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Tara: Lughnasagh full Moon by Rath Lugh

category meath | history and heritage | news report author Wednesday August 29, 2007 00:54author by Paula Geraghtyauthor email mspgeraghty at yahoo dot ieauthor phone 0876101340 Report this post to the editors

Tara Women's circle of connectedness

"To endanger such a place is a symptom of the greed, corruption and
disrespect being shown for nature, people and our environment.
The solution to this controversy is to re-route 7 km of the double-
tolled Motorway, but it seems that vested interests in this area have
been preventing the consideration of any alternatives. "
You are now approaching Rath Lugh!
You are now approaching Rath Lugh!

Tuesday evening had a full moon and at 9pm women were gathering to create a Women's circle of connectedness where we were invited 'to participate in a circle, where we
intend to reclaim our true legacy. That legacy is: the right of the
people to rejoice in their history, heritage and their connection to
the Ancestors and to each other through the ownership and enjoyment
of our sacred spaces in the present time. '

The event took place between Rath Lugh and the Henge at Lismullen, where more than twenty women gathered to share the full moon. Singing chanting embracing the elements and cheering the people who've been there before. They were invoking the friendly spirits of the woods to defeat the NRA. Some men gathered in the outer circle.

The following are some images around Rath Lugh and Lismullen and from the Tara Full Moon Circle, a rather nice friendly place to be!

Images (c)

View of Lismullin Henge
View of Lismullin Henge

Rath lugh esker from the east (approx)
Rath lugh esker from the east (approx)

Fire at Rath Lugh
Fire at Rath Lugh

A view of the camp towards sunset
A view of the camp towards sunset

Camp fire
Camp fire





author by Paula Geraghtypublication date Wed Aug 29, 2007 01:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Images (c)






La Bella Luna
La Bella Luna

author by Susan Isabella Sheehan-Repasky - Flicker Light Studiopublication date Wed Aug 29, 2007 05:10author email art at tomandsusan dot usauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Truly beautiful Paula, and I can see no damage was done. May the Mother take notice, may all that is holy and sacred take hold.

author by KOMpublication date Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

1) Tara – Tara – Tara –

A 22 minute documentary which chronicles the struggle at Tara over the past months. Well produced and worth watching!


2) In Polite Conversation with Trevor Sargent (about Tara)!

Trevor “its heavy going isn’t it”


Tara video archive can be found on www.tarapixie.net

Video 1: Tara – Tara – Tara – A 22 minute documentary
Video 1: Tara – Tara – Tara – A 22 minute documentary

Video 2: Trevor “its heavy going isn’t it”
Video 2: Trevor “its heavy going isn’t it”

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/83937
author by KOMpublication date Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

These two videos show the work practices of ACS (Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd) workers at the Tara site. The footage (I assume) was captured by the workers themselves on posted on youtube. In video 1 ‘Saitanisci’ you will notice that the workers are unsupervised and using very heavy handed methods/tools in their archaeological recording.

Video 1: ‘Saitanisci’ - ‘That's how we worked for ACS company on Lismulin site’

Video 2: ‘Decoy House Video Documentary’


Video 1: ‘Saitanisci’ - ‘That's how we worked for ACS company on Lismulin site’
Video 1: ‘Saitanisci’ - ‘That's how we worked for ACS company on Lismulin site’

Video 2: ‘Decoy House Video Documentary’
Video 2: ‘Decoy House Video Documentary’

author by CSTpublication date Wed Aug 29, 2007 16:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Campaign to Save Tara have launched a case to halt works on the M3 pending EU
investigation. am sure there is press release somewhere(?), in the meantime its been
breaking all day on RTE and Irish Times.

The case will be taken by Michael Canney, former spokesperson of CST.


Tomorrows protest will begin at 8am and continue for the duration of the NRA
PR excerise (masquerading as a conference)



[eircomnet are carrying it as breaking news]

author by KOMpublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 12:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Protestors stop work on the site by blocking and standing on top of machinery. Bully boys are also sent in to intimidate a video documenter.


"Take the camera out of here, I don't give a shit...Show me some short of ID"
"Take the camera out of here, I don't give a shit...Show me some short of ID"

author by C Murraypublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 13:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was speaking with a director of one of the NRA regional offices at the conference
in the Gresham hotel, yesterday and they do have a lot of problems with:

1. Attracting suitably qualified archaeological dig personnel.
2.Short term contracts.
3. Inexperience.

The NRA head hunts archaeology graduates, (for directorships), they are generally
MA level with some fiels experience in archaelogy through their college careers.
They obtain with the directorship a four year contract, which basically means that
within their tenure as a director they shoulder responsibility for digs
in their regions, addressing conferences, schools and organising museum exhibitions.
There is no level of growth in a four year directorship career, cos its not pensionable nor
is there much room for developing beyond the contractural scope, most move on
into different careers or re-apply for a different region. One female director I spoke with
told me that her last job in Galway was 'a nightmare', one dig required 25 qualified
graduate level personnel- they got four, the rest were brought in from Eastern Europe and
did not have either the language or the ability to utilise the equipment. thats 21 under the required
quota for an extensive dig.
Her area was submarine archaelogy , so the whole area she had inherited on her
short term contract was entirely new, but exciting.

The Privatisation of the Heritage industry began in 1992-95 when the Minister for State
at the OPW started introducing short term , one year renewable contracts which did
away with 1. Secure pensionable jobs for technicians/conservationists. the private
companies 'brain-drained' the state sector. ( I know I was there)
2.Private companies began working the Heritage reconstructions.
This was added to by the abolition of Duchas, where the ethos of conservation and
the statutory protection of monuments was subverted into profit-making organisations
which were dedicated to the fast-track planning industry and not to a national
protectorate of Natural and built heritage, interestingly The first Thing that the
Government preceeding this one did was drop the Heritage Portfolio completely
from the list of Portfolios and then shifted them around so Heritage left
'Gaelteacht and the Islands' and came under the aegis of DOE.

There is no national structure for protection of all our monuments on the island
nor statutory agency to implement NMA (amended 2004). Archaeology graduates are
being enticed into Profit-making agencies with fast-track unsustainable
planning as their basis and root,ahead of the necessitious creation of
agencies to protect heritage. The Government appears to be deliberately starving the
public sector with little recruitment or career packages for those qualified in all
aspects of conservation, in other words- our nationa archaeological programme
is owned by the NRA.

author by Legal Eaglepublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 14:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Council Members of the Council of British Druid Orders, CoBDO, representing 18 Druid Orders and 17000 members, will discuss what they can do to help the situation on Tara against the M3 motorway at their Quarterly Council Meeting on Sunday at Liverpool.

However, so as not to be seen involved in Irish internal affairs, which is the primary concern of the Council, they are already decided not to take part in the defence of Tara without invitation from the appropriate Irish Save Tara groups and campaigns.

Many of the Members of British Druid Orders are in fact Irish, but they are bound by this decision of the Council, already taken.

Among the leaders of the Council are King Arthur Pendragon of the Loyal Arthurian Warband, L.A.W., and Archdruid Rollo Maughfling of Stonehenge, a descendant of Charles Stewart Parnell.

The Council organises Midsummer Day each year at Stonehenge with an attendance of up to 50,000 Druids and Pilgrims. They directed the canpaign of the Newbury Bypass and the later battles for Stonehenge., when they took on and rocked thousands of British police in riot gear, as two British Army regiments were placed on standby on Salisbury Plain nearby.

Ultimately they negotiated a satisfactory settlement with English Heritage, in charge of Stonehenge as the appropriate British Government body. Now they sit in meeting with English Heritage several times a year to organise together the Stonehenge festivals for the people. They also played a prominent part in the battle to reclaim the streets in Inner London.

They are debating what they can do to help the Campaign for Tara at the request of The O.D.I., the Order of Druids in Ireland. But neither CoBDO nor ODI will get involved at Tara without specific invitation.

The ODI is an External Associate of CoBDO for Ireland, just as CoBDO also has external associations in Scotland, Wales, Brittany, France, Holland and the U.S.A. , as the largest body of Druids in the world, the most organised and the best advised. They are veteran eco-warriors. They are devoted to the Cause of Tara.



Related Link: http://www.warband.org
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