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Bank & Corporate Muck Money Pouring into Irish Political Parties Before Election

category international | elections / politics | news report author Saturday January 01, 2011 18:46author by Rebels YELL Report this post to the editors

Corporate and Bankster Monopoly of Leinster House

Fine Gael the main opposition party in the Irish state, is already flush with corporate and bankster muck money, well over €2 million, already, with just some of it coming in from its own gambling sources.Their long time partners with the dubious and misleading title of 'Labour' have already, more than a million, with big contributions also rolling in, via., the fat cat corrupt front of fake trade union leadership, along with the corporations and banks.
Corporate Fascism
Corporate Fascism

Fine Gael the main opposition party in the Irish state, is already flush with corporate and bankster muck money, well over €2 million, already, with just some of it coming in from gambling sources.Their long time partners with the dubious and misleading name of 'Labour' have already, more than a million, with big contributions also rolling in, via., the fat cat corrupt front of fake trade union leadership, along with the corporations and banks.

The totally disgraced Government party of Fianna Fáil party have debts of over €3 million, with no one willing to touch them. The muck money is pouring in from the corporations, oil companies, gas exploration moguls and banks, with the prospect of all the state pensions funds being emptied by the next Government after the election, along with further massive cuts, to pay for more bailouts, Both parties in the next Government, will be needed to oil the process and keep workers quiet while liquidating all of the pension funds, already used as collateral, for high interest loans that are pre-determined to de-fault.

Some of the world's largest corporations and banks, will spend unlimited sums of money in the next election, to support or oppose candidates. Big business domination of Leinster house is complete. The disparities between individual contributions and available corporate muck money, mocks any pretence of equal justice under the law, in both scums states of Ireland.

Too many Irish people harbour the naive illusion, that they live in a democracy, simply because they have a right to vote. The truth is, voting only matters, where real choice exists. It is understood by all Irish gombeen men and heaven knows there is more than enough of them, that special interest money runs the Irish political system and defines what the choices will be. The people are then left to choose between establishment candidates, who are financed by special interest money, which any fool can see, is not a choice at all.

These built in loopholes in the system, are an invitation to the international corporations, to spend whatever money they believe necessary, to further entrench their corporate fascist state in Ireland. The money they are now throwing at Fine Gael and 'Labour' for the next election, will be used to reward their crony friends and punish any possible honest opponents left.

Faceless corporations and offshore bank bondholders have learned in Ireland already, that money makes a big difference when it comes to blocking protection for workers, consumers or the environment. Banksters from the City of London and their stock markets, property developers, health insurance, fossil fuel drillers for gas and oil, have been hard at work, defeating common-sense reforms for ordinary people, that would make them more accountable.

Cowardly, corrupted, well oiled, elected traitorous officials in Ireland, believe that to challenge the corporate agenda, is to risk their political career. Career being the operative word and sole motivation for their participation in the Irish political system. All the signs are, at this early stage, that there will be much more direct corporate electoral funding in the next Irish election. Channeled without limit through trade unions, associations and shadowy front groups, to run campaigns without specifying corporate patrons, preventing honest candidates from running, because they don't want anything to do with the dirty politics of the scum state.

These corporations are not humans. They do not vote. They should not have the right to decide the next Irish election or the next phase of corrupt policies, to hammer the Irish people of no property, especially given their enormous existing privileges and immunities compared to the ordinary people.

It takes big money to win Irish elections and the big money comes from the huge offshore accounts of the international corporations in the filthy fraudulent banks. In effect, special interest money has made the Irish political process, null and void by restricting Irish voter's choices for candidates that are contenders, who have already been pre-chosen by the international corporations and banks.

Wherever you look or listen in Ireland, the rich are well represented in areas like TV, radio, local radio, newspapers, while the great majority of Irish people are excluded outsiders in their own land. Yes, people can cast protest votes, as they may sometimes do, for the very few candidates, who will not accept special interest money but they are extremely rare and hardly ever contenders. It requires huge sums of money, to get media exposure nevermind be a serious contender in an Irish General election. The system was specifically designed by the British to exclude any serious challenge, to their status quo, which leaves voters to choose between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, all fielded by corporate backers.

Corporate money is so entrenched in the Irish political system, that voters are left to choose only as to the degree of corruption. Ultimately the choice is between the lesser evils as in the sectarian headcount, in the northern scum state, which speak volumes about the utterly rotten state of Irish politics. Good never comes out of evil, so we are watching even further the steady decline of two already existing scum states, mired in utter corruption.

There is nothing good about global corporate financiers, who hedge their bets by supporting several candidates of all the major Irish political parties. Corporate money is not philanthropic nor is it interested in the well being of Ireland or its people. They are motivated by unadulterated greed and when they finance political parties or campaigns, make no mistake, they are renting or buying gombeen Irish politicians, who do what they have always done, help outsiders exploit Ireland and its people.

Special interest money is like a malignant cancer that growing in the brain of every Irish government. It must be removed immediately by a vigilant assertive people, before completely destroying and killing Ireland. The Irish system of high rollers and fat cats feeds upon the bloated corpses of the fading Irish middle class and the people of no property.This fascist scum is accountable to no one, which should be an insult to all right-thinking decent Irish people with common sense, from whatever political party.It has however become a culture in Ireland like the mafia in Italy, another catholic country. Its time Irish people took off their blinkers, stop behaving like sheep, they certainly are not the lambs of God and open their eyes, to see the Irish political system for what it really is, the cruel hoax it always was, that batters the young people who aspire to a third level education only to be brutally battened to emigrate.

The corporate financing of Irish political parties, candidates and campaigns, is in fact, a corporate or banker's investment in the status quo, that benefits the wealthy and marginalizes those of no property. Exporting those with spirit that might challenge the system, leaving behind, those who crawl, speak out of the side of their mouths or behind posteriors while kissing Irish gombeen arse for the survival of slavery. This is the reason why substantive change is never accomplished through the vote in Ireland. It also explains the remarkable consistency of governmental policies, down through the decades, despite whichever of the establishment parties are elected, Fianna Fail or FineGael/'Labour' both the most right-wing in Europe.

The corporations, banksters and their puppets in Irish government, are realizing huge profits from the existing system, and they will not allow any substantial change from within the existing order of Irish politics. The corrupt stink Irish system cannot and will not be reformed, the banksters and the money changers will not allow it. Some now say, Jaysus himself was a little bit pink but he certainly proved he had balls, when he lost it with the bankers in the temple. If he was around today, make no mistake about it, these bankers, corporations, crooked politicians, gombeen leeches could expect an awful lot more than a whipping. Growing nuts in the Irish scum state in the middle of winter may not be realistic but this corporate fascism must be challenged, in-action as in Nazi Germany is complicit creeping fascism, it must be challenged now, there is no easier, softer way !.

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Caption: The Ballad of Larkin and Connolly

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sat Jan 01, 2011 19:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors a fair analogy. But it has ramified and developed a far more sophisticated propaganda machine since then, and its reach is now truly global. The next ten years will maybe see whether we wake up and pull down this house of jokers, or it pulls the whole fucking planet down its nuclear vortex.
The lunatics have total and totalitarian control, and seem to be moving towards the nineteenth century plan of 'Open Door' carve up of the Eurasian land mass and its resources to ensure the Anglo/US/and willingly coalescent allies reich is not overtaken by the rising dragon.

Iran is the stalking horse, the dismemberment of China and Russia the target.If they can do it by stealth and slight they will be happy. If not, they will do what dictators trapped in bunkers tend to do when the great game is up.

Trouble is, unlike uncle Adolf, these lads have the nuclear pistol to hand.Interesting times.

Locally? Its gonna get worse, before, if ever, it gets better. And dont forget the weather-eye. That imaginary climate turbulence aint goin away apparently. Batten the hatches, the front line for this one is the info-trenches, not the hair-trigger.Keep on posting.

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