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How does a woman deal with protocol and sexism at the same time????

category international | gender and sexuality | other press author Monday September 28, 2009 14:21author by ud Report this post to the editors

How Berlusconi behaves in public.

Certain criticisms of Michelle Obama have been doing the rounds of MSM because she did not allow
a grappler within arm's length.

Q: Should she hide her distaste and allow a known grappler and sexist give her a hug?
A: Why did the Telegraph even ask that stupid question?

Back to time honoured sexism , where a Premier who is immune from prosecution, has a mountain
of sleaze behind him and caused an odd reaction in the wife of the US prez gets defended in
the Media because Mrs Obama did not *want* to hug him. It is of course all her fault and nothing
to do with the manner in which he greeted her.

The images speak for themselves :

Feminst backlash:
Berlusconi greets the wife of the US president, she didn't hug him causing a diplomatic incident.
Berlusconi greets the wife of the US president, she didn't hug him causing a diplomatic incident.

Mr Berlusconi is celebrated for his sexism, one of his escorts thought that he would aid her political
career by getting her a seat in the European Parliament, whilst the 18 year old who calls him *Papa*
wanted a council seat in lieu of whatever the 72 year old satyr gets from her. In Italy the feminists
are biting back and accusing him of devaluing politics- though that is overshadowed by the arrest
of Gianpolo Tarantini who whilst being investigated for procurement , got arrested last week on
drugs charges :

The procurement charges relate to the giving of 1000 euros to between 5-8 women in exchange for
their offering of sexual services to Mr B. Thirty of the women who attended these parties at the Villa
of Silvio are in the process of being interviewed by prosecutors. But it just ups the man's ratings.
It's a cause for celebration to a nation whose political gene pool is being comprised of young
Italian blooded wealthy women who are capable of fellating their way into a political life. The
Procurement charges were quietly trundling onward until last week when further charges were
added, these included *Tampering with evidence* (if your evidence comprises 30 women, then did
he tamper with them???)

This is the inital reportage of the evidence leading to the procurment charges against Gianpolo
Tarantini, he's 35 years old and gets tarts for parties, now he's up to it in a drugs rap. I reckon
Michelle's reaction was instant rather than decided upon before hand , afterall he is very (very)
mediterannean and she may not have liked having her gown x-rayed by him or indeed the
manner of the approaches he made to her. She seems a sensible type of lady,and somewhat
reserved. The series of images are at the top of the page.

Q: Should a President's wife be entitled to greet an over-effusive puppy with a hand-shake rather
that a body hug?
A: O yes, she should really.

Q: Can idiotic media attempt to criticise a woman for exercising her choices with regard to
how she greets a grappler?
A: Not really; but they do try. Maybe the reporter should try it sometime.

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author by Gpublication date Mon Sep 28, 2009 15:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

She should have given him a good kick in the nuts.

author by udpublication date Mon Sep 28, 2009 16:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

He obviously tickles ltalians who wish him represent their interests :

author by pimppublication date Mon Sep 28, 2009 16:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

He arrived back in Italy to speak to his thronged admirers air to joke yet again about the Obama suntan.

"The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has repeated his reference to Barack Obama's "tan" – and this time made a wisecrack about Michelle Obama's skin colour, too. Berlusconi told a Milan rally of conservative supporters yesterday that he was bringing greetings from the United States from "What's his name? Some tanned guy. Ah, Barack Obama!"
"You won't believe it, but two of them went to the beach, because the wife is also tanned."

Last week photographs showed Michelle Obama greeting many leaders at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh summit with a kiss but stiffly holding out her arm for a handshake when she came to greet Berlusconi. Pictures show Berlusconi gazing at Mrs Obama's gown, instead of her face, and holding his arms out as if in delight at what he sees, while the US president looks on, apparently not amused. Berlusconi has been on the defensive over a sex scandal that erupted last spring after his wife complained that the 72-year-old prime minister was infatuated with young women and announced she was divorcing him. Prosecutors in the southern Italian city of Bari are investigating as a suspect in a cocaine investigation a local businessman who has said he sent some 30 young women to dinners and parties at Berlusconi's Rome palazzo and Sardinian villa. The businessman told investigators he paid the women's expenses and in some cases extra money in case they had sex with the prime minister.............. [Berlusconi added later on in his speech] "But he's all there, in a big way, and that should make us all happy and satisfied because we need the greatest democracy, the greatest country, to be in trustworthy hands,".

= not mauled over and pinched on the big ass, we presume Silvio?

Though when you think about ending all this usual back-slapping, hugging, first wives' photos and luncheons with the odd first husband looking bored or intimidated, then not only do you deny Silvio a bit of groping but you'd end up stopping the Pope from having that pleasure of his ring being kissed. Who knows where it would end?

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author by udpublication date Tue Sep 29, 2009 10:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well sometime after the *whole* episode, which saw gaffe upon gaffe- upon insult
*on the world political stage*

Ye can do what you want in your mansion with money and very good friends to protect you
etcetera but to expose Italian politics to ridicule (not so good); but sure they voted him, they
support him, he can get anything he wants= it's a bit late to be embarassed at indulging
the ol' lech:

I note the dignified silence of Mrs Obama in this debacle. *nice*

I suppose wealth, power and indulgence is justified to some gilded lilies but most people are just trying
to get by.

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