, at one time, you were one of them. We've also been on the air (and now worldwide over the internet) with H.E.A.L This Week for over 600 weeks. We also maintain an informational web site. All these things cost money. And now most urgently we are faced with the need for a new computer.

Orthodox AIDS organizations get funding from the government and the pharmaceutical companies. We don't get and we don't want their tainted dollars. Orthodox organizations also benefit from inheritances from the premature deaths of some of their members. Our members have a habit of living.

If you're receiving this e-mail, HEAL might have touched your life in some way. We don't like asking, but right now we need to know that you are there. If everyone reading this sent us just $10 we could purchase a new computer and pay our bills for the rest of the year. Chances are though, not everyone will respond. So if you can afford to give a little more, please do so. We've made it easy for you to donate via Paypal using any credit card. You don't have to be a member or join Paypal to do so, just click on the link below. Of course, if you prefer, you can mail us a check to Old Chelsea Station, PO Box 1103, New York, NY 10113. Either way it will just take a couple of minutes. So please, do it now. All donations are fully tax deductible.
Thank you,
Michael Ellner

When I come back after Easter get ready for an amazing linkage between HIV, Scrapies, Alzheimer’s, dentistry, mining and some deep which comes first, chicken or pox questions, all because I asked Google about TGF Beta.
Put your thinking caps on because I’m thinking how to simplify it for you all.

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China To Establish National HIV/AIDS Database

China plans to establish a national database of people living with HIV/AIDS in the country in order to "get a better grip" on the epidemic, the... Ministry of Health announced on Sunday. Although 840,000 HIV-positive people are estimated by the government to be living in the country, the government has "precise knowledge" of only a "small percentage" of those patients. Only 12.7% of HIV-positive people are registered with health authorities, and disease control centers had detailed records on 4.2% of patients. A draft of the country's first HIV/AIDS prevention and control regulations also will be completed soon and sent to the State Council in May.

Provinces To Provide Free HIV Testing

According to Vice Minister of Health Wang Longde, every province in the country will provide free and voluntary HIV tests this year (AFP/Yahoo! News, 3/20). The eastern province of Jiangsu already has begun offering HIV tests to people who sold their blood since 1990, according to the province's disease control center .

Government Urges NGOs, Businesses To Fight HIV/AIDS

Chinese health officials on Friday in Beijing at a summit on business and HIV/AIDS in China urged nongovernmental organizations and companies in the country to increase their role in the fight against the disease. Vice Premier and Minister of Health Wu Yi said that the fight against HIV/AIDS cannot be "won by the government alone" and that businesses should help their employees to receive testing and treatment.

Full stories at:

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=21631
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This was an interview done at 4ZZZ Radio station in Brisbane on the 7th September 2004 and distributed to alternative community radio around Australia.
This was the first time I had spoken to Dr. Al Bayati and some of the things he said surprised me. Although it was September, a hot Westerly wind was blowing and it was 2pm when I did the interview in a small booth with no light, a bit comical.
I’m CC, Cal Crilly and MB is Dr. Al Bayati. This is the first part.

CC- I’m talking to Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati of Toxi-health in California.
How did you discover there were problems with AIDS or the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis in the first place?
MB- Well, as you know I’m a toxicologist and pathologist. I opened Toxi-health International in 1997. I worked before that at the University of California Davis for about 18 years. At UC Davis I was doing biomedical studies and toxicology and pathology but I got a lot of questions about toxicology, and toxicology was not included you know, in medical health. So in 1997 I said I would like to start a consulting firm and to evaluate people who are exposed to toxic material in the workplace and try to help them to figure out what caused their illness and write a medical report describing my findings about the case. I made recommendations for clinical tests and treatment to send to the physicians to help these people, because physicians they do not have a lot of training in the area of toxicology plus to investigate cases of toxicology takes a lot of time, usually physicians they see several patients a day.
The other thing is when people file a claim for damages then the agencies need proof that these people were really exposed to chemicals, the damage was caused by chemicals, so having a report from a toxicologist is very important.
In 1997 when I was evaluating a case, a 60 year old man, he was exposed to chemical jet fuel at the workplace and causing pulmonary fibrosis.
CC- Was that with Benzene and the usual suspects?
MB- Jet fuel is a mixture of solvents, it has a little bit of Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, a lot of chemicals, a mixture of chemicals in jet fuel.
The thing I discovered was he was suffering from AIDS which is as defined by depression in CD4 counts. When I was evaluating the case and going through all the clinical tests, I noticed that the lymphocytes were low. By evaluating the causes of the immune depression in this man, I found out he was given medication which is standard, this medication is corticosteroids and cytotoxic medication given to people treated with pulmonary fibrosis. So I was evaluating that and looking at the dose and then my first impression was if this man is suffering from immune depression, which is a syndrome similar to AIDS then why is this man taking immuno-suppressants?
So my communication with the man and his physician is say, well, this medication is making the conditions worse, it’s making the lung capacity worse so we need to stop them. So the physician stopped the medication and then the man in addition to low lymphocytes, he had pneumonia and fungal infections and all the syndrome, the symptoms of AIDS. Then I suggested that the man was to be tested for HIV because my understanding was that HIV causes AIDS, but then the man was tested negative.
We started to stop the medication one by one and then after three weeks of stopping the medication then his CD4 went from below 300 to 670.
So the man recovered and this I started to question what is going on here? Are there two types of AIDS, one caused by HIV and one caused by the medication or is this man unusual so I wanted only to investigate and ask some questions? It’s difficult to tell because it takes a lot of money and time but then I decided you know, I have to get into it and to investigate. So I spent about two years going through all the data, and I investigated one group at a time, drug users, homosexuals, haemophiliac people and discovered that the HIV hypothesis is false and the cause of AIDS is not HIV and there is not a single case of AIDS caused by HIV. I discovered that by looking at the clinical trials of people given AZT, and they claimed that AZT cured AIDS, I took up more than two thousand patients from these trials, four major clinical trials and found out that 77% of them were HIV negative prior to giving them AZT. So all the studies they are not based on science, all the claims are false.
CC- Do you have many AIDS patients and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Gulf War Syndrome patients or anything like that?
MB- Well, what happened is, I evaluated for two years the published clinical data and then my book it contained about 20,000 cases of people with immune suppression and AIDS. I went through the toxicology, epidemiology, clinical trials and described it in my book. Then after I published the book I evaluated several cases of people with AIDS from California, from the gay community and others and none of them their disease or symptoms was caused by HIV and each case I identified the cause of AIDS.
CC- I was going to say Mohammed, how do actually treat your patients?
MB- Well, I am not a physician, I’m a toxicologist and pathologist so I do not treat people. I evaluate the information and I say in my report to the physician in charge in this case or sometimes more than the physician and give them my recommendations for clinical tests and treatment. Some of the people who came to me they were at the end of stage, the stage of dying, so I evaluated and they did not live but others they took my recommendation and they stopped the treatment.
But the most important case which is this year, a child he was four years old in January and he was diagnosed with HIV plus AIDS. In this case because he was a child and there were no complication from drug use and other things, I went and did differential diagnoses. I discovered what caused AIDS in this child, which he was given corticosteroid and antibiotics and then we were able to communicate with the physician with a plan to monitor his case and stop the antibiotics and others and he was recovered in three months. His CD4 went from below 300 to over 600 and also his viral load was half a million copy per milliliter and went to 3000 without the use of antiviral drugs. So I finished my report and this has now become a legal case so it’s definite that HIV does not cause AIDS, AIDS is caused by the immune depression, which is caused by corticosteroid and other medication.
CC- And chemical exposure?
MB- Yes, chemical exposure.

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Early Identification, Treatment Needed for HIV-Positive, HIV-Exposed Infants, Children, Opinion Piece Says
23 Mar 2005

Despite recent improvements in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission, "there is a group of vulnerable children who may be infected with HIV because neither they nor their mothers were tested," Jill Foster, director of pediatric and adolescent HIV/AIDS at... St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, and Judith Silver, director of the Child Welfare Early Childhood Initiative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, write in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece. The "key" to allowing HIV-positive children to "live normal lives" is "early identification and early initiation of treatment," according to Foster and Silver.

For the full story go to the URL below.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=21672
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We live in a cemetery.
Cold and barren place.
And science runs through us
Making us Gods.

The rules are all wrong.
Every perversion is justified.
They honestly believe dead bodies.
Anything goes around here.
Aisha by Death in Vegas

I said at the start of this the revolution against the AIDS industry is coming out of academia, my activist friend should have a look at what is being said in a Miami Uni lecture to see where the unraveling is going to come from. I’m just a messenger.
The HIV=AIDS hypothesis does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.
Survivor’s stories

The HIV tagged victims are not going to shut up either.
Kim will be LIVE on the Internet www.mnn.org (click Ch. 34) Wed., March 30, 5pm eastern
See Kim Marie Bannon on "The Winston Gilchrist Experience"
Wednesday - March 30 - 5:00pm - Ch.34 - Manhattan
Sunday - April 3 - 1:30 pm - Ch.70 - The Bronx
Meet Kim Marie Bannon at the next HEAL-NY Meeting, Community Center in NYC, 208 W. 13th (off 7th Ave) Wed., March 30 at 8pm. Kim was given 5-7 years to live by HIV Specialist Donna Sweet, M.D., on May 1, 1992. Today, 13 years later, Kim is in excellent health and has never taken AIDS medications. Find out what Kim discovered 10 years after her wrongful "diagnosis", how she has remained healthy, and what impact AIDS has on you, even if you don't personally know anyone who has HIV or AIDS.

I’ll leave this for the nerds to look at since they need to get obsessed with the microscopic.
Almost all the information I use after this will be from mainstream science and not from the dissident scientists and a lot of their biology theology I will be turning inside out and upside down.
There are dozens of picture of HIV. If these are not a retrovirus what have we been looking at all these years?

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“They do not know who they serve.
This is the heart of their misfortune: service in error to a wrong thing.
They are poisoned as if with metal he thought.
Metal confining them and metal in their blood; this is a metal world.
Driven by cogs, a machine that grinds along, dealing out suffering and death…
They are so accustomed to death, he realized, as if death too, were natural.
How long has it been since they knew the garden?
The place of resting animals and flowers
When can I find for them that place again?”
Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick in 1981

I apologise to any lay people out there trying to read this, I might be just a factory worker but what I will say next will be way past understanding of many, perhaps even those who have done biology at university.
If you are new to this though you’re in a position to pick things up faster because great chunks of biology are being rewritten at the moment. The learned uni people might have a huff about what I write but I’m asking questions about a new world that you can test for yourselves and it could get exciting.
This is work in progress, I won’t make claims that are set in stone like the AIDS scientists did to corner themselves by making claims they couldn’t back up. I’m simply asking and you all can think about the questions.
Have a glance, check my comments and you’ll get the gist, the links are for the nerds. Most importantly don’t even remotely think this is only about HIV anymore, this is about all the diseases which you will get, cancers, arthritis, diabetes and so on.
I cannot even fit this into one sitting. So for the time it takes for you to absorb what is going on I’ll be coming back to throw more petrol, sticks and wood on to the bonfire, be entertained.
I don’t even expect anyone to notice or read this for ages but it’s going to burn the walls and there are others who will burn the walls down from other sides, it’s only a matter of time and it will be soon.

‘Despite recent improvements in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission, "there is a group of vulnerable children who may be infected with HIV because neither they nor their mothers were tested," Jill Foster, director of pediatric and adolescent HIV/AIDS at... St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, and Judith Silver, director of the Child Welfare Early Childhood Initiative at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, write in a Philadelphia Inquirer opinion piece. The "key" to allowing HIV-positive children to "live normal lives" is "early identification and early initiation of treatment," according to Foster and Silver.’
To live normal lives?
We have seen the shocking side effects of anti-retrovirals on the kids at ICC and Nevirapine studies in Europe.
These people are simply talking up their own drug trials because St. Christopher’s Hospital is one of the insane mad science laboratories where these kids get experimented on. Seventy kids was the number there in 2001 along with the other 18,000 children they pump these drugs into in the New York area. This is the 21st Century and we resort to using children as lab rats. The kids are vulnerable if they get dragged into the HIV/AIDS barnyard because as we have seen to be positive means the state can remove you from your parents if they don’t administer the toxic medications.
‘What a Clinical Trial Is
A clinical trial is a study of a new drug or procedure that has not yet been approved for use. These studies use human volunteers.’
In other words they don’t even know what the drugs will do to these kids and since the children are removed from their mothers they are not volunteers.
These are all the requirements to fit into one of these drug trials. Remember HIV has never been isolated, the PCR HIV RNA test is theoretical and since every HIV tagged person has hundreds of different types of HIV which one are they measuring HIV RNA against? They don’t really know.
Kids are also growing or didn’t they notice that and Human Endogenous Retroviral activity is high with any cellular growth, that’s why HERV’s appear in cancers. There are also hundreds of strains of HERV’s in our genome and they are barely different from the ‘Theoretical HIV’strains.
‘The 2 results may be in any combination of the following: at any age -- DNA PCR or HIV culture [AS PER AMENDMENT 11/17/00: HIV culture, HIV-DNA PCR, or plasma HIV RNA of 10,000 copies/ml or higher]; age greater than 4 weeks -- p24 antigen detection [AS PER AMENDMENT 11/17/00: neutralizable HIV p24 antigen (regular or ICD)]; and age greater than 18 months -- licensed ELISA with confirmatory Western blot.
‘The non-specificity of the p24 antigen test is so obvious that it is accepted by no less an authority on HIV testing than Philip Mortimer and his colleagues from the UK Public Health Laboratory Service, "Experience has shown that neither HIV culture nor tests for p24 antigen are of much value in diagnostic testing. They may be insensitive and/or non-specific". p24 arises in cultures of non-infected individuals and in fact the highest levels of the p24 HIV antigen are reported not from AIDS patients but from no risk, non-HIV-infected organ transplant recipients.’
So have the p24 antigen that is supposed to be exclusive to HIV but this is nothing but presumption and a deadly one at that. So we need the two results but one of these results the p24 protein also appears in cancer cells, so what if these children have leukemia? If they are already on AIDS drugs then it is quite likely because AIDS drugs interrupt DNA and RNA synthesis and cause cancer.
This study back in 1990, so long ago, found p24 in tumors, how long has p24 been exclusive to HIV?
‘Of the tumor factors investigated only P24 protein was, however, of prognostic significance. Patients with P24-positive tumors had a significantly higher rate of response to treatment as well as more prolonged duration of response and duration of survival from diagnosis of metastatic disease. None of the other variables investigated were significantly predictive of outcome. P24 protein may be a useful predictor of prognosis in metastatic breast cancer.’
Tumor factors predicting for prognosis in metastatic breast cancer. The presence of P24 predicts for response to treatment and duration of survival.
The curious thing about this study is p24 indicated better survival? What does this mean? That p24 is part of the healing mechanism and p24 indicates the cancer is progressing towards a healing stage? I’m asking.
Cancer cells are simply normal cells trying to repair something and getting lost on the way, more later.
Now look at this and think about what it means?
‘Retroelements constitute 90% of the 3 million transposable elements present in the human genome.’
This means if you take anti-retrovirals you are messing with your own RNA transcription and facing certain death because of it.
‘HERV-K, for example, uses a lysine-specific tRNA as primer for the initiation of the reverse transcription reaction.’
And this too.
‘Accordingly, HERV-K denotes a number of HERV families having a lysine tRNA-like primer binding site.’
This means if you are Lysine deficient whatever HERV-K is trying to complete in the body won’t happen.
I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one that’s noticed that HERV-K antibodies are likely to be a switching off mechanism for growth or healing processes and a lack of glycoproteins is the cause.
Almost all alternative cancer therapy involves herbs or foods that provide glycoproteins.

How about this to explain higher levels of HIV in different populations, I’m sus on the statement since so many presumptions about race appear in virology but it’s something to note.
‘Whereas the provirus is rare in Caucasians, it is more abundant in African, Asian, and Polynesian populations.’
‘To date, Rec is the only known auxiliary factor encoded by HERVs. It has a striking functional homology to the RNA-binding nuclear export proteins of lentiviruses, including the HIV protein Rev and HTLV protein Rex.’
This statement again brings the chicken or the pox questions up?
Are HERV’s much different from lentiviruses or are lentiviruses endogenous?
‘Although the presence of Rec transcripts has been documented in healthy testicular tissues, it is expressed at much higher levels in germ cell tumors and cell lines derived therefrom. With respect to these observations, it has been suspected that a dysregulation of Rec expression in this tissue could have an effect on the onset of testicular cancers.’
So Rec appears in normal healthy tissues but increases when cancer appears and the next statement about HERV-K appearing with the np9 change in cancer should give you a clue.
‘Interestingly, nearly all healthy and malignant tissues from humans express full-length HERV-K type 1 mRNAs, but no np9 transcripts are generated in normal human tissues. A remarkable difference between the rate of np9 and rec transcripts was observed in mammary carcinomas. Whereas np9 transcripts were present in 11 of 21 samples, rec mRNA was found in just 2 of 21 breast cancer tissues.’
So HERV-K appears in normal folk but something stuffs in the transcription stage to cause cancer cells to grow the wrong way.
‘The Antibody Response to HERV-K
Initial reports indicating the presence of antibodies specific for proteins of endogenous retroviral origin were published >20 years ago (42, 47). A humoral response to these proteins has now been demonstrated in animals and in humans (48, 49). The existence of such a response remains difficult to explain because these proteins are regarded as self-antigens and should not provoke an immune response.’

They just said why does HERV-K end up with an antibody to itself if it is a part of our bodies.
Pity they don’t have the sense to work out why we have HIV antibodies too.
‘However, in a recent study, antibodies recognizing multiple Env epitopes of two HERV-K proviruses were found in 30% of healthy individuals (52). Very solid data are also available documenting a significant increase in frequency and titer of antibodies directed against HERV-K proteins in patients suffering from testicular tumors. In an extensive study, Boller et al. (33) detected such reactivities in 60% of sera from males with germ cell tumors, in contrast to 4% of positive samples from healthy individuals. Interestingly, shortly after the elimination of the tumor, the antibody titers dropped and became undetectable by 5 years after surgery (33). Thus, the HERV-K-specific antibody titer might be useful as a testicular tumor marker for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.’
You see the HERV-K antibody is not needed in a healthy person, it switches on when cell growth gets out of hand and if there are not enough glycoproteins to enable cell signaling then the whole system gets out of whack. We need our cells to grow and die at the right times, out of control growth needs a switch.
‘Reminiscent of reports of HERV-K expression in placentas, a doubled prevalence rate of HERV-K antibodies has been noted in sera from full-term pregnant woman.’
If the HIV antibody test cross reacts with HERV-K then obviously pregnant women are in trouble with mandatory HIV testing and has anyone tested kids for the amount of their HERV activity? Not likely because no one has thought about doing it, they should be testing all the drug trial children for HERV-K activity to clear up the mess they’ve made.
Retroelements and the human genome: New perspectives on an old relation
This next statement says it all, if the HERV-K doesn’t get appropriate glycoproteins it won’t function properly.
‘Hence, we have shown for the first time that the HERV-K env gene has the potential to be expressed as a full-length envelope protein with appropriate glycosylation.’
Expression of human endogenous retrovirus type K envelope glycoprotein in insect and mammalian cells.
At this point you’re still wondering what is a glycoprotein?
We need these sugar proteins for cell to cell communication, it’s like sending a message to an email address but if the email address isn’t there nothing happens.
Since we don’t eat enough of these sugar proteins in our diet anymore we’re getting cell communication diseases in epidemic proportions, I know I don’t eat enough. Go to this link and look.
‘The eight "essential" sugars are: mannose, glucose, galactose, xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, fucose (not to be confused with fructose), and N-acetylneuraminic acid.
The aim here is to provide a simple and inexpensive way of getting glyconutrients.’
Take especial note of N-acetylneuraminic acid because that stops ‘viruses’ cleaving onto us, I’ll have heaps on that later.

I’ll also ask again are HERV’s much different from lentiviruses or are lentiviruses endogenous? When they talk about HIV isolation it’s all very vague.
Look here.
OBJECTIVE: To assess the prevalence of infection with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) isolate cpz, a lentivirus closely related to HIV-1, in chimpanzees, and to obtain new SIVcpz isolates. METHODS: Forty-four wild-captured chimpanzees in Belgium and Cote d'Ivoire were tested for HIV and SIV antibodies. Virus was isolated from the peripheral blood lymphocytes of positive animals and characterized by electron microscopy, Western blot and radioimmunoprecipitation assay. RESULTS: One animal had antibodies that cross-reacted with HIV-1. A lentivirus was isolated and referred to as SIVcpz-ant. With regard to molecular weight patterns, SIVcpz-ant differs from SIVcpz-gab' an HIV-1-related virus isolated from a wild-captured chimpanzee in Gabon. The major core protein, the transmembrane and outer membrane glycoproteins of the SIVcpz-ant strain consistently had higher molecular weights. Significantly more HIV-1-positive sera reacted with the envelope proteins of the Gabonese SIVcpz-gab strain than with the SIVcpz-ant strain. CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that natural infection of wild-captured chimpanzees with an HIV-related virus may not be uncommon. The diversity of the two chimpanzee isolates, the different geographical origin and the absence of disease suggest that chimpanzees have not recently become SIVcpz-infected.
Isolation and characterization of a new chimpanzee lentivirus (simian immunodeficiency virus isolate cpz-ant) from a wild-captured chimpanzee.
I pasted the whole abstract because it needs examining
Why did they even expect the chimps to have HIV antibodies in the first place?
This is because these researchers are the ones that believe ‘African children playing with dead chimps’ or ‘pygmies from the Congo picked up HIV from eating gorillas’.
Otherwise they wouldn’t be looking at chimps for HIV antibodies.
When they refer to isolation they measure ‘the major core protein, the transmembrane and outer membrane glycoproteins’ and these are normal every day things that occur in our bodies, this is how they isolate your HIV and how they presume you are carrying a lentivirus. A centrifuge and a bunch of proteins which they presume to be viruses when put through PCR techniques is not isolation but this presumption can and will kill you if you believe them enough to take their RNA terminating drugs.
The SIV activity only turns up in a couple of chimps, again how do we know the health status of those chimps? Given that HERV activity in humans kicks in with cell growth in cancer or pregnancy, were they recently pregnant chimps or old ones with possible cancers, researchers don’t ask this when looking for HIV and these did the same when looking for SIV.

Now I have to draw some comparisons with mad cow and scrapie and HIV.
Scrapie is supposed to cause brain wasting in sheep and is a Lentivirus like HIV is supposed to be.
Here is something they say about Scrapie, they believe it is transmissible, I’m about to wreck that presumption.
‘Scrapie is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy associated with deposition of an abnormal isoform of a mammalian glycoprotein, the prion protein, in tissues throughout the sheep. The highest level of accumulation is in the brain, although detectable levels are found in lymphoid tissues and placenta/fetal tissues.’
Ovine Prion and Viral infections:Scapie and Ovine progressive Pnuemonia, Diagnosis and Control
Note the prion protein is a mutant glycoprotein and again appears in the placenta, don’t you love it
They also don’t need Scrapie at all to cause brain wasting, this experiment did it no problems.
‘Basically, in these experiments, cuprizone (a specific copper II chelator) was put in the feed of 4 week old rats, guinea pigs, or hamsters. By 8 weeks, they had developed a severe spongiform encephalopathy. Many experienced people confirmed an uncanny resemblance to the neuropathological changes that occur in scrapie. There must have been a suspicion that copper deficiency was even the cause of scrapie, not unreasonably in view of documented impacts of selenium deficiency etc. on livestock.’
In 8 weeks they had stuffed these poor animals brain by draining copper out of the brain, Mark Purdey was right, BSE or mad cow was never transmitted as a rogue protein acting like a virus.

Now look at the new cure for Alzheimer’s disease.
‘Among the brain abnormalities found in Alzheimer's disease is a buildup of the protein called beta amyloid. Recent studies have shown that beta amyloid is a metalloprotein, housing atoms of zinc, copper and iron deep within its folds. Researchers speculate that those bits of metal might be the key to the damage of Alzheimer's disease—and perhaps to its treatment.
Copper, zinc and iron can all react with oxygen. Oxygen is a critical component in our body's production of energy, but that energy is generated with a price. The byproducts of energy production, called free radicals, are toxic, damaging DNA and proteins. Copper can promote the production of these free radicals, while zinc has antioxidant properties, protecting against free radical damage. And free radical damage appears to be a significant component of Alzheimer's disease and the formation of amyloid plaques.
Research teams at Harvard Medical School, the University of Melbourne, and Prana Biotechnology Ltd in Australia are working collaboratively on giving Alzheimer's-prone mice copper chelators, substances that sop up metals and eliminate them from the body. These new metal-binding drugs effectively "melted" the amyloid plaques in living mice in as little as nine weeks, and are now in clinical trials with Alzheimer's patients.’
The latest research on metals and Alzheimer's disease
The copper chelators will work on the Alzheimer’s patients for a while but if they keep on using the drugs and remember modern medicine will tell them to do that because it’s a business then they’ll rot their brains anyway. The reason the Beta Amyloid deposits get there in the first place is from chronic scurvy.
You need Vitamin C to uptake your metals, in fact if you take Vitamin C too much and have a low copper diet you get a deficiency and problems like Hyperthyroid can happen. Hyperthyroid often precedes auto-immune diseases, cause body wasting, shakes and insomnia, it is very unpleasant.
It happened to me, about four years ago all my photos have me google eyed and looking a bit freaky, of course tons of Phenol exposure was causing it but I had no idea until later when the skin fell off. So now I gobble a few brazil nuts for the copper and selenium and squeeze the odd lemon, simple.
‘One important function of metal ions in biology is to stabilize proteins. An impressive illustration of the stability of a metalloenzyme is the isolation of an enzymatically active core fragment of copper, zinc–superoxide dismutase (CuZn–SOD) from the brain of a > 3,000 y-old air-dried mummy. Similarly, another metalloenzyme was isolated from mummies: alkaline phosphatase, a Zn2+- and Mg2+-containing enzyme, was recovered from rib samples of a 2,300-y-old ptolemeic mummy. This enzyme was active, immunologically indiscernible from freshly prepared enzyme and of similar molecular mass.’
Role of Copper, Zinc, Selenium and Tellurium in the Cellular Defense against Oxidative and Nitrosative Stress

There’s more because other metals get in the way of the metals we need.
‘It is widely distributed throughout the body, but is particularly well maintained in the brain, even upon prolonged dietary selenium deficiency. Changes in selenium concentration in blood and brain have been reported in Alzheimer's disease and brain tumors.’
‘In addition to incorporation as selenocysteine, selenium can replace sulfur in methionine, forming selenomethionine, which can be incorporated non-specifically into proteins in place of methionine.’
Selenoproteins in the Brain and Brain Diseases
‘The most common cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is due to toxic metal that leaches from mercury-silver amalgam dental fillings and (in combination with chemical and petrochemical poisoning causes many other medical complications. Dr. Murray Vimy, a dental researcher from the University of Calgary, Canada, and member of the World Health Organization (WHO) states:
. . .”In a human autopsy study, brain tissues from people with AD at death were compared with an age-matched group of control brains from subjects without AD. The only significant difference in metal content between the two groups of brains was mercury, being considerably higher in the AD group. Mercury concentration was prominent in the hippocampus, the amygdala and particularly in the nucleus basalis, all brain structures involved in memory function.’
Reversing Alzheimer's Disease
Doesn’t make me feel good about my mouth full of Mercury.
‘We found that metals such as Zn(II) and Cu(II) normally inhibit amyloid -aggregation.’
New Insights on How Metals Disrupt Amyloid -Aggregation and Their Effects on Amyloid- Cytotoxicity
Remember all the time as you read this that HIV is supposed to be a Lentivirus like Scrapie.
‘Under the category of retroviruses, there is a subclass known as "lentiviruses" (meaning "slow" viruses, that take a long time to incubate). Mammal lentiviruses include EIAV (horses), BIV (cattle), CAEV (goats), visna (sheep), PUMA and FIV (cats), and SIV (monkeys/chimps).
The large number of viruses would seem to suggest that they are very old. However, this theory raises some puzzles. For instance, why were they not noticed earlier? Visna is among the oldest- the first known outbreak was around 1930, in Iceland. The virus was first identified in 1949. Visna was not something that would likely go unnoticed. The outbreak in Iceland was obvious and explosive.’
HIV and Visna
What do we really know about what they fed the Icelandic sheep or medicated them with or what chemicals we put on them as insect killers in 1930? Really?
‘A number of hypotheses regarding the pathogenesis of scrapie and other human and animal spontaneous and experimental subacute spongiform encephalopathies (SSE) are presented here.’
‘Similarly to Alzheimer's disease (AD) in man, this could play a role also in SSE pathogenesis, facilitating cerebral localization of metals such as aluminum, lead, or silica, which have already been shown to enhance amyloid fibrils' polymerization and deposition within human brain tissue.’
Amyloid, amyloid-inducers, cytokines and heavy metals in scrapie and other human and animal subacute spongiform encephalopathies

In New Guinea where the Kuru brain wasting disease was found they have high Manganese again plus mines that vandalise the waterways that the New Guineans have to drink out of.
As usual the racist scientists blamed the habit of cannibalism for spreading Kuru.
Generally eating the relatives brains is a sign of respect, so what, we’re not endangered yet.
Near Tembagapura are the world's largest copper mines. In addition to copper, gold, silver, and manganese are mined and oil is extracted.
New Guinea
Such is the case, he says, with Placer Dome's Porgera gold mine near the Fly River system in the Papua New Guinea highlands. Placer Dome and the Papua New Guinean government--which owns a share of the Porgera and Misima mines--consider the first 160 kilometers of the river to be a mixing zone in which mining wastes become diluted to safe concentrations. The company conducts an extensive environmental monitoring program of the region in which the mine operates, Ferguson says, including sampling stations 40 and 160 kilometers downstream from the mine. By the 160-kilometer point, the water meets Papua New Guinean regulatory requirements for heavy metal content.
Environmentalists, however, contend that riverine disposal is never harmless. Coumans cites the Fly River as proof that no river is big enough, sufficiently fast flowing year-round, or far enough from people and sensitive biosystems to safely transport and disperse millions of tons of tainted wastes. A stretch of 160 kilometers, she says, is far too long a stretch of water, accessed by far too many people and animals, to be allowed to exceed heavy metal level standards.
A poisoned river runs through it. Tailings from the Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea meet the waters from a clean tributary about 30 kilometers downriver from the mine. Nearby, children play in the tailings, which were found to contain unhealthy levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other toxic metals
Tarnishing the Earth: Gold Mining's Dirty Secret
So the balancing of metals is just a little important for a few brain diseases and others, copper deficiency will give you anemia and lowered immunity and AIDS patients are low in copper, often with scurvy just like the rest of us. That’s because HIV patients don’t carry some virus and most of them that don’t take AIDS drugs aren’t sick. Every one of us carries so much retrovirus we could test positive under conditions of auto-immunity, cancer or pregnancy, waking up yet?

I’d like to point out why Dr. Cantwell should make us paranoid about vaccines, this is one of those mad scientist experiments where they thought they’d use lentiviruses to shift genes into cells and create some new chimeras, in other words some freaky animal they’ve never made before.
I actually have a heap of research that points to HIV and HERV’s and lentiviruses as being cell builders and gene shifters in our bodies. The first study I found about HERV-W was about the retrovirus shifting genes around in pregnant women to create the fetus. So when you stick them into vaccines either on purpose or by mistake as they did with SV40 then how do we know what happens to the vaccine particles?
Some vaccines have real viruses others the particles of bugs, are our own retroviruses or the exogenous ones cleaving this trash into our cells? Look at how the Gulf War vets got mangled. It is a worry because the vaccine cult, like the HIV cult is out of control and because they are both shonky businesses they have the full weight of the media and lawmakers behind them.
Let’s see how much more mess they can make before it all goes to pieces.
‘The use of vectors derived from retroviruses as gene transfer vehicles in this setting has had limited success because of silencing of transgene expression. Here, we show that vectors derived from lentiviruses, which are complex retroviruses, can efficiently deliver genes to murine Embryonic Stem cells and that transgene expression is stable during proliferation of undifferentiated ES cells. The transgene is expressed during differentiation of ES cells in vitro (embryoid bodies) and in vivo (teratomas). Transfer of lentivector-transduced ES cells into blastocysts resulted in chimeric animals that expressed the transgene in multiple tissues. Embryos derived from crossings of chimeric mice expressed the transgene, indicating successful germ-line transmission. Infection of murine preimplantation embryos at morula stage with lentiviral vectors resulted in stable transduction and expression of the transgene in mouse embryos and in newborn mice. Finally, human ES cells were transduced by lentiviral vectors and expressed the transgene over several passages. Thus, lentiviral vectors represent a significant improvement over oncoretroviral vectors used previously for gene transfer into murine ES cells and preimplantation embryos.’
Transgenesis by lentiviral vectors: Lack of gene silencing in mammalian embryonic stem cells and preimplantation embryos
Love the bit about ‘the human Embryonic Stem cells expressing the transgene over several passages’. Thankfully they would have had to terminate the experiment after several passages before they got some new human/mouse mutant, no wonder the Christians get upset. If scientists could they would go the whole diabolical way and create some new mutants for the fun of it.

After all that, I’ll leave you with the throw away comment from this study that says ‘Selenomethionine is a clear endogenous retroviral enhancer’. Harold Foster with his Selenium treatment for AIDS patients is right on the ball, the HIV needs selenium to function but it never was a virus that ‘infects cells’, it’s part of our cells and if we work out what it’s trying to do then we’ll crack open a whole new field of biology which the HERV nerds are doing anyway. Thanks folks for all your interesting data.
‘Among different selenium compounds, only selenomethionine was a clear ERV enhancer, possibly related to DNA hypomethylation.’
Presentation Serum Selenium Predicts for Overall Survival, Dose Delivery, and First Treatment Response in Aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
For me this is something I will work out, I have a now mild but exasperating auto-immune disease from chemical exposure that dismantles my skin every now and then. If I was dumb enough to take the HIV test when I was bleeding from head to toe I could have got tagged and someone suggested I should take the test at the time.
I had no history of this so it is what researchers casually call a polymorphism caused by genes being mangled by chemicals. I’m working on it because corticosteroid use for the rest of my life just sucks.
Have fun.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Apr 05, 2005 02:27author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Does the prosecution have any more to accuse HIV of?
I will soon begin to accuse the prosecution of being the foremost culprits in the causation of a syndrome called AIDS.
By criminalizing HIV and all its associates you have dragged women and children through your inquisition, burning innocents at the stake in a bid to find a scapegoat.
I’m going to keep outraging you because your prosecution case against HIV has been based on hearsay and presumption. HIV hasn’t even been on the crime scene each time.
I expect some sort of undeniable proof for the jury to examine, not loud claims of guilt in court to sway the verdict. So far I’ve shown the jury that there are hundreds of other serial killers out there getting away with murder and staying free to commit more while you accuse HIV of the crimes.
I’m going to show many more ‘what if scenarios’ with the data to back it up, so much that you might question your sanity by the end of it.

Polymorphisms are new to me but I get the gist that chemicals can alter the way our DNA and RNA processes synthesize proteins and enzymes.
So we’re actually talking about mutations in the way our bodies work, not passed on down the genetic line but changes now that affect us.
Your genes affect the outcome but the changes can end up in disease.
Today I saw a “Is Hepatitis C real and isolated?” question on AIDS Myths Exposed, and I just see the whole autoimmune disease happening again. A diseased liver falling apart, bits of the decaying sludge getting in the way of the clean up teams, macrophages and crew. Then a few bacteria come to get in the way as they eat up the sludge and the next thing happening is your own immune soldiers just get overwhelmed and let loose with whatever enzyme nukes they have in the armory. After that your immune system ends up dismantling the whole area and a doctor comes along and tests your sludge for a positive Hep C.
Remember our Endogenous Retroviruses go haywire in these circumstances.
Well I did a search on Lupus, which is autoimmune liver disease and Hepatitis C and found no real difference in symptoms, some people even said they go from Lupus to Hepatitis C and back.
I hit a jackpot study about Mannose receptors getting mangled in a study from chemical exposure again, and then creating polymorphisms to later cause autoimmune disease so I’m excited.
Aloe Vera is your plant with Mannose sugar.
The point here is chemicals causing autoimmune diseases and the subsequent HERV activity cross reacting with the HIV antibody or Hepatitis C tests.
This is precisely what we do when we administer sinister AIDS drugs to kids.
In our obsession to fight a war on HIV we are happy to override common sense and attack everything, akin to nuking a whole country to get rid of one dictator.
Now these next comments have nothing to do with HIV but they are fitting description of what happens on the way when the HIV/AIDS industry doses out its treatment, poison, more poison and then more poison.
What I’m doing here is showing you the simple chemistry of why AIDS drugs kill you, it won’t take long.

‘Infants (newborns) have a unique susceptibility to chemical exposure due to (a) the premature development of most of their bodies’ drug detoxifying mechanisms, such as the liver and drug-metabolizing enzymes; (b) their extremely small body weight; and (c) their considerable dietary restrictions. Breast-feeding babies, for instance, have been shown to have a higher level of dioxin per body weight than adults.
Because young children have higher nutritional requirements and smaller body masses, they may be especially susceptible to chemical exposure. Their energy protein and liquid requirements are much higher than those of adults, and their food consumption is less varied. For example, their consumption of dairy products, soft drinks, and some fruits and vegetables may be as much as sixteen times higher than in adults (Lawrie, 1998). Thus the permitted dietary levels of contaminants could be grossly exceeded. For example, intakes of the sweetener saccharin have been found to be much higher in children than in the normal population (Lawrie, 1998; Gregory et al., 1995).
Body fat is low in children, leading to a concentration of lipid-soluble chemicals in smaller volumes. In addition, plasma protein binding is reduced due to lower plasma albumin concentration; thus plasma chemical levels in children may be higher than normal and provoke toxicity.
The blood brain barrier in children is also less developed, leading to increased risk of toxicity of neurotoxic and centrally acting agents. Hepatic drug metabolizing enzymes are also immature and less developed, again increasing risk of chemical toxicity. Renal efficiency—filtration, secretion, and absorption—is low at birth but increases early in life.
Finally, children are at special risk because they have little control over what they eat or are exposed to. They are less informed than the adult population and rely mainly on adults for protection and precautions. Children are clearly a highly vulnerable group to toxicities, and efforts should be made to identify chemical hazards that are more peculiar to them.’

‘Genetically variable metabolism is a major source of interindividual differences in response to chemicals, and genetic polymorphisms of drug metabolizing enzymes can have important consequences for the toxicity of chemicals. With progress in clinical medicine and human genomics, it will be possible to identify individuals and sub-populations with genetic traits that may confer increased risk of toxicity from exposure to chemicals.’
Individual and Subpopulation Variations In Response to Toxic Chemicals:
Factors of Susceptibility
‘AZT is administered to the mother for four to six weeks from the 34th week of pregnancy and to the baby for seven days.’
30 July 2003, Prove nevirapine works, says MCC
These comments are about the Ugandan study that the MCC in South Africa was concerned about, they have bent to insane pressure and have now allowed Nevirapine to be used.
“So, if we could use a drug that would rapidly be absorbed by the mother and cross the placenta very quickly and be able to stop the virus when the baby is exposed during labor and childbirth; then, it might have a good chance of preventing the transmission.”
‘Jackson says that the researchers noted many adverse events, but they could not attribute those to the antiretrovirals. There were no differences between the types or numbers of adverse events between the two arms.’
‘When nevirapine is used for a long time in high doses and in combination with other antiretroviral drugs, serious rashes and liver problems are the most common and dangerous side effects.’
Study Explores Simple, Inexpensive Way to Reduce Mother-to-Child HIV-1 Transmission
These drugs make you fall apart, there are only four DNA chain nucleic acids and Thymidine is one.
This is basically saying when you take AZT it tricks your DNA into falling apart by almost looking like Thymidine but not being of any use apart from breaking you apart.

‘Currently, six drugs that act as inhibitors of reverse transcriptase are on the market for treating HIV-infected patients. Zidovudine, or AZT, is one of the earliest and best known of these drugs; it is marketed under the brand name Retrovir. AZT functions as an analog for thymidine, one of the nucleotide building blocks of DNA. This means that AZT has the same shape as thymidine, and therefore it can be incorporated into the developing nucleic acid in place of a thymidine molecule.’
‘Because the azido group cannot form a bond with a phosphate group, no additional nucleotides can be added once AZT is incorporated into the DNA chain. (They are saying nothing can happen with your DNA once you start taking AZT) Hence, reverse transcription stops after AZT is incorporated.’
Drug Strategies to Target HIV:
Enzyme Kinetics and Enzyme Inhibitors
Mechanisms implicated in the therapeutic action of this nucleoside analogue include the incorporation of the AZT triphosphate into newly synthesized viral DNA template, resulting in chain termination of DNA synthesis, and inhibition of viral reverse transcriptase
Oxidative DNA damage in fetal tissues after transplacental exposure to 3’-azido-3’-deoxythymidine (AZT)

Now here is the clincher, here I say to the coroner the prosecution and their attacks on HIV have tortured the victims to death. The virus never killed Freddie Mercury, he was forced to take the AZT and repent for having tested positive with HIV and died a horrible poisoned death.
This is only one small example of evidence I could bring to the court.
We have administered a drug to women and children that stops their DNA synthesis and the same nucleic acid that AZT stops dead, is also used by these researchers of science to measure how well the DNA is synthesizing.
‘To estimate DNA synthesis rate, [3H]thymidine (1 mCi/kg) was injected intravenously into each fetus 8 h before the end of the 24-h experimental period.’
DNA synthesis is reduced in selected fetal tissues during prolonged hypoxemia
I now declare the prosecution’s case against HIV as the cause of all this evil as utter insanity.
Can we end the inquisition yet?

author by SteelyDannypublication date Sat Apr 09, 2005 17:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The increase testing of pregnant women with the current "HIV" test will only increase the headcount for "HIV +" figures. It is a KNOWN FACT that PREGNANCY is just ONE of the MANY conditions that can make you test positive on the current "HIV" test.

The "HIV" test picks up ANY ANTIBODIES in your system, and not a specific ANTIBODY, regardless to what you are trying to call it. If there was mandatory "HIV" testing for the entire population, you would find that many would test "positive" OUTSIDE the current RISK GROUPS : Gays, Intraveneous Drug Users, etc.

The "HIV" test is not automatically positive or negative. "Stripes" are counted on a special paper strip (according to their width and intensity) that are a result of reactions from the various contents of your blood sample, sorted out in a super-high spin cycle (centrifuge).

If you have at least THREE heavy stripes on your strip (some countries only require TWO heavy stripes), it is considered "HIV +". If you are not in an "HIV" high-risk group, this "positive" result will be considered "false". You would probably not be pressured into retaking the "HIV" test in the future, as long as you never become a member of an "HIV" high-risk group (which can be interpeted as "clean, chaste living", but if you're a minority or poor, you're pretty much stuck).

If you test NEGATIVE (less than TWO or THREE stripes- see how arbitrary this is?) you will be pressured to retest over and over again, until finally you test positive, especially if you are in an "HIV" high-risk group.

If you are in an "HIV" high-risk group, a POSITIVE result will be confirmed by another simular type of test (also picking up NON SPECIFIC ANTIBODIES). So by nature, being in an "HIV" high-risk group will eventually lead to an HIV positive test, if you are testing regularly (say, every six months- the standard).

It's not like a home pregnancy test, where you pee on a strip and wait for a plus or minus sign to show up. I've tried to explain how I understand this in terms most can understand, but if there is anyone that can correct any mistakes I may have made (or simply expand on the over-simplifications), please feel free.


author by Hugo Webber - think-fitness teampublication date Fri Apr 15, 2005 15:18author email hweb_3 at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Reader,

Dr. Robert Gallo declared on the 23rd april 1984, that he had discovered a retrovirus (hiv) the “probable” cause for aids. Ever since the 23rd april 1984, many doctors, scientists and politicians as well the mass media has told the world that "hiv causes aids"

But do you know, that right from the beginning, there were strong scientific questions coming up, as to whether or not this therory is right?

Do you know, that up until today, hiv has never been isolated and/or photographed ?

Do you know, that the so called "cocktails" are highly toxic substances and that some scientists claim, that people are dying of toxic meditation and not of a virus ?

Do you know, that there are more and more people diagnosed hiv+ who refuse to take toxic cocktails and resort to natural and alternative medication ?

Perhaps some of these aspects may be shocking too you, if you have never looked into the "hiv causes aids" theory from a critical point of view. But enter i.e. "aids controversy" "aids critics" or "aids dissidents" into a searchengine and you´ll be surprised, that thre are a few hundred websites where you can read about the aids controversy.

I don´t want to go into the more detailed scientific questions here, but one main question remains ?


Is there a single scientific topic which isn´t been discussed among the specialist ?

Isn´t the difference between religion and science, that religion wants you to believe something while with science every aspect needs questioning and discussing ?

It is out of this understanding, that there is some kind of censorship happening with regard to the "hiv causes aids" theory, that we are writing to you and ask for your support:

Please publish something about the scientific controversy about "hiv causes aids"

The 23rd april is "critical aids day" to encourage doctors, social workers, politicians to stand up and speak out, that there are many open questions about hiv / aids.

Please help breaking down the "iron wall of silence" surrounding the truth about hiv / aids.

Post this message on internet forums. Include this message into your mailings

If you are a student: Organize some kind of action on your campus (i.e. sit ins, teach ins, open question forums, etc) to bring the discussion about the validity of "hiv causes aids" onto the front page of every mainstream publication.

Join the struggle for truth about "hiv causes aids" and lets make some action on every 23rd april to come...
...use your own IMAGINATION to DO SOMETHING on 23rd April = AIDS CRITIC DAY
please support >> 23rd April = Critical Aids Day
please support >> 23 de Abril = Dia Critico del SIDA
the message above may serve as an inspiration for you to post on FORUMS or EMAIL to friends, health care workers, students, doctors, scientists, journalists, politicians, media-databases, etc... so please copy and paste (non-copyright for non-commercial publications)

Related Link: http://www.think-fitness.de/html/critical_aids_day.html
author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue Apr 19, 2005 07:29author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

If someone is sick, he is sick. If he's not sick, then he's not sick. And HIV- antibody tests and T-cell counts have nothing to do with it. I have talked to a number of people, and have heard of many more, who looked healthy, felt healthy, and were leading active and productive lives—and were told by their doctors that they ought to be sick on the basis of their T-cell counts or their HIV status.
It is appalling that those who ought to be healers are instead programming healthy people to get sick.
A malign form of voodoo is being practiced in this country by the priests of Modern Medicine.
RECOVERY FROM "AIDS" By John Lauritsen The AIDS War 1993
HIV positives are simply tagged by bad science out of control, we all carry stuff that looks like HIV.
If I needed a blood transfusion I wouldn’t hesitate to take a HIV positive’s blood if they were offering because there is nothing to fuss about. You can’t catch HIV through sex with someone and the condoms are for the usual dangers like syphilis, herpes or pregnancy.
To me AIDS Critical Day is heralding of the end of HIV extremism.
They have no data to back up their dogma and the cult can continue but we can have a good cry and laugh as they create more mess and stuff up people’s lives.
It shouldn’t be funny but there’s something ridiculous that HIV/AIDS has even got this far and some of the so-called most intelligent people on the planet have based they’re careers on such insanity.
I expect Steely and other HIV tagged people to live longer than most of their doctors if they look after themselves and avoid the drugs. They probably know more about staying alive than their doctors do anyway.
Three years ago my skin was oozing plasma and sticking to the sheets, it hurt to touch anyone or anything, even water hurt. My fingers only healed over this Christmas.
This was with no real laboratory diagnosis and I was sick but a perfectly healthy person can be told on the basis of a vague and arbitrary high tech test that they have HIV and are expected to die sometime soon.
A lot of modern medicine hasn’t progressed past the dark ages, new technology gives the impression they know a lot more, the same as modern warriors do when they give us propaganda about smart bombs saving lives. The reality is people still die.
HIV treatment makes non sense, if you are well and take drugs that make you sick there is no logic to it.
I’m having a fun gig at a bowl’s club with a Japanese band on AIDS Critical Day and will be sure to mention something about Gallo and his multi-billion dollar scam.
Getting well is a liberating experience and can be done.
If you are sick and listen to their voodoo machines, they will make you feel worse.
If you’re not sick don’t listen to the voodoo machines at all.
If you are tagged HIV don’t fuss, everyone else is dying too and heaps of people around you will keel over before you do.
I suggest HIV and others tagged with terminal disease avoid the pessimists, work out what makes you well and have as much fun as you possibly can, your own actions and thinking will take you a long way.
You are you own doctors.

author by Hugopublication date Wed Apr 20, 2005 13:49author email hweb_3 at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi everyone,

when researching these keywords may help. Also add some aids-critics keywords to your messages on forums or emails. Please consider, if your message leads to the fact that someone who hasn´t heard of aids critics before and starts researching themself... you may have won the argument, because there are millions of entries, just most people aren´t aware of this.

aids critic(s) # aids controversy # dr gallo critic(s) # azt critics # aids lawsuits # aids court case(s) # aids censorship # aids dissident(s) # 23rd april 1984 aids # critical aids day # critical virology # aids critics day # hiv aids censorship # aids hiv critic(s) # hiv critic(s) # dr gallo lawsuit(s) # azt toxicity # haart toxicity # interferon toxicity # dr gallo court case(s) # hiv test false positive # aids lie(s) # hep-c critic(s) # hiv-hcv critic(s) # hiv test critic(s) # aids war(s) # aids keywords # robert gallo critic(s) # critical virologists # aids critics keywords campaign #

if you know of more relevant keywords, please post here to add to the list.

see more


author by Hugo Webberpublication date Mon Apr 25, 2005 16:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Reader,

You may be new to the aids-critical discussion, or perhaps you have come to your own conclusions already. At any rate, since there are so many scientific questions, which are subject to questioning, please add YOUR COMMENTS to any of the ongoing threads worldwide...

With best wishes
Hugo Webber

For more info see here >>

Portland Indymedia
Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

San Diego Indymedia
Anniversary of a Medical Tragedy

South Africa Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Bristol Indymedia / UK
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

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23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Sydney Indymedia / Australia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

India Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY / Letter to the Editor

Austria Indymedia
23rd April 2005 = AIDS CRITICS DAY
(many people speak english there, so even if this is a german language board, add your comments.)

German dissident forum
(not very active, shows that the number of aids-critical people in germany is not all that big. could do with some fresh input. Needs registration, but the moderator speaks english)

To search, use any combination of aids-critical keywords >>
aids critics # aids controversy # dr gallo critics # azt critics # aids critics books # aids lawsuits # aids court cases # aids censorship # critical virology # hiv aids censorship # hiv-aidsaids critics # aids dissidetns # hiv critics # dr gallo lawsuits # azt toxicity # haart toxicity # interferon toxicity # dr gallo court case(s) # hiv test false positive # aids lies # hep-c critics # hiv-hcv critics # hiv test critics # aids war # aids keywords # robert gallo critics # critical virologists # koch postulates # aids critics keywords campaign #

Aids Critics Keywords Campaign >>

Related Link: http://www.think-fitness.de/html/23_april_2005_aids.html
author by Johnsonpublication date Mon May 02, 2005 02:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

big aids debate going here, shows that this debate doesn´t follow the stereotype leftwing - rightwing lines

AIDS: the Fabricated Epidemic

Related Link: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/1394741/posts?page=42
author by Wilhelm Godschalkpublication date Mon May 09, 2005 01:26author email wgods at xs4all dot nlauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Damn! Going thru these messages, you read the scariest things:. For example:

"HIV Testing Should Be Part of Routine Medical Care"

Get a load of that!
If my doctor would try a "routine HIV test" on me, I would shoot him.
And I thought the nazis were the worst threat mankind had ever faced...

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Thu May 12, 2005 02:17author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

The scariest thing is people in the medical profession who don't know how random, confusing and contradictory the HIV test is and they are recommending mandatory HIV testing for pregnant women.
It took hundreds of years before we came to our senses and stopped blaming demons and witches for everything during the inquisition. Thankfully the nazis didn't take over the world and we realised jews weren't to blame for the world's woes, how long will it take to realise HIV doesn't cause all our health problems and pushing AZT and Nevirapine into healthy people will only kill them?
Anyway this is a little of the latest in the South African saga.
TAC Takes Rath to Court

author by kieranpublication date Thu May 12, 2005 03:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

has done, exactly what for the good of the inflicted people!!

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Tue May 17, 2005 07:21author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I guess the South African NAPWA expelling Treatment Action Campaign Members is a shift in HIV/AIDS fashion.

There are protests outside the ICC in New York.
Rally for Black & Latino Children!
No More "Tuskegee Experiments" on our Children
This guy has me curious, 12 Million books passed on.
David Patient is no ordinary man. Diagnosed HIV-positive 21 years ago, the tanned South African has the confidence of a man who knows that every day he defies medical odds just by being alive. He doesn't take anti-retroviral drugs, and puts his longevity down to a tough dietary regime and an unbending will to live.
South African defies AIDS through diet, will to live, 27 June 2004
Hi there. David Patient here from SA.
John, send me your mailing address and I'll get a copy of our book,
Positive Health, 4th edition, out to you. There are currently 12 million
copies of the book in circulation in 16 languages, including Arabic.
In the book, which is purely based in African realities and part of
what we do is explore are all the foods a person needs to maintain a
healthy immune system. It is based on our extensive research and years
of field work in places like SA, Kenya, Eritrea, Mozambique, Swaziland,
Lesotho and Tanzania and we look at local foods and how to prepare them
and even grow them more effectively.
David Patient
(emailremovedby editorial imc irl)
Also this story from Anita Allen at red Flags Daily shows a shift.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Thu May 19, 2005 06:08author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good to see people getting better in South Africa with nutrition but red neck action elsewhere leaves one with dismay.

“Recently, at the University of Cincinnati, a group of white students referred to as the National Alliance posted flyers on campus that target African-American students.
The flyers read "Don't Have Sex With Blacks - Avoid AIDS". The flyer was seen all over campus, and was even featured in the school newspaper as an advertisement.
Erika Guice, a Black student at the University, comments, "I saw the flyer and not only were we embarrassed, but we were devastated at why would our school would allow this to be posted in the newspaper."
Don't Have Sex With Blacks - Avoid AIDS

author by Martin Leigh - HIV Networxpublication date Wed May 25, 2005 09:17author email mail at ehhforum dot netauthor address author phone noReport this post to the editors

You say David Patient is not on ARV's. He is. Please will people get this fact straight.

In an recent email he has said.

A Correction by David Patient

In a recent forum posting announcing several trainings [Positive Living
and Community Empowerment] we have coming up, my PA accidentally cut and
paste from a previous notice [an earlier training of the same theme]. In
this notice it stated that I am not on ARV's. This is not factually true
and I need to correct this due to the number of hate emails I have
received from people who are disillusioned by my claims and calling me on
my integrity. So let me set the record straight.

I AM on ARV's and that is because I am about to start the process of
becoming a father [please read my posting titled 'Come on, take the red
pill'] and in order to reduce the risks of any POSSSIBLE infection of the
mother of my child to be, I OPTED to go on ARV's. I have now been on them
for about five months.

Do I need to be on them? No. In fact my doctor advised me against it as my
counts are not at a level where I need them. However, I OPTED to take them
as a precautionary measure for the reasons stated above.

So what I can be accused of is 'not paying attention to the details'
(read: the inclusion of an outdated CV in the posting) of the
announcement I sent out and for that I am guilty as charged. I now
publicly apologize for unintentionally misleading the members of the

What amazes me is how people respond and accuse me of lying, misleading
people and 'changing my mind more often than I change my underwear'. I
have taken the time to respond to each critic personally and just want to
set the record straight as I have much better and more meaningful things
to do with my time and energy than nit-pick and try and make other look
bad in order to make myself feel better about who I am.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings and or misrepresentation on my

To understand all is to forgive all.

David R Patient (M.H.;M.H.T.)
Empowerment Concepts
Email: _______________________________________________
Post message: procaare@healthnet.org

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=68548&comment_order=asc&save_prefs=true
author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Thu May 26, 2005 07:21author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thanks, corrections are needed if he's getting hate mail, I just found his story interesting and all the best to him.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Jun 08, 2005 07:21author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

It is sad that people don’t use David Patient’s email to contact him about the book since there must be useful information in it but oh well.

I’m going to mention some media manipulation happening right now.
Here is today’s propaganda against the SA health minister.
‘Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang angered AIDS activists by once again refusing to endorse AIDS drugs as the key element in treating the disease. Instead she reiterated her view that drugs alone are not sufficient to combat the disease and that good nutrition is an important element of treatment, saying that 90 percent of people who visit AIDS clinics require food supplements.’
And there is this comment at the end of the article just to push the drug agenda.
‘The services are engaged in treatment research they hope will in time permit soldiers with HIV/AIDS to perform at peak levels in any type of assignment. The United States has contributed $50 million to the program.’
S. African Health Minister Questions Effectiveness of AIDS Drugs
The US made this story possible by donating 50 million dollars to drug companies who then passed on the drugs as an advertising exercise in SA. South Africa is the portal market.
This media release on ARV’s being given to the military was put out today, looks like a distraction from any dissent at the AIDS conference again.
SA military fights 'war' on Aids

This also happened in 2001.
The plan, unveiled yesterday by Harvard economist Jeffrey Sachs and signed by more than 100 Harvard faculty members, aims to have one million AIDS patients in SA and other African countries receiving closely monitored antiretroviral therapy within three years, rising to three million within five years. The unveiling of the plan coincided with the release by the SA cabinet of a report by President Thabo Mbeki's controversial AIDS advisory panel.
SA report, Harvard AIDS plan unveiled

Note they unveiled this plan to flood the media with propaganda so Mbeki’s findings on HIV were ignored in the news, dirty tricks as usual. I heard this happen on radio as stations prattled off the faxes from Harvard while missing the more important information from South Africa.
On the Dr. Rath issue in South Africa here is some recent media.

I have to do this to the Guardian Health Reporter because Sarah Boseley has just written one of those classic propaganda pieces that needs a good dissection. I’m astonished at the bias of these reporters and how they take the whole HIV/AIDS cult line to the maximum they can, possibly they feel like they’re on a crusade to protect us from alternative therapy, who knows?
Immediately the title of the article says it all, “Discredited doctor”, discredited by whom?
The only person doing the discrediting here is Sarah Boseley and a bunch of AIDS organizations that can’t stand being told the truth that they can’t fix AIDS or cancer for that matter and should stop pretending they can.

”Patricia Masinga, 36, had known she had HIV for about 10 years. She worked for an Aids organisation, so when, inevitably, she began to get sick, she was well placed to get treatment, and her youth and two children gave her every reason to fight to stay alive.
But even among educated, professional women such as Patricia, uncertainty and confusion about the safety of Aids drugs has started to take hold in South Africa. She opted for a diet of garlic and lemon instead. A month ago, she died.”

Immediately we have poor Patricia being used as a political pawn to get AIDS drugs, did she approve of this, did her family?
They use people like this, Rock Hudson had drunk and smoked too much and went off to Paris to die because he had inoperable liver cancer. Michael Gottlieb the guy who oh so conveniently had the patent on the T-cell test went to Paris to get Rock back to the US. They used Rock Hudson as the AIDS star to push AZT through.

“Gottlieb was also the founder of the T-cell-counting fashion, but, as it was pointed out by some critics even way back then, there was no research behind human T-cell counts such that a benchmark of normalcy could be established. That the diagnostic meaning of any count was a purely subjective matter, did not deter the cavalier Dr. Gottlieb, who was receiving from the media every encouragement to plunge forward with his sensational new sex disease.”
“Now they've got him back in Hollywood where they can do his death up good. The media has conscripted poor Rock to play a final, sad role. You might say that Rock, having fled to Paris to escape this fate, has been taken into custody and extradited.
The Agent of AIDS who went to Paris, arrested Rock, and brought him back turns out to be none other than Dr. Michael Gottlieb. The Chron now reveals that Gottlieb has become Rock Hudson's personal physician. So the inventor of AIDS becomes its promoter, with one foot in medicine and the other in media.”
How the Chronicle Invented AIDS

The glaring thing in this Guardian article is what did Patricia die from because people die all the time or don’t we notice? A Google of her name only reveals the same story, she had HIV and didn’t take ARV’s.
Did Patricia have TB, Herpes infections, cancers, autoimmune disease, a heart attack?
Asthma, allergies, pre-eclampsia, did she live near a petroleum refinery, was she a pesticide worker once?
We don’t know, all we know is the garlic and lemons might have killed her according to Sarah.
Then we have blanket statements “5 million HIV-infected people in South Africa”, isolate HIV first.
“will not back the use of the antiretrovirals which have stopped the death toll in the west.”
It can be argued very profoundly that the drugs have been the main source of AIDS.
“the uncertainty they are creating has been deepened by the equivocal attitude of the government.”
This is the usual patronizing of the South African Government for the heresy of being suspicious.
She mentions Linus Pauling but adds “becoming most famous late in his long life for backing vitamin C as the cure for all ills.” Patricia doesn’t mention Lysine which is as important and obviously hasn’t a clue about the Pauling heart therapy which Dr. Rath is using and I wonder if “the cure for all ills” was a cheap snide remark.
“Dr Rath has taken the advocacy of vitamins into all-out war on the pharmaceutical companies through the Dr Rath Health Foundation, funded by and supporting the internet sales which appear to have made him a lot of money.” This remark is hilarious, Robert Gallo, Anthony Fauci, Michael Gottleib, David Ho are making millions out of this misery and the voodoo they peddle and she conveniently forgets them.
“damning critiques from the Swiss study group for complementary and alternative methods in cancer”’ Who is this Swiss study group, are they just a bunch of drug company hacks?
The Codex Alimentarius is due to go through this year, this is just an exercise by massive drug companies to get alternatives off the shelves. They already took over half the vitamin companies anyway.
“Dr Rath is in danger of being believed by millions.” So don’t believe him, believe us.
“The antiretroviral drugs which scientists say have stopped the death toll in the west, damage the cells in the body which vitamins protect and repair, he claims.” Again she mentions the drugs that stopped everyone dying in the west. I’m not sure if Sarah has noticed but AIDS rates went down, gay guys got very health conscious and again there isn’t anything in the data that says the drugs are working. I can fish article after article of doctors saying “we don’t know what to do anymore”, the HAART isn’t working.
Concerns about HAART

How about this moment to compromise, give people some chemo, which is the equivalent of napalming the body and all the bugs living on it, but use Dr. Rath’s collagen repair to protect the cells?
Does Sarah work for WHO or the UN? Here we have the same old colonial bullying of the SA government for listening to “maverick scientists”, what if David Rasnick is right and she isn’t? “Supporting him are some of the maverick US scientists whose argument that HIV was not the cause of Aids found favour with the South African president, Thabo Mbeki some years ago. They, too, said the drugs made people ill. David Rasnick, one of those scientists, has now joined Dr Rath in Cape Town.”
The “maverick US scientist” in my opinion is Robert Gallo, the inventor of HIV, who threw out scientific protocol and declared HIV causes AIDS with no peer review, no publishing, just media frenzy.
“Furthermore, the levels of vitamin C in the supplements were far beyond the 200mg a day recommended as safe by the US National Institutes of Health, says TAC, and could cause diarrhoea, which could kill somebody with Aids.” 200mg a day, what a joke, no wonder people are dying, one lemon has far in excess of that amount and when I get a bad flu I use a lemon every couple of hours and I know it works.
“The problem is that in South Africa he has found fertile ground both because of the denialism that exists within our government with relation to the management and treatment of HIV but also because of Aids denialist groups, which he is pumping lots of money into." Again this quote from Heywood suggests the government denies AIDS exists whereas Mbeki has simply questioned HIV as the cause when it is obvious that TB and starvation are wreaking havoc and he has said this.
The recent protests over lack of housing for 9 million South Africans is an example, TB will affect people living in shanty towns and slums.
“Médecins sans Frontières, which runs three HIV clinics in Khayelitsha treating nearly 2,000 people with Aids drugs, said yesterday that after three years, four out of every five people on the treatment were still alive. Without drugs, half would have died within a year. Those who died mostly had advanced Aids before starting treatment. Only four deaths could be directly linked to drug toxicity.
MSF called on the ministry of health "to recognise the plight of people in advanced stages of HIV infection by unequivocally stating that nutrition alone will not save them from death. For them [drug] therapy remains the only hope for survival."
Here we have MSF with the usual zeal casually mention that “half would have died within a year” if they didn’t have AIDS drugs and “For them [drug] therapy remains the only hope of survival”.
Talk about bone pointing, take our drugs or you will die.
Discredited doctor's 'cure' for Aids ignites life-and-death struggle in South Africa
Sarah Boseley. Saturday May 14, 2005 The Guardian

Wafaie Fawzi did also say this before trying to bag Dr. Rath for his anti-drug stance, “Multivitamin supplementation is inexpensive, $15 per person per year. Introducing these supplements would enhance compliance with monitoring prior to clinical eligibility for antiretroviral drugs, preserve these drugs for later stages of the disease, avert adverse events associated with them, and result in better quality of life among HIV infected persons and significant treatment-related cost savings.”
“avert adverse events associated with them” my emphasis.

author by Cal Crilly - Alien Viruspublication date Wed Jul 06, 2005 04:36author email escapevirus at hotmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I’ve been on this forum for a couple of months and here is the latest post.
‘Sticking up for Dr. Rath.’ Mail and Guardian Forum South Africa

This is my reply to this AIDS debate.

Confusion at the Blood Bank?
HIV is strange science, if this is an example of HIV belief then Strauss has lined up dominos.
Shingles is latent chickenpox, when you get chickenpox you get chickenpox.
You can’t make a vaccine for HIV because every HIV tagged person has hundreds of different strains and none are the same as someone else’s.
Hepatitis C is not isolated, occurs in people who mess with their livers and has similar symptoms to Lupus, an autoimmune disease, it’s likely to be endogenous.
The addition in 1993 of all HIV positives including the healthy ones who don’t take drugs to AIDS statistics makes HAART look good.
All mammals including baboons carry endogenous retroviruses which are similar to HIV.
Kaposi’s sarcoma has 100% appearance of HHV8 a herpes virus, and Kaposi’s, PCP and MAC all increased after widespread introduction of corticosteroid immunosuppressants.
There has been an increase in hemophiliacs having children due to their survival and a one third increase without genetic causes, there are more hemophiliacs to add to death statistics.
“Life expectancy has increased from 11 years prior to the 1960s for patients who are severely affected to more than 50-60 years by the early 1980s.”
Hemophilia Overview
Why didn’t they start dying in the early ‘80’s before the HIV test came along when there was a greater chance of being infected?
Why was the death rate only 0.9% before heat treatment in 1977-1984?
So Strauss seems to be fudging figures with these statements.
“Then in the 1980s a holocaust. Deaths appeared everywhere and life expectancy plummeted to 49 years old, a level it hadn’t been at in 50 years.”
50 years from 1980 is 1930 when they died around the age of 11.
“life expectancy for hemophiliacs rose from 40.9 at the beginning of the 20th century”
40.9 is not 11 years’
This is a complete contradiction to the figures just cited.
Who are we supposed to believe?
Heat treatment stops RNA transcription so Human Endogenous Retroviruses or HERV’s from other people’s blood would be inactivated preventing cross-reaction to these endogenous retroviruses.
It would also prevent creation of antibodies to other people’s HERV’s.
The Human Genome Project found at least 8% retroviral DNA in our genome.
HERV-K has a similar sequence to HIV, we all carry different strains but people with cancer and autoimmune diseases have higher levels of HERV-K antibodies.
Dr. Robert Giraldo found at one to one dilution we all carry HIV antibodies.
Pregnant women have high levels of HERV-W that is involved in fetal cell membrane fusion and sperm to egg fusion, they have high HERV-W antibodies and testing in Africa is done at maternity centres.
Hemophiliacs who randomly tested positive were poisoned by AZT, because it destroys bone marrow where the T-cells are made that’s why 10% were dying by the 1990’s.
The HIV test in people is the same as the HIV blood screening test used by blood banks, they are both random and pick up any high levels of retroviral antibodies.
If you take away the test then no one will die from the drugs.
HIV is and always was a test that picked up endogenous retroviruses.
“Standard tests are unable to differentiate between HERV-like antibodies and HIV antibodies.”
New Antibody Marker Could Aid Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis

This interview was done on the 9th of September 2004 from a booth with no light at a radio station in Brisbane called 4ZZZ, Anthony Brink wasn’t at his office so I caught him a little hungover at home.
He’d need a drink after all this stuff, this was the only time I’ve talked to him.
I only did the interview because not another soul over here follows this story and I’m quite astonished that no one does, the radio station I did the interview for never played it as far as I know. This interview was done before Dr. Rath came on the scene.
The thing that really cut me up was Anthony telling me his ex-wife drew his attention to the whole fiasco, the same happened to me, I never wanted to be here.

Cal Crilly- I’m talking to Anthony Brink from South Africa who in mid 2001 took a case against Glaxo Smith Kline for the use of their drug AZT which apparently killed a colleague of his. Now Anthony, I just wanted to know how you first discovered AZT was quite dangerous to use for AIDS patients?
Anthony Brink- Well what happened was there was a tremendous controversy on the go in our country, on account of the government’s reluctance to buy AZT from Glaxo Smith Kline for administration to HIV positive women and there was quite a fuss about this and everyone was going berserk and very angry about the government’s resistance to the company’s solicitations to buy this stuff from it. I chanced on some information on the net, my wife at the time drew my attention to it and I became intrigued and then I began to read quite deeply into this thing and I wound up writing a paper called ‘Debating AZT, Questions of Safety and Utility’ which I sent off to government and Doctor Tshabalala-Msimang, the brand new national Health Minister and President Mbeki who had just taken over from President Mandela.
(Tshabalala) passed it on to Mbeki and he ordered an enquiry into safety of the drug in parliament on the 20th of October 1999.
CC- So it goes back quite a bit then?
AB- It goes back a long way, yeah.
CC- So has the government been under a lot of pressure to take up these drugs?
AB- Huge, huge, under concerted pressure of all sorts of well meaning foundations as well as a very powerful, aggressive and effective, prodigiously effective organization here called the Treatment Action Campaign run by a guy called Zackie Achmat and his sidekick Mark Heywood. And they’ve been able to push the government around and force it into taking drug policy positions against it’s will really. I mean I know Mbeki himself and Doctor Manto Tshabalala-Msimang the Health Minister have expressed themselves vehemently against these drugs, AZT and similar drugs and Nevirapine for example. They’ve just found their administration powerless in the face of massive international and local pressure orchestrated by the TAC, the Treatment Action Campaign, but you know with terrific foreign backing, I mean they’ve got millions, last year they spent more than ten million, a massive budget for an NGO.
CC- Do you think they’re actually targeting the South African government because that’s one of the richer governments in Africa?
AB- Yeah, it’s certainly one of the richer governments in Africa but secondly it’s tremendously influential because of our leadership role as a brightest emerging democracy in the developing world.
CC- Opening new markets in a way?
AB- Absolutely, opening new markets, it’s a portal market, you’re quite right.
CC- Now, when you had the court case in 2001 it was for James Hayman who was a colleague of yours and he died you say from AZT use? What happened in that court case?
AB- We were unable to take the case to trial because it was a very clean case in the sense that there were no complications. The fellow was apart from being tired and stressed out from running a one man band law practice in a small town, he was really busy, he subsequently took on a partner, apart from being tired, he was not sick, he’d been through a whole battery of tests and everything was clear. So it made the fact that his health collapsed after a he went on AZT, after being told he was HIV positive in good health, it was a very nice case to take to court because there were no complications but just before trial the manufacturer or the local supplier, Glaxo Smith Kline South Africa made the allegation he’d suffered from an opportunistic infection.
Something had shown up in a pathology examination and when they did a check it had been disconfirmed, but this new allegation at the last minute threatened a massively extended trial which was beyond our means to maintain and secondly, our key expert was a person indisposed, her mother was on the way out and she in fact died a month and a half or so after the trial date. She wasn’t able to leave her and come to give evidence, so it was just a concatenation of unexpected misfortunes which knocked the trial off the rails, it was totally dismissed without trial.
CC- Not enough money to take them to court as well, so now you’ve been targeting the Medicine Control Council, is that?
AB-We’re not targeting, what I’ve been doing is I’ve written six letters.
CC- Or advising them, sorry.
AB- Yeah, I’ve written six letters to the MCC and I believe the seventh and to be read at www.tig.org.za, that stands for the Treatment Information Group that I’ve set up. And the first letter addressed the pending review of Nevirapine for pregnant women which had been announced in May 2002, which was simply in the air and they weren’t resolving it, and I asked so what are you guys were up to? They didn’t respond directly but the next thing was they announced a recommendation that in future HIV positive pregnant women should take AZT in their pregnancies and this took us to exactly where we all started and I thought we’d moved away from.
CC- Quite terrifying really.
AB- It’s appalling, because then I did some real deep research, I thought I knew my story until I really got into this and researched this very closely and you know what I came up with really made me physically sick. I wrote it all down but it physically sickened me to read the threat of harm that’s posed by this drug, it’s too terrible and I urge listeners to read my sixth letter at T.I.G.
CC- The sixth letter details the damage that the drugs do to children and mothers?
AB- That’s in utero and shortly after birth, they’re all detailed, all the latest research, some of which are still in press for publication in a month or two, none of which, Cal,
none of which was taken account of by the fools who drew the World Health Organizations latest guidelines for interventions to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV. It was simply disregarded, or where it was mentioned at all it was dealt very cursory and dismissively, a really shocking report and our MCC simply slavishly followed what the World Health Organization recommended and by the way it wasn’t a representative panel, nobody who’d written about the toxicity of AZT was represented on the reviewing panel, the thing was drawn by two women who are great AZT and pregnancy fans and then there was a review panel.
CC- Have they taken it themselves?
AB- Well, yeah, that’s an interesting question.
CC- I was wondering, with the testing over there, it’s done mainly at the maternity centres isn’t it?
AB- Correct.
CC- And are you aware of the research by the Royal Perth Hospital Group over here which indicates that pregnant women because of endogenous retroviruses in their placenta will test positive for HIV?
AB- I’m very well aware of it, in fact I’m very close to The Perth Group and I’m an honorary co-author in their some of their writing.
CC- I saw a letter from a prison over there that said that there was only a 2% rate in a male prison, whereas you go into a maternity centres and you have rates of something like 65% of women testing HIV positive, is that an indication that it’s all out of control and really the test is just insane?
AB- Yeah, the tests are just completely worthless. The point is that no one wants to know, I mean I was on the radio a few nights ago and I was making this point and there was such resistance, everyone was just gliding over it and no one was taking account of it. The fact of the matter is that these antibody tests are not designed for diagnosis, they are all designed for screening blood by blood banks. The most you can conclude from a reactive result is that look this blood is a bit risky so we’ll give this pint a miss. These tests are not manufactured for, nor are they licensed anywhere in the world for making diagnosis’ and yet they routinely used for making diagnosis’, it’s lunacy man.
CC- Are the tests in Africa not as comprehensive anyway?
AB- The testing procedures are not as comprehensive but even the most comprehensive range of antibody tests…
CC- Are meaningless.
AB- Still useless. I mean a repeated ELISA is as worthless as a single ELISA even if you confirm an ELISA with a Western Blot that’s also worthless because the manufacturers themselves say you must not use these test results as a basis for making a diagnosis. In fact, Western Blot, which is regarded as definitively diagnostic and confirmatory in many, many countries, is excluded as specifically prescribed in England and Ireland, certainly England, precisely because it’s too non specific.
CC- What are the damaging effects of these drugs to the children and mothers?
AB- They are very serious indeed, the one principle form of damage that’s thoroughly been researched in animal and in human models is mitochondrial damage which leads to every kind of cellular wasting.
CC- Total energy loss, isn’t it?
AB- Yeah, energy loss in some, of course blood marrow destruction causing persistent anaemia, but most tragically as well, I think, is the fact that it gives rise to a form of time bombing, delayed presenting brain damage and in September 1999, just before President Mbeki ordered an enquiry into the drug, the French paediatric AIDS group reported in Lancet, that 8 children had been severely crippled, we’re talking about total and partial spasticity, blindness, you know terrible neurological damage, gross brain damage really. All showing up, not at birth, the earliest case at four and a half months and then these children really started declining, you know it’s tragic man.
The preliminary report was confirmed in June last year in 2003.
CC- Is there much opposition from any other quarters over in South Africa?
AB- No, not at all.
CC- (You can hear my mumbling dismay at this point.)
AB- I’ve been running a solo operation here, I’ve been a one man band, I’ve got a close colleague in the shape of Professor Sam Mhlongo at the medical University of South Africa, he’s now got a couple of doctors with him too, there’s a journalist in Johannesburg who’s been quite vocal about it but I’ve been doing all the fighting, all the warring on the AZT front and then I’ve also written extensively about Nevirapine.
I very actively involved in a Nevirapine case behind the scenes and I haven’t told the story how bad the drug is, what junk it is, listeners can read at the T.I.G. site.
CC- You did mention that Alister Sparks just wrote an article on it?
AB- No, he wrote a book, his third book, he’s written three history books.
CC- What sort of take did he have on it?
AB- Well, Alister Sparks is what I’d like to say an AIDS (fait?) roller, he loves the AIDS cause and you know the AIDS drugs, and the devastation that we’re facing and this new black plaque, the black death and all this kind of heart talk. But at page 286 of his new book ‘Beyond the Miracle, Inside the New South Africa’, he mentions that conversation with Mbeki, an interview with Mbeki for the book he was researching, and he quoted Mbeki, saying that was the first time I became aware of the alternative viewpoint, Mbeki told me, etc. etc.
But I know that I moved him (Mbeki) to order the enquiry into the safety of the drugs because shortly after his parliamentary statement I was repeatedly approached by members of his office and a couple of members of the ANC and so on.
CC-At this point I asked about the Benzene and pollution problems in South Africa and Durban’s 20 fold leukemia rate but that was out of Anthony’s field and the interviewed wound up there.

MP3 Audio at South Africa Indymedia
Anthony Brink Interview

“As a prison medical officer in South Africa, I partly agree with President Mbeki's sceptical view of current statistical research into HIV infection and AIDS.”
President Mbeki might have a case on rethinking AIDS

Now here are the complete lies that are being put forward by a website set up by the drug crowd to attack Rath and Brink. They must be so worried about losing millions of dollars in drug profits.
Dr. Rath/A Second Opinion
‘Hi Brink,
Why don't you tell us, how many blacks you killed in your time as a high-ranking army officer in the apartheid???’
I don’t know if Anthony was in the military and with conscription he probably was, the same happens in Israel, does this mean every Jewish man could be called a murderer of Palestinians when they may not want to be involved?
Many Jews simply want peace and many oppose Zionism.
How about looking at what Brink is doing now?
I would say why don’t you quit spreading the viscous rumours and do something to stop black South African women and children from being poisoned to death right now.

How about this big fib.
‘As a law researcher in KZN, I seem to remember that Advocate Anthony Robin Brink is currently under investigation for 'tampering with evidence' and 'misleading the court' in the last action he brought to the courts involving the death of a 'friend' who he claims had died of AZT toxicity. I will investigate further, but at this time I seem to recall that Brink allegedly lied about the health of his friend (Brink's absent witness before the court), who he claims was ‘healthy’ before taking AZT, which has now been uncovered as a blatant lie which he had prior knowledge of.
This was in a court case where Prof. Sam Mhlongo attempted to take on the Medicines Control Council to ban AZT a few years back. This case is claimed by Brink to have been under the 'secret orders' of President Thabo Mbeki, when Mbeki's dissident views on Aids were first voiced.
This is the same Prof. Sam Mhlongo who is now involved in the alleged illegal trials undertaken by the Dr Rath Health Foundation on Aids victims in Khayalisha, Western Cape. (http://www.dr-rath-foundation.org.za/open_letters/open_letter_micronu trients_scientific.htm)
This is also the same Prof. Sam Mhlongo who is allegedly the President's Aids Dissident Advisor, and who was invited by the Rath Foundation to a secret MRC meeting early last year, where dissident medical trials were proposed and Rath paid over a large sum of money to the MRC. (The records of this meeting and payment have now disappeared from the MRC website).
We need to ask how impartial the MRC will be in investigating Rath for his dodgy trials, as demanded by the DA and the TAC? A conflict of interest?
This deliberate unethical misrepresentation of facts has now lead to the Pietermaritzburg Bar seeking to disbar this advocate under it's strict admittance rules.’
Anthony left of his own accord to do other work in 2001, there never was an investigation of misconduct, all of that was made up by Glaxo to kill the court case.

While Bono and his mad crowd gather money to poison sick Africans the African Rainbow Circle are healing people with a zero budget.
African Rainbow Circle
They are getting attacked for it as well.
A sad day for the Media

Sometime in the next few months I’ll reform an old band called Acid World to do benefits for the ARC, I’m using the old band to get a good crowd and raise more cash.
The ARC will save more lives with a thousand dollars than a billion in AIDS drugs ever will.
Acid World 1992-1995

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Here are two interviews done recently.
Michael Ellner of HEAL/AIDS interview
Kim Bannon Interview on HIV test court case

Everything written in this blog is relevant to the recent Avian Flu panic….so here’s more.

OK, Bird Flu, I guess I’m a skeptic and can’t see the reason for hysteria and panic yet, you can get on a train or bus any winter and hear someone hacking their lungs up from flu anyway.
So let’s put Bird Flu in perspective, 70 deaths have occurred over two years.
“On an international scale, acute respiratory infection ranks as the third most frequent cause of death among children less than 5 years old and was responsible for approximately 3.5 million deaths in 1998.”
Deaths from Pneumonia
The rest seems to be a fear mongering campaign to generate sales for drug companies.

U.S. buys $100 million of bird flu vaccine
“Drugs giant Glaxo-SmithKline is boosting production of its Relenza flu treatment to combat a potential human outbreak in Europe of the deadly Asian bird flu.”
Glaxo plans bird flu boost
Financial Mail, 28 August 2005
“Swiss drugmaker Roche Holding AG is in talks with a dozen countries, including the United States, to supply stockpiles of its Tamiflu drug to protect their populations against a possible bird flu pandemic.
“We have received orders from around 12 governments and we are in discussions with the same number again,” David Reddy, head of Roche’s Tamiflu Pandemic Taskforce, told Reuters.
Governments around the world are pre-purchasing millions of doses of the flu medicine on the advice of the World Health Organization. It is not a cure, but can reduce symptoms and may prevent the spread of infection.”
Roche negotiating Tamiflu deal ahead of possible bird flu pandemic
Tamiflu doesn’t make everyone happy anyway.
There are 6 ratings for the drug: tamiflu
That’s lots of our tax payer money getting taken away from other health care needs.

Yet bird flu works like most influenza viruses and binds to sialic acid receptors on our cells.
“Infection with H7N7 influenza virus was confirmed in 87 of these cases; one person, a veterinarian, died of the infection. There was also human-to-human transmission of the virus and serologic evidence of H7N7 infection of pigs. This outbreak was controlled by culling and quarantine of infected poultry; to prevent the emergence and spread of human–avian virus reassortants, the poultry workers were given human influenza vaccine and antineuraminidase drugs.”
Nueraminidase is the enzyme a virus releases to dissolve sialic acid and bind to our cells.
“The transmission of H5N1 “bird flu” to humans in 1997 first established the ability of avian influenza viruses to be transmitted to humans despite their preferential binding to avian sialic acid receptors.”
The evolution of H5N1 influenza viruses in ducks in southern China
“despite their preferential binding to avian sialic acid receptors”.

Birds are more susceptible because they have low levels of sialic acid or Neu5Gc.
Or look at it this way, if you have higher levels of sialic acid the virus needs to produce more enzymes to bind to you and this neutralises the virus before it can get a good foothold.
If you have higher levels of sialic acid in your blood, the virus binds to this before it gets to the sialic acid receptors.
“We found that Neu5Gc is rare in poultry and fish, common in milk products, and enriched in red meats.”
Human uptake and incorporation of an immunogenic nonhuman dietary sialic acid
Wild birds are more likely to eat berries which have sialic acid in them.
Chickens get fed rubbish and that’s why they will go first.
The people so far affected have also worked in close contact with the birds and would have a higher viral dose to deal with.
Simple old whey powder has the highest level of sialic acid, the plain powder can sell for as low as $3 a kilo in Oz.
“Whey protein isolate or concentrate – not the powder (even those allergic to dairy products are able to tolerate this substance. It appears that the concentrate has a higher amount of sialic acid than the isolate.)”
N-acetylneuraminic acid (sialic acid)
This is about the use of whey with HIV.
Look here and note the content of sialic acid in milk, it’s high.
Survey of total sialic acid and Neu5Gc content of common food items
Or mother’s milk.
“The breast fed infants, when compared with formula fed infants, were found to have almost two times more free sialic acid in saliva”
“The findings provide a preliminary indication that an exogenous source of sialic acids derived from human milk may contribute to higher concentrations of sialic acid in body fluids.”
Sialic acid content of infant saliva: comparison of breast fed with formula fed infants.

The other antiviral nutrients are Selenium compounds in whey, garlic, brazil nuts or broccoli.
Selenium is highly protective for the cells as well.
Also Vitamin C from lemons, the first thing to reach for.
The old herbal cure for viral infections is Elderflower tea due to sialic acid content.
“Purified Sambucus Nigra precipitates highly sialylated glycoproteins.”
The elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) bark lectin recognizes the Neu5Ac(alpha 2-6)Gal/GalNAc sequence.
“Mumcuoglu, an Israeli virologist, was the first to discover elderberry constituents neutralize the activity of the hemagglutinin spikes found on the surface of several viruses. When these hemagglutinin spikes are deactivated the viruses can no longer pierce cell walls or enter the cell and replicate. Based on these findings, Sambucol, a syrup containing 38-percent standardized extract of black elderberry, was developed. Numerous studies using the Sambucol preparation have shown it to neutralize and reduce the infectivity of influenza viruses A and B, HIV strains and clinical isolates, and Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) strains and clinical isolates.”
Sambucus nigra or Elderberry

My last tip is to take cod liver oil for Vitamin D or get some sunlight and sleep.
You need a hormone called TGF-Beta to actually tell the immune system to calm down otherwise the immune cells pour out too much Nitric acid and burn holes in the lungs, this is what kills the bird flu patients, their own prolonged immune system overload.
The suppressive effect of TGF-beta on IL-12-mediated immune modulation
This is what someone else said.
“In a second line of research, Schultz-Cherry located a compound, called TGF beta (transforming growth factor beta), that stimulates the human immune system during flu infections. (I wouldn’t use the word stimulate) When she disabled the TGF beta response in a culture of human cells and in test animals, flu viruses that were once tolerable became lethal. It's an intriguing result, but Schultz-Cherry is not sure what it means. Is TGF part of the P53 regulatory pathway? Would increased levels of TGF-beta help protect cells against flu?”
Bird Flu
“There are sufficient levels of TGF-beta activated by virus to induce apoptosis in cells. In addition, influenza virus- induced apoptosis is partially inhibited by TGF-beta-specific antibodies. These novel findings suggest a potential role for activation of TGF-beta during the host response to influenza virus infection, specifically apoptosis.”
Influenza virus neuraminidase activates latent transforming growth factor beta
What the TGF-Beta seems to be doing is telling infected cells to commit suicide (apoptosis) and give up the ghost instead of turning into virus factories for the virus.
This is how to make your own TGF-Beta.
Melatonin is made by avoiding TV shows about pandemics at night and getting a decent sleep.
Get the Vitamin D from going out in the sun or cod liver oil.
Melatonin and vitamin D3 increase TGF-beta1 release and induce growth inhibition in breast cancer cell cultures.
Not likely to sun it if you’re sick so go the cod.
More perspective, a friend says driving is a pandemic and it’s true, it kills more of us than Bird Flu probably ever will.

And more to wonder about…I don’t quite know why it’s necessary to make the 1918 flu again, seems like one of those terrorist novel plots in the making?

“Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger, chief of the molecular pathology department at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, in Washington, D.C., told the paper: "I would not say it's [a bird flu epidemic] imminent or inevitable. I think in the future there will be a pandemic." But, he continued, whether that pandemic will be bird flu or another type of flu is impossible to predict at this point.”
U.S. Not Ready to Handle Massive Flu Outbreak: Report
“In March of 1997 the influenza research community was startled by the appearance of a remarkable 3-page report¹ in the journal Science. In the paper Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger and colleagues, of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, announced that they had recovered and analyzed fragments of the RNA genome of the virus responsible for the infamous 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.”
Interview with Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger
“The pandemic influenza virus of 1918-1919 killed an estimated 20 to 50 million people worldwide. With the recent availability of the complete 1918 influenza virus coding sequence, we used reverse genetics to generate an influenza virus bearing all eight gene segments of the pandemic virus to study the properties associated with its extraordinary virulence.”
Characterization of the reconstructed 1918 spanish influenza pandemic virus. 2005 Oct 7
The prospect of a bird flu outbreak may be panicking people around the globe, but it's proving to be very good news for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically connected investors in Gilead Sciences, the California biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the influenza remedy that's now the most-sought after drug in the world.
Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees portfolio value growing.

Bill Sardi’s take on Bird Flu….he’s more cynical.
Don’t panic…
And don’t kill your chickens, give them a week and most will be over the flu anyway.

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Obviously, without proper nutrition, HIV will kill you quicker, but a person with AIDS will die without either. Almost a whole generation of gay men and hemophiliacs - including many who were well-fed and well-rested - died of AIDS before effective meds became available. The fact that Big Pharma is exploiting the crisis to make a profit - unconscionable as it is - doesn't mean their drugs are ineffective. Penicillin wouldn't stop working just because corporate bandits decided to jack up the cost.

The real crime is that the threat to Africa was neglected until it has reached this point. Even now, religious fanatics continue to divert AIDS prevention funding toward abstinence campaigns - a/k/a wishful thinking - instead of useful sex education and condoms.

Meanwhile, AIDS denialists add to the confusion by trying to wish away the problem, even as village populations shrink to children and elders and African governments can't find enough manpower to keep their systems running. But the funeral industry is booming. In fact, families have to post guards at gravesites to keep robbers from stealing and reselling the coffins.

Related Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/30/opinion/30kristof.html?ex=1269838800&en=3114f9f6e7998c4a&ei=5090&p
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I wrote this recently to finish off AIDS Inc.

Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

They knew that Methylation stopped HIV back in 87 but they chose to poison AIDS patients with AZT instead.

“Thus, the HIV LTR appears to be susceptible to transcriptional inactivation by methylation, a process that is proposed to play a modulatory role in viral latency.”
Methylation as a modulator of expression of human immunodeficiency virus.

Methylation is dependant on Selenium and Harold Foster is getting good results with AIDS patients in trials in Africa.
What Really Causes AIDS

Here are interview links I've done on the subject.
Michael Ellner has been seeing this happen to his community for 2 decades.
HEAL was around even before Robert Gallo had his press conference.
Michael Ellner of HEAL/AIDS interview

Kim Bannon tried to take the test manufacturers to court but they’re disclaimers actually cover them as in they say "this is not to be used for a HIV diagnosis."
Kim Bannon Interview on HIV test court case

Anthony Brink was one of the few people in South Africa who cottoned on and told Thabo Mbeki what the AIDS drugs would do to the people there.
Anthony Brink interview

Interview with Dr. Mohammed Al Bayati
Benzene, Corticosteroids and AIDS

Or more on the Star Sludge myspace blog...
Have a good day all.
CU's Cal

Related Link: http://www.myspace.com/starsludge
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Aids experts condemn SA minister

South African Aids activists also want Ms Tshabalala-Msimang to go
More than 60 international experts on HIV/Aids have called for the resignation of the South African health minister because of her stance on Aids. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang tells those with HIV to eat garlic and beetroot.

In a letter sent to President Thabo Mbeki, the academics called the government's health policy "disastrous and pseudo-scientific".

"Many people [in South Africa] are dying unnecessarily" because they cannot get Aids drugs, the letter says.

South Africa is one of the countries worst affected by Aids, with some 5.5m people with HIV.

You can access the complete article at this url:

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There was talk earlier on this thread about the prostitutes in S.E. Asia but what about Japan? People here are starting to question HIV/AIDS and especially a heterosexual epidemic here.

Japan is a noturious "sex economy." Not only do the men here play in the red-light districts of Tokyo but they head to S.E. Asia to indulge in cheap, devious sexual adventures. So I ask... where is the AIDS in Japan? Why aren't the people in Japan dropping off by the millions like the media reports about Africa? If condoms come to mind, then you'd be dead wrong because Japanese men have a reputation for not wearing them. So again, I ask... where is this epidemic in Japan? Maybe I'll be waiting for the "bird flu" just as long as I've been waiting for AIDS to hit Japan.

I have lived in Japan for over 10-years and all I've heard from the media is "AIDS and Japan a Ticking Time Bomb." While this story has been ticking away and has been printed a 1000 times since I've been here I have never met a single person with HIV or anyone who knew anyone who had it or died from it. Is Japan special? Are Japanese people immuned to this horrible disease? Maybe it's the "natto" or the "sushi," huh?

To be fair, not only have I never met a Japanese person with HIV/AIDS but have never met any "gaijin" here that have had it either. Honestly, I know some men and women here that would be top candidates to get, too.

This disease smells like a huge giant pile of dog poo! To prove my point, look at the pharm company Gilead. These guys are HIV/AIDS pharmaceutical company #1! The only other drug they produce is the same drug that Donald Rumsfeld pushed on the US government to protect people from the scarrrrrrrry "bird flu!" Well, just so happens that the "Lord of War" Donald Rumsfeld used to be the Chairmen of the Board at Gilead and still owns stock in the company. Old Rummy must have made a killing when he got Gilead that BIG FAT check from the US government. (Google it!)

One question I have is, why would an old Republican guard dog like Rumsfeld choose to be on the board of a company that provides medicine to homosexuals? Why does Rumsfeld care about the homosexual community? Does the same man that has killed over 600,000 Iraqi civilians have a big place in his heart for gays? If this doesn't sound some alarms I don't know what will....

All I can say is, OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE!


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Bush puritans take a hammering. Complete article at link.


DOJ Appeals Ruling Against Requirement That Groups Receiving HIV/AIDS Funding Condemn Commercial Sex Work

The Department of Justice on Tuesday filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia over a federal court decision that ruled a U.S. policy requiring recipients of federal HIV/AIDS service grants to pledge to oppose commercial sex work violates the groups' First Amendment right to free speech, the AP/International Herald Tribune reports (AP/International Herald Tribune, 10/10). U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan in May in Washington, D.C., ruled the policy requiring the pledge unconstitutional.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=53952
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Actually there is an increase in the number of new HIV cases in Japan. Full article at the link.


Stigma, Lack of Education, Low Condom Use in Japan Contributing to Increasing Number of HIV Cases

The increasing number of new HIV cases in Japan -- due in part to the "dangerous mixture of chronic underreporting of cases, a sexually freewheeling youth culture that's less inclined to use condoms or other protection and the powerful social stigma of a sexually transmitted disease" -- has "confounded and alarmed" the health care industry in the country, the... AP/Guardian reports. According to UNAIDS, 1,165 new HIV cases were reported in Japan in 2004, up 14% from 2003.

A Japan Center for International Exchange report released last year estimates that the total number of HIV/AIDS cases is doubling every four years and that number could reach 50,000 by 2010.

Related Link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=25846
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Kenya's HIV Prevalence Drops; Rates Among Women Higher Than Among Men, Group Says
Article Date: 18 Oct 2006 - 7:00am (PDT)

HIV prevalence in Kenya has declined to 5.9% this year from 6.1% last year, and HIV prevalence among women in the country is 7.7%, compared with 4% among men, according to statistics released Wednesday by Kenya's National Aids Control Council, the East African Standard/AllAfrica.com reports (Mwai, East African Standard/AllAfrica.com, 10/12).

NACC Acting Director Alloys Orago speaking Wednesday in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, attributed the decrease to several initiatives, including voluntary HIV testing and counseling and programs to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission. According to Orago, 1.27 million Kenyans are HIV-positive, half of whom are women. Orago said the statistics show that the HIV prevalence of 4.5% among girls and women ages 15 to 24 is particularly high, compared with an HIV prevalence of 0.8% among boys in the same age group (Xhinua/People's Daily, 10/13).



Who's Positive Launches First Ever Nationwide HIV Testing And Awareness Tour Aimed At Young Adults
Article Date: 18 Oct 2006 - 0:00am (PDT)

Half of all new HIV infections occur in youths. That's why Who's Positive, a national non-profit organization committed to raising awareness of HIV and its consequences, launched "Operation Get Tested: Infected, Affected. Real Stories, Real People" today. Operation Get Tested is a nationwide educational tour committed to stopping the spread of HIV by humanizing the disease, Operation Get Tested gives young adults the opportunity to be tested for HIV, free of charge.




Phase I Research Could Help Prevent Mother-To-Child Transmission Of AIDS Through Breastfeeding
Article Date: 15 Oct 2006 - 12:00pm (PDT)

Scientists at Makerere University, in Kampala, Uganda, along with scientists from Johns Hopkins and other institutions worldwide, have begun the first clinical safety trial in Africa of a vaccine to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding. Breast milk is a leading route of infection in the developing world, according to the United Nations World Health Organization, which estimates that each day 1,800 newborns are infected with the AIDS virus, 30 percent to 40 percent by virus carried in their mother's milk.

Enrollment of the first newborn took place at Mulago Hospital in Kampala. The so-called phase I study is designed to test the safety of injecting newborns with the vaccine, formally known as ALVAC-HIV (vCP1521). If the vaccine is found to be safe in this study, and if it is later shown to be effective in reducing the chance of infants' becoming infected during breastfeeding, researchers estimate that it could potentially stop up to 8,000 of Uganda's 22,000 infections a year in children. Initial results are expected by mid-2007.



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in the four courts.
He wants his trousers back , and his hat.
This case will cost thousands.
Which can be afforded.

So, we must give Bono his precious trousers back. They are very important to him.... apparently.

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The HIV/AIDS pandemic and food shortages are connected and must be addressed together, according to panelists at a discussion on Monday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., CQ HealthBeat reports.

A lack of food spurs people to migrate in search of food, which in turn leads to an increase in HIV transmission by "expanding the sexual network," Suneetha Kadiyala, a scientist at the International Food Policy Research Institute who was on the panel, said.

In addition, a home with at least one HIV-positive person living in it has a reduced capacity to produce or buy food and is more at risk of food insecurity, CQ HealthBeat reports. HIV-positive people who are malnourished also are more vulnerable to other infections, and antiretroviral treatment might not be effective for them, according to CQ HealthBeat (Blinkhorn, CQ HealthBeat, 10/16).

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The World AIDS Campaign has named “accountability” as the global theme for World AIDS Day 2006. Thousands of campaigns around the world are preparing local and national events to raise awareness of HIV and to call on leaders to keep the promises they have made to tackle the AIDS pandemic.

“Actions taken by governments this year will determine the global response to AIDS for years to come,” states Marcel van Soest, executive director of the World AIDS Campaign.

The theme of accountability, with the slogan, “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise”, was chosen in consultation with civil society campaigns to stress the critical need to meet current commitments to increase the global response to AIDS and reach universal access to treatment, care, and prevention by 2010.

World AIDS Day fact sheet

Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise CD-Rom for World AIDS Day

National and global statistics on the AIDS pandemic

The World AIDS Campaign supports, strengthens and connects campaigns that hold leaders accountable for their promises on HIV and AIDS. “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” is the World AIDS Campaign from 2005-2010. The campaign secretariat is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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‘THE widespread belief that the latest drugs for fighting Aids are reducing death rates has been confounded by a huge study covering 10 years of treatment which involved more than 22,000 patients in Europe and North America.’
‘Between 1995 and 2003, while the proportion of HIV-infected male homosexuals nearly halved, there were more patients with tuberculosis, probably among immigrants and refugees from countries where the disease is more common. Scientists have noted previously that TB patients can become immediately more ill when treated with anti-Aids drugs, a phenomenon they have termed “immune reconstitution disease”.’
Anti-retro drugs fail to increase HIV patients’ lifespan

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Experimental Antiretroviral Combination Therapy Effective In Reducing Viral Loads In Children.

Boehringer Ingelheim's experimental oral formulation of its antiretroviral drug Aptivus, known generically as tipranavir, in combination with Abbott Laboratories' Norvir, known generically as ritonavir, helps reduce HIV viral loads in children, according to study results presented Monday at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Reuters reports. Researchers over 48 weeks examined 115 children ages two to 18 living with HIV-1, and found that children who took the tipranavir-ritonavir antiretroviral therapy experienced a decrease in HIV viral loads and an increase in immunologic levels. Of the 115 children, all but three previously had undergone HIV/AIDS treatment and had HIV virus strains that showed high levels of resistance to other drugs.


Namibia Aims To Have 30,000 People Receiving Antiretroviral Drugs By Early 2007

The Namibian government expects to treat more than 30,000 HIV-positive people in the country with antiretroviral drugs by the beginning of 2007. According to Health and Social Services Minister Richard Kamwi, more than 52,000 of the 230,000 HIV-positive people in Namibia could be eligible for antiretroviral treatment (Moyo, Independent Online, 8/24).

Under Namibia's treatment program, HIV prevalence among pregnant women has decreased from 22% in 2002 to 19.7% in 2004, New Era reports. The number of deaths from AIDS-related illnesses also has dropped from 3,627 in 2004 to 3,230 in 2005, and the percentage of people receiving antiretrovirals has increased from 6% in 2003 to 38% in 2005, Kamwi said (Tjaronda, New Era, 8/21). Kamwi also said that 64% of the 22,000 Namibians currently receiving antiretrovirals are women. In addition, more than 90% of people who have been receiving antiretrovirals, which the Ministry of Health began providing in 2003, are still living, and 5% have diedIndependent Online, 8/24).


"AIDS Treatment Enters Its 25th Year," Lancet Infectious Diseases:

Research into AIDS treatment was "stymied by both scientific misinformation and the sociopolitical climate" after it was first identified in medical literature in 1981, Roxanne Nelson writes in the article. Although "breakthroughs," such as the development of an HIV test in 1984, the approval of protease inhibitors in 1995 and the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy, have "helped transform AIDS into a manageable and chronic disease" for many HIV-positive people, a large number of them continue to lack access to treatment, Nelson writes. In addition, a vaccine and a cure "remain beyond reach," according to the article (Nelson, Lancet Infectious Diseases, August 2006).



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Researchers have successfully tested two candidate vaccines that may eventually be used together to confer immunity against HIV infection. Their findings are published in the December 15 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, now available online.

Barney S. Graham, MD, PhD, and colleagues from the National Institutes of Health IH Vaccine Research Center in Maryland, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, and GenVec Incorporated tested two possible HIV vaccines with the hope of producing an immune response in healthy, uninfected adults. One was a plasmid DNA-based vaccine expressing genes from three dominant HIV subtypes, and the second used recombinant adenovirus serotype 5 (rAd5) as a vector to deliver similar HIV strains.

"Both approaches operate by gene delivery of customized vaccine antigens that are produced by host cells to initiate an immune response. DNA is simple and does not have the problem of anti-vector immunity. However, DNA may be less potent than vector-based gene delivery strategies. Replication-defective rAd5 has the advantage of targeted, efficient gene delivery and high potency, but may be susceptible to anti-vector immunity," said Graham.

Full story at link.

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Hi, I am family doctor in Montreal. I am learning about conspiracy theories of various subjects and finding to my own satisfaction that a lot of them are true (Sept. 11th an inside job, The Federal Reserve and US income tax fraud... I don't even believe anymore that anyone ever walked on the moon). The HIV/AIDS one, however, is a struggle for me to believe, with everything that I have been taught and the people I have seen with the disease (some of which have died). But after reading about the Illuminati and the New World Order, I understand now that it is definitely a possibility that to engineer a genocide in Africa as part of a population contol program, our wealthy elite could lambast us with info about the level of HIV infection in Africa and "give us the cure" that would make them billions and kill everyone there. I am so utterly confused about this. Absolutely nothing would make me happier (and most of the normal world) if I could satisfy myself with reliable information that the whole HIV AIDS "epidmic" is a giant genocidal hoax, meaning that simply educating and nourishing people would eradicate a false propagandized disease. God, I hope this is true, and that we can stop this "disease" by exposing a huge fraud. I will continue following this and other sites. I hope we can find the answer together.

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