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The Indymedia Ireland website is run in an open and free atmosphere. We welcome participation and contributions from everyone who feels they have something constructive to add. You don't have to be a member to post to the newswire or to contribute articles. The website is managed by a volunteer collective who collaborate on mailing lists and have face to face meetings as the need arises. Membership of the collective is open to all.
The five most important things that you can do to help us are the following:

1. Contribute to the Newswire

The most important and basic thing that Indymedia needs is for people to submit original and newsworthy material to our open newswire. All you have to do click on the publish link and type yours story into the form. Choose a topic and region for your story and hey presto! We also encourage readers to add comments to stories when they have information or new perspectives to add to a story. Just click on the "add your comment" link at the bottom of every story.

More: Publishing Guide

2. Spread the Word

Tell other people about indymedia, how it works and how it can help them. There are loads of voluntary and non-profit groups in Ireland who should be using a resource like indymedia to tell the world about themselves, yet don't use it or rarely use it. Often this is because they don't understand how it works or how many people read it. So, it helps everybody when you take a few minutes to explain to other people how they can publish on indymedia.

3. Help us Raise Money

Indymedia is an all-volunteer collective. We devote our time for free to help run this site. However, there are other costs - such as paying for our hosting and helping out other projects in the indymedia network which cost money. You can help us to pay the bills and help indymedia to keep on growing by going to our donate page and following the instructions there.

4. Help our moderators to spot abuse

Indymedia is an open-publishing website which means that anybody can publish stories or comments and they appear on the site immediately . Some of these comments and stories are, inevitably, abusive or against our editorial guidelines in some way and they will be removed by our moderators when they see them. You can help our moderators by notifying them of the problem and indicating why you think the comment or story is against the guidelines. Just click on the red exclamation mark inside the triangle, which you will find beside every comment and story to report abuse. This will bring you to our report form, fill this form in with your reasons and it will be sent to our moderators.

5. Join an Indymedia Working Group

We are always looking for new members and anybody is welcome to join. All our work is done through a number of Working Groups. In order to get involved with a working group, you just need to have some very basic computer literacy, a willingness to work as part of a team and a few hours of internet access per week. Once you have served an apprenticeship in a working group, you can become a full member with full voting rights in all collective decisions, according to our constitution

More information about joining the collective can be found in our Guide to Joining Indymedia

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