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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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For lefties too stubborn to quit

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national / consumer issues Thursday May 25, 2006 16:39 by Frances Nunan
featured image
Get your goodies here

The Ryder Cup is an occasion of horror to those who regard golf as a way of spoiling a good walk, or merely, an excuse to wear Rupert the Bear trousers in public. However, this major sporting event is coming to Ireland this September. There has been virtually no background investigation into the preparations. Until now...

In all, the Ryder Cup 2006 at the K Club is a sickening display of wealth, arrogance, and greed. It’s one of disregard and disdain for the Irish people, local community, and taxpayers. Mark Twain was right when he said golf spoiled a good walk, but he neglected to mention that it could be a great excuse for increasing the value of private property for a few at the public expense of the many.

image Have that unncessary Kidney taken out now - tickets must be had 0.03 Mb image Just the thing for the Goys to wear to the next fight at Anabels, too 0.03 Mb

dublin / consumer issues Saturday November 26, 2005 19:32 by choking on the filthy froth of my double half-caf latte

illustration picture

Two and a half years after it was reported on Indymedia that Starbucks were planning on bringing their business here, the coffee chain finally opened their first city centre outlet on College Green, right next door to the historic Bank of Ireland building, and a stones throw from the front gate of Trinity College, the oldest university in the state. Starbucks first Irish cafe opened up several months ago in the new Dundrum Shopping Centre, in the southern suburbs.

Starbucks have a touch of the cute hoor about them when it comes to the presentation of their cafes. Conscious of the backlash against the white and yellow plastic generic decor (and equally plastic food) of global fast food chains, instead they have constructed their premises in warm, organic, earthy browns, greens and oranges, selling the customer a relaxed atmosphere and image of luxurious radiance brought on by the warm afterglow from drinking one of their nuclear reactor size coffees. This is also the case with the Dublin cafe. There are many cafes around the city where you can relax and unwind - but for the most part at present, these cafes are independently owned and operated, without a massive global corporation behind the scenes.

But seriously though, whats the problem with them coming here? If people enjoy their coffee, like the premises, and their business does well, isnt that the invisible hand of the market giving the public what they want? Simon, the owner of "Simons Place" cafe in the Georges Street Arcade, said "The [Irish people] vote with their feet and their wallets. They generally get what they want. People seem to want this trend of big drinking factories, and in the last few years they've sprang up all over the place. Starbucks probably would be successful here." Judging on their success and expansion in the UK, undoubtedly the company is not going to rest on its laurels with its two stores in Dundrum and College Green. Expect them to heavily dot the landscape in the coming months.

national / consumer issues Saturday October 22, 2005 13:52 by Kathy Sinnott

From 1st June 2006 any town, village or city suburb that has not formally claimed its right to hold markets may find that they are permanently prevented from ever doing so. There is a revival in the popularity of such markets which will likely be snuffed out if we don't act now. Katy Sinnott explains how you can preserve these rights for your locality - and it's easier than you might think.

EXTRACT: "So how do you know if your town has market rights? Almost every village does. To be sure, look at village place names. Is there a Fish Market Street or Market Square? Try to remember if you went to a market or fair in your town, or of being told of one by your parents or grandparents. If you don’t remember maybe someone else will. Ask. Look in town records. Check with the local history buff. If there ever was a market or ‘fayre’ they your village may have market rights. You don’t have to locate where the market was held or hold future markets where they were held in the past. It doesn’t matter. If the right is there it is there for the whole town as in Skibbereen. And don’t think if you live in the city market rights don’t apply to your area. It might be hard when trying to cross a road in busy Douglas to remember that it was once a small village district from Cork, but it was and most probably has market rights.

Don’t delay or you will find that the old rights have expired. The deadline is looming to find out if you can do this. To lay claim to the rights, the village must hold a market before June 1st 2006. It is a short time and it might sound daunting but doesn’t have to be. A table with a basket of turnips and carrots will do. There must be a public announcement of the event. A hand written notice in a shop window or a couple of lines in the parish newsletter will do. If the market is held at least once a year for ten years your market rights are secure."

national / consumer issues Friday February 27, 2004 23:39 by Cian

"Without hyperbole or hamsters, doesn't it reflect well on the august institution of TCD? 15 words and yet still there's a typo... not once but twice. [approxiamately is abbreviated as "approx". two "p"s.] still 'tis almost perfect."

"Trinity students have voted by 1800 votes (aprox.) to 1600 votes aprox to boycott Coke."

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