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international / crime and justice Dé Máirt Lúnasa 31, 2021 00:52 by1 of Indy
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UK Death Heat map shows 90+ age group had most deaths

This explosive story from the may be perhaps the most important story of the whole sad Covid affair for it explains a lot. Many who quickly saw through this Covid scamdemic were aware that the vast majority of deaths were in older people older than the national life expectancy despite media attempting and succeeding to make people believe much younger people were dying. However there was a real puzzle trying to explain why there was a spike in deaths in April if this was a scam considering in most years the annual spike occurs in mid Winter in January when vitamin D levels are at their lowest.

It now turns out we have the explanation and the evidence. In the UK and in Ireland at the start of the lockdown thousands of old people were booted out of hospital within hours and put into nursing homes where they no longer received the hospital care. Not only that, the UK government recommended the use of the end-of-life drug Midazolam (and used for executions in the US) which should be used with extreme care with old people and anyone with any sort of respiratory problems as it REDUCES breathing. The recommended dosage to use was 10 times higher than the maximum recommended limit for this age group. The DailyExpose also have the figures for the amount of Midazolam used and it matches the "Covid" death spike in April 2020 and the second spike in Jan 2021 which was used to prolong the lockdowns last winter.

In the case of Ireland the question is was Midazolam recommended too or was simply depriving the elderly of the sort of care they were getting in the hospitals and obviously not in the nursing home, enough to do the intended harm.

international / rights, freedoms and repression Dé Luain Bealtaine 31, 2021 00:34 by1 of Indy
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The Covid-19 vaccines (aka the experimental gene therapy) are a Trojan horse for two reasons. One is because they have the potential to cause great harm and long term chronic health and even death and the second because they are a key part of "vaccine passports" that are central to forming the global identification and control system of a worldwide totalitarian technocracy. The media, Big Tech and government have made no effort to hide the fact that they intend vaccine passports to be permanent and expanded to all aspects of life from travel to public events, to entry to work, cafes, restaurants and even pubs although these measures will come later once they get the travel part locked in and accepted.

national / history and heritage Déardaoin Aibreán 15, 2021 22:58 byT
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Ireland 2021 ?

There is no doubt about it that religion and spirituality are under attack and the pressure has been massively increased on the back of the Covid Scamdemic.

The level of suppression and repression now in force against the church has not been seen here for centuries. The irony is that the church hierarchy are largely going along with it. The attack on spirituality is a bit harder to discern but it is there and part of the wider trend. Overall what appears to be going on is the corporate takeover of society and that is the new religion and it is intolerant of any other belief systems. This is a characteristic of all totalitarian systems. They want you to transfer any beliefs you have to them. During the worst periods of the USSR we saw churches burned or closed down and all religious practice suppressed. Similar things happened during the Chinese cultural revolution. What it represents is a demand to turn towards the reigning power and an insistence that this is the only belief system. What the socialist revolution was promising was salvation through socialist organisation of society and by directing the productive forces to the benefit of all peoples, in effect creating heaven on Earth. It didn't quite turn out that way for various reasons. Now the corporate regime is trying the same without the promises

national / rights, freedoms and repression Dé Domhnaigh Feabhra 28, 2021 02:17 byAmy
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If you examine footage & pics carefully
there is no riot just an baton charge against
peaceful protesters with trouble
caused by a few hired thugs
working for the state's agenda

Sat 27th Feb. Today's long planned anti-lockdown protest that was due to take place in Stephens Green was prevented from entering the park because it was closed by the government and all roads leading to it were sealed off by a massive police operation.

Despite the fact there were was an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 who were marching and the vast majority were regular people and were peaceful, the media insists it was a riot and was only attended by thugs. This is the image that they not only want to present but they do present. The only mainstream media images are of lines of cops with smoke from the one firecracker by the lunatic and some discarded litter on the ground.

This report of the protest critically looks at what happened and how the agenda of the government has been cynically served. It is so coincidental that the incident with the firecracker perfectly fitted the narrative they wanted to portray and portray it they did in every report and mention.

national / arts and media Dé Céadaoin Eanáir 13, 2021 00:12 by1 of indy
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Screenshot of Irish Times article from LAST year
reporting hospital over-crowding

All the news media in Ireland have gone ballistic in the last few days ramping up the Covid fear to new extreme levels. There are already 100,000s of people absolutely terrified by their misleading news and this sustained level of fear for over 10 months now is very likely leading to very dangerous health conditions for these people leading to heart conditions, mental issues, cancer and all sorts of problems caused largely by the extreme stress that they have put themselves under because unfortunately the media and the politicians are giving highly distorted, mis-leading inaccurate and sensational news about the Covid situation.

A good example is the news from the past few days where we are told the hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients and as of today it is claimed 46 are death.

The aim of this article is to bring some context and reality to this, something the mainstream media and politicians and their bureaucrats are strenuously going out of their way to not do.

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