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Spirit of Contradiction

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Bye Bye you Ruby Tuesday. (again)

category international | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Tuesday April 27, 2004 12:48author by la hedda irlandesa el ipsiphi - Tuatha De Danaan. Building Sion and Protecting Trinity.author address C/Side - Barcelona Report this post to the editors

being a new weekly update on WW1,WW2,WW3,WW4, & wwV as well as the final outcome of many civil Wars.

It has long been observed that the mass is like connected a lot more than it used to be.

So cross-references for us all to enjoy from the Columbine 3 to the Spies of London to the Judges of mexico to the Labs of Europe to the Milk of China.

You now all know about the freedom of the Three neutral state passport holders who were held in the US sponsered Civil War Drug Production Zone (aka Base 2) in the triangle of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.

But you didn't think about it that way.
Which is why you all needed la hedda irlandesa el ipsiphi to like sort out your warped perceptions.

= ¿aren't I a good ELF?

52 senior and retired diplomats of HMG foreign and commonwealth offices, like the spies of Britian:-
(that's one for every playing card except the Joker which I always hold)
have yesterday issued a long and significant letter through various media channels condemning Mr Blair (2) [remember Mr Blair (1) is better known to you as George Orwell]
and more importantly condemning Bush.
Everyone condemns their own, it's part of the Hardehar game, yabooo, sit down you fecking eejit, ya ya ya!!! But now everyone is condemning the Bush Klan. Lovely.

Thank You.

These men and women doth know a lot, about like their "areas" and of course thanks to the alarm bells I did ring, they know lots about me too. Lovely Sweet. ShakeyDATSpeare.
They work and live in a world of shadowy secrets and nod and winks and shady deals, and protection of interests and to the one have signed all the relevant documentation and then when their time is up they go out to grass, or get the house in the West End and someday their name appears in either of the two gong lists and they get according to their rank or special work done a "MBE", a "CBE" or even a "dame" if they're arty.

Now instead, la hedda irlandesa, el ipsiphi shall be sending them all big squeezy huggys the sort you don't shit in, and keep your little grandchildren happy in their nappies perhaps without a nanny this time.
You will each be awarded a "member of the global okupe movement" and as promised in a previous edition of the Sunday Papers, a recycled steel Okupe Lapel Pin.
= Keep up the good work.

A British Army officer has decided to fly the 1969 microplane used by Sean Connery when he played days of the week, seamus is our bondie 007 in You only live twice.
This litle plane which now is a really old box of tricks, since the Ruskies cleverly developed the plastic invisible wing with jet engine which you launch out the back of any aircraft and brings you like oddles of kilometres in RADAR non-detecable completely controllable flight is a cool little plane.
The "have a go" lad, hopes to fly around the world in 100 days, and the craft boasts the sponsership:- "Mc Alpine and Chess".
I'm loving it.

Mr Fox of Mexico, in his "judicial reform" which he is launching under pressure from the Legal Eagle Team of Spain (the ones who spoilt Pinochet's tea party with Thatcher) has now expanded his visionary new "tackle that corruption" plan for Mexico.
[do you get my sarcasm?]
Yes, indeedy, Mexico is now to enshrine into law the dazzlingly modern concept of :-
"Innocent till proven Guilty".
¿Who knows where such Liberalism will lead?

Back to United Kollectives Land for a moment,
now many of us consider Blunkett as "holding the line", we know that he is rather like Ireland's national poet, "dall", and we are happy that Braille is like difficult to warp and infiltrate. However the picture of UK Minister for Immigration Desmond Brown holding his sample "volunteer till 2013 only" ID card which if you look carefully is number "84". Makes one cringe. Come 'on Mr Blunkett issue a "1984". Go on do.
Love to the dog.

Remember the other day I told you that no-one would give the Jordanian Secret Service (the ones who discovered Ossama in 1995) the time of day?
Well yesterday, the Jordanians foiled an attack by Al Qaeda on the HQ of their secret services in Amman, the terrorists har de har were about to use suicide bombers to detonate no less than 20 tonnes of Biological Weapons Material in amman and then for seconds thought to attack the US Embassy and residence of the Prime Minister. But thankfully the spies and candlestickmakers foiled that one. They have through their ministry of foreign affairs issued a statement claiming that 80,000 lives were saved.

and Golly!

Drug News:-

Sanofi, Synthélab and Aventis at the cost 54,500,000,000€ (that's lots) have now become the third largest PharmaCorp in the World. This means Europe holds the Lab on such interesting things now as Vitamin B (intra muscular injectable form) and Hexopal (which is made in both the UK and Ireland Mammy Harney- what do you use it for?) and Perfan which is made in Belgium.

Now I told you a long time ago, that our young people take pills. So do their mammys and daddys. nothing wrong with a bit of Dionysian fun and dancing away and being happy can be sort of therapèutic but some people don't know when to stop the alchopop.

So that's why we need a drug debate.

And also why Bertie, we need free drug testing for those who take these drugs.
Coz Bertie neither you nor your kids nor the Mammy Harney nor even Michael Mc Do Well know what's in them.

I do.
I'm a pirate of the House of the Mountain.
I put the Mac D in the Mc D.

So, two agencies in Europe have excelled themselves in the study of modern youth drug taking and all effects of those drugs on physique, mentality, behaviour, fertility etc.,
They are to be found in the UK and Nederlands courtesy of the I reckon pretty sincere good wishes of two of those Queenies I boast on my chessboard, Mr Bush.

So Bertie / Gardaí
take a piece of advise from a Master / Dr Who?
Let the kids import the tester kits.
And Kids:-
Use Them.

23 of the 40 different types of powder milk being produced and sold to the kids of the Nation have now been analysed. In the very experimental zone of Guandong, only 68% of the milk has been found to be suitable.
In other regions of china, outside the declared experimental open doors to Yankee HyperCapitalist exploitation, poisoned millk has now been found in Bengbu (anhui), Zhenzou (henan) and Tanshan (Hebei).

The Chinese are spitting Fury Mr Bush.
Like they are pissed man.
And gosh golly have they been busy these last weeks eh? isolating SARS, isolating AVP and now checking all the milk. They really deserve their reputation for being thorough, witty, very together and on average more intelligent than your average westerner.

Isn't it a good thing they've never nursed world domination fantasies?

Their space program announced last month to put a Chinese Man and Woman on the Moon by 2013 is going nicely as well. Photos have been leaked through a trusted source of hopefull candidates jumping up and down in a big vat of milky curd (which is the closest the non lactarian Chinese get to blue cheese apart from Smegma Mr President & Bertie) practising for that great day.

Bejing is also looking for a movie director who could help with the memorable images that we know will become the "image of the XXI century and get on the front of all the Chronicles". Perhaps some hopeful acitivists of indymedia May Day could offer their services in the much awaited post War Period?

What else?

Oh yes my publishing career rent and bills:-

Well I haven't paid the rent.
and I haven't paid the Water Bill.
and I haven't paid the Electricity Bill.
and I have published over three million words.
and I'm bored of teaching English as a Foreign Language.
call me 0034 636 105 231.

And I don't want a "mbe/cbe/dame" coz I'm Erse and we very thoughtfully little ogras of Fine Gael made it quite clear that we would never allow a honours system in our Republic. It was explained to me as kid, in these terms:- "We have an honours system and all the mediocre oiks and ochlocs and puppets we rain money on and put in front of the cameras and give good whiskey too will be just too fucking un bearable"
got that Bertie / Mc Do Well?
No Honours.

What else?

Strange things that happened to me on the way to work, I found a 50$ Mexico coin from 1993, so I gave it to the Assembly for MayDay pass the hat.
I also found a pretty rare 1964 "Liberty Half US Silver Dollar" with the Head of JFK.
It's even rarer because some-one has put a little hole through the centre so you can hang the coin on a string.
I am thus wearing the coin on a string around my neck next to the "effin impressive key" that really puts the wind up some people.

so har de har:-

Presidential Executive Order
you are authorised to do whatever it takes

Now we know this is very serious, but so too was HIV, Marburg, SARS, AVP, and all the abominations of Babylon. And some day that line that is forever drawn in the sand, is crossed, and the Camel's Back is broken.
You really should have looked more carefully at the Chess Board long ago.

= "check"


"you may have to read between the lines..."

author by :-) - Pirates. we are the Raven's Nest.publication date Tue Apr 27, 2004 13:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Forgot to mention so interested am I in the Lab workers at the moment, that a massive shipment of Cocaine has been seized in the Atlantic Ocean.
Now Lads and Ladettes of the Dail, and business associates of Fianna Fail, we know you do Cocaine. We also know that buzz is sweet sugar to help you shoe other shit up your nosey.

And guess what?

We Pirates know what you put up your nose.
You poor scumbags, you really have no idea do you?

Now you have the opportunity to resign gracefully from public life and hand over control of the Republic to the other parties, because your decades of manipulation and standing idly by, and doing the Yankee bidding are over.

I am making myself very clear in 2004 aren't I?

2002 tripped up acid burn style.
and of course the complete list of WMD including the Al Samoud plant.

2003 more coherent facts and figures style including the Venezuela story.

2004 Haiti and Babylon and Nukes and 007.

2005 might be too late for the Regime Change I am telling you the people demand.
Think it over.
Snort a line
- why not?
good Wookies.

author by Iosaf Prionsais Mac Di Armada - Ministry for Truth, Peace, Belly Aches, and Amnesia.publication date Wed Apr 28, 2004 12:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Day of Venus in the Hellenic Pantheon.

It's not as beligerent therefore as Tuesday.
Hasn't got as many good songs as the other days. The Bread Man told you "fair of face" or something like that. The Adams family suggested a link with Morticia. Enough, Sásta, Basta

Let us begin the round up...
On The Waves:-
The Cruise Liner Norwegian Dream, which is carrying 1700 mostly US Citizens on a pension fund paid retirement cruise around the Mediterranean and is administered by the US company Norwegian Dreams and has nothing not a skreed to do with Norway, has been refused access to the Port of Barcelona.
The Yankee old timers had thought and indeed had paid to drop off in BCN at eight of the morning and hang out the day till sailing at high tide. However they had not read the regulations properly, and under Spanish Defence Clauses which are held to be EEC Law and thus as you know EU law, Spain may refuse the right to put ashore to any boat not proceeding from a European Port.
Norwegian Dream had sailed from Gibraltar which though good for putting down if you're like leaking radioactive fuel or you've got problems with your reactor, is not a member state of the EEC or EU.
So tough titty there. & we presume there are quite a few tough titties on that boat.

Interestingly this means the next port of call may quite legally refuse access as well, as the boat will still be proceeding from a non EEC/EU port.

Just imagine the tough titties might end up floating around the Mediterranean like a boat of Vietnamese or Bangladashee refugees with no-one wanting to let them ashore. That would be grrrrreat, and if the world wasn't so terribly surreal already might provoke a diplomatic incident or something. But the tough titties will probably just sue the American Cruise Liner for their money back.

Our Boys and Girls on the Front:-

The Plus Ultra Brigade was evacuated completely "in secret" from the very hot spot of Nafar in the last 36 hours. They have proceeded south to the border with Kuwait, and their smiling happy brave little faces have been published this morning giving "the two fingers up three fingers down sign of Victory". Pres. ZP has confirmed to the Spanish Parliament that not a single Spanish Troop will remain in the Iraq war zone after May 27.
The Spanish right wing are conveniently forgetting the terms of the engagement of Sept 27 2003 to provide humanitarian aid, and are beginning to talk in terms of "war", may they choke on their own selective memory. If Spain wish commit her valuable troops to the War, then they will be commited, but they were sent on a humanitarian aid mission to provide water and food not to fight or support a US war of occupation. The other spanish speaking army units which were manipulated into supporting the illegal war are also leaving, "in droves" is the expression.

The Other Fronts:-

There was a SAM rocket attack on the UN building complex in the Diplomatic Area of Damascus yesterday just down the road from the Lebanon/Isreali border. Two stories of the building which houses the Canadian legation and certain offices of the UN were destroyed. The building is 200 metres south of Saudi Street, just a stone throw from Holland street.

The US Marines under a Pentagon command have gone into the killing fields of Falluja.

Cheney is under the scrutiny of the 9 member council which heads the Judiciary of the US Constitution. The focus is his association with the Halliburton company, and one of the judges known to be closely linked to Opus Dei, has issued a statement of alarm that Cheney invited him on a a government jet for a little chat in the last weeks, this might have been an attempt to waive or sway the judiciary of the USA, and that would be most certainly an attempt to pervert not only justice but the Constitution of the United States of America.
and that's bbbbbad.
Meanwhile Monkey Bush is insisting that Cheney's papers have to be secret, just like Koffi Anan's conversations, the recipe your mammy and daddy used to make you, and exactly why was JFK killed...

Ghadaffi has been well received by "often victimised by those convenient to blame "anarchists" of seperatist Sardinia" Mr Prodi, (who Burlosconi really doesn't like), hint hint, and he's delighted to be entrusted with sorting out the inter Mediterranean migration policy which will spell more secuirty for the north (us) and prosperity for the south (them).
Lovely little photo of his tent in the Spanish Press with his satelite dish aplonked outside. Great model, works through thick cloud cover and on batteries as well, but a wee bit heavy, you're not going to get that on your 35kg kit bag, and that's why we always have a radio man on the trek. Cool.

The 9 member Supreme Court is also to consider "enemy combatants rights", which might put a spanner in the Camp X supply feed, but heck there's always millions of guinea pigs at home.

That really popular King, (isn't he like really popular?) Juan Carlos of Spain has awarded the 2nd Count of Barcelona Prize to the international Red Cross and Crescent moon medical humanitarian aid orgs. This might be a sign that he and his pals like value the work done by these humanitarian organisations and perhaps that he has strong views on such things. Who knows? Write him a letter and ask him, monkey Bush, or ask your embassador why you never got an invite.

The US Ministry Of Truth website, (nothing to do with me) Reuters is chirping about battles in Thailand between Muslim rebel criminal gangs and respectable completely legal local business ventures.

You will remember that our Ministry of Truth and Peace has asked you for your assistance in Thailand.

the list of embassies, u know for the diplomatic thing:-

"Ministry of Memory"

(amazing how many ministries I've picked up eh? give me that red box go on do!)

We marked the anniversary of Muma this week. If you don't know the story, or haven't poster it, talked about it, then do so.

We also remember today the 30 year anniversary of the ending of Dictatorship in Portugal.

And South America, which we know is America, where most Americans live, work, breed and die, is doing it's thing.

They will lead us into the XXI century.

list of hints.
¿And you what did you sign?
without transgenetics.
= that means no transgenetics Monkey.
preparing for May Day Gas and Water and Work. work work busy bees.
defending their Oil.
prisoners and lots of disapeared.
and lots of guilty, wanna take a helicopter ride?

Meanwhile, I just like most people can't pay my Water Bill, my Electricity Bill, nor my Rent.
My Water Bill is now overdue, they sent a letter to the woman whose flat I live in, she charges the people she thinks live in it more than it's worth, and wrote that they can not understand how the account is in arrears, as she always pays on time. I never pay on time, But when I pay, I pay.
The Electricty people haven't sent the red letter yet, but I'm waiting, like go on piss me off. why don't you?

... "And I want nice new caravans for my mammys"

Lock Stock and Millions of Smoking Barrels.

Mayday Mayday! Mayday Mayday! Pirates reporting ship sighted floundering, all hands on board to canabalise, no prisoners taken, Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger, May Day May Day! "our boats are always smaller but much much faster and harder to sink. :-)
Mayday Mayday! Mayday Mayday! Pirates reporting ship sighted floundering, all hands on board to canabalise, no prisoners taken, Jolly Roger, Jolly Roger, May Day May Day! "our boats are always smaller but much much faster and harder to sink. :-)

author by iosaf (et cetera ... et cetera ... et cetera) - and tell me US Caesar do you dance?publication date Thu Apr 29, 2004 12:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"and thursday's child is Sunday's clown"
- Lou Reed, and the Velvet Underground.


Italy. This Week:-

The Disobedients and the Greens have united to call and support a mobilisation in Rome to call for immediate release of three Italian Citizens, supposed to being held in the Iraq theatre of the Babylon EndTime War Game, their names being:-
Umberto Cupertino
Maurizio Agliana
Salvatore Stefio.
All Political Parties in Italy have voiced some sort of support with the startling exception of the Liga Norte, who just like Spain's "PP" seem to love the idea of committing troops, getting stuck in there, but really have no idea of the consequences of breaking international law, flouting accepted international morality, and supporting the mass theft and barbarity which is the systematic result of the current illegitamate and unsustainable executive of the USA.

The Mobilisation will take the protesters from the Castillo d'Angel, where in Rome's darkest days, (when the mega earthquake hit, and the good northerners and others thouightfully burnt the place) legend tells an Angel appeared and landed on the roof.
From there they will walk to St Peter's Square, which marks the eastern border of the Vatican State, known as the Holy See with the Italian Republic, which Mr Burlosconi and his pals in Liga Norte want to pervert in pretty much the same way as Bush and crew did the USA.



In the highland town of Ilave, at an altitude of 4,000 metres, the mayor has been lynched, long accused of very serious crimes, including, corruption, smuggling, nepotism, rape, torture, murder, (need we go on?), anyway Mr Cirlio Robles is now dead.
The President of Peru has sent 220 armed agents to seize the town, and is waffling on about preserving law and order, "the yankee type" that actively supports Ex NAZI personel on their farms, and likes to take out any regime that aint playing their kind of Ball.

Italy and the NAZIs:-

The SS offficer, Herman Langer at 80 years of age, has finally been brought to justice accused of ordering a massacre 2nd of September 1944 at the monastry of Farneta, where 60 civilians were killed brutally by those who later became the "liga Norte" and are now pals with Burloscunt. (sorry about that typo- shocking I know)
There are 2,274 outstanding cases in Italy alone for massacres, rape, kidnap, torture and so relating to the Republic of Lago, which was set up for Mussolini whose grand-daughter likes Burlosconi and supports him in Parliament. The bombed special police barracks in the Iraq zone of the Babylon Endtime War game, you will remember was found to have been flying a Republic of Lago flag.
Also to be brought to Justice, are those responsible for the massacre of 560 civilians including 120 underage, in Tuscany 12th of August 1944.

Our Boys & Girls in the Plus Ultra.

a merchant ship has been chartered, the "lorena B" to ensure the safe return of all Spanish troops from the War Zone by the confirmed date of May 27th.

Other things:-

The Molecular Biology centre of Spain under the directorship of Fernando Valdivieso has found in thier studies of the Neurobiology of Ageing processes, a startling link between Alzheimers and Herpes Simplex D.
Really quite weird, that such a common and virulent little problem, should be so similar to that condition so many older people worry about.

There are 185,000,000 users of the internet in Europe. 40.6% of them are 25 years of age or under.

Really shite for you.

I walked through the city of Barcelona yesterday for the second time in three days with a wild bird on my shoulder. Now I'm not doing Frances of Assisi impressions, and I do know (don't we all) that I can really creep people out, not only online Bertie but hey you see me playing games in the flesh, and wow, if you're a bad boy or girl I fuck your mind, But this birdie experiment is of interest.
I have called her "golandrina" which means swallow. Little old lady said to me yesterday "it's not a swallow", well I know that, but "swallows" are more emblematic and like biblical but unfortunately they are very like "thin on the ground" these days, being a "species under threat".
Anyway, the bird I am looking after has a broken wing, and is a carnivore. REally quite the same design as say a Hawk, or Falcon or indeed Eagle but much much smaller.
It is a drone. It works with others to eat the little insects that often carry desiese. It being the second to fall in my path these days is indicative to me (a post graduate of Hogworts) that something is like _wrong_ with both electromagnetic systems and food for this little drone carnivore.
I managed to keep it warm through the night, the other of it's kind came and flew low over the house, I counted 30. Only one Seagull came sniffing a carrion prospect, but interestingly the others scared it off. REally quite odd interspecies interplay there.
Anyway, as I am trying to underline, this little birdie is a carnivore, and I am not Radcliffe, so I won't be catching flies to feed it with.
If anyone reading has any suggestions for feeding this little creature, who is presently on a diet of water, honey and salt, then mail me, tell me, call me.

Still haven't paid the Water Bill.
Still haven't paid the Electricity Bill.
Still haven't paid the Rent.

Bertie, if you don't pay my bills and rent, I'll nuke you. ¿aren't I like really threatening?
don't worry about innocent casualties sure we have mini-nukes as well as mini-doctor Evils these days.

"If I could be anything on the earth that flew,
I'd be a bat and come swooping after you"
Lou Reed & the Velvet Underground.

Mr Bush, is refusing Watergate style to let the tape recordings be aired to the 9 council member Judiciary of the USA.

I left a comment last night which is really serious. I'll re-word it now.

The XXI century amongst other things will present us with the neccesity and sad duty to Civilisation to dissolve the USA and it's dependent republics and commonwealth territories in the Pacific.
You might not believe that, but hey you didn't believe me about the SCUD missile list or the Al Samoud.
we know exactly how it will be achieved, and unfortuanately it won't all be a picnic, but I assure you all European, American alike Reform of the Western States of the Atlantic Union is unavoidable.

The XXI century will also see established a Republic of Arabia, with the final destruction of the illegitamate House of Saudi. The custody of the Sacred Places of Islam will pass to whatever entity is agrred by World Muslims in concensus.

Thus will we deal with two of the most Evil and Twisted problems that undermine every serious attempt to achieve World Peace and Prosperity. I see very little other options, and well Bush Daddy helped dissolve the USSR in less than a 1000 days, so we've set the target to dissolve the USA in a similar period of time. It will help us all out. You wait and see.

Meanwhile, American means American.,
And most of the resources are found in the south, and the people who will lead us are there too. They will lead by example. Always the best way.

Enjoy the day.
The UK Military will refuse the desperate attempts of the USA/NAZI/Saudi war machine to commit troops to the BAbylon End Time War Game, and Gordon Brown and co, will be doing their thing "just so".

THank you all, of the IAWM, and so on, all protesters against the War, I know these days are a bit weird, but just think this:-

If we hadn't mobilised, the USA would have cobbled together an alliance that might have done it's dirty work for it. We through our principled stand, hobbled the US war machine, and ensured that it's weakness at long last became obvious to the world.
We took her soldiers away from her, thus "tricking" her into a War, as I have always written:-
They can not prosecute.
This was the first phase of the undermining of US Hegamony. It was the first domino toppled, the ending of Aznar was the third phase. I'll leave it up to you anaylists to twig the second phase.

= We are on a home run.
Our ministry of Peace worked.

It's pissing down rain here, I'll look for maggots for the birdie, and think about Benjamin Franklin who died from his experiments with Birds. I really walk in steps and in good companye...

Prisoners need to be released.
Private Security Multi-National-Corporation Prison systems are implicated in the use of Psychological Torture, Programming, and the use of Pharmaceutical Drugs. ¿How could Minister Mc Do Well & Bertie "we are closer to Boston than Brussels" ever have thought to join the Camp X crew?

Perhaps you would like the files passed to you? Brain scans, drug analysis, or perhpas you would like a demontration? Bertie the truth is you know you are now the "fall guy".
And that's how it goes.

= You Go Now.
(don't tempt anyone to do an Albert Reynolds /Jonh Smith on you)

You undermined our Constitution.
You mis-governed the Nation in the name of Greed, Avarice, and Corruption.

You allied yourself with a coalition of thieves and liars and were convinced by lies (some of which we planted) to suport an illegal war, the object of which is remembered by that half silver Liberty 1964 dollar I wear around my neck next to Delphine Oiseaux's key to the Centre Pompideau. The hole in JFK's head where I put the string goes just under his ear.

Shot number 2.
= starting positions please:-
was Dallas Nov 22 a fake?
is Texas always responsible?
was JFK monster of grace, or good Oirish Mon,
"if my grandfather had not left New Ross...."
perhaps we ought look again at Joe Kennedy and his work 1941-1945, why not Bertie? what do you have to lose, a few good free meals, (we test the recipes), some credibility and ahem, "your immortal soul".

Think it Over.
Give Bush a Call.
Give Ossama a Call.
Give the Saudi a Call.
You have the phone book ¿no?

author by iosaf mac diarmada the ipsiphi - Houses of the Mountain.publication date Fri Apr 30, 2004 12:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

how's the weather?

Ok here we go...

The Pope, great man he, John Paul 2, a.k.a. The Pontiff, a.k.a. the Head of State of the Vatican, a.k.a. Roman Catholicke Numero Uno, a.k.a. the Holy See.
has issued his second statement on the three Italian Citizens being held in the Iraqi Zone of the Babylon End Time War Game.
They were kidnapped on the 12th of April this year.

Yesterday lots of people walked from the Castle of the Angel, to St Peter's carrying the rainbow flag, crying for peace, and organised by the Disobedients and Greens with some presence from the "usual and normal XXth century type tinker with the figures but don't upset the apple cart too much coz the Yankees are in charge now you know" parties.

The Pope didn''t make the statement in person, it was relayed through Monsiegneur Giovanni Lajolo, who is the Secretary for External Relations of the Holy See (Vatican State), since the treaty with Mussolini, (which established the Vatican State as a sovreign and inviolate state this post has been equivalent to "minister for foreign affairs".

The Message is very simple.
Like everything HH JP 2 has said about the Iraq
"babylon end time war game"
(pay attention Bertie you rule a nominally Catholick country, and the practicants seem to vote for you in droves on an inherited trust instinct)

It can be reduced to this:-
"Get those protesters for Peace and Morality out of the illegal, and immoral War Game".

You may remember last year, HH JP 2, said (Bertie)
"this war is completely unjustified"
And though he didn't put so fine a point on it, only the Pope can declare a Crusade, and you go doing that without him or assisting someone else do that without him or without the heriditary responsibility to do so, then you are *Excommunicated* (bush/bertie/ye all). If you're excomminicated, then you really are in medieval territory and things go weird.
I recommend in true Harry Potter style to avoid being excommunicated, as it can make you really auld and formidable enemies, of the type not dreamt of in your philosophie or economics.

if you want to read over Lajolo's statements on the War and the immorality and unaceptability of the Axis of Evil then look ye here:-
Please Note that was written by a pro-Bush spin doctor, and yet can not hide the fact that there aint a screed of legitimacy in this Babylon End Time War Game thingy.

+++ :-)

Ireland seen from the Mainland:-

La Vanguardia has carried a photo of the Phoenix Park and the big security curtain fence Bertie and Mc Do Well have erected, with a lone cyclist wandering along looking a bit perplexed. Journalists of Spanish, French, Belgian, German, Greek, Austrian, Scandinavian, et cetera et cetera et cetera are Muttering about the egotist Irish politicians attitude to their Euoprean Peers and their concerns for losing a few punts (oops sorry euros) in the much needed Reform of Hyper Capitalism, and the Serious work to Solutions to Corruption, Nepotism, Criminal Association, Tax Avoidance, and so on in the European Family of Nations, all of which don't like the Yank, something Bertie can't get to grips with. Ireland, has been it seems blowing it's own little Celtic Tiger trumpet too much and not working enough for the Social European Project and on it's glaringly obvious problems in it's own little back garden with the thieves, liars and corrupt. Unfortuantely as well, the Irish are coming accross to many as being "stuck up the Yankee ass" which is only forgiveable for the British Hun ("if you want to know" - "coz they know how to do it")

I'm looking forward to the write-ups tomorrow and this weekend and next week and evermore in the Euro-Press.
oh yes. I am.
= Sharpen that pencil.

¿€=$ / $=€?
OK investors:-

As you all know Google is a target.
I said yesterday "google is bought".
Well, i was being a bit hasty there, but like Future trading is future trading. The initial flotation from the Las Angeles, California, (one of our US States) company is estimated at 2,700,000,000$

= If you know how to "do these things" then I suppose you are most welcome to play at your desk with the up and down arrows for the next few weeks and make sure that search engine is "safe" for us all.

$$$ -
"the problem nation we must do with out"

Bush has declared that the USA is still very much at risk from attack from OJ Simpson and the boys from AlQ, because "they hate us so and so".

I repeat the recommendation that you all really start writing anti-Yankee songs, poems, essays, theses, novels and so on.
This is essential to the Pan European Security and Counter Terrorism Strategy as proposed by the EuroPirates (whom Mc Do-Well knows have since M11 is the code name
for the entity entrusted with like "your sleepy nights and happy days", (this entity being supported up to the auld hiltie by the Franco-German alliance and the Neutral Block with the obvious and sad exception of errant and extra-Constitutional Ireland)


A new monument has been unveiled in the "sanctuary of America" in Washington City, District of Columbia, by a Swiss Architect to mark and dilineate and focus memory on WW2 (common era US of America 1941-1945).
In an oval shape, (just like the wookies office) it is located at the end of the Mall, which every insider / visitor knows is overshadowed by the Washington monument which counts 191 steps inside, and was built over a period of seven years in the same general form and for the same general purposes as the Wellington Monument in the Phoenix Park

( u know dat? Bertie / MC Do-well / Mc Creevy / Mammy Harney et cetera et cetera et cetera...)

Each state has been allocated a stone pillar on which sit wreaths of metal. At this time of year it will look very peaceful and tranquil, as it is in leaf-fall distance of the Cherry Trees which line the Mall, and are to be found in all cities and parks of communities with certain links to the Chrysanthemum Throne of Nippon. "The Jap Emperors to you".

$ does not = €

The seperatist Islamic Terrorists who as we know are being funded by OJ Simpson and a splinter group of AlQ in Southern Thailand have issued a statement which has been postively voice matched to Sailor Pluto in the 1960s popular Hanna Barbara Cartoon series "Popeye", has warned all pimps and pederasts those in search of a little fun to not visit SE Asia. The USA has of course declared that it will do everything possible (hee hee hee) to ensure that legal and taxed and profitable business ventures and American Interests are protected.

&% &% &% &% &%
Our Boys On The Front:-

Pres ZP, met the evacuated troops of Plus Ultra 2, yesterday the "spanish foreign legion", and thanked them for the exceptional bravery they have proved since their deployment last September. All the girlfriends, and mammies, and daddies, and wives and boyfriends, and husbands and kiddies that could be assembled went "apeshite" shouting Way To Go Presy ZeePee, but in Spanish.

The Daily Telegraph has disclosed in it's finest way, that the majority of those it has polled oppose the presence of HMG armed forces in the Babylon End Time War Game, but interestingly 23% are in favour of the array of Crusaders, Scimitars and so on staying there and finishing the jobbie.

Most Newspapers are carrying photos of the victims of U.S. Military Torture.

Physical Torture.
Psychological Torture.
Sexual Torture.

"he had rape rooms"
:- President Bush 2, the wookie on Saddam Hussein.

It is really quite unarguable,
Which means YOU CAN'T DENY :-

that not only can the US Military machine not win it's wars without using atomic weapons.

or being assisted by other professional and volunteer armies
(such as the Soviet and and Polish and Belgian and French and British and Canadian and all the resistance fighters of Europe in the common era WW2 [U.S.A. 1941-1945]
{they have a habit of coming in late when everything is really fucked up, and trying to clear the table to their own advantage}

But that in any conflict, their soldiers automatically and without due officer sanction practise Torture and degradation techniques on their prisoners in complete disregard for the Geneva Convention and all accepted rules of War.

THis poses the question, if they haven't learnt the rules of War, how can they even suggest rules of Peace?

Solution, is expell them systematically from the community of Civilised Nations, expell them from the UN councils, just as they have been expelled from the UN Human Rights Council, even consider their right to sit on the Security Council, coz all they've done is fuck up the Security issues. And of course ask them to pay their dues before we let them back in. They could pay their dues in kind to their Southern Neighbours, whom it appears they owe more too than us.
And all of Europe feels like the Marshall plan really has been accounted for now, and even little auld Ireland which was storing up too many NAZI fugitives at the time to merit inclusion in the plan, hasn't really _profited_ in real terms for the "let's pretend to be closer to Boston and Clam Chowder, Clam Chowder, Clam Chowder" than we are to OJ Simpson and all his mad mullah gun toting chip on thier shoulder brain washed, nasty corporation assembled, have *irrationally* gone through the tanathos thing kamikazee followers.

Corp News:-
Siemens, have become the 2nd Multi-National Corporation to demonstrate a humanoid robot at the UNICEF Forum 2004, this little box of tricks will someday do the ironing in your home so you can watch more TV, consume more E numbers, and let AOL look after your kids.
Personally I think the Honda Robot was more "human like" but unless either Honda or Siemens team up with a tippy toppy silicone coating producing Multi-Nat-Corp their little demo-models won't fool anyone.
Thankfully neither Siemens or Honda want their robots to look human, and exectuives from the R&D sections of these Corps haev confirmed that Azimov's rules of the robots really are well written.
- And then they laugh knowingly.

Football News:-
Beckham, according to the Daily Telegraph might leave Madrid. This means he won't be wearing the Siemens Shirt anymore.
Rondaldhino has confirmed (like me on a weekly basis) that Barca is the place for us.
We luv it. Snug as Bugs in a Rug.
Maradona has left his clinic you know for the noseystuff. 12 days ago, Maradona has a really bad experience with the Nosey Stuff which might just be a tip to the wise to be a bity more careful with the NoseyStuff unless you understand "the kitchen" as my beautiful jewish friend put it.

Jewish News:-
massive community, most European jews are either Sephardic or Ashkenazi with pockets of more fundamentalist groups to be found in North London. Many have opted to spend time in the Israeli state, it became popular in the last ten years to recruit soldiers from the Jewish School of North London at Finsbury Park. Really quite weird, if you want to be a SOLDIER, then it seems all you have to do is hang out around London's Finsbury Park.
In the last forty years, recruits for Ireland, Israel, Turkey, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, amongst many other places have happily and almost serenely been proceeding from this quiet little suburb of Zone 2 Underground Fare.
It ought to have it's own satelite.
Maybe it does...

the clear majority of "recruits" return to their European Country. And they don't forget a thing. Pressure is being built up and hey it's building a long long time to dislodge Sharon and the elements he serves from control of the Israeli State. "Just coz like it aint what's it's supposed to be". It no look like a garden, it looks like a US NAZI inspired Ghetto, and that is insulting.
Be careful who you insult.

Moving towards a settlement of the Western Sahara.
and french with a photo of brave plucky young King Muhamud VI in his white hoody.
As long as he has lived, there has been bloody and divisive conflict in this area of the World which is really much more interesting than lots of people would think at first glance.
Read "to whom does the Status Quo benefit" if you do french, at

New Government has been formed.

if you're not into the "politics" like Bertie is so hapless at, then just get to know your neighbours at sites like these:-
and learn that a sense of Humour is vital to World Peace, understanding and Humanity.
And know that the Yankee One World Big Government Reconstructed NAZI Empire USA and IT's puppets don't have a sense of Humour.
check this out from Osama Al-harbi an animator in Morroco on Aliens visiting Kuwait it's cool

OK you might haven't TIME, to read all of this, and good people are doing loads in Ireland as everywhere else, to get the
Great Tranquility Buzz of Post May Day 2004

Beir Bua Libh!
wish I was there, but hey I'd have a headache or something worse - probably come out in a rash. OH yeah, I'd be on a tractor brandishing the sliothar at the little rascals wouldn't I?
Well boys and grrrls there'll be time yet for all our brandishings.
May Be!
some day the politicians will go.
some day people will stop paying their mortgage.
some day people will stop living on the blood and suffering of those they never even thought to learn about.
some day people will realise what the Great Satan is.
some day people will stop paying their Rent.
Some day people will try harder.

author by get silly please. - diasporia london boston oz etc., etc., etc.,publication date Thu May 06, 2004 23:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

to be horses for courses
won't they?
while there's still a course.
not only did we fake the roseta
stone to mess up any stargates
we faked the rose period of picasso
it sells doesn't it?
and the money goes to the workers.
the real workers.
not the british thugs.
of any part of airstrip 1.

i'll sell my spinning wheel
i'll sell my only spinning wheel
i'll sell my silken thread
to buy my love her pride

but i won't sell my big house in the country
to a man who knocks down the gazebo
for spoiling the view
and has enough money to heat
all that great space
i couldn't even afford to clean.
nor puts a swimming pool
where the dogs were buried.
nor sows GM because he can not farm.
nor tells me he may understand
time and map and privelage
and obligation.

now you know how to be silly?
be silly.

do some drugs,.
get your postgrad
get a degree by mail order
ask for a scholarship
gointo exile
just get silly.
and leave the big geopolitical decisions to
people who know where the WMD go.
doesn't mean you stop being serious
oh no.
you go on being serious.
like only you know how.
but lighten the load you're sending out on your channel.
you're brainwashing as well you know-

Look at RTE right now:-
see loads of good news for you bad for the powerful exploiters and ruiners of your nation.
keep you serious.
in your own think global act local back garden.
loads of scandal.
loads of ingredients for regime change,
and the sodden little left of Ireland about to get political results.

good news in the sports section too.
for like all sides of the border
cricket. great.

worries about oil from ESB.
how many of you remember 72-75?

bank news
good for you.
go write about it.

it's very RED and BLACK in ireland.
at the moment,
you should be writing about it.
and reading it.

it's always very GREEN in ireland.
it's not very WHITE in the big world.
you are not the Big World.

it's very SENSITIVE where you don't really know what is going on.
in a lot more places than you would leave up on your newswire for more than 5 hours if you want to know.
it's so bad in so many places, you wouldn't be able to pronounce half the list.
you might even go very silly just trying not to think about it.-

why don't you go silly?
do your mayday afters.
"very serious"
for everyone.
do your regime change
"very serious"
grown up real politics.

and get sillier.
you really need to lighten your program.

should GAA players be limited to 24 players?
what do you think?

should cricket be won every week?
or should it be like most sports but unlike GAA be subject to corporate inteference and bribes?

author by ecpublication date Thu May 06, 2004 23:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

garrison gamers may apply

author by eeekkkkkpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 13:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

amazing - their name is not helping audience size in europe but they rocked and treated assorted imcers to a few tall tales about hats and wow boner wasn't there but niel hannon was . apologies for the ladies niel - they were 'taking the piss'.

Best song ever:

If you wanna see something patriotic, there's a stripper
He don't look that good, but he's got an all-American smile
that fills his underwear with all the lonely dollars
from all the lonely men who no one suffers
who wait around this bar and spend all their lonely hours
they're already gone - no one's running for cover
the farther you run away, the more you have to hide in the dark
white as the worm that crawls in the patriot's heart

It is so red, white and blue the way he works the bar
selling his embraces like Mr. President or a fallen star
he don't care babe if you're worldly or wise
he's just looking for men with sins in their eyes
and he always says the same thing, he says,
"So, how you doin', baby? I'm your rod and your staff
and for a tip, you can touch me.
And after a few tequilas, I become something holy.
And this crappy little bar with its sweating mirrors
and its mildewed ceiling are more full of love,
yeah, then even natural selection. And dollar for dollar, babe,
it's a better bargain. The more you pay,
the more I can break you all apart."
And dollars pour like ashes from the patriot's heart.

Now he knows that your good time will kill him,
but the thought of getting old, no it does not thrill him
He says, "Give me all your money and don't tell me what you're thinking.
I'm the past you wasted, I'm the future you're obliterating."
Oh, come on grandpa! Remind me what we're celebrating -
that your heart finally dried up or that it finally stopped working?
And how you make a dead man cum?
You learned the undertaker's art and make 'em shine
like the alcohol that preserves the patriot's heart.

We all want a patriot's heart
Give me your patriot's heart

You can see him fade with the dawn in a pile of Washingtons
His head is in a spin, he's happy to pass out again
He would rather fade into the static than hear the violins
that whine like old lovers who whine that they loved him
He would rather laugh alone in the dark with the soft hands of heaven
because they leave him alone with his entertainment system
He does it for the money but he gives more than he's given
He does it for the money but he gives more than he's given
and it's only when he's naked that he feels his heart
in the whorehouse desert of the patriot's heart.

We all want a patriot's heart
We all want a patriot's heart

author by eeekkkkpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 13:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

lurve songs for patriots

the patriot game ;-)

Related Link: http://www.american-music-club.com/audio/Love_Songs_For_Patriots.html
author by eeekkkkpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 14:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

FEAR OF SPEED: Can I be honest with you?

MARK: Sure.

FEAR OF SPEED: I have this feeling AMC is never going to be super popular.

MARK: I agree. I never thought we would be.

FEAR OF SPEED: I think the problem is that the music is just too beautiful. I was reading an interview with Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, and he was wondering why his songs, even the really pretty ones, never get on the radio.

MARK: Hey, welcome to America, man.

FEAR OF SPEED: And he was telling this to Tom Waits, and Waits said something to the effect that the beauty in it was too raw for the radio. He said "we'd have secretaries listening and crying in their cars on the way to work, and you know, we just can't have that."

MARK: I don't know about that. I think the problem is America. It's over.


MARK: Over as a force that transcends the world. And of course it doesn't acknowledge it's own artists.

FEAR OF SPEED: That's strange you say America is over. Onstage here just a couple of weeks ago, you were telling the crowd that you said that to a friend, and she said "if you say that, you're just as bad as they are." And you said she was right.

MARK: Yeah, right. I did say that. I am trying to be more positive, but I think America has to recognize that the people who express the truth about this country are important, you know?

FEAR OF SPEED: So "America is over" isn't a bad thing, it's a good thing. Because it's a necessary step to finally...

MARK: Oh, I don't know if it's good or bad, I just know it's true. I know it's true. Hey, I just saw the owner of Maxim doing a poetry reading, you know? And it was really lite poetry. And sometimes lite poetry is worse than bad poetry, because lite poetry suggests what good poetry could be, you know? And he did lite poetry great . It was actually really fun. He bought everyone wine and had a video presentation, and wants to brand his name as a poet. So then he can go TV with Jay Leno and be the scary, eccentric British millionaire poet.

You know, I don't know if America is over. But how do we... I mean, Clear Channel owns everything now. And how do we get out of that? We're a monoculture now.

FEAR OF SPEED: I remember you once saying "I write songs about love. That's it. Politics is something you have to wipe and flush after." And a few years later, here you are writing political songs. I guess it reaches a certain point where things get so bad that writing about personal politics isn't enough, you have to speak out and...

MARK: Yeah, well now we've invaded Iraq. And everyone who's 17 now is going to be drafted within three or four years, for a war that's bullshit! And all these Iraqis are dying because of one crazy man's political dream. And that's wrong. We never had this kind of government before. I always used to believe that we had a government that would try to do the right thing. And now, guess what? They ain't.

And for me, being a gay person... George Bush has made me come clean in a lot of ways. I can't write the kind of songs I want to write and not talk about these things. Because it's affecting my future. I don't even know if I have a future in America anymore. It's a future without social security or healthcare, where the very rich are in protected camps and the very poor are desperate and dying. What kind of future is that? I went to Brazil, to San Paolo, and I saw it there. The future of America. Everyone who's semi-bourgeoise has a fence around their house and a security guard.

Related Link: http://www.fearofspeed.net/amc.html
author by eeekkkkkpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 14:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

patriot heart about 4 mins in

the first song is about kathleen ni holohan

it's good too

Related Link: http://kcrw.com/smil/mb041122American_Music_Club.ram
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